How To Strike Gold at a Crafts Fair With Your Jewelry Display

Helpful tips to help you grow sales at a jewelry crafts fair.

Jewelry on display on painted trays.

Joining crafts fairs is one of the best ways to spread the word about your jewelry business, especially if you’re just starting out. It’s more than just an opportunity to sell your products, as this type of event also allows you to make plenty of connections with new customers, creators, and partners.

It’s important to carefully choose the products you will be bringing to the event. Likewise, the jewelry display techniques you apply can make or break your fair experience.

It’s best to not go in blindly by learning what you can before joining any crafts fair. Check out our tips here, which include jewelry display ideas, with some marketing and selling techniques, and we hope it helps you to face such events with confidence.

Pick a statement piece to serve as the focal point for your jewelry display

You would want something that pops out to get the attention of passersby, so why not go for a grand, statement piece and put it in the center of your exhibit?

#189-7 Necklace Display Bust in Black Velvet
#189-7 Necklace Display Bust in Black Velvet*

You should go for something that will stand out, so your best bet here is to go for a necklace, showcased in the center using a necklace display bust. Unlike a bracelet rack or an earring stand, display busts are bigger and can definitely catch the attention of passersby especially if it holds an interesting piece.

Marketing Must-Do:

Don’t forget to bring business cards and to hand them out to customers and potential partners. Not only would it help you spread the word about your business, take this as an opportunity to make a connection with them by linking them to your online assets (via QR codes), such as your social media page and/or newsletter. Don’t forget to ask them for their business cards too.

Take advantage of jewelry display stands that can carry multiple pieces

While we don’t recommend that you bring your entire collection to the fair, it’s important that you have enough merchandise to market and sell for the event. Given that you will have limited space for showcasing your products in the venue, it’s best to go for jewelry displays that can hold multiple pieces at the same time.

#WDJ5036ATWH Natural Wood Rotating 36 Hooks Jewelry Tower, Antique White Colo
#WDJ5036ATWH Natural Wood Rotating 36 Hooks Jewelry Tower, Antique White Color*

Pay close attention to the features of jewelry displays you’re thinking of bringing. Look for those that can help make things a lot easier for you and your customers, like this rotating jewelry tower which makes browsing for the customers a breeze. 

Choose also jewelry displays that are portable which are the best options when you are on the road. Look for jewelry display tools that can be folded or those that can be dismantled as they are certainly more travel-friendly compared to other types. 

Customer Service Commandment:

Your booth is more likely to be approached if customers see a friendly face manning the area. Folks would also come and possibly ask questions about the business and your products so always have a ready smile and a personable attitude.

Varieties in heights make for interesting setups

You can create interesting setups by playing with dimensions. Uniformity is out and variety is in, so go for jewelry display tools that showcase different heights. Likewise, when it comes to visuals, go for sets that come in odd numbers as they are seen as much more attractive to our eyes.

#WDN64 Wooden Necklace Holder Jewelry Display Bust Stand
#WDN64 Wooden Necklace Holder Jewelry Display Bust Stand*

This three-piece necklace display bust stand definitely fulfills the above-mentioned visual guidelines for showcasing your merchandise. Another perk to using this particular product is that the busts are actually removable which makes this piece a portable option as well.

Marketing Must-Do:

Have yourself and your staff wear some of your merchandise while manning the booth. Be ready to talk about them when people approach, so make sure you have interesting stories to tell about how they were made or at least have some styling tips to share with your potential customers.

See-through containers add a layer of protection  between your merchandise and customers

It’s important to be extra vigilant when you’re in charge of a jewelry booth as passersby with bad intentions can easily swipe and run off with your merchandise if you’re not looking closely. Having enough people to keep watch will certainly help, but you can also go for clear containers or cases so that your products are not as exposed while remaining viewable to customers.

#1109 Acrylic Lockable Showcase Display Stand with 3 Removable Shelves
#1109 Acrylic Lockable Showcase Display Stand with 3 Removable Shelves*

Again, it’s best to look for jewelry display products with additional features that help with your concerns. In the case of this item, this one is actually lockable which prevents thieves from stealing your merchandise. You can rest easy knowing your precious jewelry collection is protected inside.  

Customer Service Commandment:

Provide your customers with several mirrors, both handheld and a full-length one, so they can check out themselves while trying out your merchandise. This helps them make the best shopping choices, at the same time earning you points in their eyes.

Just remember our advice and you’ll be sure to have a fun and fruitful experience at any crafts fair you join.

*Available on the Nile Corp website. Accessories not included.

Beyond Jewelry: Our Best All-Purpose Storage Containers and Displays

The best storage and dispay tools for your jewelry and beyond.

An older lady putting on makeup by her vanity area.

Investing in good and long-lasting jewelry display tools is an essential part of any serious jewelry lover’s life. Likewise, they must also take into consideration the kind of storage they will need to accommodate their collection. While it is important that they are sturdy and dependable, it’s also wise to look for versatility when shopping for these items. All-purpose storage organizers are always preferable because such products wouldn’t limit you to the type of objects they can hold, making them smart, cost-saving buys. Not only that but multipurpose containers are economical and environment-friendly options as they can be reused time and time again.

Good thing we also have a few storage organizers and containers in our product line that you can use for your jewelry collection and beyond. Simply click on their names to explore and purchase. 

*Accessories are not included and are used for illustrative purposes only.

#COM5780C Premium Acrylic 5 Drawer Makeup & Jewelry Organizer

#COM5780C Premium Acrylic 5 Drawer Makeup & Jewelry Organizer

This acrylic drawer-type container is one storage organizer that the whole family can enjoy. Aside from holding makeup and jewelry, the same organizer can be used to hold handyman tools such as pliers, screwdrivers, and nails. Likewise, they can be used to store stationery and office supplies. For artistic busybodies, this same item is perfect for storing crafting materials.

Simply put, this is a versatile product that anyone regardless of hobby or interest will find useful to have around.

#WD3302-CF 2Pcs Set Wall-Mounted 30 Golden Hooks Jewelry Display

#WD3302-CF 2Pcs Set Wall-Mounted 30 Golden Hooks Jewelry Display

Wall-mounted products are some of the best jewelry display and storage organizers, most especially for apartment and tiny house dwellers. Because every area is essential in small spaces, those that you can mount on the wall easily resolve this issue—as long as you don’t overload your dwelling with it then they are indeed wise buys.

This wall-mounted holder with 30 golden hooks, in particular, is great for hanging up near doors as a key holder. This is also perfect for holding accessories such as bracelets, necklaces, and bangles, as well as hair accessories such as hair ties and scrunchies.

#WDT534BR Two-Sided Jewelry Display Stand, Brown Color

#WDT534BR Two-Sided Jewelry Display Stand, Brown Color

But if you prefer a shelf or tabletop organizer over a wall-mounted one, then give this one a try. Its plank-style design and half-cross-joint construction allow you to fold the display when not in use, earning this piece space-saving points just like the previous product.

In the looks department, the wooden frame gives it a classic and elegant appeal which makes it a great showpiece on your shelves and tables. Function-wise it can hold plenty of earrings, keychains, and accessories such as watches and glasses. Measuring 18 1/4"W x 3/4"D x 16 1/8"H, this piece also comes in a more rustic, coffee-colored variant.

#COM172-1 Two-Layer Acrylic Makeup Organizer Box

#COM172-1 Two-Layer Acrylic Makeup Organizer Box

A stackable organizer such as this item is another great find for those looking for containers with space-saving features. This one comes in two layers, each divided into three compartments. Primarily a makeup organizer, this could also be used to store beads, rings, earrings, even pills. An especially useful feature of this item is that it comes in clear acrylic which makes finding your stuff a piece of cake—perfect in times of emergencies if you’re using this as a pill organizer.

#SAT107CF Adjustable Wooden Desktop Organizer Office Supplies Storage Shelf Rack

#SAT107CF Adjustable Wooden Desktop Organizer Office Supplies Storage Shelf Rack

An organized workspace makes you feel more at ease and concentrated to focus on the task at hand, and for that, we recommend this wooden shelf rack. 

It’s a great organizer for storing all your work essentials. It has drawers for your documents, Post-Its, and clips. It also has a holder with three compartments for your phone, glasses, rulers, and pens, plus shelves for books and other essentials.

And just like everything else in this list, it’s versatile in that you can use it for other activities such as storing your art supplies, cooking essentials (cookbooks, silverware, knives, spice rack), sewing materials, etc.

#WDJ5118CF Rotating Wooden Two-Sided Display Stand with Clips

#WDJ5118CF Rotating Wooden Two-Sided Display Stand with Clips

For our last highlight, we’re gonna cheat a bit here because this piece is purely meant for display, but we like it so much that we thought of including it here on our all-purpose storage list.

This is a fun piece to have around the home as a decorative item. With 18 clips attached on each side of the board, this is the perfect platform to showcase your earring collection (earring cards are a must). If you’re not much of a jewelry collector then this one also works as a polaroid photo displayer. It’s a great way to show off your fun moments with friends or if you’re a photocard collector, why not showcase your favorite idols' pictures on this board? This could also be used as a reminder board where you can place notes to help you keep track of your tasks for school and work.

All-purpose products are wise investments to have around the home. Let your limitless imagination help you find the best ways to use these items from our catalog.

How To Incorporate Shabby Chic Style into Your Jewelry Displays

Give your showcase a romantic, vintage vibe with this aesthetic.

A shabby chic set up featuring flowers ina  clear blue vase and aged wardrobes in the back.

Looking for a new style to adopt for your jewelry display showcase? The shabby chic style is a fun one to try out for home and commercial use. It’s a look that calls to mind the aesthetics of an old farmhouse: lots of vintage furniture with some faded details, giving it a lived-in and cozy look. In terms of colors, the preferred shades are muted tones like cream and pastels.

It also gives off a do-it-yourself (DIY) appeal as for many years rural households are expected to be self-sufficient so homemade woodcrafts adorned with elements found in nature are a common theme.

In fact, many design experts have noted the style’s rise in popularity in the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic. As the majority of the population was in lockdown, many turned to its romantic and familiar appeal to provide comfort while isolating.

No need to turn back the hands of time to try out this design technique as it’s always a good time to try out and explore. Here are some tips you need to remember if this is your first try at exploring this particular aesthetic.

Thrift stores are your best friend

Looking for furniture to incorporate into your shabby chic jewelry display setup? Forget about going for new furniture finds—your best bet is your good ‘ol neighborhood thrift store.

The aesthetic is all about exuding an aged but homey look, so you should be on the lookout for pre-loved furniture and decorations. While it is true that some furniture stores offer newly-made items that are deliberately made to look old, nothing beats the appeal of genuine vintage furniture.

When going for authenticity though, make sure that the furniture is not falling apart. Check that the item you’re going for—whether it is a shelf or a table to be used to hold your earring display stands or necklace display busts—is sturdy and can possibly be used for a while. A little bit of wear and tear is ok as those are part of the aesthetic. As with anything else when making an investment for your jewelry collection, practice sound judgment to make the best purchase.

Combine the aesthetic’s muted colors with texture 

Shabby chic is never about going for bold shades and loud design elements. It’s all about toned-down colors such as cream/off-white with a sprinkling of pastel elements here and there. What makes the style pop out though is its use of texture. This can be achieved with intricate details on fabric (crochet pieces and floral design on doilies) or the rugged, weathered look on wooden furniture.

#NDF7733 Burlap Linen Covered T-Bar Bracelet Display
#NDF7733 Burlap Linen Covered T-Bar Bracelet Display*

Check out this bracelet display T-bar stand as a perfect example if the aesthetic's design rules are combined in one jewelry display device. Covered in a cream-colored burlap fabric, it also comes with a lace ribbon detail which gives it a sweet nostalgic appeal making it the perfect addition to any shabby chic-themed display.

Floral elements are a must-have

As an aesthetic inspired by the look of country home living, florals are an absolute must-have when putting together a shabby chic jewelry display setup. Whether you’re using actual fresh flowers or other elements such as floral wood carvings or pressed dried flowers, these can add a charming touch to a well-crafted shabby chic showcase.

#NDF8806 Fabric Covered Doll Jewelry Display
#NDF8806 Fabric Covered Doll Jewelry Display*

Fabrics with floral patterns are especially popular accents for shabby chic interiors and this doll-type jewelry display stand certainly fits the bill.

Mismatched decors are ok

There’s a tendency for other interior design styles to value uniformity when it comes to choosing which pieces should go together. Shabby chic doesn’t have such strict standards when it comes to its design principles.

While it values craftsmanship and woodworks, it doesn’t necessarily concern itself with having a “perfect” setup where everything is pristine and matching as it should. Owing to its DIY ethos and having the thrift shop as a prime source for its decorations, feel free to put together furniture such as mismatched vases or chairs together. Doing so would definitely give your setup its unique character.

Because in many ways the shabby chic aesthetic means being fine with a look that gives it the appearance of organized chaos, it’s easy to slip into clutter. While mismatched decors are ok, be careful not to overload spaces with too much furniture or decors.

The right fabric can tie the whole look together

A pretty throw or a cozy blanket are great accents to finish your setup, but only if you have the right fabric. Your best bets are textured fabrics such as lace, linen, and crocheted pieces. In short, focus on those adorned with patterns and curls. Basically, pieces that look cozy and classic would make for great additions to your jewelry display showcase. You can achieve the look by simply draping a blanket over a couch or using a table runner on top of shelves.

#WD3331-OK 3Pcs Set Wood Stackable Display Riser Stands

#WD3331-OK 3Pcs Set Wood Stackable Display Riser Stands*

You can complete the whole look with this 3-piece set of wooden riser stands which you could use to showcase various jewelry, as shown in this picture, like rings, necklaces, and even bracelets.

When deciding on a look to aspire for when decorating your jewelry displays, it always pays to go for a style that would suit best your brand and target market. While it’s not for everyone, the shabby chic look is an old favorite that has stood the test of time. If you think your customers would love it, then why not give this particular aesthetic a try?

*Available on the Nile Corp website. Accessories not included.

7 Ways You Can Show Appreciation to Your Jewelry Customers

Give thanks to the folks who supported you along the way.

An older woman doing a jewelry presentation to a young woman at a jewelry shop.

The heart and soul of running a business are the customers. They are the very reason why a business continues to prosper, and on the flip side, the reason for its downfall. Every entrepreneur, no matter the industry, must recognize this fact.

It is for this reason that those who stay loyal to your business need to be celebrated for their continued support. And while it’s true that giving them the best products and services each day is a form of showing gratitude already, why not do something extra for these folks to show your appreciation for their efforts?

1. Celebrate your customers with a whole day of appreciation.

You can designate certain dates in the calendar—your jewelry shop’s founding day, for example—as a day of appreciation for your customers. 

Think of doing activities that your customers would really love, like a special jewelry exhibition night for an up-and-coming designer with cocktails and party food. If you prefer a daytime event, you can also hold a brunch get-together where people can learn styling tips on how they could accessorize their outfits or a workshop on jewelry display ideas they can try out at their homes.

2. Set up a loyalty club that comes with special privileges and treats.

You may also set up a special “VIP” club for your long-time customers. Rules for qualifying often differ depending on the store or industry, but often retail loyalty clubs require those who want to join to reach a certain price point in purchases to qualify automatically. Meanwhile, some businesses run sign-ups on and offline to gather interested parties to the club.  

Whatever method you choose for acquisition, make sure the perks are great and are of interest to the members. Benefits such as special discounts, early access to new products, free gifts, and members-only shopping days are just some of the things that you can offer for your store’s VIPs. You can also partner with other businesses such as restaurants or gyms so that your shop’s club members can experience special sessions and treats at these establishments.

Of course, every customer that strolls into your store should be treated as a VIP—no exclusive club membership required—so make sure to give top-notch customer service all the time.

3. Run a fun raffle.

Outside of a loyalty club, a raffle draw is a fun and simple way to show appreciation to your customers. You can run this promo offline by asking anyone who purchases an item to write in their details in a raffle stub or you can also conduct it online by tagging you in your social media pages.  

The prizes you could give away could be an item from your store, like a jewelry item bundled with a jewelry display stand, or a personalized service like jewelry engraving or extended warranty services for their purchases.

4. Keep them coming back with a reward points promo.

This is another popular customer appreciation treat that everyone would love. It starts by handing out point cards to every customer that buys something from your jewelry store. Every purchase earns them a stamp or point. Completing a certain amount of points or stamps earns the lucky customer a special treat from you.

Alternatively, some stores run the reward points promo where every point earned gets converted to cash which customers can use for their future purchases.

Whatever method you choose, this type of promo sure is a fun way to show gratitude to your loyal customers, while encouraging new ones to join in.

A groom inserting the wedding ring into his bride's finger.

5. Sing them praises on social media.

Now here’s a simple but effective way to show gratitude to your customers, and it won’t even cost you a penny. A thoughtful image, GIF, or video clip that shows you’re thankful for their continued support can go a long way at making your followers’ day.

You may also run this campaign by having past customers send in their thoughts and experiences with your products. Have them share stories such as when something they bought from your store became a part of a special milestone in their life, like a wedding. Afterward, you can give a  small token of appreciation to those who participated.

6. Send out personalized notes of appreciation.

Personalized notes are always appreciated whether they come from a family member or a friend, so why can’t you give one as a business to a customer? Short, thoughtful notes that come attached to a shopping package are a nice way to show your thanks for the customer’s support. The best thing about this is that it always comes as a surprise to the recipient because not a lot of businesses do this practice. 

Think of this gesture as your good deed for the day, in that not only will it put a smile on your customer’s face but it would surely put one on yours as well.

7. Always put a premium on giving top-notch customer service.

While we’ve mentioned early in this article that giving high-quality customer service should be an ordinary everyday effort, we do feel like this point must be emphasized to close out this piece.

Making a conscious decision to deliver the best services each day should be at the heart of every jewelry shop staff member. From the moment a potential customer steps to the moment they step out—whether they purchase anything or not—each employee must give their best to satisfy the wants of their buyers. And that’s only the beginning: there must always be a constant effort to upskill so that the folks handling customer concerns on the floor would know how to handle any challenges that come their way.

Likewise, every care must be given that the jewelry displays are well-stocked and designed in a way that benefits the customers browsing your shop.

And at this point, we want to thank you, our loyal readers and customers, for continuously supporting us with your jewelry display and storage needs. Rest assured that we will continue to deliver only the best products and services to meet your satisfaction!

How To Find Trending Jewelry Styles To Sell at Your Store

There are the steps you need to take to score yourself the best and the latest jewelry trends.

Several pieces of beaded necklaces on display.

One of the many challenges of running a jewelry business is the need to keep your shop’s merchandise fresh and up-to-date. Sure, you can give your jewelry display setups a trendy spin each month but it’ll be more impressive to your customers if you have a steady stream of new designs to showcase.

This puts you steps ahead of the competition as your business will be known as the one with the best and most trendy jewelry designs. So if you’re wondering where to get the latest jewelry styles for your store, then you’ve come to the right place. Whether you’re a creator-entrepreneur or a third-party seller, you will surely see great finds when you look into these sources:

Look for the bestsellers in e-commerce sites

Online marketplaces or e-commerce sites like Amazon, eBay, and Etsy are great destinations when you’re looking for the most popular items in the market today. Often, these websites have sections where they highlight their bestsellers. On Amazon, you can find those under “Amazon Movers & Shakers.” It is updated hourly so it’s close to being a real-time trending list. If you are a third-party seller, try to find those with wholesale pricing so you can save costs when you order.

Seek out industry websites and publications for expert insights

There are plenty of jewelry industry websites from here and abroad that are a great source of not just trends but news that matters to jewelers like you. Jewelry forecasts, as well as market conditions, are just some of the regular topics covered by these sites. Likewise, experts give jewelry business advice which makes them helpful references for jewelers keen on upskilling themselves and their staff.

Occasionally these websites would also feature social events such as celebrity award shows to showcase the jewelry worn by the stars. Often, the most popular designs end up becoming trends as well so it’s best to keep your eyes peeled on these parts of the sites.

White flowers and a fashion magazine atop a wooden desk.

Check out the reports on trends by fashion blogs and magazines

Fashion blogs, as well as the online versions of the world’s top fashion magazines (Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Cosmopolitan), are just some of the go-to references for any fashionista, and they should be yours too. These websites offer fashion forecasts (including jewelry) and coverage of runway shows and fashion weeks around the world. These shows are where fashion and jewelry designers present their latest collections and are considered trendsetters so they make sense to be on the radar of jewelers. Of course, the printed version of these popular titles would provide you with great material as well.

Not only would consuming their content be helpful for those researching the latest jewelry trends, but the photoshoots featured on their pages could also serve as inspiration for your shop’s jewelry displays. Just think of the many creative ideas you can come up with once you make it a habit to consume fashion publications on the regular—your necklace display stands, earring display trees, and bracelet holders better be ready.

Find out what people are searching up online via Google Trends

Google Trends is a feature on Google that tracks the search terms used by users on the search engine. Based on that, you can pretty much get an idea of how popular a certain search term is at a particular period in time.

Try to use several word combinations (costume jewelry, costume jewelry San Diego, fine jewelry, jewelry for children) when using Google Trends for a broader scope of your research. Look for those with high rates of searches but be careful once you see quick spikes on the chart that dissipates just as quickly which is typical for fad products or topics. It’s best to focus your efforts on those with sustained high performance with very little dips in user searches.

Flex your social listening muscles to “hear” what people are talking about online

When you want to find out what tickles the fancy of people nowadays, you have to be where they are right now and these days everyone is on social media. 

First, you need to select the social media apps that your target market frequents. You can look up reports online but you probably won’t go wrong if you start with Instagram or Pinterest. We picked out these two for they are platforms that are highly visual with an emphasis on showcasing aspirational posts. In fact, Pinterest has released a full forecast report on the trends that will emerge this 2022. The app looked at the search behavior of its users segmented by age groups. It is a fascinating study that you can learn a lot from and you can find it here.

Just like when you’re planning for a marketing campaign, it always pays to put yourself in your target market’s shoes to find out what they want and need. Once you figure out this part of the process, you now have to provide what they are looking for.

Luckily, as this article has shown, there’s a wealth of information out there to help you find the best jewelry merchandise to showcase at your store.

The Best Ways To Promote Your Jewelry Business on Facebook

Tips on promoting your jewelry business on the popular social networking app.

A pair of hands navigating a smartphone.

If you’re not on Facebook yet then you are essentially missing out on tapping a huge pool of potential customers. How huge? The latest stats put Facebook on top with almost 3 billion active users worldwide. Okay, so you might not be targeting the entire globe for your jewelry merchandise for now but you might be interested to know that 82% of the total North American population are considered active social media users. Whichever way you look at it, getting on Facebook would mean huge gains for your jewelry business.

Now if this is your first time making a Facebook Business page then the process might be daunting for you. You might be asking yourself: Should I start running giveaways? Do I need to publish style advice or share how I set up jewelry display showcases at my store?

There are plenty of ways you can expand your business’ reach on the platform, but if you haven’t started a business page yet then don’t worry as long as you start as soon as you can. You can begin by…

Spread the word about your Facebook Business page on and offline

Whether you’re running a physical or an online jewelry store, you need to build a following first before promoting your business online. Treat the beginning of your Facebook page as a branding opportunity so remember to promote it in any way you can.

You can include your page link, QR code, or username on your store’s physical marketing collateral such as calling cards, posters, flyers, or gift tags. Digitally, you can announce your new page on your electronic newsletters or your existing social media assets if you have any.

To increase visibility you may also join jewelry industry groups or jewelry fan pages on Facebook to share the good news about your new social media account.

A woman in the middle of shooting a vlog.

Share helpful content to your followers

While you’re building up your follower count, it helps to start filling up your page with content that matters to you and your target market. Start building authority by sharing blog posts on jewelry and other related subjects such as jewelry making and jewelry display advice. Make sure to create them with catchy headlines and interesting learnings so that your followers would want to share them with their network which is a form of digital word-of-mouth marketing. The more helpful content you put up means more opportunities for you to show up on more user timelines, thereby expanding your reach to more potential followers/customers.

From here you can explore more content types such as product highlights, photo posts, videos, and surveys. Just remember to make it relevant and engaging to attract your targets. 

Also, something that’s very important to remember? Provide accurate links on your posts so that those who click can be directed to your website. This is especially important when you’re posting links to product pages where people can order your merchandise or to your blog posts which helps with your search engine optimization efforts.

Use analytics to discover which type of content works 

Once you have established a constant stream of posts, there will come a time when you will need to check their performance to see if they are hitting your goals. Look for posts with the biggest reach and engagement and figure out if there’s any commonality (theme, post type) between them. Later on, you can focus your content strategy on those that perform the best.

Looking into your analytics—under Facebook’s Business Manager—will also help you determine the time and day when your posts perform well.

When you combine all these data, you may come to find out that your best performing content is your OOTD videos and retail jewelry display tips and that your followers respond best on Wednesdays at 2:30 in the afternoon.

Boost your efforts with paid ads

Once you’ve found your stride through organic posts, you can take your Facebook success even further by placing paid ads on the site. The type of posts you would submit for paid posting (also called “boosting” by the website) is up to you. Budgeting for paid ads is within your call as well. 

You can also set guidelines for audience targeting in your ads. For example, you can specifically target your ads to show up on the timelines of women, aged 16-47 who are employed and residing in California and are interested in fashion, celebrities, and music. This is a smart move for your campaign so you can zero in and eventually reach users who are part of your target market who have yet to follow your page.

Set up your shop on your Facebook page

As you continue to grow your community on the app, you better make use of additional features to your page that will make selling your merchandise a lot easier to your followers. Facebook Shops together with Commerce Manager will help you set up a shop right on your page which is the best option for brick-and-mortar jewelry store owners looking to expand their business online or first-time e-commerce entrepreneurs. Setting up is easy as the app has an easy-to-follow guide for their users interested in the service.

Always remember that having the right visuals is a key to online selling success so make sure to shoot product pics—which you will be submitting to Facebook Shops—with this in mind. Take good care that your merchandise, as well as their jewelry display set up (including location,  lighting, and props), is designed to attract customers so they look their best in photos.

A woman working on her laptop.

Provide top-notch customer service even online

Once you’ve dipped your toes in Facebook, it helps to remember that your page will now function as an extension of your store. Just as your sales staff will give their attention to anyone who strolls in your physical store, the same due care should be given to customers coming from your Facebook page.

Make sure to have a dedicated social media staff who would answer concerns, questions, as well as comments left (both positive and negative) on your page. A human voice will always be appreciated more over templated responses so make sure you have enough people to respond in the soonest time possible. Some members of this team may then be assigned to handle post creation, posting, and scheduling.

We promise you that you will soon hit the sweet spot on social media once you discover the right formula and the right people to manage your Facebook Business Page. Good luck!

Why We Are Big Fans of Wooden Jewelry Displays

There are many reasons why they are staples in many jewelry stores.

#WD513-WH Wooden 6 Pcs Hexagon Risers Display
#WD513-WH Wooden 6 Pcs Hexagon Risers Display*

With spring just around the corner, we just can’t help but be in the mood for nature-inspired jewelry display setups. Wooden jewelry displays certainly fit the bill so we’re devoting a whole article to highlighting these devices.

Wooden jewelry displays are great picks for both small and big jewelry businesses and here are the reasons why:

They’re versatile.

#WD513-WH Wooden 6 Pcs Hexagon Risers Display

#WD513-WH Wooden 6 Pcs Hexagon Risers Display

Whether your store’s ambiance is boho or old-school glam, wood always translates to a look that would fit a wide variety of styles and aesthetics. Just check out this wooden display board that comes with metal clips for displaying earring cards. Equipped with nine clips on both sides, this perfectly captures a more modern, DIY market, perfect for shops with a more youthful clientele. Likewise, this particular display stand serves other purposes. With its smart design, the same stand can be used to hold keychains, notes, and it can even be used for showcasing polaroid or wallet-sized photos of you and your friends.

#WDN6371OK Freestanding Necklace Easel Display Stand Holder Multiple Necklace Bust, Adjustable Slope Jewelry Showcase Stand

#WDN6371OK Freestanding Necklace Easel Display Stand Holder Multiple Necklace Bust, Adjustable Slope Jewelry Showcase Stand

For a more classic and elegant vibe, this easel-type necklace display stand fits the bill. Marvel at its craftsmanship which allows the easel to showcase up to six necklaces all at the same time. It also comes with a great feature that allows users to adjust the angles which makes viewing pieces on it easier. Together with LED lighting fixtures located at the right positions, the effect could be dramatic and totally enhance the chic vibe of the jewelry display setup.

Durable and lightweight, it’s the perfect piece to showcase at any brick-and-mortar jewelry shop, while also being a great device to bring along for craft shows and other events where you get the opportunity to showcase your merchandise on the road.

They’re easy to carry around.

#WDT534BR Two-Sided Jewelry Display Stand, Brown Color

#WDT534BR Two-Sided Jewelry Display Stand, Brown Color

Speaking of jewelry shows on the road, most wooden jewelry displays are built to make them easy to carry around and to save space. This two-sided jewelry display stand in particular comes with a hinge that allows it to be folded when not in use. This also makes it travel-friendly and handy to have around when you have to be on the road for jewelry trade shows. 

#WDN66CF Necklace Easel Display Stand

#WDN66CF Necklace Easel Display Stand  

Now we move on to this piece which comes with three removable boards that are used to showcase necklaces on an angle. Each board also comes with pegs located at the back which can be used to adjust a necklace’s length while it’s on display. When not in use, these planks can be removed from the base and tucked away for safekeeping.

They represent the beauty of nature.

#218-1CW 2 Tier Wooden T Bar Jewelry and Watch Display

#218-1CW 2 Tier Wooden T Bar Jewelry and Watch Display

Wooden jewelry displays are certainly the perfect representations of the beauty that nature provides. Crafted with care and heart, each piece is the result of a combination of skills and exquisite materials from the great outdoors. The variety in colors and grains on the wood’s surface showcase that each piece is unique yet equally morphed into a gorgeous creation.

Take for example this T-bar jewelry and watch display tower—just like the jewelry pieces it holds, the wooden device is a perfect example of what happens when you take something that’s a gift from nature and turn them into an art form. 

Don’t you think the same beauties deserve a spot on your shelves too?

They’re durable yet also transformable.

#WDJ5033WH 3Pcs Wooden Freestanding Necklace Easel Display Stand Holder with Multiple Size

#WDJ5033WH 3Pcs Wooden Freestanding Necklace Easel Display Stand Holder with Multiple Size

One of the most incredible things about wood crafts—which jewelry display stands are part of—is that while it is a durable material, it also has the ability to be completely transformable. Through the skills of fine woodcarvers, wood gets transformed into various shapes that give each finished product its distinct character. The same craftsmanship can be seen in several jewelry display devices that boast forms that make them worthy of being showcased on shelves for their aesthetic traits.

Have a look at the necklace display easels here and the unique form it takes shape in. Built to showcase necklaces, it very well could also function as a decorative piece at home. Be that as it may, it doesn’t take away from the fact that it is also effective at showcasing the beauty of necklaces.

#DE-413W Wooden Rose Shaped Earring Display Stand Set

#DE-413W Wooden Rose Shaped Earring Display Stand Set

Here’s another creative way to present woodwork that is sure to attract the attention of anyone who sees the setup. This fine wooden earring display set takes the shape of roses and can carry up to five pieces of earrings per piece.

There’s plenty more where these tools came from so make it a point to visit for your jewelry display needs!

*Available on the Nile Corp website. Accessories not included.

How To Design Your Jewelry Shop for Better Earnings

The way your brick-and-mortar jewelry store’s retail space is planned can define whether you succeed or not.

Various jewelry display tools with jewelry as seen from outside a jewelry shop.
Photo by Marius Cern on Unsplash

In this day and age, businesses must always be a step ahead of the competition. Apart from offering great products and excellent customer service, it pays to create a shopping experience that keeps the buyers’ well-being in mind. It’s a win-win situation for all: shoppers are more than likely to buy and return to shops where they had a great time shopping, in turn, this leads to better sales and an improved image for the brand.

Part of creating a jewelry shopping experience that’s worth coming back to can definitely be attributed to having a well-executed merchandise showcase. This happens when both the jewelry display and store layout were designed to ensure that shopping is as stress-free as possible. The kind of retail space that fulfills this has every element involved—the ambiance, store fixtures, staff, and customer interactions—contributing to making that goal a reality.

For now, let’s look at the ways jewelry entrepreneurs can design their jewelry shop that prioritizes customer comfort and preferences which results in better earnings for the business.

Get to know what your target markets desire

Just like when you’re planning for the shop’s product development and marketing campaigns, it pays to focus your attention on your target market’s likes and lifestyle. Attracting them starts with studying what appeals to this particular group so that you can incorporate that into your jewelry shop’s design.

This process becomes a lot easier when you construct a prototypical shopper for your business. Think about their motivations for buying jewelry, then imagine their lifestyle, and the things that are beautiful and interesting to them—this is where it all begins and where you can start shaping your jewelry store’s design. How your shop is laid out, the decorations and furniture you choose, as well as the jewelry display devices you choose (earring display stands, necklace display easels) will stem from your findings.

Showcase the products you want to highlight at eye level

When you want to spotlight a particular merchandise or jewelry display, you would want to always keep them at your customers’ eye level. Again, this will depend on the profile of the typical shopper at your store. 

A close up of a person's hand and arm while wearing a bracelet.

Your secondary products, meanwhile, should be displayed anywhere from the belly button level up to the eyes. You will still be taking into account the shoppers’ comfort this way as they would not have to crouch down to view the products. This is also considered a sweet spot for customers as it’s where their hands and arms would naturally be located when they are stretched out front as they try out rings and bracelets.

Keep a natural flow to the retail space through smart product placement

The last thing anyone would want once they step inside a jewelry shop is a maze, so make sure there’s natural rhythm and flow to how each physical element is laid in the store. Obstructions are a no-no so it’s best to push back your jewelry showcase to the walls. There should also be a mix of jewelry displays where they can try out items but keep the truly high price point items behind glasses.

For the staff assigned on the floor, it’s best for them not to intrude but be always on alert for questions from customers. Once they reach out, it’s best to usher them to a comfy consultation area away from the main retail space area for their privacy.

Different colored swatches and palettes.

Choose the best colors that reflect your brand’s identity

The importance of having a solid brand identity can't be denied. For consumers, it is your business card; the one they associate with your brand the most. It should follow then that your choice of colors for your store’s interior design should also reflect this identity. Nothing could be more jarring if  your projected image differs greatly from your establishment’s design, so let’s look at the different cultural traits associated with different colors:

Red: fiery, passionate, energy

Orange: joy, energy, enthusiasm

Yellow: youth, happiness, joy

Green: calm, fresh, nature

Blue: peace, sincerity, authenticity

Violet: nobility, luxury, wisdom

Pink: innocence, sweetness, hope

Black: elegance, mystery, formal

White: purity, peace, cleanliness

We understand that jewelry stores nowadays come in all shapes and forms, catering to different age groups, subcultures, and demographics. As the owner, you will be the best judge on your brand’s imaging and the best person to select the colors to incorporate into our interiors. Your next move should then be to reach out to an interior designer so that your ideas could be fully realized and executed.

Set the right vibes with music and atmospherics

Now let’s look at the non-physical elements that you can incorporate into creating the most conducive environment for your jewelry shop, beginning with music. Your choice of music should reflect your brand’s image as well as the market you’re targetting—as always, both should complement each other. Make sure though that it is not too loud that it becomes distracting and interferes with conversations in the store.

Next, let’s talk about the temperature. Make sure it doesn’t get too hot or too cold that it becomes uncomfortable for all. Scent also helps a lot in mood setting and you can choose to go with aromatics that make the space smell good. As this could easily be a turn-off when overdone, go for diffusers in fresh clean scents like bamboo, cotton, or fresh laundry.

Once everything is combined and executed perfectly, the result would be a physical store that’s unbeatable in its approach to catering to the needs of its customers. And that’s certainly in our book.