A Jewelry Lover’s New Year's Resolutions

Take your jewelry collection to new heights this 2020.

Gold number candles spelling "2020" against a pink background.

Everyone makes resolutions every time a new year rolls around. Whether it’s for health reasons, personality development, or their career aspirations, the coming of a new year affords us opportunities to look and feel better – so why not set the same level of commitment to your beloved jewelry collection?

Here are some of our suggestions to help you start things off.

“I resolve to take care of my jewelry collection.”

More than serving as fashion and style statements, your jewelry collection is a form of investment, so it comes as no surprise that its proper care and maintenance is an essential task that every owner must take. If you haven’t done so in a while, take time to check your jewelry collection's condition. Make sure there are no missing clasps, hooks, or pieces; otherwise it might be time to schedule a cleaning and repair session with a jeweler.

Do check also that your jewelry holders are spic and span. If you haven’t cleaned them in a while, we have a few tips to help you do this task. Take inventory of your jewelry pieces and take note of those you regularly use and those you reserve for special occasions. For safety purposes, it’s best to keep those you rarely use stored away in jewelry boxes, compartments, and soft pouches. For those you use every day, a quick update of their necklace display stands and bracelet and earring holders may be in order.

Lastly, if you haven’t done so, get your most precious pieces insured for your peace of mind.

A pair of blue tassel earrings.

“I will explore more styles this year.”

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different styles and colors. You have a whole year of celebrations and milestones to look forward to, so why not use them as opportunities to explore new designs.

To start off, you can take inspiration from 2020’s Color of the Year: Classic Blue.

Close up of a diamond ring.

“I will invest in classic pieces.”

It’s a great idea to invest in pieces that will remain in style in the years to come. These are the pieces that surpass trends because they are timeless and may take on family heirloom-status as the years go by. Diamonds are a safe bet, as well as gold and pearls.

Dressing Up Your Jewelry Store for the Winter Holidays

Retail display tips to make it merry and bright this season.

A girl glancing up a store's window display.

Many retailers would say that their favorite time of the year is Christmastime – no surprise there as it is the season of gift-giving. To celebrate the winter holidays and as a way to attract more people into your store, now’s the best time to dress up your jewelry display collections and storefronts with timely themes and decors.

A pair of Christmas-themed accessories.

Go with colors associated with the season.

Red, gold, and green would always be the staple colors of the season, but you can also go for a more winter look with blue, silver, and white. You can then choose to highlight from your collection those that feature these colors, like gemstone earrings and necklaces.

Work around a theme and stick to it.

You can interpret the holidays in a hundred ways. You may choose to go with a more traditional route or a more modern one. You can highlight the personalities associated with the season like Santa Claus, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, or Frosty the Snowman. You can keep things minimal for a more subdued look. The bottom line is you can do whatever design you want if you think it is appropriate, you just have to be consistent with it all throughout your store.

Stumped for ideas? Let this article from Conde Nast Traveler be your guide.

Don’t overlook the small things.

The littlest details can make or break your theme, so make sure everything is in sync. From the storefront to the walls, to the glass cases and display counters, nothing should be left out.

Some design ideas you can try:

  • Hang Christmas string lights around
  • Put up a Christmas tree surrounded by “gifts” (empty boxes covered in gift wrappers)
  • Christmas ornaments like balls or stockings can be added to display areas

You can even create a more festive atmosphere in your store by playing tunes fit for the holidays.

Be ready to DIY a few items.

Sometimes the decors sold at stores can’t match up to your vision, so you better be prepared to craft things on your own. Be ready for some woodworking, cutting, painting, and pasting to create the look you want. The hardware and art supply stores are excellent sources for the parts and materials you need to execute your design.

Essential Advice for Selling Jewelry on Instagram

How to find success on the popular app.

Close up of a hand holding a smartphone while logging into Instagram.

Out of all the social media apps available these days, Instagram may be the one app that lends itself best to selling jewelry online. It is a visually-oriented space where users can share their photos and videos alike. It’s been the preferred platform for artists, travelers, and influencers for years now, so why shouldn’t you join in on the fun?

Follow our tips below and learn how you can leverage Instagram to grow your jewelry business.

Make sure you sign up for the business account.

Instagram is a fun and useful tool by itself, but if you want to harness it in growing your business, you better choose the right set up for your account. Unlike a regular personal account, an Instagram Business Account lets you tag items on your post that links directly to your online store. It also allows you to add essential information about your physical store (if you have one) like operation hours, location, and contact details.

Reach out and make connections.

Start building your follower count by reaching out to similar accounts. This could be other jewelry stores, fashion and lifestyle influencers, craft artists, etc. You can start by seeking them out and leaving a thoughtful comment or two on their posts.

Another way to make yourself discoverable is by using hashtags. These are clickable links that are centered around a theme and are an excellent means for people to discover your content. Relevant hashtags you could use are --- #jewellerydesign #jewellerylover #jewelleryoftheday #handmadewithlove #gemstones. Of course, you can also come up with some of your own, but make sure they are always relevant to your posts.

Keep your content fresh and updated.

Make sure you’re always on your followers’ timeline by having regular content. You’re not just limited to posting your merchandise. Keeping things varied and interesting will make you stand out and attractive to potential customers. One day you might post about your latest jewelry display sets, the next day you may post about a store promo, you can even run contests – you just have to make sure the look, colors, and language between each post is seamless and consistent.

Woman working on a laptop.

Experiment with the app’s multimedia tools.

Over the years, the app has grown from just a photo uploading site to a fully-functional multimedia platform, so why not take advantage of Instagram’s many features? Stories let you capture and upload short clips or a live feed. It’s a great way, for example, to showcase your followers around your store or take them along with you at events.

Create beautiful images.

The app is still first and foremost made for sharing images, so you better make sure your photographs showcase the glitz and beauty of your merchandise. You don’t need to have expensive gadgets to photograph jewelry – all it takes is to have the right vision, people, and setups to create Instagram-worthy images.

Helpful Tips for Shipping Jewelry

Make sure your customers get your merchandise in good condition.

A person wrapping packages.

Thanks to the wonders of technology, people all over the world can simply shop for themselves and their friends online. A few keyboard strokes are all it takes to buy, and this is excellent news for entrepreneurs as it expands their businesses’ reach. This kind of convenience, though, creates some challenges for the business owner as it is of utmost importance that the goods bought must reach their buyers safe and sound. This is a must for every business, but most especially for those dealing with valuables like jewelry.

Let this article guide you into making sure your jewelry is safe and secure during transport.

Pack well.

To ensure the safety and security of your merchandise, make sure they are packed well. First, use individual holders like a necklace display holder or jewelry tray then place them inside appropriately-sized plastic bags. Next, add another layer of protection by using jewelry boxes or pouches, whichever is applicable. You may wrap this up in tissue before placing it in the actual shipping box. Additionally, you can stuff the shipping box with protective foam or bubble wrap for even more protection. Lastly, don’t forget to seal the shipping box.

A green vintage car parked in front of big packages.

Avoid indicating what’s inside the box.
Don’t make your package an easy target for thieves by using a plain box as possible – this is not the time to use your jewelry store’s branding anywhere on the box!

Choose reliable courier services.

Stay on the safe side by choosing courier services that are trusted and have long been in the business. Often these courier services would already have tracking systems in place and 24/7 customer service, which lets you rest easy and secure.

Require your receiver’s signature upon receipt.

Another reason you should go with well-known and reliable courier services? They would often require the receivers to sign off upon delivery.

Insure your package.

Life is unpredictable, and even if you have done all steps to ensure the safe delivery of your merchandise, accidents still occur. Ease your worries by insuring your jewelry to cover any untoward incidents that can happen.

Jewelry Display Tips and Tricks to Increase Sales

Nifty retail display advice that every jeweler must follow.

A row of beaded necklace displays.

What’s the secret to driving sales for your jewelry store? Aside from having great products to sell and excellent salesmanship, the key to a successful retail business is to have displays that attract customers. A well-planned out display brings out the beauty of your merchandise, which entices more people to make purchases.

This is a crucial step for every growing business, so take these tips to heart.

Treat your merchandise like the fine works of art that they are

Our first tip is to imagine your store as a museum. Normally you would find similar items would be grouped together, while a few would be separated to be designated as highlights of the museum’s collection. It helps to think of your store in the same way: you can set some key pieces of jewelry as your store’s highlights, while others would each have their own groupings around the store.

Create interest by playing around with balance

Now grouping similar items may sound boring but not when you experiment with the product placement. Displaying your merchandise on varying levels creates drama and contrast, which is much more pleasing to the eyes. It’s also a way to create centerpieces for particular items you want to push and highlight. You can easily achieve this with our wide selection of jewelry display sets, like our multiple T-bars and combination display sets.

Close-up view of a hair jewelry piece.

Avoid clutter

Grouping similar items work when you take into account the spaces in between each merchandise. Try not to put too many things together, or else it would look cluttered. Always maintain negative space in between items.

Again, balance matters. You can combine different sizes as long as it is balanced. As for placement, create a natural flow for the eyes to follow (left to right).

Make sure everything is neat and in place

Do you have enough light to illuminate your merchandise? Make sure the light bounces off right and shows your products’ sparkle. Are your cases, glass, and jewelry displays free of dust and scratches? You can easily turn off a buyer for these lapses, so make sure everything is spic and span, and working as it should.

Jewelry Sales Techniques You Need To Know Now

It all starts with knowing what your customer wants.

A hand handing out a credit card.

What does it take to close a sale? You don’t have to have extensive knowledge or long years of service to accomplish that. Often all it takes is a simple insight into consumers’ minds.

Learn the secrets and become better at selling jewelry (or any other product, for that matter) in no time.

Be approachable and attentive

It all begins by creating a positive experience for the customer. A hearty, sincere greeting and a ready smile will start things off in a positive mood. Always be prepared to answer questions and explain things if you need to.

A lady carrying a ton of shopping bags.

Probe your customers

To close a sale, you must go beyond answering questions. Once you found yourself interacting with a potential buyer, asking the right questions back will help you discover what they need and provide them with recommendations that will fulfill that need. You can start by asking whether they are buying for themselves or for somebody else then start from there. From there, you can probe them even further regarding their purpose for shopping, design specifications, and others. 

Create a conversation

The most successful sales transactions wouldn’t actually feel like one. Keeping things pleasant, interesting, and helpful will help you better to make a sale than coming off stern and formal.

Remember, it is a conversation, not an interrogation. Make sure your questions are open-ended, and always maintain a calm, friendly demeanor (“So you’re purchasing this for your fiance? Great! Cool! Can you tell me more about his style?”). Once they respond, remember to listen attentively and take note of their specifications, if any. That’s when you can make the appropriate recommendations, which help you get much closer to a successful sale.

Do something extra, if possible.

Customers appreciate a good value purchase and often that includes additional services. If your store can offer customization or shining services or promos like giving away jewelry display sets along with a jewelry purchase, then do so. That will establish you as a business that goes the extra mile to satisfy their customers.

Your Gift Guide to Wedding Anniversary Metals

Tradition calls for specific items as suitable gifts for every wedding anniversary.

A smiling woman caresses the face of a man.

The practice of celebrating wedding anniversaries by giving specific items has its roots in medieval Germany. It is believed that certain substances bring some form of luck and so were paired with particular years. However, unlike today’s wedding anniversary gift lists, only the 25th (with silver) and 50th (with gold) years were celebrated.

The practice spread during the Victorian Era, where additional milestones were celebrated. However, it was during only the 20th century in 1937 when the gifts we now know were assigned to their specific year. Spearheaded by the American National Retail Jeweler Association, each year up to the 75th was assigned a special symbolic gift. Signifying the strength and longevity of the marriage, the assigned items increase in value as each year passes.

This article will focus on metal gifts. Use this as your guide when buying for your special loved one. (Note: We’re going for traditional gift recommendations, as modern wedding anniversary gift lists may feature different item suggestions for each year).

A table card with a "Happy Anniversary!" text, and surrounded by coffee, twine, gift box, and macarons.

For the 6th year: Iron

Iron represents the strength or strong bond between the couple. It is abundant in nature and when used in decorative pieces like iron jewelry, or in functional items such as a cast iron, gives off a sturdy and industrial look.

For the 7th year: Copper

Copper represents good fortune, as well as Venus, a.k.a. the Greek goddess of love. Copper is an essential ingredient in the making of rose gold, which is an elegant color and can be nicely paired up with your choice of gemstones.

For the 8th year: Bronze

Bronze represents the strength and durability of a union. For men, bronze cufflinks add sophistication to any formal attire. Ladies, meanwhile, can enjoy a little twist to the bronze motif with bronze eye shadow or bronzer used for contouring.

For the 10th year: Tin

Tin protects other metals from tarnishing, and so it has come to symbolize protection. Tin leaf earrings are excellent gifts for ladies. Add in a matching t-shaped earring display stand to create a lovely gift set. For car enthusiasts, a personalized license plate made from this metal is a great buy.

For the 11th year: Steel

It’s not easy going through life and all its challenges, and couples who have lasted this long will surely agree. The toughness of steel is a good metaphor for the strength it needs to survive trials that partners have faced throughout the years. A stainless steel watch makes for an excellent gift for him and her to celebrate this milestone.

For your 25th year: Silver

To celebrate a quarter of a century together, why not go for a whole new set of silverware? Whether you go for something personal like jewelry, or something to decorate the home with like a sculpture, silver is timeless and will never go out of style.

For your 50th year: Gold

Couples who’ve reached this incredible milestone has stood the test of time and deserves nothing but the best. A gold watch is always a good idea, but if you’re going to go for jewelry, you can choose from yellow gold, white gold, or rose gold.

Basic Tips for Photographing Jewelry

Simple tips and tricks to make your merchandise look even more beautiful online.

Photo of an amethyst ring against a white backdrop.

Once you have established your business’ presence online, the next logical step would be to fill it with images that showcase the beauty and elegance of your jewelry merchandise. Remember that marketing yourself online is not just about getting the word out on your brand, but ultimately to generate profit, so creating images that sell is essential.

Thankfully, producing gorgeous product photos won’t cost you an arm and a leg. Lots of small business owners are able to do just that with smartphones and not a whole lot more. Meanwhile, some choose to work with young creatives (photographers, stylists, models) who are new to the business but are equally just as talented as the established ones.

Whether you plan to DIY everything or get a small but talented team to work on your product photography, it pays to know the basics of this essential business move.

Top view shot of a pair of hands holding a camera.

Choosing the right equipment.

As mentioned earlier, you don’t need to spring for a new camera to do product photography. Starting a new jewelry business comes with a lot of expenses, and if buying a camera is out of your budget at the moment, your smartphone can be a worthy substitute. Smartphone cameras that have high megapixel numbers would, of course, produce better photos. If you insist on taking pictures of your merchandise with a camera, though, even entry-level DSLR models will do. Just make sure you get one with controllable aperture and shutter speed settings so you can make adjustments to the lighting.

Additionally, these accessories would make your photographs look even better.

  • Tripod: Avoid blurry photos and keep everything steady with a tripod.
  • Backdrop: Opt for a plain white background so that your subject would pop out. You can easily DIY this with stuff you have around your shop, or you can purchase a white poster board at a nearby art supplies store.
  • Table: You will need a sturdy one to hold your product and props.

Finding your lighting source.

Light can make or break your photos, so choose wisely. Go easy on using flash to illuminate your subjects as it would create harsh shadows and glare. Instead, choose soft lighting as it is more forgiving and would showcase the beauty, shine, and details of your jewelry. Using natural light is also a good option as it can retain the color of your subject, unlike artificial light sources. For a more consistent look, you can invest in a lightbox, or you can make one yourself.

Presentation matters.

Your jewelry should be the main attraction of the photo, so it’s best to keep things simple. A plain white background would make your subject pop while using the right jewelry display piece will highlight and enhance the beauty of your merchandise.

Whether you’re taking photos of rings, necklaces, or bracelets, we have plenty of options for you to choose from. Made from different materials, fabrics, and in various colors and shades, our wide selection of jewelry display sets will surely capture the right mood and feel you’re trying to achieve with your photos.

Social Media 101 for Jewelry Shop Owners

Go beyond your brick-and-mortar shop and tap into social media’s limitless reach.

Person typing on a laptop while holding a smartphone.

The year is 2019, and if you haven’t yet explored social media as a valuable platform for your jewelry business then you are seriously missing out on a lot of things.

For its visual impact and far-reaching potential, social media can take your jewelry shop ten notches high, but only if you know how to leverage its features. Master its ins and outs, and you’ll have a powerful tool that can help build your brand, grow your audience, and also increase your sales.

If you are new to doing social media marketing, or you are a small business owner looking for another way to promote your business, then this guide is for you:

Different logos of social media apps.

The “Big 4” of Social Media Platforms

These social media platforms have the best reach and engagements:

Instagram Fast Facts:

  • It has a base of 1 billion active users each month.
  • 71% of American businesses use the platform.

Instagram’s visual-centric approach and its emphasis on portraying lifestyle subjects like food, travel, fashion, and art make it the perfect platform for jewelers to explore. Over the years, it has become more than just a photo-sharing site and has evolved to become an e-commerce platform where entrepreneurs can sell their merchandise. As a branding tool, features like Instagram Stories serve as a platform for marketers to create content that promotes their products and services.

Facebook Fast Facts:

  • Two-thirds of US adults are on the platform.
  • 96% of its active users access the site via their mobile devices.

Facebook has users of all ages who make the platform their main source of news and information, as well as a depository of their photos and videos. It’s a place where memories are shared, and the hot topics of the day are debated. Businesses have taken advantage of this by promoting their brands through the site’s Facebook for Business feature.

Twitter Fast Facts:

  • As of October 2019, US users account for 48.35 million of the site’s total user base.
  • According to the site, their ads are 11% more effective than television ads during live events.

Don’t let the 240-character limit discourage you from getting on the platform. Twitter boasts of an active user base, especially evident during live events, with millions of tweets posted and exchanged. Advertisers have used this to their advantage through the clever use of #hashtags, a social media feature popularized on the site which tracks messages for a specific topic.

Pinterest Fast Facts:

  • US households in high-income brackets are much more likely to use Pinterest than those who earn less.
  • 85% of American women use the site to plan “life moments.”

Pinterest is unique amongst social media as its main purpose is content curation. Images are shared on the site through “pinning” or the saving of particular images to create sets or collections. Amongst the “Big 4”, this may be the perfect platform for jewelers to build awareness about their merchandise.

The Rules of Promoting Your Jewelry Business on Social Media

Get to know your audience.
Find out what makes them tick, how they live their lives, their wants, and desires. Once you’ve established your target audience’s persona, use that data to craft a campaign that provides them the answers.

Social media lets you also discover what your competition is doing out there, which can help you figure out new strategies for your business. Likewise, taking your business online opens you up to potential suppliers and additional business opportunities.

Be consistent.
Have a regular posting schedule so that content is always kept fresh on your chosen platforms. Remember also to stick to your chosen voice and persona as a way to establish your brand to the audience. This extends to your choice of colors, themes, and terminologies in your postings.

Don’t be afraid to experiment.
The various tools and features in each social media platform give you a multitude of options to explore, so don’t be afraid to use them. Likewise, these sites rely heavily on images so use them to your advantage. Post photos of your latest jewelry display sets, create videos on how customers can dress up their style with your merchandise, or use GIFs and memes to engage with your audience. The possibilities are endless!

Make yourself open to feedback.
One way to maintain a great relationship with your customers is through open communication. Always be ready to answer questions from your audience, and use social media not just to promote or sell your merchandise but also to provide after-sales support.

Gift Shopping for the Jewelry Lover: Choosing the Right Jewelry Display

Picking the right jewelry display to buy is confusing. Here’s a simple guide that anyone can follow.

Christmas gifts wrapped in brown wrapping paper.

This Christmas, try out something different. Instead of gifting a beloved jewelry fan another piece, why not give them a jewelry display set as a present? The receiver will surely appreciate this kind of present as it is thoughtful and a bit unexpected. It marries both function and beauty, which any jewelry fan is sure to treasure.

Here are some ideas for you to consider before making your purchase:

Ask your intended receiver questions to give you ideas.

Before buying anything, find out a bit about their jewelry collection so you can match their needs. Do they own a lot of earrings, necklaces, or bracelets? This will determine whether to buy a single-purpose design or something that can present multiple types of jewelry. Do they have a large or small collection? This will tell you what size to buy. Be subtle about it so they won’t suspect anything.

Do your research online.

Guess what? By reading this article, then you are already doing this part of the shopping process, so congratulations! When buying something for the first time, it really pays to learn from the experts to help you make a decision. Aside from reading tips before purchasing, you can browse around the site to get ideas.

A variety of jewelry on display at a bazaar.

Choose colors and materials that best complement your receiver’s collection.

Jewelry display sets come in all shapes and forms. There are loads for you to choose from, but to make sure you are choosing the right one, take your intended receiver’s personal style as a guide on the type of jewelry display to purchase.

Does he/she own lots of necklaces? You won’t go wrong buying a necklace display piece. Likewise, when it comes to picking what color to buy, you won’t go wrong with choosing colors that complement the receiver’s existing collection. Again, you can scope out information by asking them about their collection.

Make it extra special by personalizing your gift.

For a sweeter touch, why not add a personalized approach to your gift? There are jewelry display boxes where you can have it engraved with the name of the receiver or any special word you can think of. That’s something anyone can truly appreciate and will undoubtedly earn you points with the receiver.

A Newbie’s Guide to Selling Jewelry at Craft Shows and Bazaars

Follow our tips to stand out from the crowd.

A lady shopping for jewelry at a bazaar.

The holidays are a great time to explore opportunities to earn extra cash, and what’s better than joining flea markets and bazaars to show off and sell your crafts? People would be doing their Christmas shopping in the weeks leading up to this cherished holiday so you’ll have plenty of potential customers. Learn the best techniques so you can maximize your profit and exposure.

Do your research before joining.

Before anything else, do your research before joining a market or show. Not all craft bazaars operate the same way, so make sure you scout your picks first online or in person. Social media is a great place to look for prospects, but your local newspaper is a good source as well. You may ask for recommendations from people you know that have experience joining these markets.

Take note of the rules and guidelines before joining.

In some locations, you will be asked to provide everything like your own table, chairs, canopy, etc. Inquire ahead of time how the selling would be connected, so there are no surprises on the first day. Still, we would advise you to…

A pair of hands inspecting a bunch of tassels and necklaces at a bazaar.

Be ready for anything.

You’ll never know what’s going to happen so you might as well be prepared, so be ready with the essentials:

  • Extra merchandise (better to have overstocks than to run out of items to sell)
  • A variety of jewelry display racks and boards
  • Cash box with plenty of change
  • Pens, markers
  • Record book
  • Price tags
  • Extension cords
  • Safety pins
  • Paper bags for customers
  • Trash bags
  • Your phone
  • Calculator
  • Business cards
  • Food and water (have something you can nibble on, just in case the food trucks have long lines)
  • Personal items (sunscreen, bug spray, tissues, wet wipes, medicine)
  • A friend or two to help you set up, sell, and watch

A smile goes a long way.

A friendly seller would definitely attract more customers than a sour one, so wear a smile and wear it proud. Have just the right amount of salesmanship, but no so much that you end up turning off potential customers. Be alert and be ready to answer questions. Share tips on how they can wear your merchandise, or if you created them, you talk about the creation process. An even better idea? You can entice more people to your booth by conducting a demonstration.

Record everything.

This will help you keep track of your inventory, belongings, and earnings. Remember also to keep track of customer and supplier contacts for your future endeavors.

Good luck!

A How-To Guide for Caring and Maintaining Jewelry Displays

Essential advice for showing your merchandise in the best way possible.

Macro shot of a silver ring with crystals

A big part of running a business is to make sure you are presenting your merchandise in the most aesthetically pleasing way possible. Having a display that’s neat, clean, and attractive helps drive sales, and customers would be much more inclined to return for more. You can achieve that by knowing the proper way to care and maintain your jewelry displays and cases.

Let us help you show off your store’s wares by following our tips below.

Wooden jewelry box filled with different types of jewelry pieces

Tailor your cleaning method to the jewelry display’s structure and material

The wide range of options in jewelry displays means you need to adjust your cleaning methods accordingly. A necklace display is different from an earring display, the same way that a wooden display and a metal display would require different cleaning strategies. A simple one-size-fits-all approach won’t do, so you better have various cleaning tools and methods in your arsenal.


Make your metal displays last longer by avoiding the soak cleaning method. You never need to soak the metal in water – simply washing in warm, soapy water is all you need to do. Dry off using a lint-free soft cloth, and you’re good to go.


Wood looks best when it’s polished and dust-free, so make sure you have beeswax polish and a cloth specially made for wood polishing in your set of cleaning tools. Beeswax polish enhances the look of wooden surfaces without altering its color. Don’t forget to dust first before polishing your wooden jewelry display.


You may use a clothing brush or a small vacuum to remove dirt like dust or lint off the velvet surface of your displays. A lint roller or sticky tape works well at picking up dirt from your display’s velvet surface too.


Using cold water with a non-bleach detergent is the key to removing stains off of these surfaces. Use a cotton cloth dipped in this solution and rub using a circular motion to clean. Rinse using clean, cold water then just air-dry afterward.


Clear away dust by using a soft brush. For stains that are harder to remove, use a micro-fiber cloth with soapy water to clean the affected area. Blot, don’t rub, to avoid damaging the material.

Tips and tricks to cleaning your glass display cases

Cleaning your jewelry display sets won’t matter if your glass display cases are filthy! Make sure these cases that serve to protect your merchandise are neat, clear, and dust-free.


Keep your glass display cases spotless by having regular dusting sessions. Thankfully, its slick, hard surface requires minimal effort using a feather duster or soft cloth. You may also reduce dust particles in your store by using an air filter, just make sure you keep tabs on it, so it doesn’t get clogged.


Give your glass display cases that extra sparkle by using a glass spray cleaner, then wiping it down with a soft clean cloth or paper towel.

What You Need to Know About Metal Allergies

Essential advice to help you stay healthy on the job.

A close up shot of an arm wearing several bracelets.

Some jobs come with obvious occupational hazards, like construction and emergency personnel jobs, but did you know that jewelers also face some risks when performing their professions?

Constant exposure to jewelry and metal makes jewelers at risk of developing skin allergies. Read on to find out what allergies may develop from working as a jeweler and learn how to spot and remedy these issues.

What are the signs you must watch out for?

“Health is wealth” as the old saying goes, so it’s important to be mindful of sudden skin changes and abnormalities so you can have a worry-free experience at work:

  • Skin rashes
  • Skin discoloration (some have reported seeing their skin turn to red, green, or black)
  • Dry skin patches that resemble burn marks
  • Blisters that may “leak” in some cases
  • An itching or burning sensation

What causes these symptoms?

Our skin reacts to different substances and items in different ways. Food, cleaning aids, even dust, and pollen can cause a reaction in some folks, while others will feel nothing at all. Metal is also a common allergen, and jewelers usually develop an allergy to it due to constant exposure. An allergic reaction is a result of the immune system reacting to a substance it perceives to be harmful.

A common metal allergy is nickel allergy. Found in costume jewelry, it can cause itchy blisters and redness through skin contact. Even stray traces of nickel or silver and gold-plated nickel can still cause an allergic reaction to more sensitive folks.

Another metal that has the potential to cause an allergic reaction is copper. The pink color in rose gold is because of copper; unfortunately, the same substance that produces such a beautiful color can also deliver unbearable discomfort to allergy sufferers. Take note that copper can also be found in pesticides and common items around the home like pipes and wirings.

Flat lay shot of a pair of gloves against a wooden surface.

What can you do to prevent developing a metal allergy?

Fortunately, they are many measures you can take to avoid this skin problem:

  • Wear gloves whenever you’re handling jewelry. Not only does it serve as a barrier between your skin and metal, but it’s also a way for you to ensure that you won’t leave skin imprints to your merchandise.
  • Proper storage and care are essential to prevent oxidation (which can cause skin reactions). Keep them in jewelry display cases or store them in safes if needed.
  • Avoid wetting your hands or skin while wearing jewelry as some metals don’t react well to water.
  • See a doctor and get a proper prescription for your condition.

Basic Store Security Tips and Precautions for Jewelers

Don’t let yourself and your wares become vulnerable to crime.

A welcome sign that says, "Please Come In."

Keeping the store and merchandise safe from theft should be every jeweler’s concern. While it is true that one can’t always prevent crime, there are plenty of safety measures that jewelry business owners and their staff can apply to keep themselves and their products safe.

Here are some helpful, practical tips that every jeweler must remember:

Always be on alert.

Staying alert at all times – from store opening to closing – should help you spot or be aware of everything that’s going on around you.

Upon arrival at the store, observe your surroundings and see if there are suspicious people or vehicles nearby. Do watch out also for broken windows or locks that might have been tampered the night before. It’s best to do this with one or two people so that you can all look for each other.

During store hours, greet your customers and look them in the eyes. Not only is this a good way of engaging customers, but potential robbers will know you’re keeping a close eye on them, which can serve as a deterrent.

At closing, remember to turn on your security alarms. Again, never let just one person lock up the premises.

Show your merchandise one at a time.

A pair of diamond rings laid on a leather surface.

While some customers may want to compare two or three pieces of jewelry, for your safety it’s best to show them one at a time. It is fairly easy for thieves to simply grab and go when presented with multiple items. Again, stay focused and give your full attention to one customer at a time.

Make sure you also have all your tools prepared when presenting jewelry to your customers.

Use reinforced glass for your display cases and windows.

It’s not uncommon to hear of jewelry robberies that involve the use of violence. Burglars, for example, may try to smash their way to get inside and steal your merchandise. To protect your store from such incidents, why not use reinforced glass for your display cases and windows? For the truly high-value items in your store, you may stash them away in a vault, or keep them in a secluded area for presentation and viewing.

Your jewelry display showcase deserves the best care, and these measures add another layer of protection and give you peace of mind.

Keep track of delivery people that come in and out of your store.

Aside from customers and employees, other people will come in and out of your store during business hours. These may be delivery people, repairmen, and the like. Make sure to double-check their identity whenever they visit your store. Always have staff on hand to supervise their movement and take note of any suspicious behavior.

Keep close contact with local law enforcement.

IIt pays to be proactive, so do not wait until you’ve been the victim of a crime before reaching out to the local law enforcement in your area. Inform them of any concerns you may have regarding security. They may be able to help you in checking whether your security system in place is right or needs to be beefed up.

How to Choose the Right Earrings for Children

The first time they get their ears pierced is a special milestone for kids.

Little girl in pink with her pet bunny.

Being a jeweler means being part of and guiding people during milestones in their lives. Aside from helping their clients pick out engagement and wedding rings, jewelers are also part of one of the most memorable life stages for little girls.

The very first ear piercing is a cherished childhood tradition that many kids and their parents look forward to. Choosing the right piercer is important, but choosing the right jewelry for this occasion is crucial too.

Make that experience a safe and happy experience for the parents and the child by learning how to choose the right earrings for young, first-time wearers.

Go for hypoallergenic options.

For the delicate skin of babies and children, it’s best to err on the side of caution. Avoid possible allergic reactions by choosing hypoallergenic options, particularly those that don’t contain nickel, which may cause irritation. Sterling silver, 14K or 18 K yellow gold, and white gold are skin-safe choices for children or first-time wearers of any age for that matter. Earrings with medical-grade titanium and plastic are great too – the latter is especially a preferred option for babies as they are gentle and won’t dig into their skin even while sleeping.

Make sure to have these options in your earring display cases to give your customers a wide range of choices.

Brown-haired baby girl in a red dress and wearing a Hello Kitty earring.

Say “no” to dangling and hoop earrings for now.

To avoid the possibility of getting their ears hooked during playtime or even at rest, it’s best to steer clear of dangling or hoop earrings for now. Post or stud earrings are the safest bets for babies and children until they are old enough to be mindful of their movements and surroundings. Make sure also that the earrings’ posts are much shorter than those made for adult earrings to avoid the possibility of their earrings puncturing or rubbing against their skin.
Additionally, simple non-flashy designs are good bets to avoid unwanted attention.

Look for secure and skin-safe earring backs.

Even if they go behind the ears, choosing the right earring backs is just as important when buying a pair of earrings for children. Again, make sure the material doesn’t contain nickel to avoid possible allergic reactions. You also have to make sure the earring backs are sturdy and can properly secure the jewelry to the child’s ears.

The best options are the specially designed screw-type earring backs that are embedded in high-grade silicone. Screw-type earring backs are much more secure than push backs, while the silicone material ensures the child’s skin is kept healthy and allergy-free. Plus, they are also lightweight and comfortable, which makes it the perfect choice even for babies.

Other earring back options like the french wire and lever back are best suited for older kids and teens.

Feel free to experiment with colors and designs.

While some parents may prefer simple designs, others leave the design choice to their children, and we all know children love colorful and bright things. Some hypoallergenic earring options come in pretty and dainty designs such as flowers and hearts. They can also be adorned by Swarovski crystals that come in different colors. You can be sure that your customers would appreciate you having these diverse design options in your earring display cases and showcases.

Helpful Tips and Techniques to Selling Engagement Rings

Engagement ring shopping can be a stressful affair, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

An Engagement Ring On The Table

Jewelers are every future grooms’ (or in some cases, brides’) best friend. Known for their expertise on jewelry, they must know everything there is to know about helping their customers make the perfect choice for such a momentous occasion.

If you’re new to the business and would like to learn the tricks of the trade, read on to learn more.

Make sure the displays are well-presented.

Jewelry display

Remember to make your jewelry display look as enticing as possible to make a sale, so make sure you present them in the best way possible. Keep things elegant, neat, and well-maintained. Avoid clutter as much as possible. Make sure your merchandise is kept tidy by steam cleaning.

Lend a helping hand to the customer.

Engagements are joyous occasions, but the steps leading up to it can be pretty stressful. Particularly for the nervous, first-time future groom (or bride), the experience can be overwhelming. Be there to give gentle support during this milestone. Ask about their preferences and do your best to fulfill their wishes.

Be prepared to deal with different customers.

Some customers may already have a design in mind, while others may have zero expectations or preferences when they come into your store. In such situations, it’s important to be flexible and open to these two different types of customers. Always be ready to come up with suggestions when asked for your opinion about the 4Cs: Cut, Color, Clarity, and Carat Weight. Ask questions if needed.

Thread the money talk carefully.

It’s better to ask about a price range instead of an exact amount to give yourself a bit of flexibility when the time comes for you to make your recommendations. However, avoid asking the buyer if he/she is on a budget.

Go the extra mile.

Giving top-notch customer service should be your goal each time, but giving extra perks like offering to clean the jewelry they’re wearing or refreshments wouldn’t hurt. It shows you value their time and effort for visiting your store.

Holiday Jewelry Store Display Ideas

Check out these few easy tips on how to prepare your jewelry shop for the coming Christmas season.

Exterior of a shop with Christmas decors

The shopping madness doesn't stop after Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Black Friday as we still have Christmas to prepare for, the last one of the year. As with the previous holidays, Christmas is also a busy time for jewelry shops. And one way to make sure that you have a steady flow of customers coming to your shop is to make it festive, warm, and welcoming.

If you've used up all your creativity these past holidays and all you can think of is put up generic Christmas decors, don't you worry. Today, we are sharing a few easy tips on how to prepare your jewelry shop for the coming holiday to help boost your sales.

Use jewelry displays in festive colors.

White Wooden Finger Ring Holder Stand Jewelry Displays from Nile Corp

Get rid of those dark-colored displays you used in the previous holidays and replace them with ones in Christmas colors -- red, green, gold, and white. A red jewelry display surely catches anyone's eye and matches most Christmas decors as well. If you want to go minimalist without losing that festive vibe, you can go with an all-white display. Finish off with simple glittery decorations like lit-up snowballs and fairy lights.

Showcase Christmas-inspired jewelry.

Smiling girl admiring snowflake jewelry inside a wooden jewelry box

It's time to take out your seasonal pieces! Showcase them with your festive jewelry displays, and it's also best that you place them by the window. Seasonal pieces can be tough to sell, especially once Christmas is over, so promote them as much as you can. One example is creating Christmas bundles to further pique the customers' interest.

Make your shop smell like Christmas.

Wooden essential oils diffuser with a pink light accent

Fill in your customers' senses with all the Christmas sensations. A surefire way to do this is to make your shop smell like Christmas. Get an essential oil diffuser and choose scents that remind you of the season. Go for peppermint, roast chestnuts, fresh pine, cinnamon, or chocolate. Tickling your customers' senses will definitely make them stay longer. Be careful not to overdo it, though, as a strong scent can give people headaches.

Tone down lighting.

Dimmed lighting inside a business establishment

Lighting is a crucial aspect of any jewelry display. However, having such a bright interior can do more harm than good. To achieve a festive feel, tone down the general lighting in your shop. Choose warmer colors, rather than the uber bright ones. As for your spotlights, they need to stay as bright. Otherwise, they won't be able to showcase your jewelry items effectively.

Play traditional Christmas music.

Stuffed bear playing the piano Christmas decor

Last but not least, play Christmas music that can make your customers feel all warm and fuzzy. Go with the traditional ones, as these songs can immediately make happy childhood memories come back and provoke warm emotions. Make sure not to turn the music up too high, though, as it can be pretty annoying or distracting for your customers.