Jewelry Sales Techniques You Need To Know Now

It all starts with knowing what your customer wants.

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What does it take to close a sale? You don’t have to have extensive knowledge or long years of service to accomplish that. Often all it takes is a simple insight into consumers’ minds.

Learn the secrets and become better at selling jewelry (or any other product, for that matter) in no time.

Be approachable and attentive

It all begins by creating a positive experience for the customer. A hearty, sincere greeting and a ready smile will start things off in a positive mood. Always be prepared to answer questions and explain things if you need to.

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Probe your customers

To close a sale, you must go beyond answering questions. Once you found yourself interacting with a potential buyer, asking the right questions back will help you discover what they need and provide them with recommendations that will fulfill that need. You can start by asking whether they are buying for themselves or for somebody else then start from there. From there, you can probe them even further regarding their purpose for shopping, design specifications, and others. 

Create a conversation

The most successful sales transactions wouldn’t actually feel like one. Keeping things pleasant, interesting, and helpful will help you better to make a sale than coming off stern and formal.

Remember, it is a conversation, not an interrogation. Make sure your questions are open-ended, and always maintain a calm, friendly demeanor (“So you’re purchasing this for your fiance? Great! Cool! Can you tell me more about his style?”). Once they respond, remember to listen attentively and take note of their specifications, if any. That’s when you can make the appropriate recommendations, which help you get much closer to a successful sale.

Do something extra, if possible.

Customers appreciate a good value purchase and often that includes additional services. If your store can offer customization or shining services or promos like giving away jewelry display sets along with a jewelry purchase, then do so. That will establish you as a business that goes the extra mile to satisfy their customers.


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