How to Choose the Right Earrings for Children

The first time they get their ears pierced is a special milestone for kids.

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Being a jeweler means being part of and guiding people during milestones in their lives. Aside from helping their clients pick out engagement and wedding rings, jewelers are also part of one of the most memorable life stages for little girls.

The very first ear piercing is a cherished childhood tradition that many kids and their parents look forward to. Choosing the right piercer is important, but choosing the right jewelry for this occasion is crucial too.

Make that experience a safe and happy experience for the parents and the child by learning how to choose the right earrings for young, first-time wearers.

Go for hypoallergenic options.

For the delicate skin of babies and children, it’s best to err on the side of caution. Avoid possible allergic reactions by choosing hypoallergenic options, particularly those that don’t contain nickel, which may cause irritation. Sterling silver, 14K or 18 K yellow gold, and white gold are skin-safe choices for children or first-time wearers of any age for that matter. Earrings with medical-grade titanium and plastic are great too – the latter is especially a preferred option for babies as they are gentle and won’t dig into their skin even while sleeping.

Make sure to have these options in your earring display cases to give your customers a wide range of choices.

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Say “no” to dangling and hoop earrings for now.

To avoid the possibility of getting their ears hooked during playtime or even at rest, it’s best to steer clear of dangling or hoop earrings for now. Post or stud earrings are the safest bets for babies and children until they are old enough to be mindful of their movements and surroundings. Make sure also that the earrings’ posts are much shorter than those made for adult earrings to avoid the possibility of their earrings puncturing or rubbing against their skin.
Additionally, simple non-flashy designs are good bets to avoid unwanted attention.

Look for secure and skin-safe earring backs.

Even if they go behind the ears, choosing the right earring backs is just as important when buying a pair of earrings for children. Again, make sure the material doesn’t contain nickel to avoid possible allergic reactions. You also have to make sure the earring backs are sturdy and can properly secure the jewelry to the child’s ears.

The best options are the specially designed screw-type earring backs that are embedded in high-grade silicone. Screw-type earring backs are much more secure than push backs, while the silicone material ensures the child’s skin is kept healthy and allergy-free. Plus, they are also lightweight and comfortable, which makes it the perfect choice even for babies.

Other earring back options like the french wire and lever back are best suited for older kids and teens.

Feel free to experiment with colors and designs.

While some parents may prefer simple designs, others leave the design choice to their children, and we all know children love colorful and bright things. Some hypoallergenic earring options come in pretty and dainty designs such as flowers and hearts. They can also be adorned by Swarovski crystals that come in different colors. You can be sure that your customers would appreciate you having these diverse design options in your earring display cases and showcases.


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