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Monday, June 18, 2018

Perfect Displays for Long Necklaces

Special necklaces deserve special jewelry displays

Perfect Displays for Long Necklaces | Nile Corp

Long chain necklaces never seem to be out of style, along with large pendants. These pieces are great for accessorizing basic wardrobe pieces such as solid-colored tops and dresses. And as a jewelry business owner, you need to make sure that you are able to display them in a way that can make any passing customer go “WOW!” That said, we have picked out five necklace displays from our collection that are ideal for long necklaces.

Linen Necklace Display Bust

Shop Wholesale Linen Necklace Display Bust at Nile Corp

This beautiful display is covered in burlap linen, giving off a fun artsy vibe. It is sturdily made as the linen is sewn smoothly and meticulously at the edges. It’s perfect for hippie or Boho spring and summer pieces, as well as multi-colored gemstone necklaces. This high-quality display has size dimensions of 8" W x 5 1/8" D x 15 1/4" H. That means this can hold chains that are up to 30 inches long.

Black Velvet Necklace Display Bust

Shop Wholesale Black Velvet Necklace Display Bust at Nile Corp

This is another display bust from our collection, but this one is more sophisticated than the first one. Because it is covered with premium classy black velvet, it’s perfect for fine necklaces made of sterling silver or gold, as well as the classic pearl necklaces. This bust is made of wood with a block base, so it’s sure to be sturdy. It features a hook at the back which enables you to adjust the length of the necklaces. This display’s size dimensions are 9 1/2" W x 6 3/8" D x 18 1/2" H and can hold chains up to 30 inches in length.

White Leatherette Chain Display Pad with Easel

Shop Wholesale White Leatherette Chain Display Pad with Easel at Nile Corp

This display pad is perfect for showcasing necklaces or chains without pendants. It’s also great for holding one design in different sizes for comparison. This pad is covered in classy white leatherette that can make any dark-colored pieces stand out. It has 15 snaps made of fabric that can hold a variety of chains. The cardboard easel is sturdy, and it makes setting up and storing it such a breeze. That said, this display is perfect for bazaars and trade shows. Its size dimensions are 9 3/4" W x 17 7/8" H.

Flocked Plastic Necklace Bust with Stand

Shop Wholesale Flocked Plastic Necklace Bust with Stand at Nile Corp

If wooden busts are too heavy for your, consider this plastic bust. This lovely display is in a shape of a mannequin and is covered in black flocked velvet. Although made with plastic, it is still durable. Because of its unique design, it is perfect for highlighting a new piece. This bust’s size dimensions are 5 1/4" W x 16" H and can hold a necklace with a length of up to 30 inches.

Pink Metal Jewelry Display Jewelry Stand Hanger Organizer

Shop Wholesale Pink Metal Jewelry Display Jewelry Stand Hanger Organizer at Nile Corp

Lastly, this pink metal display is perfect for delicate, minimalist pieces. It features 14 hooks for necklaces and even bracelets. It comes with a base tray to place more necklaces, as well as other pieces. The mesh bar for bracelets is removable, so you have the option not to include it in the display. This one is perfect for showcasing necklaces as well as other matching pieces. This display organizer is made of metal and also available in black. Its size dimensions are 9 1/4" W x 4 1/4" D x 16 1/2" H.


Want to see more? Check out NileCorp.com and get to choose the perfect display for your long chains and necklaces.

Monday, June 11, 2018

Gift Ideas for Father’s Day 2018

Make Dad feel special on his day with these gifts.

Gift Ideas for Father’s Day 2018 | Nile Corp

It's that time of year again when we recognize all the hard work our dad has done for us. One of which is surprising them with something that they would be delighted to have. Typical gifts include ties, Best Dad mugs, and shavers but try to give them something different this year. Great presents are those items that would be of good use to them; something related to their job or personality. Need some suggestions? Here are five products that are worth gifting them this June 17th.

Acrylic Display Rack Case Organizer Storage Box Case

Shop Acrylic Display Rack Case Organizer Storage Box Case at Nile Corp

For lovable geek dads who have a huge collection of toys, the Acrylic Display Rack Case Organizer Storage Box Case is the ideal choice. It is a four-tier case that features a door that is secured by magnets. All four shelves are also removable so storing longer toys won’t be a problem. It is made of premium acrylic, so it sure is in the best quality. Plus, it’s easy to clean and is much less brittle than glass. This box case’s overall size dimensions are 10 7/8" W x 2 7/8" D x 14" H.

Folding Storage Ottoman

Shop Folding Storage Ottoman at Nile Corp

This Folding Storage Ottoman is the perfect gift either for the dad who has a comic book or magazine collection or the corporate dad who has lots of important documents that need organizing. It can hold other stuff too, like books, or other collectibles that he values. This ottoman is sturdily made with a spacious storage capacity that would look good in his study, bedroom, or the living room. It features U-shaped metal wires that can organize office files, books, magazines, and even clothes. This ottoman has a thick water resistance high-quality black PU leatherette surface and non-woven fabric interior. Its size dimensions are 14” W x 14” D x 13 1/2” H and the top lid is 3” H.

Natural Wood Color Wooden Craft Tool Box With Handle

Shop Natural Wood Color Wooden Craft Tool Box With Handle at Nile Corp
For the DIY loving dads who just can’t stop building things and crafting stuff, this Wooden Craft Tool Box With Handle would be the perfect present. It is lightweight but made with a lot of features. It has five main compartments that can hold small crafting items and tools or regular hardware, plus a removable sliding compartment for longer tools. The cylindrical handle makes it easy for transporting the tools. This wooden tool box’s overall size dimensions are 10" W x 5 1/8" D x 3 1/2" H.

Watch Case with Lock

Shop Watch Case with Lock for 10 Watches at Nile Corp
If dad is stylish and has a watch collection, you got to give him the Watch Case with Lock. This case exudes utter machismo with its black leatherette surface and classy golden tone lock and key. It has 10 removable velvet pillows to hold his wrist watches and protect them from scratches and other damage. Its glass view gives him or anyone a good view of the watch collection. This case’s size dimensions are 11 5/8" W x 8" D x 3 1/4" H.

Frosted Plastic 3 Layer Storage Box

Shop Frosted Plastic 3 Layer Storage Box at Nile Corp

This Frosted Plastic 3 Layer Storage Box is perfect for any dads as it can hold basically anything -- nails, cords, wires, locks, beads, small collectible toys, and any other hardware or crafting supplies. It’s a cool alternative to a toolbox too. It features three stackable layers each with a set of adjustable dividers to up to 24 compartments. The lid has a handle for easy transport. Each layer’s size dimensions are 6" W x 6" D x 5" H.


For more gift ideas, as well as jewelry displays, organizers, and tools, check out NileCorp.com.

Monday, June 4, 2018

How to Clean Acrylic Jewelry Displays

Learn how to care for your acrylic displays and organizers the right way.

Shop Wholesale 3-Tier Acrylic Necklaces Bracelets Rings Stand Holder Jewelry Display at Nile Corp
3-Tier Acrylic Necklaces Bracelets Rings Stand Holder Jewelry Display

One of the best types of jewelry displays are the ones made of acrylic. This is because they are simple, stylish, and look almost like real glass. Plus, they do not break easily like glass and hence, much safer to use. And if you’ve been using a display for a long time now, some cleaning may be needed. However, you must be wary of using some cleaning chemicals and materials that may cause them to get scratches. To retain their smoothness, clarity, and shine, follow these tips on how to clean acrylic jewelry displays the correct way.

Do not dry wipe.

Shop Wholesale Acrylic Organizer Box with Mirror at Nile Corp
Acrylic Organizer Box with Mirror

Even if you are using a soft cloth or a lint-free towel, dry wiping your acrylic jewelry displays is not recommended. Doing so can result in unwanted scratches, and the clarity and shine of the acrylic are lessened. Instead, dip the towel in tap water and gently wipe the surfaces of your acrylic display.

Also, do remember that you should only use a soft cloth or microfiber towels for cleaning. Do not use brushes, paper towels, sponges, and scours.

Stay away from ammonia.

Shop Wholesale Acrylic T-Bar Jewelry Organizer Display at Nile Corp
Acrylic T-Bar Jewelry Organizer Display

If the dirt is too stubborn and cannot be removed with a moist lint-free cloth, a solution of mild dishwashing soap and water or a household cleaner is needed to wash it off. However, check the labels of your cleaners. If it has ammonia, do not use it. Ammonia is such a strong chemical that it removes the protective layer of acrylic on your displays. It also creates the annoying spider web cracks or crazing.

Car polish is effective for removing scratches.

Shop Wholesale Acrylic Hanging Jewelry Storage Organizer at Nile Corp
Acrylic Hanging Jewelry Storage Organizer

Yes, you read that right! Thankfully, there are automotive polishes that do not contain ammonia and work great with removing minimal scratches. Do check, however, if it can be used with plastic or acrylic as well. All you need are two clean microfiber towels; one dry and one damp. Gently apply one thin layer of the polish on the surface using the dry one and make sure it’s applied evenly. Then, buff gently with the damp towel. Allow the polish to air dry for about an hour, or when the car polish smell is gone.

As for the more prominent stubborn scratches, an abrasive polish or scratch removal kits may be needed, but do make sure that they are okay for acrylics.

Use kerosene to remove self-adhesive backing.

Shop Wholesale Acrylic Beauty Makeup Sponge Blender Holder at Nile Corp
Acrylic Beauty Makeup Sponge Blender Holder

Don’t you just hate the adhesive foam backing on your acrylic displays? Wiping it off with a microfiber cloth dipped in a mild soap and water solution won’t help, but kerosene will. You can also use naphtha but do remember that these should be used in caution and done in a well-ventilated area. Do not forget to wear a protective mask as well so you would not inhale the harmful chemicals.


These acrylic jewelry displays may be easy to clean, but remember to stay away from the harmful stuff mentioned above. If you need new displays for your shop or your jewelry collection, check out NileCorp.com!

Monday, May 28, 2018

Best Jewelry Display Sets for the Summer

Indulge your jewelry in summery goodness with these lovely set displays.

Best Jewelry Display Sets for the Summer | Nile Corp

Summer is all about bright and happy beach colors. If you have a summer collection of jewelry you'd like to highlight in your store, you have to showcase them in an equally fun display. Get to save more by getting a whole set, instead of purchasing pieces separately. This week, we are turning the spotlight to five jewelry display sets that both you and your customers would love.

Champagne Jewelry Display Set with a Square Base

Shop Nile Corp Wholesale Champagne Jewelry Display Set with a Square Base

Rose gold is perfect for summer, which explains why rose gold hair color and makeup are becoming a thing this season. Bring this metallic pink color into your store with the Champagne Jewelry Display Set. It features a square base, making it easy to place in corners. This set has two necklace displays, three earring holders, three ring holders, and a bracelet pillow which may be used for a watch too.

Combination Jewelry Display Set in Linen Beige with Wood Grain Trim

Shop Nile Corp Wholesale Combination Jewerly Display Set in Linen Beige with Wood Grain Trim

This Combination Jewelry Display Set features 24 pieces. It’s made of beige linen and accented with wood grain trimmings. Beige looks perfect with colorful summer gemstone jewelry. This set has ring holders for 19 rings, two neck display busts, one bracelet ramp, one pendant holder, one t-bar, and one stone case.

Turquoise Leather Jewelry Display Set

Shop Nile Corp Wholesale Turquoise Leather Jewelry Display Set

Turquoise reminds of the ocean, making it the perfect summer color. This Turquoise Leather Jewelry Display Set is ideal for pearl and abalone jewelry, as well as other gemstone jewelry with beach-inspired designs. This set can hold seven rings, four pairs of earrings, four to six bracelets, and two necklaces.

Burlap Jewelry Display Set

Shop Nile Corp Wholesale Jewelry Display Set Burlap

Burlap has that beach sand color making it one of the best styles of displays this season. This Burlap Jewelry Display Set can make any type of jewelry stand out, especially ones with multi-colored crystals. This set can hold ten rings, three pairs of earrings, one bracelet, and three necklaces.

Burlap and Natural Wood Jewelry Display Set

Shop Nile Corp Wholesale Burlap and Natural Wood Jewelry Display Set

Adding natural wood accents on burlap levels up its beachy vibe! The Burlap and Natural Wood Jewelry Display Set is a bigger version of the previous set and exudes a more chill, summery vibe. It can hold up to 10 rings, five pairs of earrings, one bracelet, five necklaces, and two wrist watches.


Need to see more jewelry display sets for your jewelry collection? Check out NileCorp.com!

Monday, May 21, 2018

Most Common Jewelry Mistakes

Here are mistakes that make jewelry connoisseurs cringe.

Most Common Jewelry Mistakes | Nile Corp

Whether you are a jewelry collector or someone who owns a few pieces of jewelry, caring for them is essential to make them look brand new for longer. However, some people may be unaware that they are making mistakes in jewelry care. If you want to make sure you aren’t one of them, we’ve listed down the common mistakes people make with their jewelry.

Not researching on the jewelry before buying them.

Most Common Jewelry Mistakes | Nile Corp

If you plan on buying gemstone jewelry, make sure to do a research about them before purchase. This is because natural crystals have different kinds of hardness. If you are active in sports or basically in any kind of activities, avoid getting calcite, aragonite, fluorite, or turquoise. The hardness of these crystals is below five in the Mohs scale. These stones are perfect if you only plan on wearing them on special occasions.

Wearing rings that are not your size.

Most Common Jewelry Mistakes | Nile Corp

Wearing a ring with a bigger size increases the chances of it getting misshapen or worse, lost. So much so if you have an active lifestyle. Always make sure to have your ring sized with you real size rather than just using a metal ring sizer.

Forgetting to clean them.

Most Common Jewelry Mistakes | Nile Corp

If you forget to clean your jewelry, especially your rings, lots of different stuff are going to accumulate -- bodily oils, dirt, lotion, cologne, and soap are just among some. This can damage the stones and even affect the brilliance of the metal. That said, regularly clean them with any lint-free cloth or brush nooks and crannies with a soft bristle toothbrush.

Using harsh chemicals when cleaning.

Most Common Jewelry Mistakes | Nile Corp

The most common mistake when it comes to cleaning is the use of toothpaste. It is not recommended by experts because aside from being abrasive, it can accumulate in the prong and crannies and when it hardens, it becomes tough to remove. What you can use to clean your jewelry is mild liquid soap. Be careful though with some gemstones, especially the softer kind as they cannot stand up well to some chemicals.

Forgetting to clasp necklaces before storage.

Shop Wholesale Gold Color T-bar Jewelry Stand Organizer at Nile Corp

One common problem with necklaces is getting tangled. This is because we often forget to clasp the necklace and just hastily store it with other jewelry pieces. That said, one good solution for this is to close the lock and hang them in a necklace display. You can also store it in a small pouch before storing inside a jewelry box with other pieces.

Not removing them when taking a bath or shower.

Most Common Jewelry Mistakes | Nile Corp

Not removing your jewelry before bathing and making it a habit can damage the pieces in the long run. Some people think they are already cleaning the jewelry by doing so, but soap, shampoo, and hair conditioner can get stuck in the crannies and behind the mountings which can damage the piece over time.


Do you need jewelry organizers for your collection? Check out NileCorp.com for a vast array of jewelry displays, stands, and organizers!

Monday, May 14, 2018

Reasons Why You Need a Jewelry Box

Jewelry boxes are actually quite the investment.

Reasons Why You Need a Jewelry Box | Nile Corp

If you are a jewelry business owner, the main use for jewelry boxes is keeping your products safely stored. If you own pieces of jewelry or valuable heirlooms and trinkets, a jewelry box can save you from having a cluttered bedroom as well prevent the risk of losing a piece. With those reasons, jewelry boxes indeed are a necessity to both businesses and customers alike.

This week, we are turning the spotlight to jewelry boxes. Here's a list of reasons why these boxes are important investments.


Shop Nile Corp Wooden Jewelry Organizer Box
Wooden Jewelry Organizer Box
This, of course, is the main use of a jewelry box. It can keep your jewelry free from clutter. And because most boxes have compartments, you get to separate necklaces from rings, earrings, and bracelets.


Shop Nile Corp Luxury Leatherette Crocodile Patter Jewelry Box with Lock
Luxury Leatherette Crocodile Patter Jewelry Box with Lock
As with jewelry displays, jewelry boxes make it easy for you to find a specific piece that you are looking for. That said, they are great for small inventories, making it hassle-free for you to locate an item your customer wants. Also, jewelry boxes reduce the chances of you being late for an engagement because you don't have to spend hours looking for that pearl necklace your grandma gave you.


Shop Nile Corp Two Level Jewelry Box
Two Level Jewelry Box
As mentioned earlier, jewelry boxes reduce the risk of losing your valuable items, If your jewelry is scattered in all the areas of your bedroom, or your shop for that matter, puts them at high risk of getting forgotten, lost, and even damaged and scratched. If your jewelry is all over the place, they might get stepped on, bringing injury and them getting broken.

Safe from theft

Shop Nile Corp Luxury Crocodile Pattern Leatherette Jewelry Box with Lock
Luxury Crocodile Pattern Leatherette Jewelry Box with Lock
Most jewelry boxes today come with a safety lock and are small enough to hide in dressers and vaults. Doing so will make it hard for thieves to find and steal them. Imagine losing a family's prized heirloom in a snap. Jewelry boxes keep your accessories and other valuables away from the open.

Home decor

Shop Nile Corp High Gloss View Top Wooden Jewelry Chest
High Gloss View Top Wooden Jewelry Chest
Because jewelry boxes come in so many beautiful designs and styles, they can also double as home decor. Some wooden designs with a romantic old world charm, are perfect for a girl’s bedroom. Some are covered with faux leather exuding a rustic urban feel which makes them a perfect match to a bachelor’s bedroom. There’s a vast array of jewelry box designs, and there’s definitely that one perfect style for everyone.


Need new jewelry boxes for your business or personal use? Shop at NileCorp.com!

Monday, May 7, 2018

Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day 2018

Surprise mom with these perfect Mother’s Day presents.

Shop Nile Corp Wooden Glossy Rosewood Musical Jewelry Box with Fold-up 4x6 Photo Frame

A mother rarely asks their children material things; that’s how selfless they are. That is why they deserve all the attention on Mother’s Day. Shower them with all the love and make them feel special. Although they may not want you to give them presents, seeing them appreciate something you've given them is priceless. So if you are looking for items to give your mom on her special day, you’ve landed on the right article. Here are five gift ideas for your mom, grandmother, wife, sister, or best friend.

Artificial Everlasting Scented Floral Bouquet

Give mom the Artificial Everlasting Scented Floral Bouquet from Nile Corp this Mother's Day

A bouquet of flowers is one of the favorite presents given on this day. Level up; instead of getting them flowers that will wilt in a few days, get them the Artificial Everlasting Scented Floral Bouquet. These scent of these flowers last a long time, and they can keep this on the dresser even after Mother’s Day has come and gone. They make great decors too, as the colors look very spring and summer.

Artificial Everlasting Scented Rose Bouquet

Surprise mom this Mother's Day with the Nile Corp Artificial Everlasting Scented Rose Bouquet

If mom is a hopeless romantic and loves pink and red roses, get her this everlasting rose bouquet. As with the first bouquet, its scent lasts for a long time as well, and the flowers look as though they are the real thing. It comes with an elegant wrapping paper and ribbon. She’ll be delighted to smell her favorite flowers every day without worrying about them wilting.

Hanging Jewelry Storage Organizer

Get mom the Nile Corp Acrylic Hanging Jewelry Storage Organizer this Mother's Day

For the mom who has a vast collection of jewelry, this acrylic jewelry organizer is the perfect present to get her. This hanging organizer is not your ordinary jewelry display; it can hold all types of jewelry plus other accessories. It features a drawer for mom’s rings, an earring display that can hold 96 pairs, a T-bar for bracelets, and a necklace display. The panels are also removable as there is a hook behind the necklace board which can be adjusted.

Wooden Glossy Rosewood Musical Jewelry Box

Give mom the Nile Corp Wooden Glossy Rosewood Musical Jewelry Box this Mother's Day

This wooden musical jewelry box is a great gift for moms who love music and at the same time, love jewelry. This unique jewelry box plays the music, “Swan Lake” and comes with a frame where you can insert a picture of you both. It features velvet-lined compartments of various sizes and a curved design at the bottom. The photo frame lid is fold-up so the picture can be placed in an upward position.

Acrylic Cosmetics Makeup and Jewelry Storage Case

Get mom the Nile Corp Acrylic Cosmetics Makeup and Jewelry Storage Case Display Organizer this Mother's Day

For the beauty buff mom, get her an acrylic makeup and jewelry storage case. With this, she can organize her lipsticks, face powders, makeup brushes, and other beauty tools. It features two drawers and three compartments (two have a set of removable dividers). The top part of the box can hold 32 lipsticks or nail polish bottles. The two drawers also have chic diamond patterns that can cover the mess inside.


Check out NileCorp.com for more Mother’s Day gift ideas!

Monday, April 30, 2018

The 8 Most Gorgeous Necklaces at Coachella 2018

Brace yourselves; here are eight show-stopping necklaces worn by celebrities at #chella.
Vanessa and Stella Hudgens at Coachella 2018
Source: Instagram.com | @vanessahudgens
Celebrities’ favorite event, Coachella, had already ended two weeks ago but we still cannot get over their looks. They created a buzz that will surely last for weeks, even months. And of course, one of the things we couldn’t stop checking out are their accessories, most especially their necklaces! That said, we picked out five celebrities who we think wore the best pieces last week.

Taylor Hill
Taylor Hill at Coachella 2018
Source: Instagram.com | @taylor_hill
Victoria's Secret Angel, Taylor Hill, wore lovely layers of minimalist gold necklaces that made her look even more angel-like. This is the kind of piece you’d proudly showcase in on a necklace display in your bedroom. Although her selfie is a bit blurry, you can still see the gorgeous crystal pendants and how they match her sea blue tassel earrings. She definitely looks like a unicorn that transformed into a woman!

Hailey Baldwin
Hailey Baldwin at Coachella 2018
Source: Instagram.com | @haileybaldwin
Stephen Baldwin's daughter, fashion model Hailey, kept it simple and straightforward. She wore a boyish monochrome outfit and wore two sparkly chokers. The sparkles from the pieces are enough to make a bold statement to her entire look. She paired it with gold hoop earrings and a myriad of bracelets and rings.

Olivia Culpo
Olivia Culpo at Coachella 2018
Source: Instagram.com | @oliviaculpo
Model and beauty queen Oliva Culpo wore a statement gemstone necklace, most probably turquoise with her edgy band shirt and ripped denim shorts. It complemented her large hoop earrings and layered bracelets. This look is one of our favorites because it’s so comfy, feminine, rebellious, and bold all at the same time.

Victoria Justice
Victoria Justice at Coachella 2018
Source: Instagram.com | @victoriajustice
The lovely actress and singer Victoria Justice wore a stunning silver bib necklace on day three of #chella. It perfectly matched her black top and a trendy sheer denim skirt. She didn’t need to wear earrings or even bracelets (except the Coachella wristbands, of course) because the neck piece did all the talking.

Jasmine Tookes and Shay Mitchell
Jasmine Tookes and Shay Mitchell at Coachella 2018
Source: Instagram.com | @jastookes
Gorgeous friends Victoria's Secret Angel Jasmine Tookes and actress Shay Mitchell both wore layered gold necklaces. Jasmine had the minimalist style with round pendants which matched her sexy cover-up. Shay, on the other hand, had on thick-chained statement gold pieces. Both rocked their looks, and they are definitely two of the most beautiful ladies in the desert.

Vanessa and Stella Hudgens
Vanessa and Stella Hudgens at Coachella 2018
Source: Instagram.com | @vanessahudgens
Of course, we cannot forget the Queen of Coachella, Vanessa Hudgens! This year, she shared the throne with her younger sister, Stella. These gorgeous sisters wore matching dresses and exuded utter #chella royalty. Both wore layered necklaces (obviously a favorite in the event), but Vanessa mixed and matched pieces. She wore a black choker, leather and string necklaces, and gold chains. Stella, on the other hand, kept it simple with dainty thin-chained gold necklaces. These two had no problems matching their accessories with their heavily-patterned outfits!


Are you necklace-obsessed as we are? Do you have a big collection and need some organizing? Check out NileCorp.com for jewelry displays and stands to keep your jewelry collection neat and organized.

Monday, April 23, 2018

The Best Gemstone Beads for a Stretch Bracelet

Here are the best types of crystal beads to use to make a bracelet this Spring.

The Best Gemstone Beads for a Stretch Bracelet | Nile Corp

If you are not the type to go the beach and prefer to stay at home during spring break, you better have some activities planned out to make your time worthwhile. Aside from DIY home projects that you can do with like-minded friends and family, another way to bond with them is to make jewelry. One of the easiest pieces to create is bead bracelets. You’ll only need rolls of stretch cord and of course, the beads.

To complement your spring and summer outfits, go with the crystal beads with light or creamy pastel colors. And without further ado, here are some of the best gemstone beads to use to make a stretch bracelet worthy of showcasing in any jewelry display.

Howlite Beads

Shop Nile Corp Wholesale 6mm Howlite Beads

Howlite is a white crystal with intricate grey veins. Its pattern earned its other name, “white turquoise” because of the similarities to the beautiful teal crystal. Howlite’s gorgeous white color makes it easy to match with any outfit. The other names it goes with are White Buffalo, Sacred Buffalo, Lapis Howlite, and Kaolinite, and Silico Boro Calcite.

People believe that Howlite allows the wearer to attune to their higher spiritual consciousness. It can help reduce tension, stress, and anxiety. It can calm emotions and will enable one to get a restful sleep.

Green Aventurine Beads

Shop Nile Corp Wholesale 8mm Green Aventurine Beads
Aventurine is a beautiful blend of quartz and other minerals. Inclusions of Mica give it a shimmering effect, which is called aventurescence. Its cool green color is perfect for spring and summer as its easy on the eyes.

This gemstone is believed to be an all-around healing stone for the sinuses, lungs, heart, and liver. It can release negative energy and loosen energy blockages. Green Aventurine is also known as the “Stone of Opportunity” because it is believed to manifest prosperity and wealth.

Pink Aventurine Beads

Shop Nile Corp Wholesale 8mm Pink Aventurine Beads
Aventurine is commonly green, but it also comes in peach, red, purple, yellow, silver, and pink. Pink Aventurine varies from a sweet salmon color to a mysterious deep rose. Its almost pastel-like color is perfect for your bright yellow outfits this season.

Pink Aventurine is said to be a great stone for self-love. It helps you embrace your entirety, releases feelings of entrapment allowing you to take the spotlight. Aside from aiding in the release of negativity, it can also help with creativity and self-expression.

New Jade Beads

Shop Nile Corp Wholesale 6mm New Jade Beads
This creamy lime crystal comes in many names. It’s called New Jade or Serpentine. But note that it’s not jade at all. It is only called as such because of its green color. New Jade has natural patterns and other mineral inclusions making it look lovelier. As with green aventurine, its happy color is ideal for this sunny season.

New Jade is believed to aid with emotional cleansing and attract money and love. It helps release the fear of change and help replenish one's energy. The Romans in the ancient times believe that this stone can protect them from venom and poison, hence its other name, Serpentine.

Lepidolite Beads

Shop Nile Corp Wholesale 4mm Lepidolite Beads
Lepidolite is a lithium-bearing crystal that comes in many colors; lilac gray, rose pink, and yellow. The stone has slight mineral inclusions that make them look unique and beautiful. These beads are in rosy pink colors and are perfect for those who love this feminine color.

Known as the “Stone of Transition,” Lepidolite is said to aid in emotional healing as well as in reducing stress. It’s perfect for anyone who needs some sense of stability especially during a chaotic stage in life.


Need more gemstone beads for your spring break arts and crafts activities? Check out NileCorp.com!