How to Make Stud Earrings Stand Out

Here are some display tips on how you can make these delicate earrings more noticeable.

A pair of stud earrings in a red earring box

Stud earrings are one of the favorite types of earrings of women because of their simplicity, classic beauty, and comfort. Unlike tassel or hoop earrings, you wouldn't worry about them getting caught in your hair. However, because they may be smaller and less striking than the bigger ones, there is a chance that they may be overlooked by customers. That said, the proper display is needed for these pieces.

Today, we came up with a list of five jewelry display tips for our favorite stud earrings.

1. Use the right type of earring display.

Nile Corp Wholesale #ED-2401Q Tall T-Shaped Suede Earring Display Stand

Although tall earring stands are the perfect type of earring display for drop and tassel earrings, they are perfect for the small studs as well. This is because the tall height of these stands allows the earrings to hover other pieces, allowing them to stand out.

2. Avoid multiple earring displays.

Unless you are going to showcase stud earrings with the same design yet different colors, do not use displays for multiple pairs. This is because they can all get lost with each other. This is especially true if you want to highlight a new design. Use one for a single pair instead, preferably, an earring stand.

3. Place them on risers.

Nile Corp Wholesale #ST-3138R-SG Steel Gray Leatherette Risers Set

If you have no stands available at the moment, you can use risers. Place the stud earrings in a puff card or an earring box and put them atop a display riser. This way, they will be able to become noticeable, instead of them getting lost in the crowd with other types of jewelry pieces.

4. Provide a special area for stud earrings.

Another option is to place all stud earrings in one area. For example, you can use a glass display case or table exclusively for your stud earrings. That way, your customers specifically looking for studs, will just have to go to this area in your shop without getting distracted by other types of jewelry.

5. Use proper lighting.

White spotlight lamp

As we have always mentioned in our articles about display tips, proper lighting is utterly important. Even if you are using the best-looking display for your earrings, they still won't be noticeable if the light is terrible. Avoid creating shadows so designate a spotlight to the pieces. Check if the spotlight is placed at the right angle.

Reasons to Shop for Jewelry Displays Online

Reasons to Shop for Jewelry Displays Online |

Whether you own an online jewelry store or own a brick and mortar jewelry shop, jewelry displays are a necessity. You should invest in these items as they play a role in marketing your products.

There are many wholesalers of these displays, and you can find a bunch of them online. If you have been buying from a physical store since day one, have you considered buying them from online sellers? Today, we listed the reasons why it's time you shop for jewelry displays online.

Online shopping is perfect for busy people.

Owning and managing a jewelry shop is no easy job. Many things need to be done, from checking the inventory to checking the daily sales. And because of that, you may not have the time to go out and shop for a new set of displays. Thank goodness for online shopping, you don't have to spend extra energy, time, and gas to go to the store.

There is no pressure when shopping.

You control your time when shopping for displays online. You don't have to feel pressured to pick that necklace display that you need as you would feel when buying in a physical shop. And if something important or urgent comes up, you can pause the search and return to it again when you're free.

You can delight in discounts.

Wholesale sellers usually give big discounts when you buy in bulk. Some even provide free shipping, freebies, and other perks. You can also watch out for their promotions, as they regularly do this, especially for loyal customers.

You can choose from various payment methods.

Unlike in a brick and mortar shop, the usual payment methods they accept are cash and card only. However, if you choose to purchase jewelry displays online, you can pay through various methods like PayPal, bank transfer, credit cards, debit cards, and even pay on delivery.

There is no need to carry big boxes.

And of course, you don't have to carry boxes of these displays, as this will be the responsibility of the seller's courier service. You'll just have to wait for a couple of days or so, depending on the shop. No need to worry about how to transport them. It's definitely convenience at its best.

The Best Jewelry Displays for Statement Jewelry

Here are the qualities of a jewelry display to look for when showcasing bold jewelry.

The Best Jewelry Displays for Statement Jewelry |

In one of our previous posts two months ago, we gave you tips on how to display minimalist jewelry. This time, we will discuss some helpful tips on how to showcase eye-catching statement jewelry.

As we know, not all types of jewelry display can bring out the true beauty of jewelry pieces. This is because there might be some that can clash with the design of the jewelry. Some may even camouflage the jewelry instead of accentuating it. Remember that customers want displays that are easy on the eyes, so you should be careful with choosing them.

And without further ado, here the three best jewelry displays for show-stopping statement jewelry pieces:


The monochromatic Necklace Display Easel from Nile Corp is ideal for statement jewelry

Monochromatic jewelry displays are definitely the best choice for bold jewelry. Because they have a single color, there won't be any chances of it clashing with the design of the jewelry. It instead allows the piece to stand out even more. Another tip is to get one in a dark color if the jewelry is silver, stainless steel, or white gold. On the other hand, get one in a lighter shade if you are to display black-plated or gray-plated jewelry. Gold and rose-gold basically look good in earth tones and dark ones.


The Metal Arrow and T-Bar Jewelry Display Organizer Stand from Nile Corp is perfect for statement pieces

Minimalist displays are ones that have simple designs. A good example of this is displays made of metal, acrylic, and ones covered in single-colored velvet. Necklace display busts with a straightforward design are also another example. Of course, do choose ones that have a color and style that will perfectly complement the designs of your statement pieces. Otherwise, the jewelry might just camouflage itself into the display.

Subtly patterned

The subtly-patterned Paper Twine Wrapped Necklace Bust Display from Nile Corp is ideal for statement jewelry

Although the basic rule for statement jewelry is not to use patterned displays, there are still some that will complement these bold pieces. Jewelry displays made of wood are one good example. They have subtle and natural designs that do not clash with statement jewelry, especially ones that have crystals and beads. Burlap and paper twine also have subtle patterns, but they bring out the beauty of the jewelry as well. Stay away from displays with polka dots, animal prints, florals, stripes, and the like.

The Best Types of Displays for Tassel Earrings

Showcase the full beauty of these bold statement pairs with the best types of earring display.

Beautiful African girl wearing multi-colored tassel-earrings

One of the in-trend earrings today are the tassel earrings. It is not surprising, as these fashion accessories usually come in eye-catching and bright colors that are perfect for wearing with basically any casual and semi-dressy outfits. Because of this, they are categorized as bold statement jewelry.

So how can you effectively showcase these show-stopping earrings? Today, we will discuss the best types of earring display for tassel pairs.

Monochromatic Earring Stands

Nile Corp Wholesale #252-1 Single Bar Earring Display Stand

Monochromatic or single-colored earring displays are perfect for multi-colored tassel earrings. This is to avoid clashing with the pieces' design and colors, and therefore allowing them to be showcased in its full beauty. You can get one in a dark color for your light-colored pairs, and one in a light color for your dark-colored earrings.

Burlap Earring Stands

Nile Corp Wholesale #ED-2401N-LE Large Metal T-Shape Earring Stand Burlap Linen

Earrings that feature metallic charms as tassels, on the other hand, will shine brighter when showcased using burlap earring displays. This is because the metal perfectly contrasts the earthy vibe of burlap. You can also use organic hemp linen-covered ones.

Easel Displays

Nile Corp Wholesale #214 Earring and Pendant Display Stand

Easel earring displays are perfect for tassel earrings with flat charms or gems. The tassels also tend to lay flat on the easel at the ideal angle, allowing it to display its full beauty.

Metal Earring Display Trees

Nile Corp Wholesale #COP4534E Metal Earring Display Stand Set

Tassel earrings with minimalist designs look perfect with metal earring displays. This type usually comes in equally minimalist designs which complement any delicate pair of tassel earrings.

Satin-Covered Displays

Nile Corp Wholesale #ED-723-S50 Champagne Pink Earring Tree

Satin displays are ideal for tassel earrings with a vintage design. This is because the sleek satin exudes classic vibes that match retro pairs of earrings. Champagne or pink satin displays are also perfect for rose gold tassel earrings.

Black Velvet Earring Displays

Nile Corp Wholesale #240-1 Large Metal T-Shaped Earring Display Stand

Lastly, earring displays covered in black velvet are perfect for pearl tassel earrings or other light-colored crystal tassel earrings. This is because a black background allows the earrings to stand out even more, and velvet has a classy, glamorous vibe that matches these types of earrings.

How to Effectively Sell Your Clearance Items

Clear some space in your store and inventory by turning your clearance jewelry items into fast-moving ones.

How to Effectively Sell Your Clearance Items

One common problem of jewelry sellers is how to handle excess inventory. Although there are many ways to make profits out of these items, the easiest way still is to continue selling them in your store. If this is the case for you, then you've stumbled upon the right article. Today, we made a list of ways on how you can sell your clearance items effectively.

Dedicate a particular area for your clearance items.

Make your excess inventory items stand out by dedicating a space for them in your store. It could be the space near the entrance of your shop or the space near the checkout. It should be an area that is visible and easily accessible by customers. You can use a table or a shelf for these items, and it should be separate from all your other jewelry for sale.

Showcase them using the best jewelry displays.

One of the best ways to make your items stand out is by showcasing them using the right jewelry displays. For example, if you have a bold statement necklace, use a monochromatic necklace display. If you use one with patterns, the necklace's design and the display will clash. Remember to choose ones that will be able to accentuate the beauty of the items, and not compete with them.

Don't forget to give them the proper lighting.

Proper lighting is a must in any display to highlight your jewelry effectively. Invest in high-quality spotlights and cost-efficient LED lights. Remember to install them at the right angles and get rid of shadows, as these negatively affect how your display looks like. Bright lighting can also accentuate the beauty of your clearance items.

Offer them at slightly lower costs.

To pique the interest of customers, offer these items at slightly lower prices. Another tip is to create jewelry sets and sell them at a collectively lower cost, or sell them as Buy-1-Get-1 items. These promotions are proven as effective, and they can definitely help your excess inventory be fast-moving items in no time.

Announce your clearance sale on the web.

If you are to go with these promotions, make sure to announce them in your e-commerce site if you have one, and of course, in all your social media pages. Share this content as a Facebook or Instagram Story, go Live on Facebook, or advertise. Make sure that you regularly post so more users will be able to know about these perks and promotions.

The Best Jewelry Displays for Men's Jewelry

Showcase men's jewelry this Father's Day with these displays.

The Best Jewelry Displays for Men's Jewelry

Although it's the women who love to splurge on fashion jewelry, some men are into these accessories as well and love rewarding themselves with a bracelet or two. And because it's Father's day is next week, women are also shopping for men's jewelry as presents. Is your store jewelry display updated for this special day?

Not all jewelry displays complement jewelry that is intended to be worn by men. You cannot use one that has a floral design for a piece that exudes machismo. That is why today, we created a list of the ideal display types to use for men's jewelry. Read on.

Metal displays

Nile Corp Wholesale #COP3637 Metal Triple T-Bar Jewelry Display and Organizer Stand

Metal is hard and sturdy and gives off masculine vibes. These displays, then, are best used for men's jewelry, especially the chunky ones. The can hold necklaces or bracelets on the heavy side, and you wouldn't worry about these displays about tipping over. Although metal displays are available in pink and blue, you can also get ones in black. Black perfectly complements any silver tone and gold tone men's jewelry.

Acrylic displays

Nile Corp Wholesale #AC-1675 Acrylic Necklace Display

Men are into minimalist things. Acrylic displays usually have minimalist and straightforward designs, making them ideal for men's jewelry. Although the usual acrylic is clear and transparent, you can also get ones in black and other dark colors. These displays are the best choice to showcase pieces with bold, masculine designs.

Gray linen and leatherette steel gray displays

Nile Corp Wholesale #BD-2114N-N21 Gray Burlap Linen Necklace Display Tall T-Bar and #CD-6709R-SG Steel Gray Faux Leather Necklace Easel Display

As for classy men's jewelry, the gray linen displays are a perfect choice. These exude class and corporate sophistication, and they can bring out the beauty of these pieces effortlessly. Leatherette steel gray displays also have this feature, but this type is better with classic men's jewelry with bolder designs.

Wooden displays

Nile Corp Wholesale #WDT322R-BR Wooden Finger Ring Holder Stand Jewelry Display for 2 Rings

Lastly, we have wooden displays. These are perfect for pieces that have a rugged style because of the rustic and earthy quality of these displays. That said, if you have men's jewelry that is handcrafted or is made with beads, crystals, and leather, the wooden types are the best ones to use.

Best Necklace Displays for Summer

These displays are perfect for showcasing summer-inspired jewelry.

Best Necklace Displays for Summer |

Summer is fast-approaching! And to keep up with customers looking for the trendiest jewelry pieces of the season, you have to make sure that you are offering unique summer-inspired pieces. Moreover, you should also showcase your items in the best way possible way to pique the interest of people more successfully.

Today, we picked out five displays from our extensive necklace display collection that have colors and designs that are perfect for the beach season. Let's check them all out.

Deluxe Velvet Necklace Display Easel in Pink

Deluxe Velvet Necklace Display Easel in Pink from

This jewelry display features a lovely bubblegum pink color perfect for rose gold pieces and handcrafted necklaces that complement the color. It is made of padded wood and covered with pink velvet and can hold up to two necklaces. This particular design is also available in blue velvet.

Deluxe Velvet Necklace Display Easel in Blue

Deluxe Velvet Necklace Display Easel in Blue from

This one is almost similar than the first display; however, it has a shorter height. This easel display is also made of padded wood and covered with blue velvet that reminds of the summer sky. It can only hold one necklace, so it's perfect for highlighting a best seller or a newly-arrived piece. This display also comes in pink velvet.

Pink Zebra Print Large Necklace Display Bust

Pink Zebra Print Large Necklace Display Bust from

Next up, we have a necklace bust featuring a hot pink color and zebra print. This wooden display is already eye-catching, so it's best for pieces with a minimalist design or ones without pendants. Because the pink velvet cover is a dark hue, it's also perfect for necklaces with lighter colors, as ones with darker shades will just blend in the velvet.

Organic Hemp Linen Covered Necklace Display Bust

100% Organic Hemp Linen Covered Necklace Display Bust from

The natural, earthy color of this organic hemp linen display bust makes it ideal for handcrafted pieces or ones that have gems and crystals in them. It gives off summery beach vibes, so this is one of the best types of display to use. It is made of sturdy wood and can hold necklaces that are up to 20 inches in length.

Wooden Jewelry Display Bust with Easel in Oak

Wooden Jewelry Display Bust with Easel inOak from

Lastly, we have this wooden easel display. What we love about this is one is its earthy rustic vibes. It reminds of summer camps and summer nature trips. This particular display boasts a beautiful oak color but is also available in brown and coffee. It can hold up to two necklaces and features height pegs at the back of the board for length adjustment.

Other Uses of Cosmetic Organizers

These organizers can be used for other items in the house too.

Other Uses of Cosmetic Organizers |

Just like a jewelry display, a cosmetic organizer has many purposes. Aside from organizing your makeup products and tools, and keeping your vanity table clutter-free, it can hold other items as well. Get to organize things in other areas in your home with the help of a handy dandy cosmetic organizer.

Here are the other items to use a cosmetic organizer for:

Fashion accessories

Fashion accessories

If your jewelry box is already full, you can resort to using a cosmetic organizer. Rings can be kept safe and scratch-free in the small slots meant for lipsticks and brushes, and necklaces and other jewelry pieces can be stored in the drawers. Watches and scrunchies can be organized in bigger compartments as well.

Sewing supplies

Sewing supplies

Cosmetic organizers can be of great use to grandma too, or you, if you are a sewing buff. Yarn and string can be kept in the drawers, as well as the needles, buttons, and thimbles. Shears, scissors, rotary cutters, and seam rippers can all be placed in the slots meant for lipsticks and brushed. As for fabric swatches and measuring tapes, they can be kept in one of the drawers.

Art supplies

Art supplies

Your kid's art, as well as craft supplies like paint brushes, pens, pencils, and scissors, can be placed in lipstick slots. On the other hand, acrylic paint bottles and glue can be kept on the top platform. Smaller items like erasers, crayons, and oil pastels can be placed inside the drawers.

Office supplies

Office supplies

If your home office is cluttered, a cosmetic organizer can help. Simply place your pens, markers, and highlighters in the lipstick slots, thumbtacks, binder clips, and paperclips in the drawers, and your sticky notes and stapler in the top platform. You can also place your small tape dispenser on there too.