How to Stand Out in the Online Jewelry Market

With more people going online to shop, now’s the time to explore your chances in the digital world.

Brunette lady holding a credit card and doing her shopping online.

It’s been a few months since government authorities have imposed stay-at-home orders to keep the population healthy and virus-free. This has led to a surge in online shopping, not just for essential goods but also items that’ll help quarantining a lot easier for folks at home. Some have called it corona comfort buying – an apt term for what could be seen as a form of self-care in these uncertain times. From purchasing collectible comics to gaming consoles, as well as loungewear and spa products, shoppers are doing what they can to make their isolation as relaxing as possible.

Apparently, a lot of those who are cooped up at home are also shopping for luxury items. Stuck at home with nothing to do, those who can afford are buying themselves and their loved ones’ jewelry. It is a trend that has surprised industry insiders and is also proof that life does go on for jewelry retailers.

Whether you’ve been in the online shopping game for a while now, or just about to dip your toes in the water for the first time, we have a few tips for you in this article.

Make sure that you are visible online

There are many ways that you can do to make sure people will discover you online. Search engines are still one of the primary means by which people find new sites so it’s important to invest in search engine optimization (SEO) initiatives for your site. Planning out a smart strategy involves looking at the numbers and seeing the trends that impact visits to your site. Explore the search terms and keywords as these can help you formulate the right approach to your content and advertising. You can do it in-house or hire a reliable digital marketing agency to help you craft the perfect plan for your business.

Get on social media

Another way for people to find you online? Going on social media. With the right content for your posts (beautiful product photos, stories that engage and inform), you can find yourself building relationships with potential customers and long-time supporters. Give special attention to highly-visual platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram as they lend themselves well to luxury items such as jewelry and accessories.

Speaking of visuals…

Close up of camera lens.

Taking top-notch photos is a must

Just as you would take the time to plan out your jewelry display at your brick and mortar, so should you when taking photographs of your products online. Make an effort to promote your items in photographs that are aesthetically-pleasing to make them become more attractive to shoppers. You can experiment with different themes and styling concepts to find the one that works for your brand.

Come up with exciting promos

One way to capture an audience is to offer added value on top of the items you are selling. You may include a little trinket or two as gifts for every purchase of your items. You can also add in premium extras such as cleaning services and warranty to show that you truly value your customers’ patronage of your store.

Provide excellent customer service

Words travel fast online. One bad review can be hard to bounce back from so make sure you are giving your customers the best service possible. Even when you may not be seeing them in person, it is important to give them the respect and care they deserve. This can be shown online by having a helpful and alert point person who will deal with queries from customers. This extends to having clear instructions about payment terms, shipping information, and after-service support. Make it easy for potential shoppers to shop, pay, and receive their items, and you are sure to have repeat customers for your online store.

Jewelry Storage Tips for Oversized Earrings

When it’s time to put away your big and bold earrings, here’s how you should do it.

Laughing woman with headscarf and oversized earrings.

When it comes to making a statement while wearing jewelry, nothing beats oversized earrings. They’re eye-catchers in the best way so you better hold on to them for years to come. One of the things you could do to make sure they last long are to store them properly once you’re done wearing them. Don’t think that finding earring display and storage devices would be hard given their size. Let this article give you the right options for your earring collection.

Drawers and compartments are your best friends

Keep your precious collection away from dust and prying eyes by tucking them away inside drawers. To keep them sorted and easy to find, compartments are a must. Place them inside your chosen drawer and use it to store your earrings. Make sure to pick ones with bigger than usual spaces to accommodate your oversized earrings.

Stylish woman wearing a pair of shades, large earrings, and a red blouse.

Group together similar shades

Another way to make it easy for you to find your earrings is to group them according to colors. This is especially helpful for those who dress base on their moods and use different hues to reflect their emotions for the day. You can choose to do these color match-ups with other jewelry pieces in your collection so you can create sets that would help you pick out jewelry when dressing up so much faster.

Make sure your chosen storage and display tool is appropriate for the size of your earrings

Oversized earrings, just like other big jewelry pieces require tools that are able to hold their weight and size. Look for sturdy holders with thicker material so you can be sure it won’t topple over when you start putting your large-sized jewelry items.

Choose your tool’s material wisely

Speaking of looking for sturdy holders, make sure your chosen tool’s material won’t easily wear out while carrying your earrings. While dainty jewelry pieces are fine with delicate fabrics like velvet or silk, you may want to look for something tougher like metal earring display holders as they will be more able to contain heavier pieces.

Look for decorative dishes for your everyday earrings

Sometimes there are pieces that have become staples of your wardrobe and these are the ones that you would like to be always within your reach. What you can do is to have a pretty but sturdy dish placed where you can easily see it and have it contain your favorite earrings. Have it match the looks of your room so that it won’t just serve as a jewelry storage device, but also as a decorative piece for your abode.

Unique Jewelry Display Tools You Haven't Tried Yet

Give a little bit of character to your home and store’s jewelry collection with these display tools.

A pair of gold earrings and bracelets on top of a mirror.

Beyond their functions as jewelry holders, jewelry display tools can also serve as decorative pieces meant to reflect the owner’s personality. With so many types and selections to choose from our collection, you are sure to find the perfect tools to match your aesthetic.

Of course, there are the more traditional ones, but if you’re after something unusual and quirky then we have those too.

#NC-1021 Collapsible Cone Shaped Jewelry Display*

#NC-1021 Collapsible Cone Shaped Jewelry Display

“Versatility” is the name of the game for this particular piece. Perfect for home, store, and travel use, this jewelry display is lightweight and easy to assemble and disassemble. No tools are needed as the cone easily snaps into place. Made out of elegant black velvet and white leatherette material, this collapsible cone stand gives off an elegant and sophisticated vibe making it the right choice for your precious jewelry collection.

#RD4324G Foam Toe Ring Display*

#RD4324G Foam Toe Ring Display

After a whole day of wearing your toe rings wouldn’t you like to come home and leave them resting on a yellow foot made of foam? This is definitely meant for people who don’t necessarily take themselves too seriously as it can certainly liven up any tabletop you use it on. Good news also to people who own a big collection of toe rings as this can hold 24 pieces all at the same time.

#COP3703 Figurine T-bar Jewelry Holder Display*

#COP3703 Figurine T-bar Jewelry Holder Display

Now this one can stand on its own as an interesting display piece on any mantle or shelf. The pink and green colors definitely give off a very soft, feminine vibe, making it suitable as an accessory for any girly girl’s bedroom. But let’s not forget about its true function which is to hold dangling jewelry and prevent them from getting tangled up. You should definitely leave a space for it if it fits in with your style.

#NDF9048 Mini Doll Jewelry Display*

#NDF9048 Mini Doll Jewelry Display

Reminiscent of flapper dresses from the 1920s, this tiny mannequin has six hooks for dangling types of jewelry such as necklaces, bracelets, and chandelier earrings. It also makes for an interesting key holder or you can leave it as is depending on your preference. Plus, it comes in different colors too.

#MT3-320 Textured Metal Necklace Display Bust*

#MT3-320 Textured Metal Necklace Display Bust

Mimicking the look of aged wood, this metal piece offers an interesting look to any area it is placed. It provides an earthy, back-to-nature look that is perfect for big and tribal-inspired jewelry pieces. Unique, elegant, and bold – this is the perfect jewelry display tool for those with an affinity for textures and wild, jungle-inspired styles.

*Available on the Nile Corp website.

How to Prevent an Ear Piercing Infection

The necessary steps to take to keep your new piercing clean and problem-free.

Close up of an ear pierced with a dangling earring.

We’ve recently talked about ear piercings and perhaps our article might have encouraged you to get one (or a few) of your own. Though they are a common practice, having a piercing anywhere on your body requires discipline and aftercare. By doing so any piercee can heal better and avoid infection.

Before going ahead with your procedure or filling up your earring display sets with new jewelry to use for your piercings, better read this article first.

Before the procedure

Make sure it is actually what you want to do. - Don’t do it because it’s the popular thing to do. Do your research before making your mind up whether to get a piercing or not. Learn what the procedure entails, the pain level you may experience, and the healing experience afterward. Do your due diligence by doing your research beforehand...which you are already doing right now so you are on the right track!

Look for a reputable piercing shop. - Piercing shops (usually operating side by side with tattoo parlors) may look intimidating but they are actually the best places to have your piercing done. Staff in those shops are properly trained and have health protocols that they follow in order to get their licenses to operate. If you don’t know where to start, better ask people you trust for their recommendations before going for the procedure.

A close up of a woman with her eyes closed and wearing facial piercings.

After the procedure

Remember to clean the piercing site every day. - Do it twice a day using soap and water, or if that’s not possible, you may also use a cotton pad dipped in alcohol. In order for you to remember this, you can do your piercing cleaning while doing your regular hygiene habits (while washing your face, brushing the teeth, etc.).

Keep your hands off the pierced area. - Your hands could harbor germs so avoid touching your piercing site except during cleaning. Don’t forget to disinfect your hands before and after the procedure.

Apply petroleum jelly. - This prevents scabbing and bacteria from invading the pierced area.

Be careful not to get creams near the pierced area. - This includes hair products like shampoo, gel, conditioner, hairspray, or items used for the body like lotion as they may cause irritation.

Observe and look out for unusual signs. - If the redness or swelling persists for a few days, or you’ve seen discharge, don’t hesitate to get in touch with a doctor right away.

Yes, we here at Nile Corp aren’t just ready to provide you with the right jewelry display and storage tools, we are also here to give helpful advice on how you should take care of your piercings as well as your jewelry collection! Watch this space for more practical tips and don’t forget to visit our store to see our latest offerings.

Visual Merchandising Tips for Jewelry Stores

Find out how you can capture your customers in this article.

A brunette girl with shopping bags and her boyfriend.

Are there techniques for getting shoppers’ attention? Beyond placing ads online and offline, as well as holding sales and demos, one of the biggest factors that determine shopping behavior is visual merchandising. Visual merchandising is simply the practice in retail which involves designing a store’s space to maximize sales. You can say that there is an art to it as several techniques are applied to showcase merchandise in the most attractive way possible.

Now not all visual merchandising techniques are applicable to all industries. Of course, here at the Nile Corp blog, we will be focusing on jewelry display strategies. Read on to find out more about this subject.

Always be mindful of balance

Be careful not to pile on too many jewelry displays tools and actual jewelry pieces in display sets. Make sure there is just enough number of items displayed per group set up to avoid cluttering. Likewise, a display that’s too bare wouldn’t also be effective, so take the time also to plan out arrangements as simply putting them side by side or on top of one another just won’t do.

Thematic displays

It helps to have a reference when designing your store’s visual merchandising plan, so why not have monthly themes to serve as your guide? You can elect to follow a particular theme or aesthetic to run for a month or two and use it as a basis for decorating your store.

Champagne Pink Jewelry Display 9-Piece Set
Champagne Pink Jewelry Display 9-Piece Set*

Have several centerpieces around your store

One way to generate interest in your merchandise is to have several statement pieces around your store. It depends on you what those items should be but make sure they are exceptional and would definitely attract the public’s attention. Again, you may base it around themed collections where items of a similar nature can be grouped together to create display sets.

Always keep an updated inventory

Make sure customers have always something new to look forward to whenever they step foot inside your store. It’s best to always have a constant stream of new designs to sell, or if that’s not possible, learn how to rotate your merchandise so they would always look fresh. Remember our advice about having themes for seasonal or monthly displays? That’s one way to freshen up your store’s look and attract shoppers.

Keep your tools neat and in tip-top shape

Make sure there are no frayed edges or dull metals amongst the tools your using. No matter how pretty or elegant the pieces you may be selling, you may find yourself turning off potential customers if the tools you’re using are not in pristine condition. Perhaps it’s time for you to come visit our store and shop for new display tools.

*Available on the Nile Corp website.

Should You Wear Jewelry During the COVID -19 Pandemic?

Are you doing enough to protect yourself from the virus?

Close up of a pair hands with red nail polish and silver ring.

Washing our hands is one of our best defenses against the dreaded coronavirus. Health experts agree that soap, along with water, can break down the virus’s fatty lipids which destroy and prevent it from infecting you. In cases when these cleaning agents aren’t available, disinfecting using alcohol and gel sanitizers will suffice.

This begs the question about wearing jewelry in this day and age – should you still wear your precious jewelry pieces while the virus is still out there?

Read on to find out.

The 20-second rule

The Center for Disease Control recommends washing our hands for at least 20 seconds or the length of the “Happy Birthday” song sung twice. That’s enough time to thoroughly clean your hands and get rid of germs that may linger on them. It’s important to remember to take off your rings before washing lest you find them dropping into the drain. Remember to have the jewelry display tool of your choice nearby to place your accessory in the meantime. The next step to take is to disinfect your jewelry before putting it on again. You wouldn’t want to re-contaminate your hands by putting it without cleaning it again, right? If you need advice in this area, check out our tips on cleaning your jewelry from a previous article.

People in white uniforms wearing medical masks.

Follow what the doctors are doing

If you think that cleaning your hands and disinfecting your jewelry before putting them on is pretty tedious, that’s because it is! The CDC’s recommendation is that we should be washing our hands:

  • Before and after eating
  • Before and after food preparation
  • After coughing, sneezing, or sneezing into your bare hands (better wear a face mask and carry tissue all the time instead)
  • After using the bathroom
  • After caring for someone sick
  • Before you return home after being out

This could happen several times in a day and you would have to take off your rings each time you do.

Our advice?

Take a break from wearing your jewelry while the threat of COVID-19 is still present. Ever noticed how doctors rarely wear accessories especially while at work? That’s because germs could be hiding underneath jewelry. Leaving them on while washing is risky enough that they become prone to slippage, but even more so because it could be providing a safe cover from germs and viruses.

Another thing to consider is that certain gemstones can get easily damaged when they encounter chemicals present in sanitizers or antibacterial soaps. Better leave your collection in their respective display and storage holders and just use them once everything is safe and clear.

Each one of us is expected to do our part in keeping our communities safe and healthy. Taking a pause from wearing your jewelry can help a lot in saving you and your loved ones from getting sick. In the meantime, why not visit Nile Corp and check out our latest offerings which you can use to display and store your jewelry collection.

4 Ways to Untangle Your Necklaces

Some solutions for this jewelry storage headache.

Beaded necklaces hanging on display.

Ask any avid jewelry collector about some drawbacks to owning them and they’d probably tell you the same thing: separating them when they all get tangled up. Once you’ve reached a substantial amount in your collection you’d surely find yourself dealing with the same issue.

We wouldn’t want you to get frustrated over this. In this article, learn new tricks to help you manage this problem and find out how you could make the best use of your necklace display and storage tools to make sure this doesn’t happen again.

A tiny pin may just save your day

Simply slip the pin at the center of the knot then carefully use it to pull away the chains on top of one another. Try not to tug on the chain too hard to avoid breaking the links. You may also try out different-sized pins to see which one is suited for your necklaces.

Wooden Jewelry Display Bust with Easel for 3 Necklaces - Oak
Wooden Jewelry Display Bust with Easel for 3 Necklaces - Oak

Use your necklace display and storage tools accordingly

While our product offerings have different styles and functions, they are assigned to suit the different types of jewelry our buyers may have in their collections. That means you have to use your chosen jewelry display set for what they are intended for. In this example, the photo shows a wooden necklace displayer fit to carry three necklaces. We recommend that you only stick to three necklaces when you use this bust to avoid overloading it with jewelry pieces making them prone to tangling up. Make sure to adjust the necklaces if you will be placing them in this bust to avoid them overlapping and getting tangled up on one another.

Baby oil and powder are your friends

But what if your necklaces or bracelets still get tangled while hanging on your jewelry display stand? You can use baby oil to loosen them up enough that they can easily slide off each other. Gently massage the tangled chains to slowly untie them. Once that happens, you can easily wash off the baby oil residue with warm water and mild soap.

Another household item you can use is baby powder. Simply sprinkle the knot with these baby bathing essential and see your jewelry get unlaced. Same with oil, simply clean off your jewelry with water and soap.

Pick storage tools with compartments

Stay organized and knot-free with jewelry boxes and trays with compartments. You just have to make sure to place one piece per compartment to avoid creating a knotted mess with your valuables.

Have a look at our merchandise today to see your options!

Jewelry Display Ideas to Make Your Merchandise Pop

Learn how to create merchandising displays that will capture your target customers.

A vintage signage for a jewelry antique store.

Knowing the different techniques in retail display is important for jewelry entrepreneurs to learn. It can mean the difference between catching a shoppers’ attention and translating it to a sale or having your merchandise passed up.

Take this time to learn a few tricks of the trade in retail jewelry display and see your business prosper.

Two girls shopping at a jewelry store.

Use props that will catch your intended shopper’s eye

It helps to put yourself in your target customers’ shoes. In doing so, you’ll find out what kind of styles and aesthetics appeal to them. Because taste changes over time and across genders you must learn how to adapt your display techniques depending on the viewer.

A regal and elegant display may very well capture an older, more sophisticated buyer. On the other hand, if you’re advertising for someone young, why not go for bold colors or something that’s inspired by today’s youth culture?

Evoke romance using florals

Jewelry would always be a favorite gift between couples, and so, why not use displays that highlight that aspect of your merchandise? Flowers, aside from representing nature and freshness, also work well as props for couples jewelry. Think of the colors that will go best with your jewelry display to create beautiful setups.

Think of your jewelry display’s material when matching them with your merchandise

Different fabrics and textures give off different vibes so choose one that goes well with your chosen motif. Wooden and burlap jewelry displays give off earthy feels which work well when used with nature-inspired displays and jewelry items. Velvet and silk fabrics, meanwhile, are more suited for your more high-end pieces so choose carefully when matching your tools to your merchandise.

Colors speak volumes for your collection, so make sure to choose well

We associate meanings and moods to certain colors so it’s natural that your choice of hue can affect how a shopper views your display. Want something cool and calm? Go for a blue-themed set. Or perhaps you prefer bright colors? Red and gold props and jewelry stones are your best bet. Think of what you want your target shopper to take away from your collection and make your display revolve around that concept. Just remember that if you choose to go with this route try to limit your colors up to three only and make sure they complement each other.

Be mindful of sizes and proportions

It’s natural for large items to attract our attention first when looking at a group of items, so if you want to shine the spotlight on a particular item, it’s best to place them front and center or display them with tools and props that will make them bigger and more noticeable.

A jewelry display using with a mannequin and picture frame as holders.

In this example, the large size of the picture frame highlights the beaded necklaces and makes them stand out from amongst the other displayed items in this collection.

Why not browse around our online jewelry display store to see what we have in store for you?

How to Increase Engagement for Your Online Jewelry Store

Use these techniques and find success on the web.

Smiling blonde woman sitting in front of her desk.

Beyond securing your domain name, getting a reliable host, and making sure your website has content, what else must be done to make sure your online business succeeds? You must know how to capture your target audience. With more people now doing their shopping online, knowing these tips and tricks is a must for every entrepreneur.

Make each page informative without piling on too many details

Right from the get-go, your homepage should be able to tell your target audience what your shop’s all about. Ditch the mysterious approach as it might cost you a few visitors. Make it clear that you sell jewelry through words and photos.

When putting information on your website make sure it answers these questions that potential shoppers may ask when visiting an e-commerce site:

  1. “What kind of items are they selling?
  2. “Do I need the items they’re selling?”
  3. “What are my options?”
  4. “How much do the items cost”?
  5. “How can I pay for my purchases?”

A fashion photo shoot in the middle of a wheat field.

Use hi-res original product photos to attract shoppers

Your choice of product photos dictates whether you can make a sale or not. Remember that your aim is to entice people to make them want to buy from you, so grainy pictures just won’t cut it. Because you’re selling jewelry, make sure your product photos are able to show them in all their glory. Show different angles so that potential buyers can see every inch and corner of a jewelry piece. If you will be using jewelry display stands and holders, make sure to pick the ones that are appropriate for the type of jewelry you are selling. Likewise, even if you are only using them to display your merchandise, it is important that your tools are also in their best conditions so that the overall result would look pleasing in photos. You may even go for a full photoshoot with models, backdrops, and props to help sell your wares.

Make user interface a priority

User interface or UI is the design and navigational system that users interact with whenever they visit a website.

As an e-commerce website, this is a must. You need to make it easy for potential customers to navigate your website, or else they would look elsewhere. Going back to the first point of this piece, your pages must be able to answer the customer’s questions. Crucial elements that help in the buying process are (aside from product photos) product descriptions, call-to-actions, reviews, price tags, and navigational buttons.

Don’t forget to optimize your site for mobile use

Making it possible for your customers to do their shopping anytime, anywhere is another way to retain them and attract new ones. You can do that with a mobile-optimized website. Different screens would require different image specs and navigational layout demands, so take the time to optimize your online shop for mobile use.

We have the best jewelry display tools on-hand to help you show off your jewelry merchandise in the best way possible! Come and visit Nile Corp to see what we have to offer.

Couples Jewelry Ideas and Shopping Guide

New and long-time couples will equally find helpful jewelry shopping tips in this piece.

Close up of a pair of hands wearing weddings rings.

One of the best ways to show your love to one another is through jewelry. Because a piece of jewelry is made up of precious stones and elements, it makes for a thoughtful and romantic gift to symbolize a couple’s love for one another. Now shopping for one may seem daunting especially if this is your first time to do.

Don’t worry, we got you covered.

Couples jewelry come in many different styles:

Matching Bracelets

This is a simple and subtle way of showing your commitment to your partner. You can choose to go for a chain link-style bracelet in gold or silver, depending on you and your partner’s preferences. You can also choose to go with one that has charms. Personalize it with symbols and stones that are meaningful for you two. There are also nameplate bracelets where you can have a special date or your names etched on the plate.

Lock and Key Necklace

Now we’re raising the love ante. Evoking old school romances you see in works of fiction, the lock and key necklace is meant to symbolize undying devotion and perfect companionship – you own the key to your partner’s heart.

Locket Necklaces and Bracelets

Perfect for the sentimental types or those engaged in a long-distance relationship, it’s meant to show that you’ll always be there for each other even when miles apart. How sweet.

Matching Puzzle Pieces/Two Halves of a Heart Pendant

You’ll each be sharing a piece of each other’s pendant and only through a reunion will they perfectly match up with another. Jerry Maguire said it best when he said, “You complete me,” and with this jewelry you will. (Yes, we can be cheesy here sometimes).

Don’t forget to avail yourself of a matching necklace display and box for your purchased couples jewelry. Visit our site today!

A couple showing affection on top of grass.

Some additional reminders before purchasing couples jewelry:

Make sure you pick a design you both like

The idea behind couples jewelry is that they will complement each other, so naturally, you have to pick a design that the two of you will like. Talk about both of your preferences so you can agree on what type of jewelry the two of you will prefer. Sitting down together to discuss possible designs would be a wise move.

Agree on a budget

Another factor to take note of is the cost. Make sure you are both in agreement about your budget so you can focus on the ones you really like and eliminate some jewelry pieces right away. You may canvass online for leads so you’d know what to look for.

Consider maintenance costs

Sorry to burst your bubble but jewelry is an investment, so make sure you’re doing what you can to help protect it from theft and loss. We’ve previously talked about jewelry insurance, as well as tips on the proper care and maintenance of precious stones so you may want to read up on those too.

Happy shopping! Don't forget to browse for new jewelry displays from our site too!

Keeping Your Jewelry Clean During the COVID-19 Outbreak

The things you must remember to keep yourself safe and healthy.

Close up of a person with tattoos and bracelets reading from an ebook reader.

Health experts tell us that even simple acts can keep the coronavirus away. Aside from keeping a safe distance from other people, washing our hands for at least 20 seconds is key to keeping ourselves healthy.

Because a lot of us are keeping ourselves holed up at home, it’s very likely that our jewelry hasn’t been taken out from their jewelry display stands and storage boxes for months now. On the rare occasion where you use them when you go out, you need to take some steps to ensure you’re not bringing in germs or viruses that will harm you and your family.

But first of all…

A pair of hands getting washed.

Remember to remove your rings and bracelet whenever you wash your hands

Experts say the length of time you must wash your hands must run the length of the “Happy Birthday” song. While you’re focused on singing and washing your hands, you may not notice your ring or bracelet sliding down and going straight down the drain. To avoid that from happening, make sure to take off your valuables before you wash your hands. Have a jewelry holder – these trinket boxes would make for lovely jewelry holders – and keep them nearby. But be careful still that you don’t knock over the box and drop your precious jewelry down the drain.

Better yet…

Don’t wear your jewelry while you’re out

There’s a reason why doctors don’t wear jewelry at work, and that is because they can potentially bring in bacteria from wearing jewelry. Another reason to give your jewelry a rest while there’s a pandemic? Jewelry can potentially hide body parts that need to be cleansed. For people with sensitive skin, prolonged wearing of jewelry may cause an allergic reaction. When this happens, cuts on the skin’s surface would make it easier for the virus to enter a person’s body.

But if you insist on wearing jewelry at this point in time…

Keep it simple when cleaning

This means all it takes when you need to clean the jewelry you’re wearing is to use a mild detergent like the one used to clean baby bottles and warm water. Try soaking your pieces in soapy water for 10 minutes or you may use a soft-bristled brush to carefully remove dirt or grime on your jewelry pieces. Avoid using alcohol or hand sanitizers to clean your collection. While they are effective at disinfecting our hands, their chemicals may cause a reaction on precious stones that will lead to cracks and breaking. Air dry your jewelry before you put them on or store them for later use.

How to Wear Chunky Jewelry

Add a little bit of edge to your style with chunky pieces.

Multiple bracelets worn on the wrist.

Wearing big and bold jewelry pieces requires a delicate balance. You wouldn’t want them to overwhelm your outfit but just give it the right amount of flair to give you extra style points as you go about your day.

If your jewelry display collection lacks chunky pieces, this article may just push you into getting them.

Brunette woman wearing a black bandeau top and orange slit skirt.

Stick to one chunky piece

Piling on too many jewelry pieces can leave you looking cluttered and busy. You’re better off keeping things simple by sticking to one chunky piece and wearing only that or a couple of delicate pieces to complement the look.

African woman wearing large hoops earrings.

Pair up your chunky necklace with a simple neckline

Keeping with the theme of balance, when wearing a chunky necklace you need to pair it up with a neckline with a simple design. Ditch the frills, the peter pan collars, and cowl necks if you want to wear a chunky neckpiece. For more impact, you can go with a high neckline or a low neckline so people can focus on your necklace.

Choose neutral shades for your clothes to go with your pieces

Simplicity is key. You will look more polished if you pair up your chunky jewelry with neutral shades. This puts the spotlight on your jewelry, as brightly-colored clothes would take away attention from your accessories. The same goes for your nail polish and makeup. Better keep things subdued so they don’t create a look that clashes.

An infographic showing the different face shapes and the earring types that look good with them.

Mind your face’s shape when choosing earrings

Unfortunately, not everyone will look good with big and ornate earrings. Once again, it is about keeping things balanced. You can look at the diagram above to see which types of earrings would go well with your face shape. Lucky for you if you have an oval shape as any style of earring will look good on you.

Simple hairstyles are a great match for big, ornate jewelry pieces

You wouldn’t want your hairstyle to clash with your chunky jewelry. Better keep your hair straight and polished; leave the big, bouncy waves to when you’re wearing dainty accessories. A nice, chic updo also works as it would keep the hair away from your ears and face which would make observers keep their focus on your jewelry.

Don’t forget to avail yourself of a new, sturdy jewelry holder for your chunky jewelry. Visit Nile Corp today to see your options.

Things to Keep in Mind as You Reopen Your Jewelry Store

What you need to do to be ready for “the new normal.”

A retail store's signage with the word "OPEN."

As many areas are now easing up their stay-at-home rules, several establishments will slowly start opening up after months in lockdown. While we are all still grappling with the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, safety precautions to prevent the spread of the disease will even be more of a concern. Some adjustments to business operations may need to be set in place for health and safety reasons.

Here are a few key points every jewelry retailer must remember:

Follow the government’s health protocols

After staying in isolation for the past few months, the opening of business establishments means interacting again with the public. Please take into consideration the safety of everyone around, customers and employees alike, by wearing the recommended gear to prevent spreading the virus.

You may also implement some measures to safeguard your merchandise and establishment as a whole. Larry Spicer from the Jewelers Mutual Insurance recommends requiring customers to quickly show their faces upon arriving at the store for identification.

Make adjustments to your display counters

Installing barriers between the sales staff and customers adds another layer of protection. Make sure also there are enough sanitizing products (alcohol, hand gels) within reach of everyone in the store for quick touch-ups.

Cleanliness is crucial. Before every working day, make sure all items on display are disinfected. From the smallest earring display pads to the more elaborate combination set displays, nothing should be left out. Repeat the same procedure before shutting down for the day.

Take stock of inventory

Keeping cash flow is always the goal of every business, perhaps more so during this pandemic. Taking a second look at your existing inventory would mean letting go of some hard-to-sell items, increasing production or ordering for fast sellers, and offering promos and discounts to speed up sales.

A lady putting on a surgical face mask.

Don’t forget to check up on your staff

Because of changes to operations, you may need to re-orient your people to new rules around the workplace. Make sure they practice health protocols and are in good shape before they are made to face the customers once again. Provide them with the necessary support to help them transition into “the new normal.”

See to it that your tech systems are all ready to go

Going cashless and contactless is a safe way to conduct payment transactions during the health crisis, so make sure you have the technology ready to make them possible. Expanding your shop’s presence online can also help you sustain operations by catering to those who are still shopping from the comfort of their homes.

How to Display Bracelets for Sale

Make your bracelets pop and capture your customers.

Upside down photo of a brunette woman playing peek-a-boo.

Bracelets are a popular choice for jewelry lovers and fashionistas, so it makes sense to have them in your jewelry store. Versatile enough to be paired with both casual and formal styles, bracelets liven up any outfit they get paired up with. We’re sure they’ll be a hit with your customers, that’s why we’ve put together this guide to help you show them off in the best way possible.

Take a few minutes to level up your retail jewelry display skills in this article and learn how to showcase bracelets, as well as anklets and bangles.

Keep them looped

Because bracelets and similar types of jewelry wrap around body parts, in order to show them properly, they also need to wrap around when on display. Depending on how thick they are, choose the appropriate jewelry display tool for balance.

Go for a metal hanger-type of jewelry organizer like this one for thin and dainty pieces:

Metal Jewelry Display Jewelry Stand Hanger Organizer
Metal Jewelry Display Jewelry Stand Hanger Organizer*

For thicker pieces, go for a holder that’s sturdy enough to contain the bracelet or bangle without toppling over:

Wooden 2-Tier Bar Bracelet Bangle Jewelry Holder
Wooden 2-Tier Bar Bracelet Bangle Jewelry Holder*

Lay them out to fully showcase the details

Another technique to try would be to lay them out using a flat tray or a curved platform. This is especially perfect for bracelets with intricate designs like charms so that viewers can see all sides and details in one look.

Various bracelets and anklets held in place by a bracelet display T-bar.

Combine different bracelets with similar looks and aesthetics

Your jewelry display combinations must make sense to be fully appreciated. That means the pieces you put together must pair up well and not clash with one another. For example, chunky costume jewelry bracelets would look awkward when paired up with a chain link-type of bracelet. You can try out different combinations first and see which ones look right together before displaying them to the public.

Rotate your displays often to keep them looking fresh

In order to sustain your customers’ interest in your merchandise, make sure you’re replenishing or at least rotating your displays to keep them from going stale. We’ve talked about combining bracelets ina display, but you can also combine bracelets with other types of jewelry pieces like earrings to create sets. You can also create themed displays or areas around your store to set up drama and interest in your products.

*Available on the Nile Corp website.

Jewelry Trend Alert: The 411 on Multiple Ear Piercings

Make a style statement with this trendy and daring jewelry trend.

Brunette woman with multiple ear piercings.

Been thinking of updating your style profile? Give multiple ear piercings a try. It’s a trendy way of showcasing your love for jewelry by creating combinations from your collection. But before you go through your earring display and storage for ideas, read this article and find out whether this jewelry style is right for you.

You can go for multiple piercings at once

Yes, this is possible. Most professional piercers, like those you find at tattoo shops, would recommend that you get all the piercing done on one ear first so that you can sleep comfortably on the untouched ear in case you are a side sleeper.

Infographic showing the different ear piercing areas and the piercing  pain level for each.

Pain can vary depending on the area

The pain we feel depends greatly on the number of nerve endings present in a certain body part, as well as how thick the tissue is in said area. The pain felt during an ear piercing is also affected by other factors. Top-notch piercers are highly adept at their roles that they know how to put a nervous client at ease. Even the quality of needles can make a difference. It would be safe to say that pain levels will vary depending on these given factors, plus the pain tolerance level of the client.

The different classifications of ear piercings.

The healing phase can vary too

Again, it would all depend on how thick the area that was pierced, as well as the presence of blood vessels in the spot. Ear piercings performed on the earlobe are the quickest to heal at around two to three months. The ones that hit the cartilage, like the tragus and daith piercings, take longer (about four to six months). Helix types can take up to a year to heal. Except to clean them using a saline solution, piercees are advised to leave their piercings alone to speed up the healing.

The different styles of combination ear piercings.

Your own personal style can dictate the best piercing combination for you

If you’re not sure which look you should go for, you can base it around what type of fashion appeals to you. Whether you’re a fan of big and bold looks, or something more subdued, your piercer can help you come up with the right combination that would look best on you. You can also take a look at this article to get ideas.

Having new earrings and piercings means you need to shop for new earring display tools as well, so let us help you find the right one (or two) over at Nile Corp.