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Monday, December 5, 2016

Stand Out with Unique Metal Jewelry Displays

Showcase your earrings and rings in unconventional ways with these new arrivals!

Sometimes, achieving an eye-catching, unique ring and earring display is not easy. You have done it all -- pine cones for Christmas, DIY displays that go with your shop’s theme, and of course, the traditional earring and ring stands and trays. Get to start the new year right with our new metal jewelry displays; these bring out an old-world vibe your customers will love.

Here are some of the new arrivals you can get for your shop:

Metal Owl Jewelry Display and Jewelry Stand Hanger Organizer

Shop for the Metal Owl Jewelry Display and Jewelry Stand Hanger Organizer at Nile Corp

This charming jewelry display doubles as an organizer. Made with blue-green metal, it is great for yellow gold and rose minimal gold pieces. The owl comes with a base tray, seven hooks, two hooks, mesh, and 31 holes. The seven hooks are perfect for rings but may also be used for bracelets and necklaces.

TIP: Use this display when showcasing matching jewelry sets.

Metal Arrows Jewelry Display and Jewelry Stand Hanger Organizer

Shop for Metal Arrows Jewelry Display and Jewelry Stand Hanger Organizer at Nile Corp

Keep your pieces tangle-free with this chic metal display and organizer. Its sea-green almost pastel blue hue makes it an ideal display for silver pieces. This lovely stand features a ceramic base tray, three bars, and three arrows which have 39 tiny holes. Its vintage, old-world vibe conjures up romantic scenes in Paris during the golden age of travel.

TIP: Use the Metal Arrows Jewelry Display to organize and display statement rings and hook chandelier earrings.

Metal Arrows Jewelry Display Organizer

Shop for Metal Arrows Jewelry Display Organizer at Nile Corp

Keep your rings and earrings organized with this Metal Arrows Metal Arrows Jewelry Display Organizer. The pink and gold colors make black and chocolate-colored pieces stand out. It features a base tray perfect for rings and stud earrings.

TIP: Place hook chandelier earrings on the top arrow and hook drop earrings at the bottom one.

Metal Spiral Jewelry Display Jewelry Stand Organizer

Shop for Metal Spiral Jewelry Display Jewelry Stand Organizer at Nile Corp

This spiral display is for bracelets and necklaces but is also perfect for rings and earrings. It exudes a romantic charm and features a pink ceramic base tray and seven hooks. The spiral design allows for easy organizing and easy viewing of the pieces without mixing them up.

TIP: Place hook earrings at the top and rings at the bottom. Use the base tray for stud earrings.

Metal Jewelry Display and Jewelry Stand Hanger Organizer

Shop for Metal Jewelry Display and Jewelry Stand Hanger Organizer at Nile Corp

The white metal and gold designs remind of Santorini architecture and romantic memories. It features a base tray, two bars with a total of 32 holes, two bars with ten hooks, and a grid. Showcase bracelets and necklaces along with your ring and earring collections.

TIP: This display is great if space is an issue. Showcase stand alone pieces and matching sets alike with this charming organizer.

See more metal displays and new arrivals in the shop!

Monday, November 28, 2016

Velvet jewelry displays for gold pieces

This Christmas season, let your gold pieces shine with the right displays

Christmas is less than a month away; are your jewelry displays ready for the holiday rush? Make your displays even more appealing to customers by having a grand showcase of your pieces. Gold jewelry pieces, for some reason, look more glamorous with velvet. Black velvet makes sparkly pieces stand out, and its shimmery soft surface adds flair to the whole display. This week, we will be highlighting some velvet jewelry displays you can use to showcase your gold pieces.

For the necklaces

Shop for velvet jewelry display for your holiday sales at Nile Corp

Gold necklaces need to be showcased in larger and taller displays. You can opt for the black velvet Triple T-bar display where you can place pendant necklaces along with their matching bracelets. You can also use the black velvet stand where you can showcase gold pendant necklaces and two pairs of earrings. Place some pine cones or little Christmas decors at the sides for a festive feel.

For the earrings

Shop for velvet jewelry display for your holiday sales at Nile Corp

Gold earrings are perfect to showcase using uniquely-designed stands. These black velvet earring displays are better than the traditional trays. You will also be able to highlight each pair as they are separate from all the other pieces. You can also sprinkle some fake snow so that they would look like little lamp posts in winter.

For the bracelets and bangles

Shop for velvet jewelry display for your holiday sales at Nile Corp

Your golden wrist accessories would look great in separate displays as well. You can opt for the black velvet ramp displays which you can neatly line up on the table. Gold bangles would look lovely on display using the black velvet pillows, as well as bracelets with a pendant or accent stone. Decorate them with poinsettias and mistletoe to achieve a Christmas-y feel.

For the rings

Shop for velvet jewelry display for your holiday sales at Nile Corp

If you need to highlight one to three rings, it is better to use the black velvet ring finger stand with a triangular base. Its unique style will make the display stand out from the others. However, if you need to showcase multiple rings but do not have much space, the space-saving square display tray is a perfect choice.

Not a fan of black? We have other displays available in white leatherette too. Feel free to browse the shop for more!

Monday, November 21, 2016

Festive Jewelry Display Ideas

T'is the season to display jewelry!

Christmas is just around the corner; is your Holiday inventory ready for display? Whether you're gearing up for the Christmas craft fair or for the holiday shopping craze, it's wise to start thinking about themes for your Christmas jewelry displays. This week, we'll be sharing some festive ideas you can draw inspiration from. Make your booth the most memorable one at the craft fair and attract new customers with your creative jewelry display.


Create creative Christmas jewelry displays from Nile Corp.
Source: Chloeandisabel.com

Pinecones are associated with the festive season making it a great theme for your display. Place the pinecones upright on a tray lined with white cloth to resemble snow. Use glue to secure them. You can also add some lace if you want to make it a bit fancy. Add some poinsettias on the side for a more festive feel. This display is great to use for earrings and rings.

DIY Christmas tree

Create creative DIY Christmas tree jewelry displays from Nile Corp.
Source: Bachcomber26.blogspot.com

No Christmas is complete without the Christmas tree. This DIY jewelry display is very easy to make and perfect for those who love upcycling. Tie driftwood branches together using brown string. Next, fill a small bowl with modeling clay. Secure the tree by "planting" it into the clay. Cover the bowl with shells, colored paper, or leaves; basically whatever you fancy. Hang bracelets, necklaces, rings, and earrings on the branches.

Fairy lights

Create creative Fairy lights jewelry displays from Nile Corp.
Source: Flickr,com | city of craft

Fairy lights not only remind us of  Stranger Things but also of the holidays. Get your jewelry displays out and decorate with fairy lights. Warm white tones are the ideal color of bulbs to use, but feel free to experiment with other colors. Also, the thin-wired LED fairy lights are the best ones to use.


Create creative Ornaments jewelry displays from Nile Corp.
Source: Pinterest.com | Janelle Breillatt

If you have no time for DIY Christmas jewelry displays, you can opt for the traditional jewelry displays, but with a twist. Hang Christmas ornaments with the jewelry pieces. Decorate with mistletoe, little Christmas trees, and even with peppermint candy canes.

Got any Christmas jewelry display ideas? Feel free to share them in the comments section below!

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

The Best Autumn Inspired Jewelry on Pinterest

One smart way to make sure your store will stand out this season is to offer unique autumn-inspired statement jewelry to your customers. Look at some of these charming and dashing jewelry pieces that were inspired by leaves, pumpkins, and acorns.

Celtic Autumn Fall Earrings

Shop Celtic Autumn Fall Earrings

The Celtic Autumn Fall Earrings are certainly eye-catching with its dangling style and geometric designs. These seasonal earrings are made of antique brass Celtic knot charms with falling autumn leaves. It is also accented with sparkling Swarovski crystals. This dashing pair of earrings is made by Silvaris Rose and is available on Etsy.com.

Oak Leaf Earrings

Shop Oak Leaf Earrings

This handmade jewelry is the perfect earrings to wear this season. They feature beautifully detailed brass oak leaves in a dangling design. Each earring has a larger and a smaller oak leaf dangling from a gold plated over brass wires. They made by an Etsy user named LeChaim and is available for $24.

Autumn Leaf Pendant

Shop Autumn Leaf Pendant

Straightforward but unique, this Autumn Leaf Pendant will leave you breathless. It features a real resin autumn leaf in a circular pendant on a silver chain. This one of a kind necklace is hard to find nowadays and is truly a statement piece to wear on casual occasions.

Glass Acorn Pendant

Shop Glass Acorn Pendant

These Glass Acorn Pendant actually is made with real acorn caps, making them a truly unique autumn accessory to wear. They come in various designs and can be used as pendants or a charm to adorn your bracelets. Some of its designs even have an encased copper leaves. This handmade jewelry is made by Bullseye beads.

Autumn Leaves Bracelet

Shop Autumn Leaves Bracelet

A vintage-inspired jewelry bracelet, it is made of brass wires with leaf knots and old orange beads. This handmade bracelet is truly gorgeous and eye-catching. I’m not exactly sure if it's for sale, but the pin was posted by Jane Stewart. You can check out the original link here.

Pumpkin Thanksgiving Necklace

Shop Pumpkin Thanksgiving Necklace

This Pumpkin Thanksgiving Necklace features a warm orange pumpkin carved carnelian that hangs from a curly vine. It's orange shade even changes against different backgrounds. Use it as a Halloween accessory when dressing up as a witch or gothic. It's the perfect Halloween-inspired jewelry to flaunt this November.

Just remember that any stunning jewelry needs a beautiful jewelry display to stand out. For more unique autumn-inspired jewelry, check out Pinterest.com

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

The Most Useful Jewelry Displays to Bring on a Trade Show

Know the most useful jewelry display for trade shows
Photo Source: www.artsbusinessinstitute.org

Attending trade shows can be quite stressful. You need to list down the inventory you’re going to bring and make sure to use the right jewelry displays to showcase them on your stall. And that’s what our article for today is about; we’re naming the most useful jewelry displays you should bring on a trade show.

Folding Jewelry Box

Folding jewelry display box, useful for trade shows

A folding jewelry box or cases are so versatile they can keep around 20 pairs of earrings or rings. They are easy to carry, and the best part is you can also use them to transport your jewelry. They can keep your jewelry safe while traveling to the tradeshow. And once you’re there, you can easily unfold them to showcase the jewelry collection it beholds.

Pad Display

Pad jewelry display, a useful display for trade shows

Jewelry pad display is simple, small, and space efficient. The best ones are those made from velvet since they offer a beautiful way to display your jewelry. Aside from velvet jewelry pads, there are pads on the market that are available in various colors. You can play with these pads to offer something unique to the tradeshow.

Earring Stand

Earring Stand Jewelry Display for Trade Shows

Earring Stand is important to showcase the most valuable and beautiful earrings in your collection. They should stand out from the other displays so that customers can easily spot the jewelry you're selling.  If possible, select a unique-designed earring stand to bring in the tradeshow. Remember that a beautiful jewelry display plays a significant role in attracting the customer’s attention.

Chain Pad with Snaps and Hook

Using chain pad jewelry displays for trade shows

Chain Pads are essential to bring in any tradeshow. Just make sure to buy those with snaps and hook so you can easily hang your jewelry and bracelets. They are also easy to carry, and you won’t have a problem loading them to your luggage since they are usually thin and light.

T-Bar Display

T-Bar Jewelry Display

T-Bar Displays are the perfect jewelry display to showcase your bracelets. They are the usual display used by jewelry designers to sell their creations at trade shows and conventions. Although they are quite bulky, you can pick T-Bar displays made from linen material or velvet. They are quite light compared to the wooden ones.

Display Trays

Using jewelry display trays for trade shows

Display trays come in many forms from utility tray, lid tray, ring tray, flocked tray liner, and compartment liner trays. They are all light and easy to travel with. However, unlike pad display, you must keep your jewelry from a separate compartment to keep them safe. If you’re going to use display trays, make sure to bring carrying cases.

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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

How to Perfectly Display Your Ring Collection

How to Perfectly Display Your Ring Collection
Photo Source: williamburkephotography.files.wordpress.com

One sure way to sell your products is by displaying them correctly. And this rule applies to all jewelry you sell especially rings. If you’re having trouble selling your ring collection, then you might want to check out these tips.

Find the perfect angle.

Just like in photographs, you need to market your rings by displaying them in the most attractive way. Know which angle looks perfect for the rings you are selling. It usually depends on the design, the type of stone that adorned the ring and its cut. Professional jewelers suggest that rings with round brilliant cut especially those with diamonds are best displayed when angled 45 degrees from the light source.

The use of the right ring display.

If you want to showcase your ring, then you must use the right jewelry display to emphasize the beauty of the jewelry. This also means you should consider the color of the display you’re going to use to showcase the rings. Black jewelry displays are perfect for silver pieces, while white displays will work well with gold rings. Try using risers or acrylic ring stands instead of using the usual ring displays. They provide something new for the customers to look at.

Never make the mistake of showing the price tags.

Always remember to never show the price tags of the rings you're displaying. These price tags can detract the beauty of the ring and can easily take the interest of the buyer when looking at it. The best thing you can do is to try and hide the price tag as best as you can when putting it on display.

The lighting matters.

In an old article, we mentioned the importance of lighting in any jewelry store. The proper lighting can do wonders for your jewelry especially to statement pieces adorned with gemstones or diamonds. You need to focus your light to your diamond rings for them to shine brighter and catch your customer's attention. Your jewelry rings must sparkle and should not cast any shadow. For more lighting tips, you can read this article

Make sure to show the maximum surface of the ring.

According to Ovadia Corp Blog, it is best to show the maximum surface of the rings you’re selling especially those with intricate bands. Make sure to choose jewelry displays that will be able to showcase this characteristic. Risers work best for showing your customers the exact surface of the ring and its entire design. Just make sure to pick risers that will blend perfectly with the other jewelry displays in your store.

Want to know more tips? Then follow us at NileCorp Blog.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Best Jewelry Accounts to Follow on Instagram for Jewelry Makers

Jewelry Accounts to follow on Instagram for Jewelry Display Makers

Looking for inspiration on your latest jewelry design? Well, let us help you; we searched the most popular jewelry designer accounts on Instagram for you to follow. Be inspired by their pieces, and create your own unique piece.

Brooke Gregson

 Brooke Gregson

Brooke Gregson is a London-based jewelry designer known for her colorful and original creations. One of her best-selling collections is the Silk Woven Gemstone Bracelets. Try and visit her Instagram account to be inspired by her colorful jewelry designs. Brooke even hand select the gemstones for their natural features.

Noor Fares

Noor Fares

Noor Fares is a young woman from Lebanon that creates jewelry that fuses together her Lebanese heritage and contemporary sensibility. Her jewelry is known for her beautiful materials such as moonstone, rock crystal, and rosewood. These raw materials show her love for geometry. Many of her pieces also possess a “protective eye” to ward off negative energy.

Jacquie Aiche

Jacquie Aiche

Jacquie Aiche is an LA-based designer that creates jewelry that perfectly blends strength and femininity. Her American and Egyptian heritage clearly show an influence to her designs, creating unique jewelry pieces designed with precious gemstones, fossils, and turquoise relics. 

Irene Neuwirth

Irene Neuwirth

Irene Neuwirth is best known for her brightly hued statement jewelry. According to this designer, her jewelry is influenced by her deep love for the ocean which you will clearly see in her jewelry designs. You’ll extremely love the gemstones that adorned her jewelry and the uniqueness of their shapes that is truly eye-catching.

Erica Weiner

Erica Weiner

Erica Weiner is a New-York based jewelry designer known for her vintage-inspired fashion jewelry. She first started creating jewelry in the mid-2000s, starting with simple pieces with vintage charms and chain. Now, her business grew, and her design offers customers with antique-inspired jewelry that is hard to find in the market nowadays.

Lorraine Schwartz

 Lorraine Schwartz

It’s hard not to know who Lorraine Schwartz is after the last Emmy Awards where many celebrities have flaunted her jewelry designs. She has designed for popular celebrities like Halle Berry, Jennifer Lopez, and Beyonce Knowles. Her name even grew more popular after Kanye West gave his wife, Kim Kardashian, a 15-carat diamond engagement ring made by her.

Follow them on Instagram and be inspired by their designs. Once you have your piece, make sure to showcase them on a beautiful jewelry display.

Friday, October 14, 2016

Jewelry Packaging Ideas for this Autumn Season

Aside from decorating your jewelry store for Autumn, it is also a smart move to incorporate this season’s theme with your packaging. It gives off a special feeling to your customers and a way to attract more people to your store. Here are some jewelry packaging ideas you can use for this season.

Use burlap or linen pouches. 

Use burlap or linen pouches

Burlap and linen bags are perfect packaging to use. It has the right material and texture you can incorporate with the season. Be creative and add decorations on the bags, making it your own. Add pieces of leaves or other decorations that are connected to Autumn such as acorn dried hydrangeas or mini pumpkins.

Add decorations on your paper gift bags.

 Add decorations on your paper gift bags

Create your own paper gift bags by adding your own touch to its design. Cut off pictures of symbols associated with the season and paste it on the paper gift bag. You can also have your gift bags printed with a “Happy Halloween” or “Happy  Thanksgiving” greeting. This makes your packaging a little more special for your customers.

Use wooden jewelry boxes.

Use wooden jewelry boxes

Wood, trees, leaves and anything associated with the soil are the theme you should stick with if you want to incorporate an autumn theme to your jewelry store. That’s why choosing wooden jewelry boxes as your jewelry packaging is a smart move to go with the theme. You can also put a brown or golden ribbon around it with a small pumpkin decoration to commemorate the season.

Prefer gold tote bags.

Prefer gold tote bags

Gold tote bags features the perfect color associated with Autumn’s fallen leaves. You can also add special messages or greetings to its design. Cut off pictures or shapes of pumpkins, acorns, or anything associated with the season, and place it in the tote bag for an added design. You can also use these tote bags until Christmas.

Go with vintage-design jewelry boxes. 

Go with vintage-design jewelry boxes

Vintage-style Jewelry boxes are perfect to go with the feelings of Autumn such as melancholy and reminiscence. Use this to characterize your jewelry packaging. There are several vintage-style jewelry boxes on the market you can use. Stick with jewelry boxes with golden accentuated features or wooden-style designs.

For more packaging materials, check out our collection at NileCorp.com.

Friday, October 7, 2016

Give Your Store an Autumn Theme with These Stylish Jewelry Displays

Know how to have a autumn theme stylish jewelry displays

One way to attract customers is by showing something unique to their eyes, whether it's the jewelry, the display, or the shop decoration itself.  This Autumn make sure to use incorporate it on your store’s display. Here are five stylish jewelry displays to use for your store’s autumn theme.

Paper Twine Necklace Bust Display

Paper Twine Necklace Bust Display

This eco-friendly bust display is sculpted and wrapped in paper twine, creating a natural look to emphasize your jewelry’s beauty. Its brown hue makes it the perfect display to put your autumn jewelry collection. Add bits of decorations that is associated with the season like brown or orange leaves or flexible twigs.

Metal Necklace Display

Metal Necklace Display

A unique centerpiece to attract the eyes of your new customers, this metal necklace display features a bold textured design to showcase the beauty of any stunning gold accessories. It creates the perfect contrasts to highlight the color of a necklace chains especially if it's adorned with a luxurious pendant or a brilliant gemstone.

Antique Color Wooden Bracelet Display

Antique Color Wooden Bracelet Display

This vintage wood bracelet display features a T-bar design in a vintage wood style. With its wooden colors and design, it is the perfect piece to use in your store and display your bracelets. You can also add bits of designs and decoration such as leaves, acorns, or little pumpkins. Just remember to display gold jewelry on it to create the perfect contrasts.

Wooden Riser

 Wooden Riser

As natural as it looks, these Wooden Riser is a great ring display to use this season. It is the perfect item to highlight small jewelry pieces on your store. You can also easily bring it on tradeshows. Display your autumn ring collection on it and make sure to place them near your other fall decorations for an added effect.

Antique Color Wooden 12 Rings Display

Antique Color Wooden 12 Rings Display

Similar to the other jewelry displays in this article, this ring display also possessed an old wood style perfect for the season. Its unique style is a great addition to your jewelry displays and is something you can use all year around. This ring display is the perfect piece to showcase your gold rings adorned with gemstones.

Looking for more jewelry displays to use this Autumn? Then check out our shop.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

The Basics of Drawing Jewelry Design

The Basics of Drawing Jewelry  Design
Source: youtube.com

An important aspect of jewelry-making is something that most makers can pass up. Making jewelry is easier now since anyone can find hundreds of different designs from professionals online. That means makers can skip this process and use whatever design they like to make the pieces for their jewelry display. 

There is an advantage to designing your jewelry, though. You can create your personal signature via the style you end up making. The creative fulfillment one gets from making a beautiful piece of jewelry is double knowing you designed as well. And once your customers know that the design is all you, and they love it, it's an affirmation that you are making something that makes people feel good. Especially considering it was in your imagination til recently. 

Before you start, though, apart from having the design in mind, there are a few things you need to consider during the design process.

Taking Perspective

Taking Perspective
Source: drawsketch.about.com

Perspective is something you need to broadcast your design. You want your designs to catch the eye of anyone, learning to manipulate people's view using perspective is the way to go. By making your piece pop up is the way this can happen. Luckily, for jewelry design, you don't need to learn different types of art perspective. 

One-point perspective is a perspective that has only one vanishing point. Vanishing points are the place where all the converging lines would meet. 

For instance, If you are looking at a rectangular object, the front part of it is in front of you. Now, if the drawing used two-point perspective, the angle of the object would be in front of you. 

Learning to use one-point perspective in your design will increase the chances of your pieces being noticed by anyone who glances at it. 

Scale It

Scale It
Source: designschool.canva.com

When you draw your possible design, already remember that you should scale what you make. This is an imperative to creating it. You need to make your rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings on 1:1 scale, never make it smaller than that. It helps you visualize how it would size-wise when you produce it. You will also need to make a larger scale to get a close-up for placing tiny gems or details.


Source: pinterest.com

At the same importance as scale, the proportion is a must. Not applying the right proportion will result in the pieces to lose the shape you wanted it for and might event become a different piece altogether. Jewelry dimensions and sizes are required o be precise because the slightest deviation will make a significant and noticeable and might even turn off the buyer. 


Source: pinterest.com

Once you've made your design, you have to take another factor into consideration. The practicality of your piece. No matter how good your piece looks, if it's uncomfortable to wear (or worse, can't be worn) at all, that defeats the purpose. Regardless if it's small and or big and luxurious, you want it to be worn. 

Now, if you're making a piece that is meant purely for a jewelry display and not for wearing then go ahead and design away. If you want to sell jewelry for people to use, then always make sure that the items you will make will be wearable and comfortable. 


These are the fundamentals of getting into the design aspect of jewelry-making. There are more technical parts to it but getting the spirit of it helps in getting you to the right path. 

What kind of jewelry items will you make?