Thursday, June 25, 2015

Travelling with Your Jewelry – Do’s and Don’ts

Jewelries are valuable investments; the reason why when travelling some jewelry collectors opt to bring their collections instead of leaving them behind especially when going overseas. If you’re a jewelry collector and have a plan to travel this weekend while bringing your jewelries with you, then here are some helpful tips on how you should travel with your jewelries on pack.

DO’s & DON’Ts

DO’s & DON’Ts

• Choose wisely. Pack light and take only the jewelry you'll wear while travelling at your destination.
• Make a list of all the jewelry you’ll take with you. Make two copies of this list then take one copy with you and store it separately from your jewelry.  While leave the other copy at home. This will help you if you have jewelry insurance and some piece got lost during your travel.
• Wear it or stow it in your carry-on bag. If you wear it, take extra care by slipping a pendant inside a sweater or turning your ring so only the band shows.
• Put your jewelry in a favorite bag you’ll carry while traveling. Don’t leave your jewelry in an unattended car or suitcase. Carry it personally.
• Always store jewelry in the hotel safe when not wearing it.
• Make sure to insure your personal jewelry against loss, damage, theft and mysterious disappearance.

How You Should Pack Your Jewelry

How You Should Pack Your Jewelry

If you travel with jewelry, it’s a good idea to invest in some sort of case to keep it organized. The best wholesale jewelry organizers make space for all sorts of jewelry, including rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings. There are styles for every price range as well. A travel jewelry organizer can keep your adornments in one place and tangle-free.

Why Get Jewelry Insurance?

Why Get Jewelry Insurance

Getting a jewelry insurance plan is more than a monetary investment. It protects your jewelry from theft, damage, mysterious disappearance, or loss. Jewelry insurance plans give you the freedom to bring your jewelries with you on your travels. It gives you the freedom to wear them anywhere and anytime you want. With a jewelry insurance plan, any jewelry you lost or been stolen, the company you’ve dealt with will replace them with the similar jewelry.
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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

How to Choose a Jewelry Box?

How to choose a jewelry box


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Friday, May 29, 2015

The Most Expensive and Famous Jewelry Pieces in the World

While some rarely care to bother about the karats their jewelry has, collectors are the only ones who can understand and crave to get the opportunity to even see or touch the most expensive piece of jewelry in the world. Carefully placed in their safe and luxurious jewelry display boxes these jewelries have always fascinated the rich, the famous and the collectors.

Want to know some of the most expensive and famous jewelries in the world, then scroll down on the list below.

• The Graff Pink

The Graff Pink
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Sold to Laurence Graff for US $46 million (£29 million), it was the most expensive single jewel ever sold at auction. It has been described as "one of the greatest diamonds ever discovered". The Graff Pink is a diamond cut in an emerald-shape with rounded corners, and is placed on a platinum ring with two flanking shield-shaped diamonds.

• The Wittelsbach-Graff Diamond

The Wittelsbach-Graff Diamond
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Another rare piece of diamond sold to Laurence Graff for $4.3 million, this diamond was rumored to be from the Indian Kingdom of Golkonda, and was what once owned by King Philip IV of Spain. This piece was also placed long ago in the Crown of Bavaria, just beneath the cross. However, when Graff bought it, he had the diamond cut by three diamond cutters to remove flaws and alter its entire look.

• Heart of the Ocean Diamond

Heart of the Ocean Diamond
The Heart of the Ocean Diamond Worn by Gloria Stuart

This marvelous piece was first seen in the blockbuster romantic film, The Titanic. Although a replica of the said jewelry used in the film, this Harry Winston Sapphire has an estimated price of $20 million. It is the most expensive piece of jewelry ever worn at the Oscars by Gloria Stuart, which has replicas that are being sold for $3.5 million in auction sales.

• Marie Antoinette’s Necklace

Marie Antoinette’s Necklace
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Owned the most infamous queen of France, Marie Antoinette, and has an estimated price of $3.7 million. There was a story that told of this said diamond necklace is the one that cost Marie Antoinette her head. However, the story was proven to be a hoax and the real deal why Marie Antoinette was guillotined was convicted by the Revolutionary Tribunal of treason to the principles of the revolution.

• The Unmounted Heart Shaped Diamond

The Unmounted Heart Shaped Diamond

Originally cut from the Cullinan Diamonds, this piece is now a part of Britain’s Crown Jewel collection and was sold for a staggering 11 million dollars. The diamond was part of the Magnificent Jewels collection which became available for purchase on May 2011. It weighs about 56.15 carats.
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