Social Media 101 for Jewelry Shop Owners

Go beyond your brick-and-mortar shop and tap into social media’s limitless reach.

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The year is 2019, and if you haven’t yet explored social media as a valuable platform for your jewelry business then you are seriously missing out on a lot of things.

For its visual impact and far-reaching potential, social media can take your jewelry shop ten notches high, but only if you know how to leverage its features. Master its ins and outs, and you’ll have a powerful tool that can help build your brand, grow your audience, and also increase your sales.

If you are new to doing social media marketing, or you are a small business owner looking for another way to promote your business, then this guide is for you:

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The “Big 4” of Social Media Platforms

These social media platforms have the best reach and engagements:

Instagram Fast Facts:

  • It has a base of 1 billion active users each month.
  • 71% of American businesses use the platform.

Instagram’s visual-centric approach and its emphasis on portraying lifestyle subjects like food, travel, fashion, and art make it the perfect platform for jewelers to explore. Over the years, it has become more than just a photo-sharing site and has evolved to become an e-commerce platform where entrepreneurs can sell their merchandise. As a branding tool, features like Instagram Stories serve as a platform for marketers to create content that promotes their products and services.

Facebook Fast Facts:

  • Two-thirds of US adults are on the platform.
  • 96% of its active users access the site via their mobile devices.

Facebook has users of all ages who make the platform their main source of news and information, as well as a depository of their photos and videos. It’s a place where memories are shared, and the hot topics of the day are debated. Businesses have taken advantage of this by promoting their brands through the site’s Facebook for Business feature.

Twitter Fast Facts:

  • As of October 2019, US users account for 48.35 million of the site’s total user base.
  • According to the site, their ads are 11% more effective than television ads during live events.

Don’t let the 240-character limit discourage you from getting on the platform. Twitter boasts of an active user base, especially evident during live events, with millions of tweets posted and exchanged. Advertisers have used this to their advantage through the clever use of #hashtags, a social media feature popularized on the site which tracks messages for a specific topic.

Pinterest Fast Facts:

  • US households in high-income brackets are much more likely to use Pinterest than those who earn less.
  • 85% of American women use the site to plan “life moments.”

Pinterest is unique amongst social media as its main purpose is content curation. Images are shared on the site through “pinning” or the saving of particular images to create sets or collections. Amongst the “Big 4”, this may be the perfect platform for jewelers to build awareness about their merchandise.

The Rules of Promoting Your Jewelry Business on Social Media

Get to know your audience.
Find out what makes them tick, how they live their lives, their wants, and desires. Once you’ve established your target audience’s persona, use that data to craft a campaign that provides them the answers.

Social media lets you also discover what your competition is doing out there, which can help you figure out new strategies for your business. Likewise, taking your business online opens you up to potential suppliers and additional business opportunities.

Be consistent.
Have a regular posting schedule so that content is always kept fresh on your chosen platforms. Remember also to stick to your chosen voice and persona as a way to establish your brand to the audience. This extends to your choice of colors, themes, and terminologies in your postings.

Don’t be afraid to experiment.
The various tools and features in each social media platform give you a multitude of options to explore, so don’t be afraid to use them. Likewise, these sites rely heavily on images so use them to your advantage. Post photos of your latest jewelry display sets, create videos on how customers can dress up their style with your merchandise, or use GIFs and memes to engage with your audience. The possibilities are endless!

Make yourself open to feedback.
One way to maintain a great relationship with your customers is through open communication. Always be ready to answer questions from your audience, and use social media not just to promote or sell your merchandise but also to provide after-sales support.


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