How To Pick Your Jewelry Business Name

It’s the name that the public will know you for so choose well.

Close up of a person's hand picking and stringing beads.

You got to admire the optimism of humans in times of crisis. While many remained cooped up at home during the height of COVID-19 restrictions, many saw it as an opportunity to launch businesses and new careers while housebound. Thanks to the internet, starting a home-based online shop has become possible. Many folks started to find ways to monetize their hobbies or develop new skills to profit from. While baking became a favorite of many, there are also those who started creating personal items like scented candles, perfumes, and yes, jewelry to sell. This article is dedicated to those who chose to go with the latter.

Once there is enough jewelry inventory for selling and jewelry display stands for showcasing the merchandise, the next step in making things official is by coming up with a business name for this home-based venture.

Here are some tips that we think are of so much value for those who are in this phase of the business process.

A top-down, close-up shot of two people admiring jewelry on display on a marble surface..

Think of how you would like to be perceived by the public

It helps to think of your business as an entity with an image. Your business represents your brand and it is this idea or perception that the public forms from what they see or hear about you. Naturally, you would want to make a good impression. In order to make a good impression upon hearing the business name, what kind of feelings do you want to evoke from your customers? Luxury? Familiarity? Does your store have an advocacy (e.g. sustainability, eco-friendly products, etc.) that you would like to highlight? Focus on those things to inspire you when coming up with a name for your jewelry business.

Go for easy recall

A good goal for new entrepreneurs to accomplish ー especially those who are just about to launch their business ー is memorability. In establishing the business name, the name should be something that people can easily remember so they can find you quickly online or in person. This would make it also easy for customers both new and old to recommend you to people they know. Avoid using a jewelry business name that’s too long or hard to pronounce. Again, your goal here is to be memorable ー don’t make it hard for folks to say and remember your business name especially when you’re new in the industry.

Make it search engine friendly

What does it mean for a business name to be “search engine friendly?” Aside from it being easy to recall, it should also have words that are commonly used by internet users when searching for jewelry online. Tools such as Google Trends or SEMRush can be used to determine the popularity of keywords. Don’t forget to include these words in your business name and make it easy for the public to find you.

Do “name tests” to see if your chosen words match

Once you’ve settled on some words, check to see if they work when combined by writing them down and reading them out loud. This exercise certainly helps because sometimes the words and phrases we come up with in our minds may appear and sound different in actuality. This gives you an opportunity to make revisions or come up with new words if none fit. Another brainstorming exercise is to come up with sample logos and see how the names you came up with match with the copy. As the use of logos is an important part of branding, take the time to check your copy against mock logos and see how they would appear on your merchandise and marketing materials such as tags, shopping bags, etc. Are they a good match or not?  It’s best to invite your team to help out with this exercise so you could also hear their inputs.

Check to see if the name you’ve selected is free to use

Let’s say you’ve already come up with a business name ー that means all is well and good, right? Unfortunately, there’s also the possibility that the name has already been taken before. To avoid issues with your business name, check to see if it is available or has been trademarked.

Nile Corp remains committed to helping out budding jewelry entrepreneurs take their first steps in this industry, not just by providing high-quality jewelry display and storage tools but also through articles like this one.  We hope we were able to help you in this exciting part of establishing a jewelry business!

How to Find the Best Earrings to Match Different Face Shapes

Arm yourself with this essential jewelry styling and selling skill.

Pretty brunette girl modeling her off-shoulder top and earrings.

A big part of being a jewelry seller is becoming the go-to person for matters involving jewelry and this goes beyond selling them to your customers. From jewelry customization to styling advice, people may turn to jewelry shops for help in these areas. It’s simply a fact of the industry and it will be to you and the business’ advantage to learn these things and become an expert at them.

Today, let’s look at a certain skill set that sellers must have in their arsenal: helping buyers find earrings that match their face shapes. Because earrings come in different shapes and sizes, it’s natural that some types will suit a particular face shape while for others they may not. Now think of this as a part of your customer service offerings so that your buyers are fully satisfied and walk away with new earrings that best suit them.

You know the importance of having a wide variety of earrings to promote on your store’s earring display showcase; now let this article be your guide to helping folks find the best earring to suit their faces. As we do believe that top-notch presentation is also part of providing great service to jewelry customers, we’ll also be recommending the best jewelry displays for the types of earrings mentioned in this piece.

A pair of blue tassel earrings.

Drop earrings best suit round faces

To lengthen the appearance of round faces, earrings that “drop” (chandelier earrings, tassel-types, dangling earrings) are the best match for this face type. Avoid rounded pairs as they would only make your face look rounder.

You can identify a round face as it would have very little to zero angles and it would be at its widest around the cheek line. 

Our recommendation:

Drop earrings are best displayed on devices that have bars and open slots that secure the earrings in place such as the #WD417-BR Two-Sided Panel Jewelry Display Stand for displaying Earring Card. This mixed-use wooden display stand is an elegant and economical way to showcase various jewelry types. We do think it’s the perfect tool for displaying drop earrings as they can be freely hung on its chiseled open slots. It’s versatile as it can be hung up on a wall or be left standing on a flat surface for display.

Pretty woman in a yellow lace top.

Small round styles soften square-shaped faces

Square-shaped faces would be described as a balanced face shape with the forehead on equal length with the jawline. It may feature sharp corners and the chin is not very prominent. They can be pretty striking in appearance and are commonly seen in models working in high fashion. If, however, you want to minimize the angles, it’s best to go with small round-type earrings such as small hoops, huggie earrings, and studs. Avoid large hoops and square earrings as they can emphasize sharp jawlines.

Our recommendation:

Tiny, delicate earring styles are a great match for this equally sweet earring display stand which comes in a blush color. The #ED-2402-S50 Medium Metal T-Shaped Champagne Pink Earring Display Stand is a great fit for a small pair of earrings.

A lady staring off in the distance while she has  paint smudges on her face.

Chandelier earrings are flattering to diamond-shaped faces

The diamond-shaped face can be a bit of a challenge to pair earrings with, however, chandelier earrings especially those that flare out at the bottom manage to even out this face shape. A face shape is said to be diamond-shaped if it tapers around the forehead and chin. Those who were born with this shape are said to have stunning cheekbones. Another earring type that works well with this one are drop earrings that end just above the chin.

Our recommendation:

Most chandelier earrings that are fan-shaped or anything that does flare out in the bottom almost always comes in bright color. That’s why we think it makes sense to display it using #251-250 Metal Earring Display Stand as the bold hues would look striking against the device’s black metal frame.

A pair of huggie earrings set against a smooth black surface.

Heart-shaped faces match well with earrings with rounded bottoms

How does one identify a heart-shaped face? Also called a V-shaped face, it is widest around the forehead and tapers gradually, just like the letter “V” does. It is a well-coveted look as many who has the face shape are hailed for their visuals in the media. Earrings with rounded bottoms such as teardrop-shaped dangling earrings and those that come in hoops are best suited for this face type. These designs manage to create a balance in the face’s jawline.

Our recommendation:

You don’t have to limit yourself when using jewelry display tools to the type of jewelry they were made originally for. Like in the case of the #NDF571 Paper Twine Wrapped T-Bar Bracelet Display, the way it was built means you can also use it for hoop earrings.

Curly haired girl wearing thick chain necklaces.

Oval faces can work with every earring style

A variation of the heart-shaped face, oval faces are the most balanced amongst the different face types. It’s not so round, not so long, and not so narrow and pointy ー a perfectly proportioned face shape indeed. Because of this, it is the most versatile as it can work well with any earring type. 

Our recommendation:

The #JWD6012 Jewelry Display Set for Earrings Acrylic Jewelry Tray is a display tool that can accommodate most earring styles. It features 10 rows and comes with 12 pieces of earrings cards to attach your store’s earrings on. 

Make sure to keep these tips to heart and start impressing your customers with your newly acquired styling knowledge!

Out Top Picks for Jewelry Organizers for Business and Home Use

Never lose a piece of jewelry again.

Beautiful elderly woman trying out a pearl necklace in front of her vanity area.

Whether you’re just starting out in your jewelry collection or have already amassed an impressive amount of treasured accessories, it’s important to keep things in order. This ensures easy finding and tracking of your beloved jewelry pieces.

Likewise, jewelry businesses both large and small need to have a system for storing and organizing their goods. While having impressive jewelry display showcases is the way to go to attract customers, it is also just as important for every shop's storage of their merchandise is in order.

It all begins with having the right storage tools and organizers to keep things in place. Let us help you find some good ones to have around at your shop and home. Click on the product names to find out more about them.

#WD2005-OK Wooden jewelry rack with 20 hooks

#WD2005-OK Wooden jewelry rack with 20 hooks

Let’s start with tabletop jewelry organizers. They are commonly found on the shelves of jewelry shops and bedroom dressers of collectors all over. This particular piece has five rows and comes with 20 removable hooks that you can rearrange to create your own system of organization. While you can use this display for different types of jewelry ー depending on how you arrange the hooks on the rows ー it is best used as an earring display stand as shown above. This piece comes highly recommended as it makes the practice of browsing and finding pairs of earrings such a breeze.

#COMS2915BR Jewelry & Makeup Organizer, Light Brown

#COMS2915BR Jewelry & Makeup Organizer, Light Brown

Here’s another tabletop jewelry organizer that’s worth looking into. Perfect for jewelry collectors who are always on the go, the piece’s semitransparent design cuts the time for finding accessories to wear on a day or night out. It’s also just the right size for placement on top of a dresser or vanity area. Durable and practical, this one could be used to organize even non-jewelry or makeup items such as school and work supplies. 

#JWD1103 3 Tiers Acrylic Display Risers for Makeup

#JWD1103 3 Tiers Acrylic Display Risers for Makeup

One of the newer items in the store, this particular display certainly gives off a simple but elegant appeal. Don’t be deceived by the word “makeup” in the name though as you can certainly use this for your jewelry as well as other treasured collectibles. Made of high-quality acrylic, this is a great find for home use as a tabletop riser, and as a countertop tool for showcasing merchandise in jewelry shops.

#BXJ85 High Gloss View Top Wooden Jewelry Chest

#BXJ85 High Gloss View Top Wooden Jewelry Chest

Now let’s move on to organizers for when you want to store your jewelry away from view. This stunning jewelry box in high gloss rosewood is a top pick for storing away family heirlooms and the most high-end pieces of your jewelry collection. Lined with velvet to avoid marks and accidental scratchings from getting on the surfaces of your jewelry, this wooden chest comes with a lock and key for added protection. Likewise, it has four drawers, each with dividers and compartments to help you sort your jewelry. In our humble opinion? This one is a worthy investment for sure.

#SAT307BR Large Adjustable Wooden Desktop Organizer for Office Supplies

#SAT307BR Large Adjustable Wooden Desktop Organizer for Office Supplies

Another new find from our collection is this versatile tabletop organizer. With its drawers, there’s plenty you can do with this particular organizer. Marvel at the craftsmanship displayed in this organizer which makes it a fine piece of work to showcase on your desk. You certainly won’t go wrong whether you choose to use it to store your everyday jewelry wear, makeup, office or school supplies, or crafting tools.

#AC-1L2 Jewelry Organizer Travel Case with Combination Lock

#AC-1L2 Jewelry Organizer Travel Case with Combination Lock

Lastly, let’s take a look at this jewelry organizer that you can bring anywhere. Perfect for when you take your business on the road or are living the jet setter’s lifestyle, this is definitely something not to be missed. With straps to keep necklaces and bracelets in place and slotted pads for rings, this is the perfect travel companion for jewelry roadshows and conventions. Don’t worry as this comes with a combination lock so your property is kept safe and secured.

The Best Necklace Displays With Quirky Details

Let’s shine the spotlight on jewelry displays with fun and unusual designs.

#ND-1892V-ZP Pink Zebra Print Large Necklace Display Bust

Whether you’re a jewelry shop looking for new necklace display tools to showcase your merchandise or a jewelry collector with a unique taste, this article is perfect for you. We combed through our products to show you our recommended pieces that possess unique flairs and designs. These are the jewelry displays that are just as eye-catching as the jewelry pieces themselves.

Simply click on the product names of the items that catch your eye to start ordering.

#COP3693-1 Metal Jewelry Display Organizer Stand

#COP3693-1 Metal Jewelry Display Organizer Stand

Perfect for sweet and dainty interiors, this jewelry display stand in baby blue is surely a standout piece. With gold-painted accents and heart-tipped arrows functioning as bars, there’s only one word that will best describe this stunning table topper: girly. But we’re not just praising it for its design alone. It’s also a functional piece as not only could it carry necklaces but it could also be used to showcase bracelets, anklets, and bangles, so why don’t you give this one a try?

#COP9092-WH Metal Wire Display (6 Hooks Top, 6 Hooks Under)

#COP9092-WH Metal Wire Display (6 Hooks Top, 6 Hooks Under)

Another sweet but practical pick is this metal jewelry display stand shaped like a doll’s dress mannequin. Like the previous stand, this piece allows for different jewelry types to be displayed. Thanks to the hooks in place, the perfect jewelry merchandise to display here are those that can be hung like necklaces, bracelets, and even chandelier earrings. Make sure this color matches your shop’s interiors to avoid clashing aesthetics.

#PB-0172P Plastic Figurine Necklace Display

#PB-0172P Plastic Figurine Necklace Display

Sturdy and dependable, this necklace display bust is a great tool to have around as it can be a suitable model of the human chest area. As some buyers may not be so keen on trying out necklaces on themselves so this display makes for a good substitute. It likewise comes in both black and white which are both neutral colors that make the jewelry pieces on display, especially those with colorful centerpieces, pop out. These features surely make this bust display a wise buy.

#BD-2114V-ZP Pink Zebra Print Tall T-Bar Display

#BD-2114V-ZP Pink Zebra Print Tall T-Bar Display

Putting hot pink and zebra prints together is certainly a bold choice but have you ever seen it applied on a jewelry display stand before this? This T-bar style stand is the perfect display for bold jewelry entrepreneurs and collectors alike. Those in the jewelry business certainly need something eye-catching to capture everyone who enters their stores and we believe this particular piece may do the trick. Let its prints and bright shade in luxurious velvet material take center stage so pair this up with thin, dainty necklace pieces with thin chains and minimal adornments. This also comes in a bust style as seen from the photo at the start of this article.

#F9-18(LN) Tall Undyed Color 100% Organic Hemp Linen Covered Combination Necklace, Earring, and Ring Display Stand

#F9-18(LN) Tall Undyed Color 100% Organic Hemp Linen Covered Combination Necklace, Earring, and Ring Display Stand

Aside from colors, a jewelry display’s texture can also give it a look that is sure to make it eye-catching to the public as well. Here we have for you a display stand of that sort, this one covered in organic 100% hemp. If you’re going for a more subdued and earthy showcase, this display stand is the missing piece that you’ve been looking for. Perfect for necklaces that come as part of a set, this display has spaces allotted for a ring and a pair of earrings.

#COP3703 Figurine T-bar Jewelry Holder Display

#COP3703 Figurine T-bar Jewelry Holder Display

Here’s another jewelry holder with a quirky detail. With a bear figurine painted in pink and green as its stabilizer, this display is a must for those looking for something unusual to showcase their jewelry. But this stand is more than the sum of its pretty parts as it is also a practical choice for both entrepreneurs and jewelry owners at home. It has a thick bar covered in green velvet which makes it great for displaying even the most intricate and heavy-duty of jewelry pieces. Beyond its function as a jewelry display, we think you can even give this stand to your figurine-loving friend as a gift.

#COP3672 Metal Wire Swirl Jewelry Display and Organizer

#COP3672 Metal Wire Swirl Jewelry Display and Organizer

Finally, we have this lovely metal piece in black and white. With a porcelain base that contains floral and vine designs and a bird topper, this one will fit in as part of a romantic and nature-inspired jewelry showcase. This one has 16 hooks which give you plenty of space not just for your necklaces but also for your dangling earrings and bracelet collection.

Jewelry Project Ideas for the Home Jeweler

A hobby that’s a potential money-making venture.

Beaded necklaces hung for display.

Doing handicrafts is always a great way to pass the time. Not only does it keep you on your toes when thinking of concepts, but it’s also a great way to keep the brain alert during the planning and actual creation process. Physically, it also makes for a great exercise and helps hone one’s dexterity very much similar to surgery because the artwork also requires precision.

Perhaps you’ve found yourself bored with some of the stuff you’ve been doing during this whole pandemic, then maybe doing DIY jewelry projects are good ventures for you to try out. Not only will you be filling your jewelry display devices with new beautiful creations, but it’s also a great skill to learn and eventually earn from.

A purple beaded necklace and several pieces of crystals shot flatlay-style on a white piece of cloth.

Beaded Bracelet (or beaded anything, really)

Beads are a favorite of many jewelry makers for the variety of designs and looks that can be achieved with them. There are certainly plenty to choose from such as wooden, plastic, crystal, pearls, rhinestones, and shells. Depending on the vibe you are trying to achieve ー an elegant nighttime piece or something more casual fit for the mall or the beach ー there is certainly the right type of bead that’s available for you to use and make beautiful creations of.

Jeweled Headband

Headbands are ultra-feminine accessories that are equally at home being part of a lady’s everyday ensemble or as a headpiece for a formal event such as a wedding. Depending on your material, a headband can look absolutely elegant and understated or dramatic and fanciful. Approach this particular project piece with an open eye as you can find inspiration from nature, old and new fashion trends, or even characters on the screen.

A close up of two hands interlocking their fingers while each is wearing friendship bracelets.

Friendship Bracelet  

Prepare for a wave of nostalgia with this jewelry project idea. Remember creating friendship bracelets when you were a kid back in summer camp? You probably have some fond memories of yourself making these brackets with your campmates so this makes for a great place to start your DIY jewelry project. From the braided styles that were so popular during those summer camp years, you can level up your designs by doing other styles such as those made with ribbon and leather. You can find a lot of those and more from our shop’s Stringing Material section.

Jewelry Inspired by the Different Seasons and Holidays

The different colors and textures associated with a particular season and holidays help so much during the jewelry creation process. How you approach things is up to you. You can be bold and loud using materials that are obvious picks, such as red and green accents for a Christmas-themed one or florals for the spring season, or keep things simple by using the seasons and holidays as inspiration without explicitly taking elements from the occasions.


Ombre is a technique used in many art forms (fashion, hairstyling) where one particular color is highlighted by showcasing it from its lightest shade to darkest or vice versa. This can be achieved with beads or by threads.

Accessories Made with Repurposed Items

Here’s an eco-friendly way to create jewelry. In an effort to minimize waste, why not go for repurposing items so they can be turned into accessories? Old items such as buttons, soda pop tabs, or coins are just some of the items on top of our minds that can be fashioned into new jewelry pieces. Thinking of selling stuff from your household? Want to minimize your family waste footprint? Repurposing is the answer. Look around your home for items that can make for great jewelry-making items.

These are just some of our jewelry project ideas that you can do and make on your own. Learn more about jewelry making by looking up classes online such as these courses from Skillshare.

Once again, we’re here to tell you that if you’re looking for a reliable jewelry display device supplier then Nile Corp is here to help! Just browse our website to see what our business has to offer both brick-and-mortar jewelry shops and small home-based jewelry entrepreneurs.