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The Many Types of Tray Displays

Looking for alternative displays? Go with trays!

The Many Types of Tray Displays | NileCorp.com

When the word “tray” is mentioned, the first thing that comes to mind is food or cafeteria. However, in the jewelry industry, trays are used as jewelry displays and organizers. They are a great help for brands who are trade and show and craft show regulars as they can double as a display and as storage. That said, we are giving the spotlight to the different types of trays from our collection this week.

Wood display

Shop Stackable Antique Wooden Jewelry Trays at NileCorp.com
Our rustic wood displays are perfect both for display and storage. They are available in four colors -- brown, coffee, oak, and white. These stackable trays give off a rustic feel making them ideal for brands that have a vintage or rustic theme. Wood trays with dividers are perfect for small items like rings and earrings and even beads, while ones without dividers are for bigger pieces like necklaces, bangles, or jewelry sets.

Plastic display

Shop the Stackable Plastic Trays at NileCorp.com
If you think wooden trays are a bit heavy, you can opt for the plastic ones. They are lightweight, stackable, and are also easy to store. These trays come without any dividers, but they fit full-sized pads or inserts, in case you want to display rings or earrings, and other pieces separately.

Deluxe display

Shop the Deluxe Display Trays at NileCorp.com
Deluxe displays are perfect for fine jewelry. Our deluxe wooden trays feature velvet, faux suede, and leatherette covers. Some of these trays already come with pads, inserts, and ring clips while some have dividers and removable tabs. Plus, they come in many different colors and designs.

Gemstone display

Shop Gemstone Tray Displays at NileCorp.com
If you are selling healing crystals, these gemstone trays are perfect. They help with organizing different kinds of stones and provide hassle-free storage. The trays also come with a foam insert with gem jars to protect each crystal from scratches or any other form of damage. They are also ideal as display and storage for beads, coins, and other small trinkets.

Bead board and compartment trays

Shop the Bead board and Compartment Trays at NileCorp.com
There are also the bead board trays that are ideal for jewelry makers and craft enthusiasts. Although they are not a good choice for displaying jewelry pieces, the bead board trays are great for stringing and keeping beads in line. The regular compartment trays, on the other hand, may not be that eye-catching to use as displays, but they are great for storing your items after the trade or craft show. Nevertheless, they can be decorated to transform into displays too, especially the wooden ones.


Need tray displays for an upcoming trade or craft show? Browse the shop at NileCorp.com and pick that display that fits your needs.

Why Use Kraft Paper Bags

Learn more about the benefits of bags made of this smooth brown paper.

Importance of using a kraft paper bags.

Kraft paper bags have been used by many businesses in various industries. In the jewelry industry, they make perfect packaging for a jewelry set box or even a little ring box. This week, we are turning the spotlight to our kraft paper bags and discuss why continually using them for your after-purchase packaging is the wisest decision you’ve ever made as a business.

Here are the benefits of using kraft paper bags.


Shopping and using a krafted paper bag.

Kraft paper bags are recyclable and reusable. They are non-polluting and easily get decomposed. Kraft paper bags are also in line with national environmental standards, so you sure are helping to save the environment with each use. And unlike plastic, they are non-toxic, so they help cut down waste as well.

High-quality paper

Used a krafted paper bag while shopping.

Kraft paper does not tear easily as it is a kind of strong wrapping paper. They are sturdy enough to carry small items like an earring display or bigger and slightly heavier ones like a necklace display or an acrylic cosmetic organizer. However, avoid getting them in contact with water because as with any paper, kraft will tear.

Romantic old-world feel

Shop Wholesale XY55912 Kraft Paper Gift Bags

Brown bags somehow give you that old-world romantic feel. It reminds of old books, Parisian afternoons, long-stemmed roses, and old Hollywood films. Filigree patterns like that in the photo above add a more vintage feel to it. This aesthetic quality of these kraft bags makes them perfect for vintage-inspired shops and brands.

Great with prints

Importance of using a krafted paper bag.

Unlike with plastic, the print on kraft bags seems to look more chic and classy. It is not too shiny nor is it too dull. Printing on these bags don’t need to be in full color as well, because even the simplest logo, pattern, or text would look great on them. As a result, you save on printing costs as well.

Free advertisement

Why is it important to use a krafted paper bag.

And because you can print out your brand’s logo on the bag, you get free advertisement every time a customer reuses it. This free advertising starts the second your customer exits your store. You can also opt to print your social media channels in bigger text so people will be sure to check out your pages or website.

Ways to Brighten Up a Blank Wall

Here are some household decors that can brighten up a dull wall in your home.

Ways to Brighten Up a Blank Wall

There are many ways to spruce up a dull, blank wall. You can paint it with another color to make it stand out, or put up a different wallpaper. However, the most convenient way to brighten a wall up is by mounting something on it. This week, we are highlighting some of our home decors that will definitely make a living space homier and cozier.

Here are five household decors that you may want to add to your inventory or get for yourself.

Square Floating Wall Mount Shelf

Shop for a square floating wall mount shelf.

Whether you are a bookworm or not, the Square Floating Wall Mount Shelf is a great way to add some rustic feel to your wall. Aside from books, you can display picture frames, small indoor plants, collectible toys, or figurines. The shelves come in a set of three, and although they are in different sizes, each has a depth of 3 11/16." These shelves feature a natural wood look which allows it to complement any wall design or color.

Wall Mounted Leatherette Jewelry Cabinet Organizer

Shop Wholesale Wall Mounted Leatherette Jewelry Cabinet Organizer

If you think jewelry displays are a bit too bulky, then you’ll be glad to own this leatherette and velvet Wall Mounted Leatherette Jewelry Cabinet Organizer. Aside from organizing your jewelry collection, it also serves as classy chic wall decor. Because of its size, it doesn’t take too much space, but that doesn’t mean it can only hold a few jewelry pieces. This organizer boasts 24 tabs for necklaces or bracelets, nine rows of ring slots that can hold up to 25 or more rings, three leatherette straps with holes for 10 earrings, and a pouch that can hold other accessories. As an added bonus, it also comes with a mirror.

Wooden Wall Mounted Jewelry Storage Cabinet with Photo Frame

The Wooden Wall Mounted Jewelry Storage Cabinet with Photo Frame is great for someone who loves to turn memories into photos and at the same time, has a big jewelry collection. This cabinet won’t disappoint; it has an impressive large storage capacity. It features 10 metal hooks as bracelet or necklace displays, 42 slots for rings, 12 holes for stud earrings, and 24 more slots for other pairs of earrings. You can also place other accessories or makeup on the tiny shelf. As for the photo frame, it can hold up to 12 photos. This storage cabinet is available in black, brown, and white.

Wooden Wall Mounted Jewelry Armoire Storage Cabinet

Buy Wooden Wall Mounted Jewelry Armoire Storage Cabinet

The Wooden Wall Mounted Jewelry Armoire Storage Cabinet is perfect for a bare bedroom wall or walk-in closet wall. It features a real glass mirror so you won't have to worry about that annoying bending effect you get with fake ones. Once you open this lockable cabinet, you'll see that it has a large storage capacity. Aside from the four towel rings on the exterior, it features 54 holes for 27 pairs of earrings, 12 hooks for 12 necklaces or bracelets, three plastic cups for brushes and other beauty tools, one drop-leaf platform, a zipped pouch, 50 foam ring slots, four shelves, and another mirror inside. It’s definitely a must-have for any walk-in closet or bedroom.

Mountable 25 Compartments Display Case Cabinet Stand

Shop for A Mountable 25 Compartments Display Case Cabinet Stand

For toy collectors, this Mountable 25 Compartments Display Case Cabinet Stand is a must-have. Made of clear and durable acrylic, it can showcase your collection of toys and other collectibles on the wall keeping it safe and dust-free. The cabinet has 25 separate compartments that can display a 360-degree view of your collection. You can also opt to place it on a table, as it has four skid stoppers on all the bottom corners to make it stand steadily. Its door also has a magnet to it can be kept shut securely.


Want these items for the home or office? Shop them at NileCorp.com!

Reasons Why Custom Products Make the Best Gifts

Make the receiver even happier with something more special.

Reasons why custom product mades are the best gifts.

The holidays are just around the corner, and it’s always best to start planning on what to give your friends and family or co-workers and clients as early as now. And if you’re racking your brain to give them something that they will surely appreciate, you might want to consider giving them custom or personalized items. We think that they make the best gifts for basically anyone. Don’t believe it? Well, we listed below the top three reasons why custom products make the best presents.

Keeps gift-giving stress under wraps

Tips on how to personalized a pink high gloss jewelry.

Christmas is the gift-giving season that kids love. The adults, on the other hand, don’t find this fun as much as the younger ones because of the stress it can give. If you do not want to go through all that gift shopping mania and think about what to give who, you can go with custom products online. Everyone will get all the same gift, but personalized with their names. Plus, there will be no jealousy among the young ones!

Perfect for any time of the year

How to make a brown leatherette watch storage box.

Custom products can not just be given as Christmas gifts, but also as birthday presents. These products suit basically any occasion -- wedding, graduation, Valentine’s, and any other special event. You can also order custom products in bulk, if you plan to give them away to your clients or employees, or as wedding giveaways to your guests.

Personalized presents seem to be more special

How to personalize a wooden musical jewelry box.

A personalized present allows the gift giver to add a personal connection. It’s something like an inside joke that only you two know. Personalizing a product is much like materializing that relationship you have with that person, strengthening it, and therefore, giving more value to the gift. Plus, there is the general effort of choosing something more to give them than just a usual present.


Nile Corp now offers custom products aside from jewelry displays and organizers! Head on now to NileCorp.com and click PERSONALIZE to find out the available custom products.

Gift Suggestions for Men these Holidays 2018

It's never too early to stock up on Christmas gift items!

Gift Suggestions for Men these Holidays 2018 | Nile Corp
Last week, we turned the spotlight on the items that make great Christmas presents for women. It's the men's turn this week, as we picked out five products that would make great gifts for them these holidays. And we won't keep you waiting, here are five items worth adding to your holiday inventory.

Folding Storage Chest Bench

Shop Wholesale Folding Storage Chest Benches at NileCorp.com
The Folding Storage Chest Bench is an ottoman with so many uses any man of the house would love. It can store virtually anything you like -- from shoes, books, gloves, tools, and even small items like keys. It features six removable drawers that easily slides in and out. The ottoman is wrapped in stylish black leatherette with three-button tufting for a classy look. It can also be folded and collapsed for easy storage. This storage bench can even be sat on while putting on or removing shoes!

Leatherette Watch Storage Box with Lock

Shop Wholesale Leatherette Watch Storage Box with Lock at NileCorp.com
The Leatherette Watch Storage Box with Lock is the ideal present for men who have a watch collection. You can organize and display your collection in this classy two-toned leatherette case. This wooden box features gold-plated embellishments and comes with a gold-plated lock and key. It can hold 12 watches as it has 12 removable beige suede cushions. You can get this in three colors -- navy blue, brown, and gray.

Leatherette Eyewear Case For 8 Frames Sunglasses

Buy Wholesale Leatherette Eyewear Case For 8 Frames Sunglasses at NileCorp.com
The Leatherette Eyewear Case For 8 Frames Sunglasses is perfect for guys who have a collection of eye and sunglasses. It can hold eight frames and can keep them organized and safe from dust and scratches. The glass top allows you to showcase your collection and get to pick which pair to wear before opening the case. Aside from glasses, you can also use this wooden case to store watches, ties, and even use it as a jewelry display where you can keep your bracelets and rings.

Wooden Desktop Organizer

Buy Wholesale Wooden Desktop Organizer at NileCorp.com
Men who have home offices would love this Wooden Desktop Organizer. It’s made of wood and boasts a natural wooden finish. It features three compartments that can hold file folders, letters, bills, and other documents. The slide-out bottom drawer can hold pens, cards, notes, scissors, and even keys. This lightweight organizer has a size dimension of 3"W x 6 1/4"D x 7 "H.

Mirror Backed 4 Glass Shelves Shot Glasses Display Case

Shop Wholesale Mirror Backed 4 Glass Shelves Shot Glasses Display Case at NileCorp.com
The Mirror Backed 4 Glass Shelves Shot Glasses Display Case displays not just shot glasses, but also other collectibles like action figures. It features a mirror at the back that enhances the look of the items inside, four adjustable shelves, and a magnet-secured door. It’s also made of high-quality crystal clear acrylic. This space-saving case can also be mounted on the wall with a screw.


Need to see more holiday gift ideas? Head on to NileCorp.com where we offer a vast array of products, from necklace displays to saw sets and other tools!

Gift Suggestions for Women this Christmas 2018

It's never too early to stock up on gift items!

Gift Suggestions for Women this Christmas 2018 | Nile Corp
Every retail store knows that you should always have a replenished inventory, especially when the holidays are nearing. We are just at the start of the year's last quarter, but it's also the best time to restock on items that are best sold as Christmas presents. We will be starting the Holiday cheer this early; we will feature some products that make perfect gifts for women this week. And without further ado, here are five items worth adding to your inventory!

Silver-Plated Freshwater Cultured Pearl Jewelry Set

Shop Wholesale Silver Plated Freshwater Cultured Pearl Jewelry Set at NileCorp.com
Make jewelry sets available for your customers looking for something to give their moms, sisters, or wife. The Silver-Plated Freshwater Cultured Pearl Jewelry Set includes an adjustable silver-plated ring with a gorgeous freshwater cultured pearl as its center stone, a pair of matching pearl drop earrings, and a classy pearl pendant necklace. This set will appeal to anyone who needs a classy gift for the woman in their lives.

Metal Heart and Arrow Jewelry Organizer Stand

Buy Wholesale Metal Heart and Arrow Jewelry Organizer Stand at NileCorp.com
Young adults would love the Metal Heart and Arrow Jewelry Organizer Stand. This jewelry display is the perfect gift to those who have a small jewelry collection. This free-standing organizer features a bar to hold necklaces and bracelets. The holes in the arrows can hold two to three pairs of hook earrings. The porcelain tray can hold rings and pairs of stud earrings as well.

Diamond Pattern Acrylic Jewelry & Cosmetic Organizer

Shop Wholesale Diamond Pattern Acrylic Jewelry & Cosmetic Organizer at NileCorp.com
The Diamond Pattern Acrylic Jewelry & Cosmetic Organizer is a good choice of Christmas gift for people who love makeup. It features 16 top slots and four drawers of varying sizes. The top compartment can hold lipsticks, eye pencils, mascaras, brushes, eyeshadow palettes and pots, and even nail polish bottles. The drawers, on the other hand, can hold other makeup stuff or jewelry pieces. This acrylic organizer is available in pink, purple, and clear.

Mini Home Decoration Clay Pot with Faux Green Artificial Plants

Buy Wholesale Mini Home Decoration Clay Pot with Faux Green Artificial Plants for Home Indoor Outdoor Decoration at NileCorp.com
This Mini Home Decoration Clay Pot with Faux Green Artificial Plants is an excellent present for those who need to add some greenery in their office or bedroom. Although artificial, these plants are still able to bring out the beauty in a living space. These pots can also be placed indoors or outdoors. The best thing about this decor is that it's easy to maintain as there is no need to water them, just some occasional dusting.

Makeup Carrying Case

Shop Wholesale Makeup Carrying Case at NileCorp.com
Lastly, the Makeup Carrying Case is ideal for women who are always traveling. This case can hold not just makeup and beauty tools, but also other valuable, fragile stuff. It is made of aluminum frames and reinforced corners to ensure that the things inside it won’t get crushed or damaged. This case features four extendable trays as well made of quality materials.


Need to see more gift ideas for women? Head on to NileCorp.com!

Why Use Risers for Your Jewelry Display

Get to know why using risers in your window or store display are a great investment.

Shop Wholesale Acrylic Ring Stand Display Sets at Nile Corp

Jewelry store displays look even more appealing if it can create a visual interest. The eyes of passers-by and potential customers’ should be able to go from the bottom of the display to the top, and then travel from left to right. One way to make this possible is by using display risers. And this week, we are turning the spotlight on to risers, and why you should use them in your store or at trade shows.

Create visual interest

Get Wholesale Wooden Riser 3 Piece Sets at Nile Corp
As mentioned earlier, risers can create visual interest by making people look around your display. Risers create lifts and levels on the display table and can go to as small as an inch tall to about a foot high. You can also angle them in different directions to create layers, place them parallel to a necklace display or an earring display, or flip it outside down and use it as an easel to hold wallets or pouches.

Great for almost every product

Buy Wholesale Leatherette Rectangular Risers Display Sets at Nile Corp
Risers can be used not only for jewelry pieces but also for other items for sale such as figurines, collectible toys, and accessories like wallets. You can display these products effortlessly to look very elegant, especially if you use ones made of acrylic. Acrylic risers are preferred by some stores because they look effortlessly elegant and can match any color scheme.

Save space

Shop Wholesale Hexagon Display Risers Sets at Nile Corp
By using risers in your display, you get to utilize much space as possible. Creating multiple layers will allow you to showcase as many products as it can carry. You can also highlight your featured items without worrying about taking too much space from the other regular products.


Need risers to make your store window or display look even more appealing? Head on to Nilecorp.com and choose from a vast array of risers made of different materials like acrylic, wood, velvet, leatherette, and many more.

Why Acrylic Makes The Best Displays

It’s time to switch to acrylic jewelry displays!

Buy the Acrylic Rotating Jewelry Stand Earring Holder Accessories Organizer at Nile Corp
Whether you are a jewelry shop owner or a collector of fashion jewelry, having displays help a lot in organizing your collections. There are many types that you can get, like wood, burlap, metal, and acrylic. Acrylic, for us, is one of the best materials for a display. Curious as to why? We listed down five reasons why acrylic makes the best jewelry displays.

Easy to transport.

Shop the Acrylic Double T-Bar Necklace and Bracelet Display at Nile Corp
If you are a trade or craft show regular, you know well the hassle that comes with ingress and egress. That is why the best jewelry display to use are ones that are easy to set up, re-arrange, store, and transport. Acrylic displays have all these properties. Aside from those things, they are lightweight and have a higher impact strength than glass, so you do not need to worry about breaking them during transport, setup, or storage.

Clearer than glass.

Buy the Premium Acrylic Souvenir Spoon Display Case Wall Mountable Organizer Storage Holder at Nile Corp
Acrylic is more transparent than glass. The former has a green tint to it while the latter is crystal clear. Glass also tends to distort the view, while acrylic is clear allowing your customers or visitors to see the jewelry pieces for what they really look like. This is the reason why acrylic storage boxes are perfect for toy collections, vintage jewelry, and other valuable collector’s items.

Easy to clean.

Shop the Two Layer Acrylic Makeup Organizer Box at Nile Corp
Cleaning acrylic jewelry displays only require a microfiber towel or a damp lint-free cloth dipped in tap water. You’ll just have to gently wipe the surfaces. For that stubborn adhesive foam backing stuck on the surface, you'll need kerosene. However, you must be wearing a protective mask so you won't inhale the chemicals.

Minimalist in style.

Buy the Large Acrylic Bangle Display Stand at Nile Corp
Minimalism is one of the best themes for a jewelry store as it exudes elegance and understated sophistication. Acrylic displays are eye-catching and give off effortless beauty without going over the top. These displays also give a professional appearance and can complement any color scheme.


Get the Acrylic Earring Display Set at Nile Corp
Lastly, acrylic jewelry displays are easy on the pocket. You do not need to break the bank to get a set of necklace display, earring display, ring display, and other items that you need for your shop or personal collection. You can also get them for cheaper when you order in bulk.


Need acrylic jewelry displays or acrylic makeup organizers? Head on to Nilecorp.com and shop for that display or organizer that fits your needs.

Rustic Chic Packaging Must-Haves

Bathe in burlap goodness with these stunning jewelry boxes that will wow your customers.

Buy Wholesale Deluxe Burlap Jewelry Boxes at Nile Corp
Every jewelry shop has a particular theme they follow when it comes to the shop interior and even their products in general. If you are one of those shops who are into the rustic chic style, your store probably has a lot of decors and jewelry displays in burlap as well as other nature-inspired elements. We all know that packaging is the extension of your brand, so it’s best to place purchased items in something with a natural charm. If you think burlap pouches are a bit too shabby for your brand, no worries. We have deluxe burlap boxes that will definitely complement your rustic chic brand.

Burlap Earring and Pendant Box

Shop Wholesale Deluxe Burlap Earring and Pendant Box at Nile Corp
This is something that will match your necklace display -- the Deluxe Burlap Earring and Pendant Box. This cute little box can hold a pendant necklace and a pair of earrings. Its size dimension is 2 3/4" x 3 1/4" x 1 3/8"H, so it's a handy little box that looks perfect as a gift box too.

Deluxe Burlap Necklace Box

Buy Wholesale Deluxe Burlap Necklace Box at Nile Corp
The Deluxe Necklace Box can hold a necklace and can also double as a jewelry display. It can make the piece stand out because of its white interior. This box’s size dimension is 4 5/8" x 7 1/2" x 1 ⅜” so it can showcase even the longest of necklaces.

Deluxe Burlap Ring Box

Shop Wholesale Deluxe Burlap Ring Box at Nile Corp
A perfect box to hold an engagement ring, the Deluxe Burlap Ring Box can make any piece look even more charming. Its size dimension is 2 1/8" x 2 3/8" x 1 3/4"H, so it’s not that bulky, and the men won’t have a hard time hiding it from their future fiancees!

Deluxe Burlap Bracelet Box

Buy Wholesale Deluxe Burlap Bracelet Box at Nile Corp
Whether it’s a bracelet or a women’s watch, this Deluxe Burlap Bracelet Box can hold the piece perfectly. It allows the bracelet to be laid out flat, so people can admire it even without touching it. The box has two clips on either side to secure the piece inside. Its size dimension is 8 5/8" x 2 3/8" x 1 1/4"H.

Deluxe Burlap Watch Box

Shop Wholesale Deluxe Burlap Watch or Bracelet Box at Nile Corp
As for watches or thicker bracelets, for that matter, this Deluxe Burlap Watch Box is the best one to use. It comes with a watch pillow so you can place the piece securely and nicely inside the box without it getting scratched or damaged. Its size dimension is 4" x 4 1/8" x 3"H.

Deluxe Burlap Ring and Pendant Box

Buy Wholesale Deluxe Burlap Ring and Pendant Box at Nile Corp
Finally, we also have a box that can carry a ring and a pendant necklace. The Deluxe Burlap Ring and Pendant Box can showcase a two-piece set of the same design without them getting tangled inside. The ring slot is conveniently placed below the necklace slots. This box’s size dimension is 3 1/2" x 3 1/2" x 1 3/4"H.


Want to see more burlap jewelry boxes? Check out NileCorp.com for a vast array of jewelry boxes, pouches, earrings displays, necklace displays, among many others!