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Jewelry Display Techniques that Make the Sale

Here’s how you can make sure you are attracting customers with your displays.

Diamond bracelet displayed on a baby blue background.

A key skill that every jeweler must master is retail design. As shoppers can be fickle, surviving the business means capturing their taste and attention. That can be done by selling jewelry with excellent craftsmanship and design but that’s not all that’s needed to survive the industry. Having great products to sell is good but knowing how to display them in the right way can make them more appealing to potential buyers.

Follow our jewelry display tips for retail shops here if you want to help grow your business even more.

Placement is key

It always helps to place yourself in your customer’s shoes when you’re deciding where to place your jewelry merchandise. Shopping should be a relaxing experience so make sure your display concepts are easy for your customers to see.

The trick here is to place your display tools within the level of where they will be used by the wearer. In the case of necklaces, they are best observed from neck or chest levels so you may want to place your necklace display stands at that height. This same rule applies when displaying earrings as potential buyers can easily hold their picks near their ears to see how they look.

A group of people comparing their manicured hands.

Meanwhile, bracelets and rings may be placed at waist level as shoppers naturally place their hands low while they try them out.

You can achieve this by having shelves installed around your store and placed at different levels.

A clothing store's dressed up mannequin display.

Create combinations of different merchandise

Some stores have a mixed concept where they sell jewelry alongside clothes and other items. If this is your store, you can combine different products into combination displays around your shop. Using a mannequin, you may start by having a set concept to build your design from. Next, combine items that fit your chosen concept. You can pile on more types of the merchandise (e.g. multiple necklaces by doing layering) you’re keen on highlighting. Do this successfully and you might just entice a shopper to buy the whole entire set for themselves.

Group similar items

You may choose to group your products sorted into their respective colors, types, and functions. Not only will it be more appealing visually, but this also makes it easy for shoppers to easily locate the items they’ve been looking for.

Make contrast work for you

If you have items you want to highlight, choose stark backgrounds that let them take the center stage. Let your jewelry items sparkle and shine against monotone backgrounds and jewelry display tools in solid, dark colors. To make this work, avoid prints as they may overshadow the item being showcased.

Finding Success in Running an Omnichannel Jewelry Shop

Take the challenges that a dual-platform store offers and come out stronger than ever before.

Three girls in tan jackets, laughing, and walking while carrying shopping bags.

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced entrepreneurs, both new and old alike, to take their businesses to different platforms. To accommodate consumers who are quarantining at home, many brick-and-mortar businesses started expanding their operations online. Jewelry shops are no different. The shift has seen some jewelers feeling a bit lost in the shuffle because now they are facing challenges they haven’t encountered before. 

If you are one of them then this article is for you. Let us show you the different ways for you to thrive in both arenas with a little business savvy.  

Make sure buyers can find you online

Just as you would use print and broadcast media to advertise your physical store’s promos and sales, selling online also requires some form of promotion to get your target audience’s attention. It may involve social media where you create content geared that appeals to its users or you may tap the help of search marketing and optimization to make sure people find you online.

For brick-and-mortar businesses, their shop’s physical location and address establish their presence to buyers, but online things are different. Your visibility is determined by your ranking in a search engine, so investing your time and resources in crafting a great digital strategy is a wise move.

Presentation (still) matters 

When running physical stores, it is important that the merchandise being showcased are shown in the best light possible. Design concepts that trigger notice and attraction in viewers can be achieved through careful planning and the correct use of jewelry display tools and implements. 

This doesn’t change when the selling is done online. Tasteful photographs that show off the beauty of your merchandise is the key to getting clicks. What’s also nice now is you can use videos to give shoppers a 360-degrees viewing experience even when they are online.

A brunette girl using her smartphone.

Find a way to integrate both online and in-store experiences together

As an omnichannel jewelry shop, your biggest goal is to have both channels exist cohesively together. It’s good to establish one’s name online, but jewelry still lends itself as an item that’s meant to be purchased in-store. Jewelry, after all,  is still a product that’s meant to be seen and touched. So why not find a way to combine each business platform? Make sure you’re doing these things to grow your business online and offline:

QR Codes 
QR codes placed strategically around your store can be used to show more info about jewelry items you want to highlight. This encourages people to use their smartphones while in-store and will help them to discover your online store.

Hashtags in your social media posts can be used to create buzz around your products, but you can also share your brand’s hashtags around the store. You may create a “social media hub” in-store to encourage people to take photos of themselves and share them using the hashtags.

Hold events online and offline
Promotional events such as workshops or meet-and-greets help foster a relationship between your shop and customers. You may, for example, invite crafters for an afternoon of necklace making or a session on the best way to set up jewelry displays at home. 

And while quarantine rules at the moment dictate that only a limited few can go out and shop, these events can simply be taken online. With today’s technology, it’s fairly easy to hold a workshop online. Once the coast is clear, there should be no problem resuming in-store events.

A "buy online and pick up in-store" scheme
As a high-value item, some customers would love to have the opportunity to see and pick up their purchases in-store. You can offer this option to your online store.

Growing your business with Nile Corp easy, just free to explore our merchandise to see top-notch quality jewelry display and storage tools in the market today.

Retail Display Tips to Make Your Jewelry Stocks Stand Out

Simple strategies to make your merchandise pop.

Women's accessories (pearls, gold rings) and perfume on flatlay display.

As a jeweler, one of your biggest challenges in operating a business is to make sure your merchandise always look fresh in the eyes of your customers. Changing trends and holidays will dictate how often you will have to revamp your jewelry display setups. Naturally, these happen several times in a year so you are expected to flex your creativity muscles often. Don’t worry, we have a few ideas in this article that you can follow.

The right props can help a lot

It all starts with having a concept to work around in so you’ll know which props or accents to include in your jewelry display setup.

Let’s take Mother’s Day as an example. You can incorporate elements such as hearts and flowers into your showcase. From your store’s merchandise, pick the items that appeal most to moms or women of a certain age group, and work your display around it. 

Grouping similar items create harmony and balance

You wouldn’t want your displays to look cluttered, so make sure the items you put together make sense. You can do combination displays wherein different types of jewelry are displayed all in one set, but to make it cohesive make sure you combine jewelry items of the same material. Can you imagine mixing costume beaded jewelry to your store’s finest diamond pieces? Your aim is to create displays that are pleasing to potential buyers’ eyes so make sure to pair up items that go together.

Textures add drama 

Rich textures provide a nice contrast to the smooth and polished surfaces of jewelry which makes them pop. You can see this technique applied in this Two-Sided Jewelry Display Stand, now available from our website. The wooden surface provides a nice backdrop for the jewelry items hanging from its hooks. 

Two-Sided Jewelry Display Stand

Other textures that can work well with jewelry include leather and suede.

Lighting creates focal points in your displays

Draw in people to certain items in your display sets with the use of lights and bulbs. Go with light sources that give off a cooler, whiter color temperature so it can show off the beauty and radiance of your items. Avoid warm, yellow tones as it can blur details which you wouldn’t want to happen when selling jewelry.

Tell a story

Let’s go back to creating concepts when setting up a display. It helps to think of a theme or narrative that you want to tell as a basis for your showcase. This will help you in picking up the right props, colors, lighting, and jewelry display tools to form a cohesive set. From there you can figure which pieces to include and how you will display them as part of the group. Again, you can look at holidays and celebrations for inspiration. Likewise, movies or any piece of work derived from pop culture can be a great source of themes and ideas for your display.

Jewelry Display Ideas for Dangling Earrings

Here’s how you can keep them in their best shape.

A pair of blue tassle dangling earrings.

Dangling earrings are a favorite of many fashionistas and jewelry fans. They are also called by other names like chandelier earrings and drop earrings, but even with these multiple names, one thing is certain ー these earrings pack a serious fashion punch. They are an essential part of many stylish folks fashion arsenal, that’s why we’ve put together this guide to help them care for this earring type.

If you’re also fond of dangling earrings, why don’t you give these earring display ideas a try?

Wooden Rotating Earring Display Rack, Oak
Wooden Rotating Earring Display Rack, Oak

Earring rack

Hanging earring types are best displayed when you let them hang freely from hooks or indentations. This makes earring racks great devices to showcase your dangling earring collection. An added feature in many of them is a rotating base which makes this particular jewelry display tool ideal for home and business use.

Acrylic Earring Display Set
Acrylic Earring Display Set

A neutral-colored earring display stand

The concept of dangling earrings demands it to be noticed. Unlike the subtle stud-type earrings, the dangling ones come decorated with stones, shapes, and even feathers and fabric. They already manage to stand out on their own, so style-wise they are best displayed on minimalist and monochromatic display and storage tools.

Gold Toned Jewelry Display and Organizer Stand
Gold Toned Jewelry Display and Organizer Stand

Combination organizer stands

A multi-purpose jewelry display tool is perfect for the true-blue jewelry lover as it allows them to combine their different pieces together. In this kind of setup, dangling earrings can be displayed alongside bracelets, necklaces, and other jewelry types that hang.

Mini Doll Jewelry Display
Mini Doll Jewelry Display

Mini-doll display

Looking like a fairy’s dress, a mini-doll jewelry display stand is a quirky and girly way to showcase your dangling earrings. Working double duty as a jewelry organizer and as a decorative piece, the mini-doll display makes for a quaint tabletop ornament.

See anything you like? There’s more where it came from! Visit Nile Corp today to see what we have to offer.

Storage Tips for the Home Jeweler

Find everything you need in a flash with these helpful suggestions.

Scattered colorful beads.

Making jewelry is a great way to hone a skill and earn from it at the same time. It’s an easy enough hobby that both the young and old can surely get into, making it a nice bonding activity for the family. Be that as it may, this craft also requires a ton of patience, dedication, and discipline for the maker. Because it involves tiny parts and several tools to perform, it requires a keen eye and an organized mind to keep everything together.

Let us help you find an easy way to organize your jewelry-making tools and materials.

Sort your beads and stones by type and size

The simplest way to keep track of your materials is to sort the same types together. Group together beads, shells, and gemstones separately. You can then further sort them into color and size. Use small containers to separate each which would make finding them a lot easier once you start working on your jewelry projects. You can also go for large organizers but make sure they have compartments which are essential when sorting your things. Make sure they have locks in place so your beads and stones don’t spill out.

The same advice applies to your other items such as stringing materials, findings, and jewelry display tools. Choose the right containers depending on their size and function when storing these things. Once inspiration strikes, having an organized system with your belongings would make finding what you need a lot easier.

Pick clear holders for easy discovery

Speaking of inspiration, it can absolutely strike anytime and it'll be best to act on it as soon as you can. One thing you can do to help you start on your project quickly has something to do with your choice of containers. A clear storage organizer or tray lets you find your materials easily so those types would be our recommendations.

Beaded necklace hanging from a plant.

Label your things once they are sorted and contained

Aside from picking clear containers, you can also put labels on each respective container to help you easily find or keep track of your jewelry-making materials. You can do it yourself using a printer, markers, and sticker papers, or you can get yourself a label maker for this project.

Make sure everything you need is within your reach

Once you’ve organized your stuff, it makes sense to have a designated work area at home dedicated to jewelry making. This would be your workspace where you make your jewelry creations and where all your jewelry-making tools are found. Arrange things neatly and within your reach to make the creation process a worry-free experience for you.

We recommend a large enough desk for you to work on and which you will designate as your crafting space. It should be large enough for you to easily reach for your tools, supplies, and displayers (earring stands, necklace display boards, trinket dishes, etc.)

Crafting supplies (a pair of scissors, pins, clips) displayed and shot flatlay-style.

Keep an inventory of your materials

This will help you keep track of your supplies that need replenishing or if anything goes missing or misplaced. You can do this manually or electronically for easier recording. Then, once you’ve found out that you need new tools for your craft, you can check out Nile Corp to see our offerings for jewelry makers.

Display Ideas for Men's Jewelry

Guys shop for their own jewelry too. Here are ways to capture their attention.

A man in a purple tank top with his head down.

While women are primarily the audience for jewelry marketers, in recent years men have become a viable market for these luxury items. They’re no longer just buying engagement rings for their partners, but they’re also buying precious jewelry for themselves.

That’s why we came up with this article to help jewelers come up with the right jewelry display setup to attract male shoppers.

Go for masculine design elements

You may begin with color selection. Go for dark shades like gray, navy blue, or black as base colors when deciding on retail display setups for your jewelry shop. With most men’s jewelry leaning towards simple cuts and minimalist designs, you wouldn’t have to worry about your merchandise clashing with your chosen colors.

You can also add in patterns to your display to give it a masculine vibe. Your best bets are patterns with straight lines such as stripes or tartan plaid.

Stylish man wearing glasses and a black vest top.

Incorporate the right props to your design concepts

While items such as flowers suit retail spaces geared towards women, your choices for attracting male customers will definitely differ. Go for decors such as stoneware or pottery as accessories to dress up your jewelry merchandise.

When it comes to textures, (faux) leather is your best friend

Leatherware or even faux leather is a wise buy when it comes to shopping for the right jewelry display tools. It certainly ticks off the boxes for color and vibe if you’re trying to appeal to masculine tastes. Just take a look at this double T-bar display that’s made out of steel gray-colored faux leather:

Steel Gray Faux Leather Double T-Bar Display

Perfect for thick chainlink bracelets as well as watches, this particular T-bar display stand wouldn’t look out of place in a minimalist display.

Use a style aesthetic for inspiration

If you’re still stumped for ideas, why not look to a particular design aesthetic to inspire your display? 

  • Rustic

Look for those that will incorporate rugged props like those made out of wood and create something that inspired by nature and the outdoors.

  • Preppy

As previously mentioned, patterns also work well with retail setups that cater to men. Using plaid as a base fabric, you can create a preppy, collegiate-inspired jewelry display featuring watches, cuff links, and rings. 

Single Antique Wood Ring Display
Single Antique Wood Ring Display*

  • Western

Think cowboys, Texas, and country music; throw in a pair of boots and leather accessories, and then you’ll have a retail setup that is sure to appeal to guys who are fans of this aesthetic.

*Available on the Nile Corp website.

The Layering Technique for Necklaces

 Here’s a jewelry display concept that’s worth trying.

Woman with long brunette hair standing in a field.

The layering technique for necklaces is not just a cleverly stylish way to wear necklaces. For jewelry retailers, it is also an innovative necklace display concept that is sure to attract eagle-eyed shoppers. 

Here are some fresh jewelry display ideas for you to try out on your store’s necklace inventory.

Gray Burlap Linen Necklace Display Bust
Gray Burlap Linen Necklace Display Bust*

On Display Busts

Necklace busts are the perfect canvasses for necklace layering for its similarity to our necks.

What you need to do is to first pick a necklace to serve as a focal point for your setup. This works best with necklaces that have big pendants. Next, pick several other necklaces to complete the look. Make sure these add-ons are longer than your centerpiece. Go for varying lengths to see the layered look fully on the necklace bust.

Wooden Jewelry Display Bust with Easel for 3 Necklaces - Coffee
Wooden Jewelry Display Bust with Easel for 3 Necklaces - Coffee*

On Easel Necklace Displays

Easel-type necklace display stands make it easy for you to apply the layering technique to your necklaces. Following the instructions for layering on bust displays, simply hang your merchandise from the side slots of the board. This technique can be seen perfectly executed in the sample photo shown above.

Wooden Necklace Holder Jewelry Display Bust Stand
Wooden Necklace Holder Jewelry Display Bust Stand*

On Upright Wood Stands

A variation of easel necklace displays, this particular set also works well with the necklace layering technique. Ready for store and craft show display, the set contains three pieces of upright wood stands held in place by a wooden slatted base. Each flat board has three side slots which make it easy for users to hang their necklaces on for layering. Likewise, all boards can be removed for easy transport and clean up.

Make it a point to check Nile Corp often to see the latest store offerings and sale items.

*Available on the Nile Corp website.

Engagement Ring Selling Techniques for Jewelers to Try

 Let us help you make that special sale for your jewelry shop.

Close up shot of a jeweler inspecting a piece of jewelry.

Wedding proposals are some of life’s most unexpected but much-loved rituals. Jewelers, naturally, have a huge role in making sure they turn out successful. Helping people pick the right ring matters, so here are a few tips from us to help you make a sale, and for your customers to make their dream proposals come true.

Show your shop’s ring collection in the best light

Making a successful sale doesn’t begin when the customer approaches you to inquire about a particular item. No, it starts way before that and it happens the moment the customer enters your shop’s door. Make sure your jewelry display calls out to potential buyers and entices them to make a purchase. You can achieve this by having a neat and easy-to-navigate store layout, along with retail display setups that are elegant and pleasing to the eyes. This can be achieved with the right placements and lighting.

Let them talk and be ready to listen

This is no ordinary piece of jewelry. There’s a lot of thought and meaning put into its purchase so open your ears to listen attentively and be interested in what the customer has to say about it. They may go into storytelling mode when you start asking questions, and so just let them be. The things they tell you about their relationship and the person they’re buying the ring for will help you make the right ring recommendation.

Close up shot of a wedding proposal.

Make adjustments when necessary

Different customers mean different personalities. Some may have planned everything down to the nitty-gritty details while others may still be confused over what ring to pick. Be flexible enough to accommodate these two different kinds of customers and those who may fall somewhere in between. Step back or offer suggestions depending on the situation.

Avoid asking about budget outright

You can safely navigate the money talk by asking specifics about the ring. Inquire about the 4Cs (carat, cut, color, and clarity) and from there you can give your best recommendations based on the responses.

Make them feel pampered

Engagement ring buying may be a fun and exciting ritual but it can also be incredibly stressful on the part of the customer, so make sure you’re doing what you can to put them at ease. Take them to a special area in your store where you can ask them the questions away from other customers. This will give them the assurance that you’re giving them extra attention for this special occasion. Have assistants ready to bring in not just the jewelry selection, but also refreshments and small bites during the consultation. Be there for them until they’ve made their purchase and provide escorts as they exit the store.

How to Clean Earrings

Tips to maintain the beauty of your precious earrings.

A brunette girl smiling while her eyes are closed.

Fans of earrings know the power they hold when it comes to making a style statement. From the large ones to dainty pieces, they are fashion staples that command attention. They are an essential part of everyday wear which means they get a lot of use. This means it’s very easy for them to accumulate dirt and smudges in the long run.

You deserve to have your precious earrings collection in the best shape so we’ve put together this helpful guide for you. Follow these steps so that you can proudly show them off while you are out and about, or for when you keep them in your earring display platforms at home.

Use a microfiber cloth for quick clean-ups

Found small smudges or fingerprints on your earrings? Sometimes all it takes are a few quick swipes of microfiber cloth to your precious earrings. This is similar to those used for cleaning eyeglasses. We recommend this type of cloth as it won’t leave a scratch or loose fiber to your jewelry’s surface.

Disinfect with hydrogen peroxide

Dirt can easily accumulate in the nooks and crannies of earrings when left for some time. For a deeper clean, it’s time to bring out hydrogen peroxide and a few cotton pads for disinfection. If you’re targeting a specific spot, simply soak your pad with hydrogen peroxide and give your pieces a few dabs and rubs to remove stubborn gunk. For an all-over cleaning process, you can soak your earrings in a small cup filled with hydrogen peroxide for a few minutes then transfer them to a new cup with hot water for rinsing.

A pretty lady wearing an all-pink outfit.

Keep things simple with mild dish soap and water

For earrings with gemstones, it’s best to keep things simple and straightforward. The process depends on the type of gemstone being cleaned. For example, you can’s soak turquoise in soapy water as turquoise absorbs water which can soften it over time. Instead, what you can do is to use a microfiber cloth moistened with soapy water and use it to clean your turquoise pieces. The same procedure applies to pearls, but amethyst can be soaked in soapy water.

Have a look at this article to see more tips on cleaning precious stones and minerals.

Use household items for simple cleaning jobs

For quick touch-ups, use a clean toothbrush to remove dirt from your earrings. You can also use cotton buds and toothpicks which can get into hard-to-reach areas.

Ultrawave Jewelry Cleaner Machine
Ultrawave Jewelry Cleaner Machine*

Invest in a jewelry cleaner machine

But if you want a no-mess way to clean your earring collection, give yourself the gift of a jewelry cleaner machine today. In fact, you can use this for the rest of your jewelry pieces so you’ll be saving yourself the extra work needed to clean and disinfect them. We believe this is a must-buy for every jewelry lover.

Now that you’ve gotten your earrings all spic and span, we bet you’re proud to show them on display at home. And for that, we have these lovely multiple earring display tools ready for you to explore. Happy shopping!

*Available on the Nile Corp website.

A 5-Point Checklist for Online Jewelry Business Owners

Now is the perfect time to make your mark on the internet.

A happy woman sitting in front of her desk and laptop.

The COVID-19 pandemic has upended daily commerce, changing the way people buy and sell things. For months, people relied solely on online shopping platforms to get their needs. This has opened opportunities for entrepreneurs, small and large alike, to sell their merchandise on the internet.

Jewelers were no different. Many brick and mortar jewelry shops also opened their own online stores to go where the buyers were. At present, while stay-at-home restrictions vary across states, many sellers are staying put online.

As online sellers ourselves, we know the challenges they face on the internet. That’s why we’ve put together this checklist to help jewelry entrepreneurs find success in this vast market landscape.

1. Make sure customers can find you online

Securing a store location and putting up signage is how brick and mortars announce their presence in the market, but how about businesses online?

On the internet, businesses find space by getting indexed by a search engine. Because people use platforms such as Google to look up any information, it is a must to have your business included in its listings. But that’s not all ー mere inclusion on the world’s go-to search engine is not enough. You need to make sure your website can be found on the engine’s first page results to capture your target audience. Investing in search engine optimization (SEO) will solve that issue.

2. Review your site’s navigation

Making sure you are on search engines so that potential buyers can find you online is one thing; checking to see if your own products are easy to find inside your website is another. It helps to periodically review your interface, as well as the process that goes into buying your items to see if they are easy or hard to get around with.

A close-up shot of a hand scrolling on a smartphone.

3. Have an active presence on social media

For many businesses, especially those that started during the pandemic, social media is where they first found their footing. If that’s the case for your jewelry business, now’s not the time to slack off. People are online a lot these days so you shouldn’t miss out on building your presence on social media.

4. Create images that aim to entice and inspire

Speaking of establishing your social media presence, jewelry businesses should target those that are photo-heavy like Instagram and Pinterest, but sites like Facebook are good too. Make sure to take beautiful pictures of your merchandise so people can see what you’re selling. Don’t be afraid to be as creative as much as you want with these photos! A great concept partnered with the right jewelry display tools and props helps deliver the sales you need. Check out our latest offerings of easels and stands which you can incorporate to your photoshoots when promoting your products on social media and on your website.

There’s another perk to producing fantastic images for your brand. Great photos get republished, making it an effective form of word-of-mouth marketing. Likewise, on Pinterest where images are shared by users, this also adds SEO juice to your website helping you rank better on search engines.

5. Take a good look at your reviews

People say a lot online, and they have a lot to say if a product is good or not. Taking the time to read reviews left by your customers is a great way to check whether you’re delivering what you promised or not. Think of it as a form of customer service for your public and use it to thank them for their support or resolve issues they may have with your jewelry merchandise.

We want each and every one of our customers to succeed in business. That’s why we remain committed to our promise to only deliver top-notch jewelry display tools to the market. Have a look to see what we have to offer today.