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Why Your Jewelry Store’s Ambiance Matters

Setting the mood right helps contribute to your shop’s success.

Two persons inspecting jewelry atop a marble table.

Beyond giving top-notch products or services, there are plenty more reasons why a business becomes a hit with the public. One of these has to do with a shop’s ambiance. It consists of the physical space and appearance of the shop, but more importantly, ambiance relates to how these elements combine to create a certain feel or mood for those who come inside the store. Another word for this is “atmospherics” and it shapes how you will come to be perceived by your customers or even the public at large.

Ideally, an establishment should look attractive to its target audience and there are many ways that could be interpreted through the jewelry shop owner’s interior design choices. A lot of elements can help shape that image; from the choice of colors to the type of furniture and shelving used at a particular retail space, even the lighting and music played during operating hours determine how the public will come to perceive the ambiance of a particular business establishment. In the case of jewelry shops, the way the store is laid out, the jewelry display tools used, the choice of props, even the room scent help mold the atmosphere the shop exudes. Because these conditions have become deciding factors whether a person enters, stays, and returns to your establishment, jewelry entrepreneurs would be wise to pay close attention to their jewelry store’s ambiance.

Two ladies admiring jewelry on top of a marble table.

People spend more in places with a pleasant ambiance

The mood-setting actually begins even before any customer steps into the store. Does your storefront look inviting or not? Look at your signages and window display and see if they appeal to passersby, if not a storefront facelift should be in order. 

Entrepreneurs should understand that for many customers, shopping is their go-to activity for lifting a low mood. With that in mind, it makes sense to set up the retail space to be not just inviting but make the ambiance as pleasant as possible. People are more likely to enter a store and spend more if they find the experience pleasurable with zero hitches and mishaps. But beyond having all the right visual elements in place, one thing that sets a pleasant shopping experience is how a store’s staff interacts with the customers. A bright, cheery interior could not compensate for a retail staff with a sour mood so take the time to explain this concept to your staff and get them into customer service training workshops if possible.

Keeping the retail space clean and orderly should be a priority anyway

Indeed, creating a pleasant experience should not be done because you’re setting up to create a welcoming ambiance. Cleanliness and orderliness should be maintained at all times anyway. Without agenda, having a tidy space should come as second nature to any retailer. Any sign of clutter should be dealt with immediately by having people ready to pick up misplaced items and have them returned to the right place. Sweeping and dusting should also be done every day before opening and closing of the store.  From the products themselves to the jewelry display holders that are used as platforms, each one of your merchandise should be clean and in its pristine condition. Lastly, look at your furniture and see to it that there are no parts that are falling apart or that the gadgets used by the store are all working as they should be.

It helps set your store’s branding in place

Investing in branding goes a long way into establishing your shop’s identity to the public. Once you’ve set up your marketing collaterals with a unified color, font, tone, and persona, you would think everything’s already set, right? The way you set up your retail space, and in extension, its ambiance can also be a way for you to apply your branding rules. Why stop at having your logo, colors, and fonts emblazoned on your store’s shopping bags? Use the same elements in your shop’s interiors such as in the signages and posters. Likewise, think back to the tone and persona you apply in all your communications to the public. See how that could be applied when setting your retail space’s ambiance. It could be through your choice of music that you play at your store, the type of lighting you use to light up your jewelry display setups, as well as the fixtures you use to decorate the space.

It’s a way to attract your target market

It’s human nature to be curious about things that are interesting and in the case of jewelry shoppers, they would naturally gravitate towards shops whose style and ambiance reflect their own. It matters then that your store’s atmosphere matches up to the desires of your clientele.

Going niche can help you stand out in the jewelry market and ambiance plays a lot when you want to target a particular segment of the buying public. Are you for the trendy fashionista or the refined career woman? Does your store cater more to teens or those that are older and are into more alternative subcultures such as punk and goth? All the shopper personas mentioned each has their own preferred aesthetics and if you are targeting any in particular then it makes sense to tailor your shop’s vibes to one that appeals to their taste.

Best Multiple Earring Display Tools for Retail and Home Use

They’re the perfect stocking stuffers for the jewelry lovers in your life.

#WDT534BR Two-Sided Jewelry Display Stand

Still trying to find the perfect gift for your loved ones? It’s best to base your gift choices on the things that spark joy in their lives, and for those whose hearts go pitter-patter for jewelry, this list is for them. For big fans of jewelry, whether as a collector, maker, or seller, the perfect gift for them would be jewelry displays. These tools, such as earring display stands (which is what this article will focus on), are thoughtful and lovely gifts that are sure to be cherished by these jewelry lovers. Perhaps they’re looking for a way to organize their collection, well then imagine that it’s you handing them the type of gift that will help them with that dilemma ー you’ll surely be a hero in their eyes. Let us help you help them make their dreams come true with this article. Whatever catches your fancy, simply click on their names and it will take you to a page where you can learn more about the item and place an order.

Happy holiday shopping!

#WD3302-CF 2Pcs Set Wall-Mounted 30 Golden Hooks Jewelry  Display

#WD3302-CF 2Pcs Set Wall-Mounted 30 Golden Hooks Jewelry 

When looking for the perfect jewelry display gift, your bet is a jewelry display tool that can carry multiple types of jewelry at once, just like this one that you mount on the wall or the one used as the main photo in this article, which is the #WDT534BR Two-Sided Jewelry Display Stand. For one, surely jewelry collectors would have multiple types of jewelry from their keep, so having a multifunctional one would be a great gift for them. Likewise, these devices are space savers as they can carry multiple kinds of accessories. Because of these reasons, they would make for a wise buy for those looking to give their collector and small jewelry business owner-friends gifts this holiday season.

#JWY609-3PK Clear Acrylic Display with Rose Gold Mirrored Storage Base

#JWY609-3PK Clear Acrylic Display with Rose Gold Mirrored Storage Base

This is an especially sweet pick for jewelry lovers who have a taste for feminine aesthetics. The clear acrylic gives it a modern appeal but the rose gold base definitely injects it with an ultra-girly vibe, making this a perfect fit for young teens who are starting to build their jewelry collections. It’s not all about looks for this stand though as it can carry up to 18 pairs of earrings and other jewelry pieces such as rings and bracelets all at the same time.

#252-6L (W) Six Bar Earring Display Stand

#252-6L (W) Six Bar Earring Display Stand 

And then there are those who would prefer a no-frills type of earring display stand like this one. This piece can be used for hanging earrings like chandelier and drop-type earrings. It can showcase stud-type earrings too but they need to be attached using an earring card first before displaying them on the bars. No need to worry about the device tipping over as this product comes with a weighted base.

#WD1303-CF 3-Tiers Wooden Golden Aluminum Poles Jewelry Display Stand

#WD1303-CF 3-Tiers Wooden Golden Aluminum Poles Jewelry Display Stand

We could never recommend multifunctional earring display stands enough because they are just such practical choices for showcasing jewelry. In this case, this all-in-one device can carry all kinds of earrings plus bracelets, bangles, anklets, and necklaces. This one even comes with removal poles that can also be adjusted for height. Its look is something to also marvel over as it boasts the handcrafted wooden look, making it a perfect part of rustic display sets and retail concepts.

#214-8 Earring Display Stand

#214-8 Earring Display Stand

Neutral colored earring display stands are always a smart choice when it comes to picking devices because they will match with every type of jewelry whether they are made out of metal, crystals, wood, shells, beads, etc. They’re perfect for collectors and jewelry business owners who are going for minimalist display setups and who couldn’t be bothered by intricate designs or bright colors. On the other hand, these basic monochromatic stands would fit in with most mature and elegant retail setups making them versatile display pieces to own.

#ED-2147N-N21 Gray Burlap Linen Earring/Pendant Display Stand

#ED-2147N-N21 Gray Burlap Linen Earring/Pendant Display Stand 

A gray-colored earring display stand is another smart pick for those looking for understated elegance as a style inspiration. Adding another dimension to this item is the inclusion of texture that the burlap fabric gives the device. Again, this is most suited for those looking for something simple but elegant to look at with hints of earthiness, thanks to the use of natural linen as its covering.

#DE-413W Wooden Rose Shaped Earring Display Stand Set

#DE-413W Wooden Rose Shaped Earring Display Stand Set

How about another nature-inspired jewelry display stand? This lovely set is perfect for those looking to build a romance-inspired display setup at home or at a shop. This one is ready to carry five pairs of earrings each, for a total of 15 pieces. You can keep these stands spic and span for years to come by using wood polish to keep them pristine and in their best conditions.

#JWY6115 Acrylic Hanging Jewelry Storage Organizer

#JWY6115 Acrylic Hanging Jewelry Storage Organizer

Those with a large jewelry collection would especially like this particular jewelry organizer. Altogether it can carry up to 96 pairs of earrings, plus several necklaces, bracelets, rings, and bangles, thanks to its drawer and easel features. Hooks at the back of the board mean you can adjust the displayed necklace’s length to your preference. Another thing that makes this such a wise gift choice especially for jewelry collectors at home is that it cuts preparation time during dress-up. The transparent acrylic material makes pieces that are even inside drawers easy to spot, making deciding which jewelry to use much easier for anyone.

Make Your Jewelry Last With These Tips

The secrets to keeping your precious jewels last for a long time.

A pair of diamond rings on top of a Tiffany Blue-colored surface.

There’s a reason why jewelry is reserved as a special gift meant only for the people we love. The work that goes into turning stones and metals into beautiful, intricate designs requires a lot of painstaking work from sourcing to designing until the actual molding and assembly of each precious piece. No wonder they are often part of our personal milestones and celebrations as gifts for the value they hold. They’re the kind of presents meant to be kept forever so it’s important to learn the steps to keep them in their best condition for a long time.

From tips on how to match jewelry to the right jewelry display to learning the best ways to keep accessories scratch-free, this article will cover them all and more.

Clean your jewelry regularly

After a day of use, make sure to use a soft cloth to gently wipe your jewelry. This will remove sweat, oil, or dust on the jewelry’s surface. Left untouched, the same substances help speed up tarnishing making your pieces lose their luster fast. Likewise, you must perform a more thorough cleaning of your accessories once in a while. All it takes are warm soapy water and a soft toothbrush to remove impurities that the cloth couldn’t take out.

Conduct routine inspections for signs of wear and tear

While we’re on the subject of cleaning, you should also take the time to regularly check your jewelry pieces for issues, such as missing clasps, chain kinks, or stones that are about to fall off. Failing to do so leaves your jewelry vulnerable from falling apart or suddenly slipping off of you while in use. Prevent these accidents from happening by taking note of these problems so you can take them to your trusted jeweler for fixing.

Store them in airtight containers

As previously stated, moisture is the enemy of jewelry but so is air so it’s best not to expose your jewelry collection too long out in the open. If you have some of your jewelry collection showcased for display, it is recommended that you rotate their use and periodically replace what you choose to put out on your shelves. Slow down the tarnishing process by storing them in airtight storage containers. An alternative to this would be to store some of your jewelry pieces, especially the smallest ones such as studs and crystals, in resealable plastic bags. Don’t forget to remove all the air inside the bag before sealing it shut.

BXJ85 High Gloss View Top Wooden Jewelry Chest

Prevent scratches by choosing containers that are lined with fabric

While jewelry boxes especially those that come with lock and key, just like the #BXJ85 High Gloss View Top Wooden Jewelry Chest here, can be relied upon for jewelry protection, make sure they are also lined with fabric inside. 

Jewelry boxes often come with compartments so that collectors can sort their pieces in the right spaces. That is important as pieces that rub against each other lead to scratches and dullness on their surfaces. Compartments help in that aspect but you need to also make sure there is fabric lining which also helps prevent those jewelry problems from happening.

Keep those silica packs that came with your jewelry purchase

Ever wonder what those sealed white bags with small pellets inside are for? They are called silica packs and inside are silicon dioxide pellets whose purpose is to absorb moisture. They are considered drying agents and are placed inside most food packs and some jewelry packaging to avoid spoilage. Keep one inside a jewelry case or box to help with moisture reduction. Just remember to keep it away from children as it is considered a choking hazard.

Use jewelry display stands to prevent tangles 

Jewelry pieces such as necklaces and bracelets are prone to tangling when stored or displayed improperly. This happens when they are all just piled up on top of another such as in a drawer or tray. To avoid such issues, make sure to use the appropriate jewelry display tool for your jewelry pieces that are supposed to be hung. Use T-bar display stands for necklaces or devices that are specifically made to be used for displaying bracelets, such as bracelet trays and ramps. 

But what if you already found yourself dealing with a knotted bracelet or tangled necklaces? Simply use a toothpick or cotton bud plus baby oil to loosen kinks and knots. Oil is actually a safe and effective substance that will make the affected parts slippery thereby loosening them up and getting them ready for detangling.

Close up of a diamond necklace.

Avoid displaying your jewelry under sunlight or anywhere hot

For those jewelry pieces that you choose to display out in the open, make sure it is not located in areas where the sun may shine a light. Sunlight and heat, in general, have a bleaching effect which can cause some gemstones to go dull if exposed to them too long. Your best bet is to showcase your jewelry display setups in the areas that are cool, dry, and away from sunlight around your room. 

Speaking of sunlight…

Don’t wear jewelry while doing physical activities

These are any activities that may lead to your jewelry slipping off such as doing sports or manual labor such as gardening, household chores, and the like. While operating machinery, it’s best to remove any of your jewelry to prevent them from falling off or getting caught up in parts which could lead to major trouble.

Traveling with jewelry is also discouraged as it makes them prone to getting lost. If you really must wear them, then keep them to a minimum and especially avoid using those that are expensive to avoid attracting thieves. Wearing jewelry to beach trips is especially discouraged as exposure to heat and sand can lead to dullness and scratches when exposed to those elements long enough. Likewise, sunscreen lotions may also leave a hazy film when it comes in contact with your jewelry causing it to look dull.

How To Drive Traffic to Your Online Jewelry Store

The essential steps to reach a wider audience on the internet.

A brunette woman working on her laptop outside a cafe.

Once you’ve made the wise decision to start an online jewelry business, the next strategic move you should do is to make sure people know about your shop and are actually taking the time to visit and explore your website.

When you think about it, the idea of running an online business is not much different from running a brick-and-mortar. If enticing people to your jewelry store requires dressing up your window display with your best merchandise on jewelry display stands and platforms, getting people to visit your online store also requires some promotional work on your part. However, since there’s no physical space online, enticing people to come to visit is a lot different.

Find out how you can drive traffic to your online jewelry store in this article.

#WDJ5033WH 3Pcs Wooden Freestanding Necklace Easel Display Stand Holder with Multiple Size
#WDJ5033WH 3Pcs Wooden Freestanding Necklace Easel Display Stand Holder with Multiple Size*

Take full advantage of social media

These days everyone is on social media so you better make sure you’re also there to promote your jewelry business. The most popular of these sites ー Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and Youtube ー can drive huge numbers to your website once you’ve captured your target audience with your posts.

Businesses that revolve around fashion and style rely heavily on creating the image of an aspirational lifestyle which means your jewelry shop will thrive on a visual-heavy app, just like the social media apps previously mentioned. With this in mind, make sure to share visually-arresting content to your followers and potential new customers. Your posts may range from product highlights (make sure your merchandise, as well as tools such as bracelet and necklace display stands, are in their best condition for the photos), relevant trending clips, or informative videos. You’ll soon grow an audience once you find the best mix of posts that your followers like the most.

Once you start getting good numbers with your follower count then that opens a steady traffic flow from your social media pages to your website.

Conduct a full website audit

Oftentimes low traffic comes as a result of website issues. Usually, such issues refer to conditions such as dead links, sitemap errors, as well as slow loading times. These result in poor user experience which eventually translates to lowered site visits. Likewise, this also affects your website ranking in such a way that it may lead to the site’s downgrading in search engine ranks.

A full review of your online jewelry store’s web performance will help address these common issues and more. This can be done with website auditing tools which are available online and can diagnose problem areas that affect the traffic to your site.

Create great content about jewelry

Always remember that the entire experience of going online is driven by the need to find information. From searching up the open hours of a restaurant to looking up complex academic text for graduate-level courses, internet users are always on the lookout for content that will answer their questions. Google knows this so it looks at how valuable a piece of content is to readers looking up things online. The good ones are then indexed with the best ones ranked high.

The goal for every online business then is to produce top-notch content relevant to their industry in order to be indexed. To do that, look for topics and issues that are relevant to your customers. Next, you need to make sure that the content made from the chosen topics is created with the goal that it becomes a valuable resource to its readers.

For online jewelry stores, topics such as jewelry trivia, styling guides, even jewelry display ideas would make for great topics to develop content from. All the same, whether you choose to host your own articles or do it through guest posting, only good things can result from creating top-notch content for your business.

Make sure your online shop’s website is mobile-friendly

As more and more users go online via their smartphones, it makes sense that your business website should work well even on mobile. What this means is that the site’s layout should look as pleasing on a small screen as it is on a desktop or laptop’s screen. Likewise, the process of choosing, checking out, and payment for the jewelry orders should go without a hitch. 

Check your website on your smartphone by going through the different pages and doing some of the processes to see if everything appears and works as it should.

A pair of hands typing on a laptop.

Invest in online paid advertising

Sometimes your posts on social media need a little bit of push to reach more users. With paid ads (also called “sponsored ads” on some sites), you can do that by paying to run a post for a scheduled amount of time.  In this setup, even non-followers get to see your content. In some apps, you can even set up specific demographic criteria (e.g. female, 18-40, from Southern California) to your ad so that it only shows up to users that fit the details. This can be done via Facebook, Google, Twitter, or YouTube. 

Work with influencers to promote your brand

This is another form of sponsored ad, but this time involving working with an influencer. Influencers are popular internet personalities and in this form of online marketing, they serve as endorsers of your products and are expected to talk about it on their social media accounts. The goal is to draw attention (and hopefully conversions) from their large pool of followers. 

There are several ways to go about this: depending on the budget, a sponsored post from an influencer may come in the form of a static image post, a short clip (Instagram Stories/TikTok), or a full video. It is a growing segment in digital marketing that’s certainly worth exploring.

*Available on the Nile Corp website.

How To Get Your Jewelry Store Ready for Black Friday

Prepare yourself for the biggest shopping holiday of the year.

Red balloons, a white shopping bag, and a backlight signage with the text, "BLACK FRIDAY SALE" on the screen.

We’ve seen it year in and year out: Black Friday (and its “sibling holiday” Cyber Monday) is a hectic time in the retail world. Small and big shops alike need to be prepared to accommodate the deluge of customers who will be availing themselves of huge discounts. It’s a great opportunity though for new businesses to get themselves in the game and boost their earnings.

That’s why we came up with this article to help out both online and brick-and-mortar shops to survive Black Friday 2021.

Take the opportunity to introduce new designs as well as slow-moving items to shoppers

Did you know that 30% of retail sales in a year happen between Black Friday and Christmas? This means the following days and weeks would be the perfect time to pump your jewelry business’ merchandise release.

Whether you get your stocks from suppliers or you make jewelry on your own, Black Friday is a great time to introduce new products to the shop.

Be generous with your Black Friday/Cyber Monday discounts

Shoppers expect huge bargains during the two shopping holidays so be prepared to give them what they want. Look at your stocks to see the pricing offers you can give to each. Another thing that you can give away to your customers as treats are bundled sale items. Again, study your merchandise to see which items you can combine to serve as your bundled offers.

Prepare shopping guides in the days leading up to the event

Along with boosting your shop’s merchandise releases, you need to also find a way to let people know about the new products you plan on displaying that day. This can be done with the publishing of shopping guides. This can come in the form of articles, videos, and or photos to serve as Black Friday teasers.

Be prepared to release them in the days leading up to the shopping holidays, so be ready to take lots of photos, videos, and have your merchandise and their jewelry display stands in their best condition so they can look great in your promotions.

Boost your email newsletters with content about the shopping holiday

The content you put out for Black Friday needs to be spread out far and wide so it’s time to also pump up your marketing output online. You can start with your newsletter’s mailing list. Entice your newsletter subscribers with eye-catching subject lines and content that highlights what they can expect for Black Friday, as well as Cyber Monday (if you’re doing both days). It’s important to highlight the products you will be offering, plus the discounts and give-aways they can expect. Shoppers love discount coupons so this is also a great opportunity to share codes and vouchers that they can use to get even bigger savings when the event(s) happen.

To gain even more subscribers, you can simply use pop-ups on your website to encourage people to sign up for your newsletter. The key here is to come up with good visuals, plus an enticing copy that includes a hard-to-resist CTA button.

A big red "SALE" sign displayed on a shop's window display.

Update your banners with Black Friday announcements

Pop-ups are just the beginning. You can also start promoting the shopping holiday with website banners. Place them in high-traffic pages such as your homepage so that they’re easily seen by old and new visitors alike. You can also dedicate entirely new pages for the products you will be highlighting for Black Friday as well as the promos and discounts you will be offering to the shoppers.

At the same time, you should also have your in-store banners and other signages up and ready to advertise the event.

Experiment with your promos

If there are marketing strategies you haven’t tried out yet then now’s the time to do so. Have you given TikTok or Instagram stories a try? They’re worth giving a shot especially if you already have a sizeable following in those communities. How about going old school like giving out flyers in-store or going on your local media to make the announcements? Perhaps a combination of online and offline promotions could work? Look into how your regular customers consume their content and start promoting on their preferred platforms.

Revisit your shop’s point-of-sale system

With the technology available for retail today, there’s no reason for you to limit your shop’s payment options. Check to see that your existing ones are working as they should and if additional sources are needed then those need to be set up right away. Cashless options are especially helpful as people are encouraged to use them to minimize contact between individuals.

Two women admiring jewelry on a marble table.

Get your staff ready for the day with refreshers 

It won’t hurt to give your staff a run-through of the day before everything becomes too chaotic to manage. This is especially true for brick-and-mortar jewelry shops, but even online-only shops may also need extra hands to help with social media marketing and website orders in the days leading up to Black Friday.

Along with refreshers, your store interiors will need a little sprucing up as well. Window displays need to be updated while the store’s jewel displayers such as your necklace display stands, ring risers, and bracelet T-bars need to be touched up and cleaned up as doing so will enhance the look of your jewelry merchandise. If they need to be replaced with new ones then it’s time to have someone in the staff purchase new ones.

Lastly, anyone who works in retail knows that Black Friday and Cyber Monday are high-pressure dates so it’s best to prepare the staff ahead of time with a pep talk to help them prepare mentally and physically for the day. As both dates happen around an important holiday, your business needs to be ready for back-ups and plan Bs should there be people who won’t be able to work on the day.

Our Best Picks for Earring Displays

Time to treat yourself or a friend with these beauties.

A pair of yellow gemstone earrings shot flatlay-style on a tree stump.

Earrings are the kind of jewelry considered a staple in many people’s collections. Even those not-so-fond of wearing accessories would often be seen sporting a pair on their ears. It makes sense then for both SMEs and huge brands involved in jewelry retail to invest in earring display stands.

Here are some top picks that are sure to capture, not just those engaged in the jewelry industry but also jewelry lovers of all ages.

Simply click on the names if any of them catches your attention. Happy shopping!

#WD4020-OK Wood Rotating Jewelry Storage Earrings Display

#WD4020-OK Wood Rotating Jewelry Storage Earrings Display

Now, this is a solid pick for those looking for space-saving jewelry displays. This one has 42 hooks to hang your earring cards so you can imagine how many pairs it can carry all at once. This makes the tower the perfect choice for small spaces whether in a retail setting or at home.

Another thing that makes this a wise purchase? Its rotating base makes browsing a breeze. This means cutting preparation time in the morning when you’re dressing up for work or school. In retail settings, this means a better shopping experience for buyers.

#PEW1025 Metal Wire Earring Display Stand with Grape Vines Design

#PEW1025 Metal Wire Earring Display Stand with Grape Vines Design

Looking for a tabletop earring display stand that can also function as a decorative piece? This might be what you’re looking for. For those into nature-inspired designs and a flair for dramatic details, this metal display mimics the look of a crawling grapevine. You can truly use it solely for its aesthetic appeal, but why would you when it can carry a whopping 72 pairs of earrings all at the same time?

Our Best Picks for Earring Displays

#ED-2140N-N21 Gray Burlap Linen Earring & Pendant Display Stand

If you’re looking to fill your glass display shelves, then go for this type of earring display stand. It also makes for a great addition to a DIY display set. Simple but dependable, this one is made out of burlap, an organic fabric made from the jute plant.

#214-6 Earring and Pendant Display Stand

#214-6 Earring and Pendant Display Stand

Another variation of the previous stand is this one which can display up to three pairs of earrings instead of just one. It comes in black velvet and can also be used to showcase pendants. It is a versatile piece as it can be used as a tabletop stand or displayed inside glass shelves. Likewise, it can be used to create jewelry display sets.

#COP3682BK Metal Jewelry Display Jewelry Stand Hanger Organizer

#COP3682BK Metal Jewelry Display Jewelry Stand Hanger Organizer

Looking for a jewelry display that can carry more than just earrings? With hooks, a tray, and a mesh design, this metal organizer can be used for earrings, rings, bracelets, and necklaces alike. This particular item comes in black (as shown above) and white, and is one of those display stands that can also function as a tabletop decoration on its own.

#JWY6115 Acrylic Hanging Jewelry Storage Organizer

#JWY6115 Acrylic Hanging Jewelry Storage Organizer

Here’s another multi-functional jewelry organizer for those who prefer that type, but this time in acrylic. Perfect for home use, this one gives off a more modern appeal but still has feminine vibes that are sure to match most bedroom interiors. Beyond its aesthetics, this one is a pretty useful one as it can carry up to 96 pairs of earrings. It also features a T-bar and drawer which makes this suitable for bracelets, necklaces, and rings as well.

#251-111 Metal Dancer Earring Display Stand

#251-111 Metal Dancer Earring Display Stand

Now, this is a thing of beauty and it’s perfect for those looking for a sculpture-like earring display stand. While it may carry only up to two pairs of earrings, it makes up for it by being unique and eye-catching. Classy and simple, this one comes in black and silver.

6 Tips When Taking Your Jewelry Merchandise on the Road

Find out how you can safely travel and transport jewelry.

A person in black and yellow pulling his/her black and yellow luggage trolley.

Once your jewelry business has hit its stride, you will certainly find several opportunities where you may need to travel for your shop. Opportunities to network, sell and become part of exhibits are certainly plentiful if you know where to look. This means you need to know the right way to travel with jewelry when taking your products on the road.

Whether your trip is for business or pleasure, don’t pack your necklace display stands and earring racks just yet ー here are some ideas on how you can properly pack jewelry for your travels.

1. Use carrying cases that offer security when you’re on the go.

Traveling with jewelry often means traveling with different jewelry types all at the same time. As you are in the possession of valuable items, it’s important to have a carrier that has a locking system. A jewelry carrying case with a combination lock is great to bring around as it features not just a combination lock but also comes with straps and a slotted ring tray inside which keeps your products in place. Covered in velvet texture to prevent scratching, it also includes two separate pads (also made in velvet) which makes the entire case presentation-ready.

2. Insert holders are your best friend.

Another great piece to have around while traveling with jewelry is an insert holder. It is a tray-like display with compartments that keeps necklaces and bracelets in place. You can avoid tangling up your precious jewelry by sticking to one jewelry item per row.  It’s a great piece to have when you’re using a tackle box, for example, as a storage tray or carrier.

3. Household items can be used to fasten jewelry pieces in place.

There’s actually plenty of household items that can safely do the job when you’re looking for things that can secure your jewelry.

If you choose to bring a foldable necklace display easel, a few large rubber bands wrapped around can be an effective but affordable means to secure your creations.

Ever have those moments where you need to deal with cords and cables around the house? You must have used cable ties to keep things under control. The same ties can also be used to keep bracelets, bangles, and necklaces in place. For thinner, more delicate jewelry, tying ribbons can also do the job.

4. Drawstring bags can serve a double purpose.

Drawstring bags are the ones where you push and pull the attached string for opening and closing and it’ll be wise to invest in several of them for travel. While they can be used with jewelry pieces such as hoop earrings, gemstones, and crystals for safekeeping, they can also serve as giveaway bags for events.

A brunette woman holding up her necklace.

5. Keep your jewelry with you at all times.

If flying for any reason, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Never place your jewelry inside your checked luggage, even when you’re using a locked carrying case which we recommended earlier. For your peace of mind, always place your jewelry inside your carry-on luggage.

6. Stay on top of things by keeping an inventory.

Whether you’re bringing a small or huge jewelry collection, it’s best to record everything so you’ll know when something goes missing. This is all the more important if what you’re bringing is for sale, but it would also prove useful even if the jewelry you will bring is only meant to be exhibited. A simple spreadsheet will do, but you can also take snapshots of your collection for easy tracking and labeling.

How To Display Jewelry at Craft Fairs

Make a splash at artisan markets and bazaars with these tips.

A close-up of two pairs of hands while holding gold bangles.

Joining craft fairs is a wonderful opportunity for jewelers to market and earn from their creations. Not only that, but these events provide creatives with means to connect with other creatives opening them up for potential collaborative works or networking with suppliers.

It makes sense then that jewelry entrepreneurs who want to join craft fairs must set their sights on standing out from the crowd. You can do that with an eye-catching jewelry display that buyers would flock to.

Follow the tips below to find success at a jewelry craft fair.

#ST-3138N-LE Burlap Linen Risers Set, 6 pcs

Display your merchandise in sets

Once you’ve made the decision to join a craft fair, it helps to decide on your display concepts right away. First of all, pick and choose among your jewelry creations the ones you will be taking to the fair. To help narrow down your choices, try to find out if the fair has a theme that you need to follow. Once you’ve settled on your picks, choose among them the ones you will be designating as centerpieces. Choose the ones that you think would be the crowd-drawers or the ones the would attract the most attention from the buying public. From there, choose the items that complement your centerpiece then create your setups’ formation from there. To support your design, choose a jewelry display tool that comes in a set, like these six-piece display risers in burlap showcased here.

Incorporate props and decorations into your displays and booth

A welcoming booth is one that is tastefully decorated with the right props and furniture, but you need to make sure that yours is not overly cluttered but features decorations that make sense for your products and the fair’s theme. Want to be more strategic about your decorations? Use it as an opportunity for branding. Choose colors and elements that relate to your business’ brand identity. You’ll be setting yourself apart from the other booths if you do. 

This should extend to how your setups are arranged on the table. Understandably, you will only have limited space on your table for your props so choose carefully and look at how a prop may enhance your display concepts.

#WD2965OK Wooden 4-Tier Jewelry Display Stand

Use devices that ensure easy browsing for buyers

Aside from keeping things neat and in order, jewelry display tools can help make it easy to pick and choose from your merchandise.

As long as you don’t overload these with jewelry, T-bar stands like this 4-tier jewelry display stand pictured above is an effective device for showing off jewelry pieces that hang such as bracelets and necklaces. It keeps them tangle-free, plus the height makes it easy for buyers to see the products without finding the need to crouch.

Meanwhile, earring display towers that rotate are great for viewing multiple pairs at a time. With 36 hooks in place, this tool is likewise a space-saving device for it can carry multiple pairs of earrings at a time.

Maximize the use of your retail space by using the walls

You can also utilize much of your allotted space by going beyond the tables for displaying your merchandise. Depending on the organizers, they may allow for the use of slatted walls for showcasing products. Simply hang these T-bars that hook onto slat walls to display your items.

Likewise, don’t forget to hang mirrors on the walls so that customers can try out your items and see if they look good on them or not.

Be mindful of proportions when matching jewelry to the display tools

This simply means you need to match your merchandise to your devices according to thickness. Thick jewelry items such as bangles and heavy chains should be hung on tools with thick bars and holders. You need to also make sure their base parts are strong enough to hold the jewelry pieces without toppling over. Likewise, delicate pieces can be displayed on devices with thinner material. Remember that it’s all about maintaining balance and a balanced showcase is more appealing to potential customers.

#WD63OK Wooden Display Storage Case with Tempered Glass Lid for Jewelry and Beads with 18 Compartments Tray, Oak Color

Boxes with see-through tops are best for tiny jewelry pieces

While there’s a lot of benefits to joining craft fairs, they can be prone to thievery when it gets too crowded. Remember to keep a sharp eye on your products and to remind your staff to be especially mindful of people who visit your booth. You may also choose to showcase some of your smallest merchandise ー which are prone to swiping from those with grabby hands ー such as stud earrings and individual crystals by keeping them inside boxes like in this wooden display storage case with a tempered glass lid as shown above.

Necklace Display Stands That Evoke an Autumn Mood

Earthy, cozy, cool: It’s time to turn your jewelry shop into an autumn wonderland.

Hot chocolate drink on top of a blanket, shot flatlay-style.

Thinking of adding some (pumpkin) spice to your jewelry shop’s interiors? Look to the season of autumn as inspiration. With a palette that leans towards the rich, earthy colors of red, orange, brown, and yellow, your shop is bound to be a cozy haven for jewelry lovers.

A fresh new look to your brick-and-mortar business can certainly liven up the retail space and will certainly be a lot more inviting to the buying public, so why not give our necklace display ideas a try? We’ve combed through our collection to recommend the tools that best fit autumn’s aesthetic. If you’re looking for nature-inspired devices then you’ve come to the right place!

Want to know more about the products listed? Simply click on their names for additional information.

#218(LN) Undyed Color 100% Organic Hemp Linen Covered Double T-Bar Display

#218(LN) Undyed Color 100% Organic Hemp Linen Covered Double T-Bar Display

We begin with this T-bar display that features an organic material covering as its main feature. Hemp is a sturdy and reliable natural fabric that comes from the jute plant. It is commonly used for rice sacks as it is made out of strong material while being an affordable option for most farms to use.

The hemp fabric fulfills the natural elements that should be part of the autumnal aesthetic. The texture also adds an interesting element to any of your jewelry display setups.

Jewelry Display Tip #1: Autumn is the perfect time to highlight your gemstones that feature the season’s dominant colors. Your best bets are rubies, garnets, yellow sapphires, and carnelians for showcasing this October - November.

#WDJ5033WH 3Pcs Wooden Freestanding Necklace Easel Display Stand Holder with Multiple Size

#WDJ5033WH 3Pcs Wooden Freestanding Necklace Easel Display Stand Holder with Multiple Size

The autumn season is known for scenes of streets blanketed by falling leaves in bold colors such as fiery red and bright orange. It makes sense then to fill up your displays with the same shades. However, so that clashes between the props don’t occur, it’s much more aesthetically pleasing to use neutral-colored necklace display stands. This easel-type stand in a cream shade is a great example of a neutral-colored device.

Jewelry Display Tip #2: Set the mood right in your store by incorporating natural elements into your retail setups. Logs, pine cones, and leaves can make for great accents to autumn concepts, especially next to wooden props and furniture.

#COP3678 Metal Jewelry Display Organizer Stand with Tray

#COP3678 Metal Jewelry Display Organizer Stand with Tray

You don’t have to stick with wooden stands when picking jewelry display tools to use for your autumn-themed setups. This metal stand would also make for a nice addition to any concept as it features the colors green and yellow which are both colors of the season.

Elegant and versatile, this particular stand can be used not just for necklaces and bracelets but the green velvet tray on top can also be used to hold earrings and rings.

Jewelry Display Tip #3: Lighting matters when you’re trying to evoke a certain feeling. For a setup that aims to showcase an autumn mood, make sure to go with LED lights in warm white and yellow shades. Make sure the light hits the right angles on the products to ensure a flattering showcase.

#219-1AW Antique Colored Wooden T-Bar Display

#219-1AW Antique Colored Wooden T-Bar Display

Wooden necklace display stands with visible grains are also a great pick for autumn-themed retail setups. The effect gives the item a more natural and earthy appeal, which leads to a more authentic showcase. This particular product comes in three colors: brown, oak, and coffee so you have a choice over how dark and light you want to go with your stand.

Jewelry Display Tip #4: Check if your wooden tools need a bit of sprucing up. Before showcasing them in public, make sure they’re worthy of being displayed alongside your beautiful jewelry merchandise. Give them a little dusting and a little touch-up with a wood polish spray.

#WD1303-BR 3-Tiers Wooden Golden Aluminum Poles Jewelry Display Stand

#WD1303-BR 3-Tiers Wooden Golden Aluminum Poles Jewelry Display Stand

Golden yellow is another one of the season’s colors and we think the combination of brown and gold here makes it an excellent piece to incorporate in your autumn displays. Lovely to look at as a table-top device, it’s also a multifunctional stand as it can accommodate not just necklaces but also bracelets, bangles, and earrings. Both beautiful and practical at the same time, this is definitely a must-buy for every jewelry entrepreneur.

Jewelry Display Tip #5: Go with combinations of display tools in odd numbers as they are known to be much more appealing to the human eye.