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Monday, April 23, 2018

The Best Gemstone Beads for a Stretch Bracelet

Here are the best types of crystal beads to use to make a bracelet this Spring.

The Best Gemstone Beads for a Stretch Bracelet | Nile Corp

If you are not the type to go the beach and prefer to stay at home during spring break, you better have some activities planned out to make your time worthwhile. Aside from DIY home projects that you can do with like-minded friends and family, another way to bond with them is to make jewelry. One of the easiest pieces to create is bead bracelets. You’ll only need rolls of stretch cord and of course, the beads.

To complement your spring and summer outfits, go with the crystal beads with light or creamy pastel colors. And without further ado, here are some of the best gemstone beads to use to make a stretch bracelet worthy of showcasing in any jewelry display.

Howlite Beads

Shop Nile Corp Wholesale 6mm Howlite Beads

Howlite is a white crystal with intricate grey veins. Its pattern earned its other name, “white turquoise” because of the similarities to the beautiful teal crystal. Howlite’s gorgeous white color makes it easy to match with any outfit. The other names it goes with are White Buffalo, Sacred Buffalo, Lapis Howlite, and Kaolinite, and Silico Boro Calcite.

People believe that Howlite allows the wearer to attune to their higher spiritual consciousness. It can help reduce tension, stress, and anxiety. It can calm emotions and will enable one to get a restful sleep.

Green Aventurine Beads

Shop Nile Corp Wholesale 8mm Green Aventurine Beads
Aventurine is a beautiful blend of quartz and other minerals. Inclusions of Mica give it a shimmering effect, which is called aventurescence. Its cool green color is perfect for spring and summer as its easy on the eyes.

This gemstone is believed to be an all-around healing stone for the sinuses, lungs, heart, and liver. It can release negative energy and loosen energy blockages. Green Aventurine is also known as the “Stone of Opportunity” because it is believed to manifest prosperity and wealth.

Pink Aventurine Beads

Shop Nile Corp Wholesale 8mm Pink Aventurine Beads
Aventurine is commonly green, but it also comes in peach, red, purple, yellow, silver, and pink. Pink Aventurine varies from a sweet salmon color to a mysterious deep rose. Its almost pastel-like color is perfect for your bright yellow outfits this season.

Pink Aventurine is said to be a great stone for self-love. It helps you embrace your entirety, releases feelings of entrapment allowing you to take the spotlight. Aside from aiding in the release of negativity, it can also help with creativity and self-expression.

New Jade Beads

Shop Nile Corp Wholesale 6mm New Jade Beads
This creamy lime crystal comes in many names. It’s called New Jade or Serpentine. But note that it’s not jade at all. It is only called as such because of its green color. New Jade has natural patterns and other mineral inclusions making it look lovelier. As with green aventurine, its happy color is ideal for this sunny season.

New Jade is believed to aid with emotional cleansing and attract money and love. It helps release the fear of change and help replenish one's energy. The Romans in the ancient times believe that this stone can protect them from venom and poison, hence its other name, Serpentine.

Lepidolite Beads

Shop Nile Corp Wholesale 4mm Lepidolite Beads
Lepidolite is a lithium-bearing crystal that comes in many colors; lilac gray, rose pink, and yellow. The stone has slight mineral inclusions that make them look unique and beautiful. These beads are in rosy pink colors and are perfect for those who love this feminine color.

Known as the “Stone of Transition,” Lepidolite is said to aid in emotional healing as well as in reducing stress. It’s perfect for anyone who needs some sense of stability especially during a chaotic stage in life.


Need more gemstone beads for your spring break arts and crafts activities? Check out NileCorp.com!

Monday, April 16, 2018

Where to Display Your Crystal Collection

Proudly showcase your collection with these displays.

Where to Display Your Crystal Collection | Nile Corp

Collecting natural crystals is one of the best old hobbies that seem to never die. Not only are they beautiful to look at, but they also act as conduits for healing which allows positive energy to flow into the body as negative energy flows out. And as you grow your collection, a proper place to keep them is rather important. Otherwise, the chances of losing a small piece or two increases. That said, it’s best that you invest in a display so they can be safe for a long time. Here are five displays that you need if you are one proud crystal collector.

Wooden Jewelry Organizer Box

Shop Nile Corp Wholesale Wooden Jewelry Organizer Box

For tumbled stones and small raw crystals, this small wooden jewelry organizer is perfect. The box’s interior is lined with soft beige velvet to protect your gems from scratches. There’s a pocket for little crystal nuggets and three hooks for crystal bracelets or necklaces under the lid. There are two compartments, one for your tumbled stones, one for your rough stones. Lastly, three rows of slots are ideal for your crystal rings or even smaller pieces of crystals. This organizer box is just the right size to be kept under the bed or on your dresser.

T-bar Jewelry Display with Compartments and Drawer

Shop Nile Corp Wholesale T-bar Jewelry Display with Compartments and Drawer

This jewelry display isn’t only for your jewelry pieces. It also makes a great crystal collection organizer! Use the elegant two-tier bars for your crystal accessories. But keep the compartments exclusively for your collection only. The base of this t-bar display is divided into two, which you can use to separate types of loose stones. You can also use the drawer to store your other stones. If you sell crystals as well as crystal jewelry, this is the perfect display to use!

High Gloss View Top Wooden Jewelry Chest

Shop Nile Corp Wholesale High Gloss View Top Wooden Jewelry Chest

For bigger collections, this wooden jewelry chest is a perfect choice, especially to collectors who are not fans of natural brown wooden boxes. It can hold not just crystal jewelry pieces but also your small tumbled and raw stones. It has a chic clear view top lid that allows you a clear view of your collection while it keeps the dust and dirt away. The top layer has one open compartment with eight rows of ring slots, plus as a set of removable dividers. On the other hand, the bottom drawer boasts a set of removable and adjustable dividers perfect for all your loose stones. This jewelry chest is available in white and black.

Acrylic Glass Like Jewelry and Makeup Tray

Shop Nile Corp Wholesale Acrylic Glass Like Jewelry and Makeup Storage Box

These acrylic three-layer jewelry tray is not just for makeup and jewelry but may also be used to display your crystal collection. All three completely removable trays each have a light pink and light blue dividers which make up three compartments. The acrylic is glass-like, making this organizer look chic and elegant. Plus, acrylic is easy to wash and clean. Get to store all different types of tumbled and raw stones in a total of nine compartments.

Wooden Swivel Jewelry Organizer Box

Shop Nile Corp Wholesale Wooden Swivel Jewelry Organizer Box

If you prefer a rustic type of display, this wooden swivel box is the organizer that you need. It features four 360-degree swiveling layers with differently sized compartments to fit all your crystal-storing needs. The first and fourth layers have a large empty compartment, the second layer features seven rows of ring slots and a small compartment, and the third layer has two small compartments. Classy beige velvet lines the interior of each layer to prevent your crystals from scratches. Display your collection by swiveling the layers at different angles.

Tempered Glass Top Antique Color Wood Display Case with 50 Gem Jars

Shop Nile Corp Wholesale 50 Black Gem Jars in Temper Glass Top Antique Color Wood Display Case

This wooden display case is perfect for smaller loose precious stones. This antique wood-colored display case comes with 50 jars for storing small crystals. The tempered glass allows you to view your collection without having to open the metal clasp that secures the box. The foam liner that separates jars is available in either black or white. The 50 plastic jars also have foam in them to ensure that the crystals don’t get scratched.


Need to see more organizers and boxes for your crystal collection? Find what you’re looking for at Nilecorp.com!

Monday, April 9, 2018

Fabulous Wholesale Spring Jewelry for Less Than $5

Here are some suggestions for jewelry sellers this arts and music festival season.

Fabulous Wholesale Spring Jewelry You Can Get for Less Than $5 | Nile Corp

It’s the season again for road trips, fun afternoons at the beach, and arts festivals. This means there are going to be more customers looking for accessories that will look perfect for their spring and summer outfits. One of which is fashion jewelry pieces that are affordable but still look classy. This week, we are turning the spotlight on our items that are perfect for customers looking for fashion jewelry for less.

Elastic Bead Bracelet

Shop Nile Corp Wholesale 15mm Elastic Bead Bracelet

Nothing screams spring and summer than pastel-colored Elastic Bead Bracelets! Young customers and the young-at-heart will surely love these pieces. The stretchable jello plastic is 7 1/8" long, and the beads are 15 mm in diameter. Offer all the colors and allow them to choose from blue, pink, white, and peach.

Gemstone Stretch Bracelet

Shop Nile Corp Wholesale Gemstone Stretch Bracelet Tiger Eye  Gray Cloud Black Onyx

For your customers who prefer neutrals or the natural colors, the yellow tiger eye Gemstone Stretch Bracelet is the piece to offer them. It looks perfect with basically all types of outfits and definitely can level up an entire look. Because it’s stretchable, this gender-neutral piece can fit almost all wrists.

This bracelet is also available in black onyx and gray cloud, for your customers who prefer darker shades.

Long Beaded Fashion Necklace

Shop Nile Corp Wholesale Long Beaded Fashion Necklace
Necklaces are gaining popularity again this season because they look great with off-shoulder tops and dresses. These Long Beaded Fashion Necklaces are sold in packages of four pieces, and they’re the perfect statement accessory when worn all together. Display all four in a necklace display so customers will get to see how chic and classy the pieces look.

Fabric Covered Bead Necklace

Shop Nile Corp Wholesale Fabric Covered Bead Necklace
These Fabric Covered Bead Necklaces are for your customers who prefer the less sparkly necklaces. These gorgeous long necklaces are made up of velvet-textured beads and come in packages of five pieces. Make your customers choose from the five colors - brown, navy blue, white, gray, and black.

Silver-Plated Fresh Water Pearl Earrings

Shop Nile Corp Wholesale Silver Plated Fresh Water Pearl Earrings

The classy Silver-Plated Fresh Water Pearl Earrings are a pair of hook drop earrings that feature freshwater cultured pearls. They’re perfect for floral dresses this season as they add a bit more glamour to the wearer’s entire look.

Fashion Feather Earrings

Shop Nile Corp Wholesale Fashion Feather Earrings

These Fashion Feather Earrings will surely delight your Bohemian style-loving customers. They are sold in packages of threes so your stylish customers can choose from three colors -- blue, purple, and white. What’s great about these earrings is that they can be mixed and matched to make a bold fashion statement!


Need more jewelry pieces to sell this spring? How about jewelry displays? Check out NileCorp.com to see more!

Monday, March 26, 2018

Other Uses for Jewelry Boxes

Maximize the use of your jewelry boxes with these simple hacks.

Shop Nile Corp Wholesale Premium Pink Wooden Musical Jewelry Box with Lock
Premium Pink Wooden Musical Jewelry Box with Lock
Jewelry boxes are beautiful boxes made to hold your precious jewelry pieces. But did you know that you can use them to hold other things as well? It doesn’t have to be an old jewelry box, even new ones can be repurposed into another item. Curious? Here are ways to maximize the use of your jewelry boxes.

Jewelry display for your store

Shop Nile Corp Wholesale Wooden Musical Jewelry Box with Lock
Wooden Musical Jewelry Box with Lock

Jewelry boxes are often personal items better kept at home because of their elegance. But they also make great jewelry displays! They are perfect for statement pendant necklaces or vintage rings as these boxes exude an old world charm.

Sewing kit box

Shop Nile Corp Wholesale Stackable White Leatherette Jewelry Boxes
Stackable White Leatherette Jewelry Box

Avoid losing needles, threads, and other sewing kit tools by keeping them in the box. You can bring them along in your travels as well, along with your jewelry collection.

Seed box

Shop Nile Corp Wholesale Textured Black Leatherette Jewelry Box
Textured Black Leatherette Jewelry Box

If you love gardening, you probably have a lot of seeds. And one best way to keep them safe is to place them in the jewelry box. The velvet-covered insides of jewelry boxes keep even the smallest seeds safe.

Key holder

Shop Nile Corp Wholesale Compact Leatherette Jewelry Box
Compact Leatherette Jewelry Box

Never again forget where you placed your keys by repurposing a jewelry box into a key holder. These are ideal for keys that you don’t usually use, as the keys to a safe, a secret drawer, or another jewelry box. Just make sure to keep your jewelry box key holder hidden in a place only you know.

Gadget accessory organizer

Shop Nile Corp Wholesale Compact Leatherette Jewelry Box
Compact Leatherette Jewelry Box

Larger jewelry boxes make great organizers for chargers! Arrange all the cord and wires to save you the hassle of detangling them when you need to charge your phone, tablet, laptop, or any other gadget. You can also store other accessories in the box like your earphones and plug cables.

Wedding rings holder

Shop Nile Corp Wholesale Wooden Jewelry Organizer Box
Wooden Jewelry Organizer Box

On your wedding day, you can make use of a lovely jewelry box as your wedding ring bearer. It’s much safer than a pillow cushion and aesthetically more pleasing. After the wedding, you can also keep your wedding vows safe in it, so there is no risk of losing it as the years go by. Just open the box and reminisce anytime you want.


Need jewelry boxes for your jewelry shop or for personal use? Shop them at Nilecorp.com!

Monday, March 19, 2018

Jewelry Organizers That Save on Space

Here are four organizers that will wow your jewelry-loving customers.

Shop Nile Corp Wholesale Wooden Wall Mounted Jewelry Storage Cabine with Photo Frame

People love products that have two or more uses as they are convenient, space-saving, and efficient. One such example is jewelry organizers that double as housewares or home decors. If you are looking for such products to offer your customers, you’re in luck. This week, we are turning the spotlight to four efficient jewelry organizers.

Wooden Wall Mounted Jewelry Storage Cabinet with Photo Frame

Shop Nile Corp Wholesale Wooden Wall Mounted Jewelry Storage Cabine with Photo Frame

This rustic jewelry storage cabinet is perfect for customers who love to hang memories on the walls of their home. The cabinet is 17 3/8"W x 21 1/4"D x 4"H in size so it can display 12 wallet-sized photos. Once opened, you’ll get to see 10 metal hooks for necklaces and bracelets. 42 slots for rings, 12 holes for stud earrings, 24 slots for other pairs of earrings, plus a tiny handy shelf. This cabinet is available in white, brown, and black.

Wooden Jewelry Armoire Storage Cabinet with Photo Frame

Shop Nile Corp Wholesale Wooden Jewelry Armoire Storage Cabinet with Photo Frame

Here’s another jewelry cabinet that doubles as a photo frame. This one, however, has a slimmer body and can hold up to four photos only. Mounting it on your bedroom wall or by the staircase is perfect. Hiding inside the cabinet is a necklace display; there are 14 hooks, plus 40 ring foams, earring rack for 21 pairs, and a built-in mirror! Its size is 12"W x 3 1/2"D x 23 1/2"H, and it’s available in walnut and brown.

Jewelry Storage Armoire with 5 Drawers and Floral Accents

Shop Nile Corp Wholesale Jewelry Storage Armoire with 5 Drawers and Floral Accents

This rustic ornate armoire is a gorgeous home decor that would look perfect in any living room or bedroom. It features five drawers for your jewelry pieces, six large hooks for necklaces and bracelets, plus a flip-top mirror at the top. The floral accents and four stable legs make this lovely piece of furniture more chic and timeless.

Jewelry Armoire Stand with Mirror

Shop Nile Corp Wholesale Jewelry Armoire Stand with Mirror

This mirror with stand is actually a jewelry armoire ideal for the bedroom. Its velvet interior boasts 48 necklace and bracelet hooks, 90 earring slots, one large ring cushion with 91 ring foam slots, two drawers for other accessories, plus a lot more compartments. This armoire also features a lock and key to keep your jewelry collection safe. As an added bonus, the mirror can also be tilted to three different angles. Get to choose from espresso brown, white, or red.


Need jewelry storage organizers that double as home decor? Browse Nilecorp.com and get to pick the jewelry displays you need for home or for your shop.

Monday, March 12, 2018

How to Achieve a Minimalist Display

Create a minimalist haven for your customers.

How to Achieve a Minimalist Display | Nile Corp
Source: Pinterest.co.uk | Virginie Vral
Minimalism is a popular style the transcends time and industries. Minimalist fashionistas usually go with wardrobe pieces in a color or two, while minimalist interior designers use minimal furniture and colors. In the jewelry industry, you can find rings with thins with simple designs. And what better way to showcase them but in an equally chic minimalist display?

Here are a few tips on how to achieve a frills-free jewelry display to entice more potential customers.

Minimal furniture and displays

Shop Nile Corp Wholesale Metal Arrow Jewelry Display Jewelry Stand Organizer
Metal Arrow Jewelry Display Jewelry Stand Organizer
Of course, you’ll only need a few pieces of furniture. A long table to place your necklace displays and jewelry trays is enough, but you can add an accent chair and a wall or floor lamp with a modern design. Do not put unnecessary furniture as it will only cause a distraction to your items on display.

Usage of one to three colors

How to Achieve a Minimalist Display | Nile Corp
Teal accent curtains
Black and white are the usual colors of a minimalist design. However, you can also go with other colors, but choose subtle ones that are easy on the eyes. The rule is, only to use one to three. You can have your walls painted in white, but leave one wall in a different color. This will be your accent wall. You can also put some decors in the same accent color. Simple patterns would look good as well, like bold lines. Stay away from intricate patterns, such as checkers.

Big spaces

How to Achieve a Minimalist Display | Nile Corp
Source: Archdaily.com

Minimalism is all about bare surfaces and big spaces. Most of the flat surfaces in your shop should be clear, as with most of the floor area. The surfaces should only hold your jewelry displays which should also have minimalist designs. The entire shop should only have the essentials. As for the walls, keep them bare. But a decor or two, like a simple piece of artwork, is okay.


How to Achieve a Minimalist Display | Nile Corp
Source: Imnotwordy.com

Lighting is crucial in a minimalist space. It can be a decorative tool with the right space. Floor lamps double as decor and lighting, which saves you so much space. Remember though not to go with super bright fluorescent lighting that will make your customers feel like they are in a hospital.

In summary, your goal should be to give your customers a relaxing experience they’ll remember. They should feel at ease when shopping for jewelry, so avoid giving them visual clutter with unnecessary items.


Need minimalist jewelry displays for your minimalist shop? Check out Nilecorp.com for your display needs!

Monday, March 5, 2018

Why You Need Metal Jewelry Displays

Here are the reasons why metal jewelry displays are a must-have for jewelry shop owners.

Shop Nile Corp Wholesale Metal Arrows Jewelry Display Organizer

If you are jewelry shop owner, you know the importance of jewelry displays. They are your store's silent salespersons. The common ones are the necklace display busts with a wooden base or easel. But have you tried the metal types? If you haven't yet, it's time you do, as metal displays have many advantages. And without further ado, here are the reasons why you need metal jewelry displays.

Unique and ergonomic designs

Shop Nile Corp Wholesale Necklace Metal Display

Metal displays, unlike the traditional ones, look trendier and have more designs. They are available in different colors and uses as well. Because most of them have removable parts, they are easy to set up and store. You also don't need a huge space for this ergonomically designed display.


Shop Nile Corp Wholesale Necklace Metal Display

Metal is a harder and more durable material. Unlike wood, it does not break easily. These qualities make it ideal for owners who are frequently on the move to craft shows and other events. You don't have to worry about packing them with other stuff and risk breaking them.

Easy to clean

Shop Nile Corp Wholesale Metal Arrows Jewelry Display and Jewelry Stand Hanger Organizer

To clean metal jewelry displays, all you need is a soft lint-free towel. Gently wipe all the nooks and crannies and corners. For stubborn dirt, you can dampen the cloth in a mild soap and water solution and gently scrub the surface. Clean the soap off with another damp cloth and wipe the wetness off with a soft towel.

Can hold many pieces

Shop Nile Corp Wholesale Metal Jewelry Display Jewelry Stand Hanger Organizer

Most metal jewelry displays can hold all types of jewelry. There are designs made especially for necklaces but also have holes where you can hang bracelets and hook earrings. The base stand can also hold smaller pieces such as rings and thin bracelets. It's your all-in-one jewelry organizer.

Enhances the beauty of your jewelry

Shop Nile Corp Wholesale Metal Wire Earring Display

Most metals of these displays are black which enhances the brilliance of your jewelry. That means the best pieces to display with these are diamond jewelry and light-colored gemstones. In contrast, those metal displays with pastel-colored metals such as pink and blue are perfect for jewelry with dark-colored crystals.


Need metal jewelry displays? Visit Nilecorp.com and find the perfect displays for your business needs.

Monday, February 26, 2018

How to Wire Wrap Gemstone Pendants

Here are the basics to making your own gemstone pendant necklaces

How to Wire Wrap Gemstone Pendants | Nile Corp

There’s nothing more fun and fulfilling than creating your own gemstone jewelry and wearing them afterward. You get to customize the design, and you get to add a personal touch to your look. If you haven’t started making one yet but are planning to, then you’ve stumbled upon the right article. This week, we’re giving you the basics on how to wire-wrap gemstone pendants.

Gather your materials.

How to Wire Wrap Gemstone Pendants | Nile Corp

There are so many crystals or semi-precious stones that you can find online or from a local source. They come in different cuts; you can either go with the raw ones or the polished or tumbled stones. But the best ones to work with, especially for beginners, are the double terminated pendants.

How to Wire Wrap Gemstone Pendants | Nile Corp

Once you’ve picked out the gemstone you’re going to work on, prepare a 20 or 22 gauge craft wire. Although you can opt for thicker ones if your stone is a bit large. These wires are available in brass, copper, or silver as well. You can purchase a roll from a hardware store or online.

How to Wire Wrap Gemstone Pendants | Nile Corp

As for the tools, you’ll need wire cutters and round-nose pliers.

Start making twists.

There are so many ways to wire wrap a pendant, but the twist-wrap technique is one of the simplest and easiest methods. Get two wires of the same length, about 25 to 30 cm. Twist the middle of the two wires together and do this about three to five times, depending on your preference.

Now pull the two bottom ends out to make a V. Lay the stone in the middle of the V then wrap the two ends at the bottom of the crystal until they cross. Twist the wires again about three to five times. You now should have two sets of twists, one on each side of the stone.

How to Wire Wrap Gemstone Pendants | Nile Corp

Separate the pairs of wires on each side then cross them over both on the front and back. Make three to five twists on the front, as well as the back side. Remember to push down the wires while twisting to secure the stone. You should now have four sets of twists.

Pull both pairs of wires back on each side and create another set of twists. This should be similar to the side sets at the bottom. There should now be six sets of twists; two on the bottom sides, one in the middle front, one in the middle back, and two on the upper sides of the crystal.

Be creative.

Fluorite pendant by metamorphic_forest
Source: Instagram.com | @metamorphic_forest

Of course, you can let your creative juices flow by adding some designs, like loops and swirls. You can even add more twist sets. Just keep in mind to always push the wires down, so the crystal remains secure.

Finishing off.

Once you’re done with the creative part and all four wire ends are at the top of the stone, create the bail. Make a double-wrapped loop then tweak the extra wire at the back side of the loop’s neck. Cut the wires and pinch them down at the back. Make sure that no sharp ends are protruding to avoid cutting yourself while wearing it.

Aventurine pendant by eternallygreencreations
Source: Instagram.com | @eternallygreencreations

Admire your masterpiece (and make some necessary changes).

Lastly, admire your gemstone pendant! Insert your chosen necklace chain or cord into the bail. Hang it on a necklace display to check if everything is aligned, or if you want to make some changes to the design. Crimp the wire if you think the crystal is a bit loose.


Do you have a favorite wire wrapping technique? Feel free to share your jewelry-making knowledge below! If you need any jewelry displays or tools for your creations, check out the shop at Nilecorp.com!