Tuesday, April 14, 2015

New Jewelry Displays and Boxes at NileCorp!

Nile Corp., a well-established name in the jewelry displays and supplies business is excited to offer you their new jewelry displays and boxes. Professionally built and design to match their specific piece of jewelries, these display boxes are sure to enhance the beauty of any jewelry and catch the attention of your buyers.

Here are some of the new jewelry boxes and displays for you to check out!

Assorted Bright Color Hat Box 1 5/8"W x 1 5/8"D x 1 1/2"H

Item No: 3455HB0

Assorted Bright Color Hat Jewelry Display Box

These adorable boxes are perfect to match with any rings from your collection that will be bought as a present to someone special. With its cute rubbon design at top of it, it distinctly remind as of those adorable wrapped birthday gifts we receive.

Deluxe Paper Bracelet/Watch Box-Blue, 8 5/8"x2 3/8"x1 1/4"H

Item No: PF5B-BL

Deluxe Paper Bracelet or Watch Jewelry Display Box Blue

The perfect box to pair with those elegant watches and bracelet your selling, this deluxe paper bracelet/watch box has an outer blue silhouette and an inner velvet soft fabric to protect the piece of jewelry inside.

Deluxe Ring Case (6-clip) 5 1/2" x4 3/8" x 2"H

Item No: RC8501L-BK

Deluxe Ring Jewelry Display Case

This exquisite jewelry case is where you can store your most precious rings. Designed with a clasp-and-lock detail, this deluxe ring case has a hard outer black silhouette and an inner velvet soft fabric inside to keep your rings unscathed and safe.

Black Faux Leather Large Earring Display 2 3/4"W x2"D x 4"H

Item No: ED-0461L-BK

Black Faux Leather Large Earring Jewelry Display

This elegant large earring display is where you can display a set of earrings and necklace. It has a black faux-leather silhouette, designed to keep your jewelries unscathed while being display.

Leatherette Watch Box For 12 Watches

Item No: TWB5612

Leatherette Watch Jewelry Display Box 

Store, organize, and display your watch collection securely with this two-toned brown PU leather watchcase featuring gold plated embellishments for a modern look. It consists of a sturdy MDF frame and 12 individual beige suede cushions in divided compartments for holding up to a dozen of your timepieces. Simply remove the cushions to use the case as storage for other items and accessories. The high clearance lid features a clear glass window for easy viewing and a gold plated lock and key for added security.
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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Jewelry Display Ideas for Retail Spaces to Stand Out!

Why copy everyone when your jewelry retail shop can stand out from all the rest? So stop putting those jewelry on that black velvet bust form when you there are other ways to enhance your jewelry display.

Here are a few of these ideas:

Add a little drama to it

adding little drama on your jewelry display
Image from MannequinMadness.com

A great way to catch the eyes of buyers is to create a display that will instantly catch her attention such as the way this mannequin and limps are put together, displaying 8 items in a very small space.

Think outside the box

think outside the box for your display
DIY Jewelry Display with Lulu Frost
Why don't you try displaying DIYs jewelry boxes or display on your retail shop? Unique and eccentric, most buyers won't see them usually on other stores except yours. And this will immediately get their attention and check other jewelries or displays.

Don't be afraid to try something different

try something different
Choose displays with unusual shapes and textures as the main backdrop for your jewelry. I suggest using jewelry displays made of natural fibers and textures; these are more likely to be easily decorated compare to others.

Create emotion

create emotion for your display
Image from hookineye.com
To put a little emotion to how you display your jewelries, try putting two mannequin hands poised to clasp the necklace around someone's neck. This will appear as if it is trying to put the piece of jewelry to a viewer's neck. The idea is inviting and can easily draw attention to the jewelry itself.

Create a Dynamic Look 

create a dynamic look

What I mean by dynamic is to use elaborated jewelry displays that are likely to be of one color and put a jewelry contrast to its hue. So no matter how it looks, the buyer's eyes will focus on the jewelry itself and not to the display alone.

About NileCorp.com

Nile Corp. is already a well-established name in the jewelry displays and supplies business since 1995.  We offer quality products, unmatched selection, incomparable pricing, and the peerless customer service that you've come to rely on over the years.
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