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Creative Ideas to Take Photos of Wedding Rings

Here are cool and unique ways to take lasting pictures of wedding rings.

Creative Ideas to Take Photos of Wedding Rings | NileCorp.com

It's just a few days before June, and this month is known to be the best month for weddings because of the weather. Spring weddings are quite beautiful -- with the blue skies, gorgeous brightly-colored flowers in bloom, and of course, the beautiful beaches. The lighting is perfect for taking lasting photos of the event as well, because of the bright natural light from the summer sun.

Wedding rings are one of the most important subjects for photos in this event, aside from the couple, of course. That is why we created a list of the six best ideas for taking memorable images of your wedding bands. Let's check them all out.

Use a jewelry display with a unique design.

Use a jewelry display with a unique design like theWooden Finger Single Ring Holder Stand Jewelry Display from NileCorp.com

This may be a traditional way, but instead of using the old-fashioned ring box, showcase your wedding rings in a jewelry display with a modern and unique design. You could choose to use a wooden ring holder as with the photo above, or a metal ring holder for a more modern vibe. You can pick the material of display that can match the theme of your wedding.

Place them on a nest.

Place them on a nest | NileCorp.com

A bird's nest is another creative way to showcase your wedding rings. It has a lovely earthy charm perfect for garden weddings. The colors of the rings and the nest and flowers perfectly contrast with each other. You can also add other stuff like twigs, vines, or moss for a playful mix of colors.

Put them on a wooden table.

Put them on a wooden table | NileCorp.com

If your wedding has a rustic theme, taking photos of your rings on a wooden table or chair is a simple idea but will give you the best results. Anything wooden exudes such rustic, earthy, and natural charm and they complement the colors of wedding rings, whether gold, silver or rose gold.

Use a book.

Use a book | NileCorp.com

Wedding rings on a book are ideal for a book-loving couple. And it's best to use old books that give vintage and homey vibes. There are different ways to showcase the rings as well; you can simply place them on top of a page with your favorite lines, or create a heart by creating two loops using two pages. Simply putting them on top of a closed book is good too.

Place them on a music sheet.

Place them on a music sheet | NileCorp.com

As for musician couples, wedding rings on a music sheet is a great idea. You can choose a sheet of your favorite song or any song that has made a significant impact on your relationship. You can add flowers and other stuff in the frame as well to add texture.

Put them on a rock or boulder.

Put them on a rock or boulder | NileCorp.com

Lastly, placing the rings on top of a rock or boulder is ideal for adventure-loving couples. It could be one on the first mountain you went hiking together or that rock in the spot where you had a memorable moment together. It's also perfect for weddings with a nature-inspired or earthy theme.


Which do you think is the best idea among the six? Share your thoughts, ideas, comments, and suggestions below. We'd love to hear from you!

Best Displays for Gold Jewelry

Make your golden pieces stand out even more with the right jewelry displays.

Use the best jewelry display for your gold jewelry.

One of the most beautiful jewelry pieces is those that are made of gold, or at the least gold-plated. They give vibes of elegance, luxury, and sophistication. However, their beauty can stand out even more by showcasing them in the right displays.

That's why for today, we'll give you some tips on what the best jewelry display to use for gold jewelry.

Black velvet

Black velvet displays like the Velvet Necklace Display Stand from Nile Corp are ideal for gold jewelry
#ND100 Velvet Necklace Display Stand

Black velvet displays are one of the best types to use. Velvet in itself exudes elegance, classic beauty, and sophistication, which perfectly matches any kind of gold jewelry. Plus, the color black allows gold to stand out even more.

Black leatherette

#219-1A Single T-Bar Display

As with black velvet, black leatherette displays are also ideal for gold jewelry. Leather also gives mixed vibes of sophistication, a rock and roll attitudes, adventures, and class. These qualities make black leatherette displays perfect for statement gold jewelry.

Steel gray leatherette

Nile Corp's Steel Gray Faux Leather Necklace Easel Display is perfect for minimalist gold jewelry
#CD-6709R-SG Steel Gray Faux Leather Necklace Easel Display

The steel gray color, on the other hand, exudes high-class sophistication and delicateness. Steel gray leatherette displays, then, are ideal for minimalist gold jewelry such as necklaces with thin chains, rings with thin bands, as well as delicate bracelets and bands.


The Wooden Jewelry Display Bust with Easel in Coffee from Nile Corp is ideal for rustic gold jewelry
WDN62-CF Wooden Jewelry Display Bust with Easel for 2 Necklaces - Coffee

Wood displays, particularly the dark-colored ones also can accentuate gold jewelry pieces' beauty. Wood gives a rustic feel, thus, making it ideal for showcasing gold jewelry for men or pieces that have gems and crystals on them.

Black metal

Black metal displays like the Metal Necklace Display Stand from Nile Corp are ideal for gold jewelry
#261-116 Metal Necklace Display Stand

If you want a modern look for your display, metal is the way to go. Metal displays are perfect for gold jewelry because they also exude industrial flair, contemporary elegance, class, and industrial flair. That said, they are best used for minimalist gold jewelry or those with modern geometric designs.


Which of these types of display do you think can accentuate gold jewelry's beauty the most? Let us know your comments, ideas, and suggestions below!

New Combination Displays for Your Jewelry Shop

Check out these new displays that save space without sacrificing aesthetics.

Use the new combination displays for your jewelry display shop.

One of the most space-saving jewelry displays are the combination ones. Combination displays can hold not just one type of jewelry but two or more. That makes them one of the favorite kinds of displays of sellers with small business spaces or are craft and trade show regulars.

Today, we picked out five combination displays that you might want to get to revamp your shop.

Steel Grey Faux Leather Combination Display

Use the new steel grey leather combination necklace display.

The Steel Grey Faux Leather Combination Display is a necklace display, earring, and ring holder in one. This item is made of steel grey faux leather-covered cardboard, making it lightweight but sturdy. It can hold only one piece of each jewelry, so it is ideal for a jewelry set. The overall dimension of this display is 3 1/2"W x 2 3/4"D x 5 1/2"H.

White Faux Leather Combination Jewelry Display

Use the white faux leather combination jewelry display perfectly fit in a glass table display.

The White Faux Leather Combination Jewelry Display, on the other hand, is perfect for glass table displays because of its size. It has a flat design but can hold multiple pieces of jewelry. It has eight parts which include one necklace bust, two necklace holders, four multiple ring holders, and one multiple earring holder. The display features an elegant white faux leather which can make any jewelry stand out. Its overall size dimension is 68''W x 18 1/4''D x 2 1/2''H.

Acrylic Rotating Jewelry Stand

Use the acrylic rotating jewelry display stand for your collection.

Next up we have the Acrylic Rotating Jewelry Stand. It can hold multiple necklaces, rings, and different types of earrings like studs and hooks. This premium acrylic display has a rotating base, which makes it easier for customers to browse your items for sale. This jewelry stand has a size dimension of 8"W x 8"W x 12"H.

Modern Metal Tabletop T-bar Display

Use the Modern Metal Tabletop T-bar Display can hold multiple items

This Modern Metal Tabletop T-bar Display has an elegant design that can complement other rustic decors in your shop or even in your home. This display can hold bracelets, bangles, pendants, earrings, and rings. It features four key-shaped bars for the bracelets and hook earrings, and a sturdy base tray for the smaller pieces of jewelry. This item has an overall size dimension of 8.5"W x 4.75"D x 14”H.

Table Top Necklace Holder

Use the table top necklace holder  to hold rings and other items.

Last, but not least, is the wooden Table Top Necklace Holder. Although it only says "necklace" in its name, it can also hold bracelets, bangles, and rings. It features one bar for the necklaces and bracelets, while the compartment with slots can hold multiple rings and other smaller pieces of jewelry. Its elegant design is ideal for vintage-inspired or fine jewelry. Its overall size dimension is 9.25 "W x 6.75 "D x 8”H.

Wooden Racks and Organizers to Add to Your Home

Add a rustic flavor to your living space with these lovely home items.

Wooden Racks and Organizers to Add to Your Home | NileCorp.com

Are you done with spring cleaning? If you are, then you might consider adding some new items in your home to keep stuff clean and organized all-year-round. These such items include racks, shelves, and organizers.

Today, we will put the spotlight on five items from our house ware collection that you might want to buy for your home or office. They are all made of wood and can instantly add a rustic vibe to your space. Let's check them all out:

Adjustable Wooden Desktop Organizer

Buy the Adjustable Wooden Desktop Organizer from NileCorp to organize your office space

First up is the Adjustable Wooden Desktop Organizer. This rack features two separate pieces that can be pushed together, placed side-by-side for a more extended shelf, or at a 90-degree angle which is ideal for corners. This adjustable rack is perfect for organizing books, files, letters, and even makeup and other personal things. The Adjustable Wooden Desktop Organizer has a size dimension of 15 3/4"W x 6 5/8"D x 12 1/2"H.

Wooden Triangle Floating Wall Mount Shelf

The Wooden Triangle Floating Wall Mount Shelf from Nile Corp can add a modern rustic vibe to your home

If you want to add some rustic modern look to your home, then this Wooden Triangle Floating Wall Mount Shelf is a good choice. This set includes three shelves in different sizes and colors that can hold picture frames, books, home decor, and even a jewelry display. The shelves already come with six metal nails as well. The size dimension of the shelves are 12"W x 4 3/4"D x 14 1/4"H (the large oak), 15 1/8"W x 4 3/4"D x 13"H (the medium brown), and 13 3/4"W x 4 3/4"D x 12"H (the small oak).

Wooden Kitchen Storage Chest Box

The Wooden Kitchen Storage Chest Box from Nile Corp is perfect not only for your kitchen

Although the Wooden Kitchen Storage Chest Box has "kitchen" in its name, it doesn't mean it should only be used in that part of the house. This chest box can hold not only your tea bags, coffee beans, and sweets, but also other home items like rubber bands, nails, and other craft supplies. The box comes with two compartments, and metal handles to easily open the lids. This lightweight storage box has a size dimension of 7 7/8"W x 4 5/8"D x 6 1/2"H.

Wooden File Desk Organizer

The Wooden File Desk Organizer from Nile Corp can help remove the clutter from your work desk

Next up, we have the Wooden File Desk Organizer. This item is ideal for home offices, study table, or your office table. It can organize not only files but also books, notebooks, and paper with its four slots and shelf. The organizer also features three drawers that have metal tag pull knobs which you can label. The small drawers are perfect for erasers, paper clips, staple wires, and other tools. The size dimension of this item is 12 3/8"W x 7 1/2"D x 13 3/8"H.

Wooden House-Shaped Wall Storage Shelf

The Wooden House-Shaped Wall Storage Shelf from Nile Corp can add a rustic feel to your home

Last we have the Wooden House-Shaped Wall Storage Shelf. This set includes seven house-shaped wall shelves in different sizes. They can hold basically anything you want -- books, collectibles, indoor plants, picture frames, and other home decors. Each piece comes with hardware for easy wall-mounting. The biggest one has a size dimension of 6 1/2"W x 5"D x 9 3/4"H and the smallest has a size dimension of 5 7/8"W x 5"D x 7 1/2"H.


Which of these house ware items would you like to buy for home? Let us know your thoughts below!

Why Use Necklace Stands

Use these displays as alternatives to necklace display busts.

Why Use Necklace Stands | NileCorp.com
Are you looking for new ways to showcase your necklaces? We all know that the best displays to use for this type of jewelry are the bust displays because they can show customers how it would look like when worn. Also, they fully display the beauty of your necklaces. But did you know that necklace stands can effectively showcase your jewelry as well?

Today, we listed down some of the reasons why using necklace stands is an excellent idea for your shop.

Space-saving and lightweight

The Necklace and Bracelet Display Stand from Nile Corp is space-saving and lightweight

Unlike your traditional necklace display, a necklace stand doesn't need that much space. Necklace stands are usually thinner and are not as bulky as with display busts. You can get ones as thin as three inches or less.

Holds multiple necklaces

The Necklace and Chain Display Pad with Easel from Nile Corp can hold multiple necklaces

Don't let their size fool you; these thin necklace stands can actually hold multiple pieces at the same time. Some designs can even hold up to nine necklaces. This feature just proves that these displays really are space-saving.

Cheaper alternative

The Necklace Display Stand from Nile Corp is a cheaper alternative to other displays

And because they can hold many necklaces, you don't have to purchase a lot of these displays. They are perfect for small-time sellers who do not have enough budget for display busts, without sacrificing aesthetics and quality.


The Burlap Multi-Necklace Stand from Nile Corp features a minimalist design

Most of these displays have an elegant minimalist design. They are covered with either burlap, linen, velvet, or faux leather. They do not have wild patterns on them that can clash with your necklace's design.

Perfect for trade and craft shows

The Set of 3 Necklace Display Stands from Nile Corp are perfect for trade and craft shows

Because they are lightweight and saves a lot of space, they make great displays for sellers who are trade and craft show regulars. Setting these necklace stands up and storing them are hassle-free, as it takes just a few minutes of your time.


Would you consider using necklace stands? Share your thoughts, ideas, and suggestions in the comments section below and why.

How to Handle Excess Inventory

Don’t just dispose of them; here are a few tips on what to do with excess jewelry pieces.

How to Handle Excess Inventory | NileCorp.com

It’s already spring, but you may have noticed that there is still a lot of Christmas-inspired jewelry in your inventory. This holiday just comes once a year, and if you can’t wait till the next Yuletide season, one option is to dispose of all these items. However, did you know that there are other ways to handle excess inventory?

Today, we are giving you a few tips and tricks on how to reduce your excess jewelry items.

Sell them to your customers.

This may seem a bit crazy, but yes, you can still sell outdated jewelry items to your customers. How you may ask? Well, you can sell them for a considerable discount. Many customers are willing to buy outdated designs for lower prices, so they can save a lot on holiday jewelry to either wear or give as presents. You can sell them at online retailers like eBay and Amazon for your products to get more exposure.

Offer them to other sellers.

Other sellers are willing to buy outdated designs. This is because they can resell them or create them into new pieces. These sellers scrap these items and use the raw materials to create new ones. For example, a pair of drop earrings with snowflake charms can be made into a simple pair of studs, minus the snowflake design. A charm bracelet with Christmas charms can be made into a minimalist piece.

Recreate them.

In line with the second tip, instead of selling them to sellers, you can scrap these jewelry pieces yourself and create them as new ones. You can even use these pieces in your workshop activities or jewelry-making classes if you regularly have them. Another option is to use the Christmas-inspired charms to design your holiday jewelry display. There are so much you can do with these jewelry scraps, all it takes is a dash of creativity!

Give them away as promotional items.

If you do not have the luxury of time to recreate your excess inventory, you can opt to give them away as promotional items. For example, if customers purchase three or more items, they can get a free Christmas-inspired piece. This would be a good idea to do in the third quarter when the Yuletide season is nearing. Keep them anticipated with the holidays!

Donate them.

The last option is to donate them. This is much better than just disposing of these items. You can give it to art workshops or organizations that have jewelry-making activities. They can scrap them and use the materials in teaching youngsters on how to make their own jewelry. Not only are you able to help, but you are also able to make these aspiring jewelry designers happy.

Why Use Paper Twine Jewelry Displays

Learn the reasons why you should consider this kind of jewelry display.

Why Use Paper Twine Jewelry Displays | NileCorp.com

Paper twine is one underrated type of jewelry display. This is because the commonly used ones include wooden, velvet, faux leather, and acrylic. We believe that paper twine jewelry displays deserve the spotlight too. So for today, we listed down the reasons why you should consider using these displays in your shop or in trade and craft shows.

They're perfect all-year-round.

Paper twine displays like the Nile Corp Paper Twine Wrapped T-Bar Bracelet Display are perfect all-year-round

Because of the natural color of woven natural fiber, they fit perfectly in a rustic-themed store display in fall and winter. But not only that, as paper twine looks perfect in a beach-themed store display as well during spring and summer! They are basically versatile, and you wouldn’t need to replace all your displays every season.

Dark paper twine looks sophisticated.

Dark paper twine displays like the Nile Corp Paper Twine Wrapped Mannequin Display exudes sophistication

Most people do not know that paper twine isn’t only available in its natural color. There are also other colors -- black and gray. And these darker ones exude chic sophistication, making them perfect for pearls and other crystal-studded jewelry.

Paper twine displays make handmade jewelry stand out.

The Nile Corp Paper Twine Wrapped Double T-Bar Bracelet Display is perfect for handmade jewelry

As we mentioned in one of our articles last week, paper twine displays make handmade jewelry stand out, along with metal, wood, and burlap. This is because they exude earthy rustic vibes that perfectly match colorful handcrafted pieces. The color of woven natural fiber also allows the colors of this jewelry to pop out even more.

They are organic and handmade.

The Nile Corp Paper Twine Wrapped Mannequin Display is organic, handmade, and hand-sculpted

It’s time that you be an eco-friendly shop. Show your loyal customers you care for the environment by showcasing your jewelry in these beautiful organic paper twine displays. They are proudly handmade with natural materials which include woven fiber and wood. The necklace display bust in the photo above is actually paper-sculpted too!

They have minimalist styles.

Most paper twine displays like the Nile Corp Paper Twine Wrapped Triple T-Bar Bracelet Display have minimalist designs

Paper twine displays have minimalist designs, making them perfect for matching with delicate jewelry pieces. Minimalism is also quite a popular style right now, and more customers will love your simple yet truly eye-catching display.

How to Clean Velvet Jewelry Displays

Keep your displays looking fresh and new with these cleaning tips and tricks.

How to Clean Velvet Jewelry Displays | NileCorp.com

Velvet is one of the favorite types of displays of sellers because of its sophistication, glamour, and its ability to make a necklace stand out. Sometimes, you cannot avoid your velvet-covered jewelry displays from getting dirty or stained. A necklace display with stains cannot accentuate the beauty of your pieces. So once you've noticed some dirt on your displays don't wait weeks or months before cleaning it.

That is why for today, we are sharing a few tips on how to clean your velvet jewelry displays.

Use sticky tape.

For minor dirt like dust and small particles, sticky tape is the cheapest way to go. You only have to cut about two inches of the tape and wrap it around a pencil or your finger with the sticky side out. Gently dab the tape unto the velvet surface. Replace with a new one as necessary.

Use a lint roller.

If it’s mostly fuzz and fur, a lint roller or a lint remover is the way to go. However, this is not too effective for dust, so you will still need sticky tape for it. Gently roll the lint roller all over the surface in one direction. Remove the sheet and replace it with a new one once it's no longer sticky.

Clean with a mild liquid soap solution.

For stubborn stains, try using a mild detergent solution. In a small container, mix warm water with a few drops of mild liquid dish washing soap. Using an old toothbrush, mix the solution. Then gently rub the velvet surface to remove the stains. Afterward, dab a clean lint-free cloth to dry it. Then allow to completely air dry.

Refurbish it.

With some glue and thick wrapping paper, you can refurbish a velvet display if worse comes to worst. If you've tried all the ways to clean it, don't throw it and instead make it look even better. You can also use other materials to cover it like hemp linen, patterned cloth or tissue paper for decoupage. You can also add some embellishments at the edges like old beads or lace.

Best Jewelry Displays for Handmade Jewelry

Showcase your handcrafted pieces with these gorgeous displays.

Best Jewelry Displays for Handmade Jewelry | NileCorp.com

Last week, we wrote about the reasons why you should sell handmade jewelry. If you did decide to offer them in your shop, it's time you look for a jewelry display that can bring out the best in these pieces. That's why for today, we listed down the best types of display that you should use to make handmade jewelry even more eye-catching.

Burlap or organic hemp linen displays

The Burlap Jewelry Display Set gives off a Bohemian vibe perfect for handmade pieces | NileCorp.com
Displays covered in burlap or hemp linen are perfect for handcrafted pieces. This is because they give off a beachy vibe perfect for spring and summer, as well as Bohemian styles. Most handmade pieces are also made of colorful beads and charms, and these hues complement the light brown color of burlap. Basically, any jewelry that has multicolored stones or beads are perfect with burlap displays.

Wooden displays

The wooden Single T-Bar Display brings out beauty of handcrafted jewelry | NileCorp.com
As with burlap, the color of wood also tends to bring out the beauty of handmade jewelry. What's best about this type of display is that you can get them in many different colors -- light, reddish, and dark. You can get one in a tone that will complement the designs of your jewelry. Furthermore, wooden displays are usually lightweight, making them perfect for sellers who are craft show regulars.

Metal displays

Handmade jewelry will look gorgeous in this Metal Arrow and T-Bar Jewelry Display Organizer Stand | NileCorp.com
Yes, handcrafted jewelry looks gorgeous in metal displays too! These modern displays have minimalist styles, making them ideal for statement handmade pieces, or those that are adorned with big gems, pendants, or charms. Also, this type of display also comes in many different colors -- there's black, silver tone, white, blue, and even pink. Metal displays are also lightweight, making them one of the best choices for trade show regulars.

Paper twine displays

The Paper Twine Wrapped Mannequin Display can bring out the beauty of handmade jewelry | NileCorp.com
Paper twine displays give off an earthy rustic vibe, just like the burlap ones would. They are available not only in light brown but in other colors as well like gray and black. Handcrafted pieces that have nature-inspired designs like flowers and leaves look more eye-catching with these displays.


Which type of these displays would you use for your handmade jewelry? Which one should you think must be off the list? Let us know your thoughts and suggestions in the comments section below!

5 Helpful Tips to Selling Jewelry in Craft Shows

Increase your sales with these selling tips and tricks.

5 Helpful Tips to Selling Jewelry in Craft Shows |  NileCorp.com

Competition is tough in craft and trade shows, basically because you may be offering the same products with two or more shops. That said, you have to do everything in your power to up your game. Promos may attract customers, but that might just not be enough. Today, we will discuss the five simple ways on how you can cut through the noise in a jewelry craft show.

Captivate customers with beautiful displays.

Captivate people with beautiful jewelry displays | NileCorp.com

The most basic of them all, of course, is to have eye-catching displays. You may opt to go DIY and customize them all, but if you don’t have enough time, purchase ready-made ones. It is recommended to use a rotating necklace display or one that can hold multiple necklaces. The same goes for all other items. Doing so will allow you to save more space, and it will be easier for your customers to check out all the pieces.

Know all your items for sale.

Be knowledgeable about all your jewelry items for sale | NileCorp.com.

You should always be able to answer all your customers’ queries. You should know what metal a particular piece is made of, as well as the gemstones if there are any. You should be able to tell them which item is hypoallergenic, as well as the proper care and maintenance of your jewelry. Customers will immediately be turned off if you can’t answer any of their questions.

Be knowledgeable about the colors.

Be knowledgeable about skin tones and the colors that match them | NileCorp.com

You must also know which colors best match a certain skin tone. As we all know, cool skin tones have veins that appear blue, while warm skin tones have veins that appear green. The "cools" look gorgeous with silver-tone and gems in the blue end of the color wheel. The "warms," on the other hand, look perfect with yellow gold-tone and crystals in the red end of the wheel. With this info, you will be able to suggest the right pieces for your customers. You can also give them a few styling tips as well, based on this skin tone rule.

Be honest with your jewelry products.

Be honest about your items for sale | NileCorp.com

If you think a particular piece doesn’t look too appealing to a customer, let them know nicely. Then immediately suggest one that accentuates their features and let them see in the mirror. Don’t just sell for money; make sure your customers will be happy with their purchases. Doing so will also make them feel appreciated. You should also be honest about your products -- if it’s gold-plated, let them know, and do not let it pass as real gold. If the crystal’s lab made, indicate in the tag, otherwise, let them know immediately by putting up a sign, so they won’t assume that it’s a natural crystal.

Offer other pieces.

Offer your customers a variety of other jewelry pieces | NileCorp.com

Lastly, try to offer them other pieces that match the jewelry they chose. You must remember not to hard-sell though, and allow them to decide for themselves, as they might get turned off and change their mind. Allow them to try other pieces and let them see for themselves how the jewelry they chose matches another one. If they decide not to buy another item, that’s okay, and avoid pushing them to. Instead, thank them for their purchase and let them know you’d appreciate if they can buy again next time.