4 Reasons Why People Buy Jewelry

Every jeweler must know these things.

Two pairs of hands inspecting and touching jewelry placed on a marble table.

Have you ever wondered what it is about jewelry that makes people want to buy them? You may have already spent plenty of years in the jewelry business without ever considering their reasons for buying.

With the new year just around the corner, why don’t you take some time off to think about these things? An excellent period for reflection, may this spur you on to give better customer service and grow your business even more in 2021.

As a form of self-expression

They add spice to the outfits giving even the simplest clothes a little bit of an edge. In the various forms of fashion styles, jewelry plays a lot into defining the look of a certain style genre.

With this in mind, not only should your jewelry merchandise be aesthetically pleasing, but so does the way you display them around your store. Appeal to the sensibilities of fashionistas everywhere by putting together chic display setups using a variety of jewelry display tools like risers, stands, and easels.

Close up of a bride and groom's hands.

To celebrate life’s milestones

More than taking on the role of accessories, jewelry has also served its purpose as a symbol to many of life’s precious moments. Engagements, weddings, and even graduations have been celebrated with rings. 

The way to approach customers buying for such reasons require special care unlike those buying regular jewelry. Make it a special moment by giving them your undivided attention, plus giving something a little extra like private one-on-one consultations when they come to your store.

For investment

Fine jewelry can be great investment pieces and some folks they choose to concentrate on jewelry items to invest in. These are customers with discerning tastes as they would want pieces that have timeless appeal.

Make sure you are offering them the standout pieces from your store’s collection. You may also offer perks such as after-sales service in the form of repair services and insurance.

For gift-giving 

Jewelry will always be a great gift. Whether it’s for a birthday, Christmas, or any other holiday, their beauty and appeal make them excellent choices to give to loved ones.

To accommodate such type of shoppers, jewelers must be ready to hear out their customers' questions and ideas to make appropriate recommendations.

Knowing the motivations of shoppers can immensely help jewelry businesses grow even more. We hope that through this article we will be able to become part of this growth in the coming year.

From all of us here at Nile Corp, we wish you all a happy and safe new year!

4 Retail Display Ideas to Best Showcase Jewelry

Create jewelry setups and concepts that attract the public’s eyes.

A pendant resting on a silver plate.

Selling jewelry is the business of selling beauty. From conception to creation up to the finished product, the creative process in making jewelry is wrapped around the idea of presenting something exquisite and precious. This extends to the selling part of the jewelry ─ beauty is still at the center if you want to make sure your merchandise appeals well to people. This means taking the time to present the jewelry in the best light possible with the use of the right jewelry display tools for showcasing. Not only that but choosing the right props, colors, and patterns matter too. Here are a few ideas we think you should try:

Pick your jewelry display tool’s material according to the jewelry to be displayed

When choosing which material to pick for your first jewelry display purchase, think about the jewelry item you plan to use it for. Delicate pieces are best suited to jewelry displays covered in fabric like those that come in velvet. For chunky jewelry types, they match up well with stands or platforms made of metal or wood. That’s because heavier jewelry can easily scratch or rip fabric-covered tools, so go with those made out of tougher material and built.

Go for colors that complement each other

Just like how we choose colors to match when dressing up ourselves, it’s important to mix shades that complement each other. Your goal when displaying jewelry is not just to make them look beautiful for buyers, but also to make them pop out.  

You can find out more about color theory and its application in design in this helpful article from Canva.

A pair of blue stud earrings resting on a light blue surface.

Think about how your jewelry display will look like with your store’s interiors

Take special notice of your existing furniture and walls when thinking about your jewelry display setups. You may be creating concepts that may inevitably clash with your store’s interiors, so observe your surroundings before making any decisions. Whatever jewelry display setup you choose to go with, they have to make sense for your store’s appearance.

Don’t forget to factor in how lighting affects your jewelry setups

Lighting can certainly make or break a jewelry’s appearance. Cool white lighting is best suited to use on silver jewelry as it can enhance its brilliance and shine. Meanwhile, to showcase gold pieces in the best light possible, go with warmer yellow tones as much as possible.

Why You Should Go for Necklace Display Stands

You’ll get your money’s worth when you do buy them for your store and home.

Freestanding Necklace Easel Display Stand Holder
Freestanding Necklace Easel Display Stand Holder*

From a practical standpoint, necklace display stands will always be a wise investment for both jewelry stores and collectors alike. As a popular accessory, it is a prime purchase for many customers shopping for jewelry. It makes sense then to have several of them, but if you’re still not convinced of their value then let us show it here to you in this short article.

They make for good platforms to showcase necklaces

There are different types of necklace display tools available in our store and if you take a look at our selection, you would see that many are built to mimic the look of a person’s neck area.

Necklace Display Bust
Necklace Display Bust*

This is especially evident in the bust-type displays shown here. Shoppers can see what a particular necklace piece can look like on them without ever touching it ─ something that is especially important while we’re all still in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic.

They have good aesthetic appeal

As people, we are naturally attracted to objects that are pleasing to our eyes. That’s why every item from our necklace display collection was made with this thought in mind. With their simple elegance meant to please even those with the most discerning tastes, one can clearly see the meticulous details imported into every finished stand.

Pink Fabric Covered Linen Necklace Chain Jewelry Bust Display
Pink Fabric Covered Linen Necklace Chain Jewelry Bust Display*

They can serve multiple functions and carry different various types of jewelry

For those looking for more than just a necklace display stand, multi-function types (like the one shown below) serve their purpose by accommodating other jewelry items like earrings, stones, and bracelets. It is especially a wise buy for those with smaller jewelry collections as this all-in-one piece can hold all their pieces at the same time.

2-Tier Acrylic Rose Gold Mirrored Base with Storage Compartments
2 Tier Acrylic Rose Gold Mirrored Base with Storage Compartments*

They are sturdy and reliable

Whether you sell jewelry for a living or collect them as your prized possessions, you would want something that will last for a long time. We’ve already talked about the aesthetic value of these necklace stands, but another thing it can boast of is the craftsmanship that went into their creation. Made of sturdy material that can withstand long use, you can be sure Nile Corp’s necklace displays can stand the test of time.

Steel Gray Faux Leather Necklace Easel Display
Steel Gray Faux Leather Necklace Easel Display*

Come visit our site to see what else is in store for you!

*Available on the Nile Corp website

Customer Service Tips for Jewelers This Holiday Season

Make this a jolly holiday for you and your customers.

A festive holiday scene at the mall.

With the clock winding down to Christmas, people will be out and about shopping for gifts for their loved ones. While not as busy as in previous years, the 2020 holiday shopping season is still an important part of the retail calendar. This is no time to slack off, and so we’ve put together this short piece on how you can best manage your jewelry store’s customer service relations this holiday season.

Be attentive but don’t hover

An alert store attendant is much more welcomed by shoppers than someone who seems to be in their own world. However, too much presence and hovering around shoppers can be a source of annoyance and you might lose customers in the process. Tell your staff to be ready to entertain questions from customers but to avoid following them around the store.

Close up of a jewelry-wearing pair of hands.

Make sure your jewelry displays are ready for showcase

Part of providing good customer service is by making sure your store is in the right condition. This means shelves are filled with items in their proper places and at the right levels for easy viewing. Another thing to consider is the proper use of jewelry display tools to showcase the merchandise in the best way possible. Make sure they are placed correctly on their respective stands with no items falling off or askew in their positions.

Always be ready with a smile

A clean and orderly selling space will certainly be inviting, but a pleasant disposition from jewelry store attendants has the power to create sales. Making the shopping experience a pleasant one for everybody helps a lot in making sure the customer is satisfied with the product as well as the store's customer service.

As the old saying goes, “You can attract more flies with honey,” so remember your manners whenever and wherever.

A couple wrapping Christmas presents.

Be ready with gift wrapping requests

A lot of folks will surely be shopping for their loved ones, so having a gift wrapping station will be of much help to customers. Take the load off their backs and give their purchases the utmost attention while they are being wrapped for easy gift giving.

Happy Holidays everyone!

How to Detangle Necklaces

Protect your precious collection with these tips.

A woman wearing a black dress and necklace looking out her window.

Fashionistas know how crucial necklaces are to their style profile. Whether it’s a single piece or a bunch of necklaces layered on top of one another, they certainly add punch to any outfit they are paired with. No wonder they are prized possessions found in many stylish folks’ collections. Having the right necklace display and storage tools will certainly keep your pieces in pristine condition but they can easily get tangled up during use or if they’re not properly hung up.

If this is an issue for you then follow our tips below:

Provide lubrication

Necklaces can easily get knotted up without us noticing. Instead of tugging and pulling on them, what you need is a lubricant. You can use baby oil or massage oil for this, but those found in the kitchen work well too. Simply use a cotton bud soaked in oil to apply lubrication to your necklace to loosen them up. For knots that are hard to untangle, simply rub them with your fingers while applying more oil. Once you have accomplished your task, rinse off the oil residue with water and mild soap, then simply pat dry your necklace with a soft cloth.

Apply baby powder

Another beauty staple that can loosen up tangles is baby powder. Like oil, the powder can also loosen up knots and tangles by making them slippery. Simply sprinkle enough baby powder on your necklace's knots to let them loose. Again, remember to rinse your jewelry piece with water and mild soap then dry it with a soft cloth or paper towel.

Use a pin or needle to pick apart knots

Depending on how thick the chain or beads are in the necklace, you can also use simple household tools to resolve your problem. You can use something like pins or needles on delicate pieces, while for bigger-sized necklaces like bib types or beads, you can use a pen or screwdriver. Be careful not to put too much pressure while picking apart the knots as you wouldn’t want to accidentally destroy your necklace.

Freestanding Necklace Easel Display Stand Holder

Choose the right jewelry display tool for your necklaces

Let’s go back to the first part of this article which talks about the importance of having the right display and storage tools on hand.

Sometimes we forget to take care of our necklaces when we carelessly toss them aside after use. If you’re using any other container or stand that’s not meant to hold necklaces then you will certainly see them getting tangled up with one another. The right necklace display stand, like this Freestanding Necklace Easel Display Stand Holder has tiered diagonal side slots which avoids the problem of having necklaces get on top of one another. Its angled plank also resolves that issue in a snap, so forget about using containers that do nothing for your precious collection and go with these types of stands instead.


Jewelry Display Ideas for the Holiday Season

Learn how you can make your merchandise stand out and glisten like the twinkling lights of Christmas.

Christmas decorations and a cup of coffee over a wooden table.

With the bright twinkling lights of Christmas decorations, December becomes that time of the year where everything is bright and merry anywhere you look.  It makes perfect sense then to level up your jewelry display strategy during this festive month to match the surroundings. With a display upgrade, your sparkling jewelry sets and stocks will certainly fit in with the theme of the holiday season.

Not only that but because people are shopping for gifts for their loved ones, you need to find ways to get them to come to your store to buy gifts. Attractive displays will certainly bring in fine folks to your shop, so here are a few ideas you can try.

Whip out a Winter Wonderland-inspired display

Bring in the winter feels even if you’re celebrating the holidays somewhere where it doesn’t snow with displays that highlight your silver, white gold, and diamond pieces. You can also incorporate crystals into your setup as they resemble ice. Remember to add in decorative snow and snowflakes to set the perfect winter season. Go with cool tones such as blues if you’re going to incorporate colors to your display and you’ll be good to go.

Go for the season’s traditional colors of green, red, and gold

These colors are easy picks when it comes to holiday decorating. Bring in wreaths and gift boxes wrapped in the said shades to go with your gold and jewelry pieces with ruby and emerald as centerpieces. Pair them up with a bracelet or necklace display decked out in velvet to give your showcase a classic and elegant vibe.

Velvet Necklace Display Stand
Velvet Necklace Display Stand*

Turn your store into Santa Claus’ workshop 

Now, this would require a complete revamp of your store, but since it’s Christmas we can make time for merriment and celebrations, right? You can transform your store into something cozy like Santa Claus’ workshop. Throw on some Christmas decorations to bring in a homey feel to your store.

To incorporate your jewelry merchandise, you can add in Christmas-themed jewelry trinket holders as table-toppers to the scene.

A girl with Christmas light bundled up in her palm.

Set the right atmosphere by playing Christmas tunes all day long

While this has nothing to do with retail display, the right tunes can greatly influence the mood of everyone in your store. Start playing Christmas carols, old and new, to further enhance your store’s ambiance. Keep the volume low but still audible so you don’t distract your patrons from their browsing.

*Available on the Nile Corp website. 

6 Engagement Ring Selling Techniques to Try

The essential advice that any jeweler must follow. 

A couple with their pinkies interlinked.

Is there something to the cold weather and snow that makes people want to get engaged? Perhaps winter's festive holidays have something to do with the popularity of proposals during the Christmas and Valentine’s Day holidays. With this in mind, jewelry shops should be prepared to accommodate all those coming to buy engagement rings from them this season.

We’d love to help out businesses make the best impression on their customers, so that’s why we’ve put together this article to help them deal with engagement ring shoppers.

Be ready to probe and ask questions about their preferences

As this is just no ordinary piece of jewelry, for sure engagement ring shoppers will have some interesting stories to tell about what they and their partner would like. Let them describe what they’re looking for so you can make accurate recommendations.

Extend a helping hand for those unsure of what to get

Not all shoppers will be the same so also be ready with those who have no idea what to look for. Help them find the right ring by showcasing different designs and cuts that you think they will like. Offer a wide range of designs with different price points (asking straight out about their budget should be avoided) so they’ll have plenty of choices to pick from.

Close up of a ring while perched on flowers.

Make sure your merchandise is 100% ready for presentations

Selling jewelry, especially jewelry for special occasions such as engagement rings, will involve lots of inspections and close-up viewing. Therefore you may want to double-check your merchandise if they are in their best shape possible. Make sure there are no imprints anywhere and that they are sparkling as they should. You have to make sure also that their respective jewelry display tools and containers are in pristine condition.

Have a look at our site and see some of our jewelry packaging offers which you can use for your store’s collection.

Treat your customers with TLC

Every customer is of course special but engagement ring shoppers may need some extra care and attention. You may want to designate a special area in your shop when they do their viewings. Pick somewhere a little secluded so they can be afforded some privacy. Offering added treats such as beverages and a couch to sit on would make for a nice touch to your store’s customer service.

Be convincing but not pushy

Shopping should be a pleasant experience for both seller and shopper, so remain courteous, attentive, and knowledgeable as they may surely pose several questions towards you. It would help for you to know what you’re selling from top to bottom so you can make the right recommendations.

Thank them for their patronage once you close the sale

You may offer to give them complimentary customer support as an after-service promo, or at least try to get their information if your store is offering a mailing list or a loyalty program.  

5 Storage Tips to Avoid Tarnishing Jewelry

Make your precious jewelry collection remain beautiful for a long time.

A tiara and a pair of earrings on top of a wooden surface.

Jewelry lovers would love to see their precious collection stand the test of time. It can be done with proper care and maintenance, but have you thought about how you are storing your beloved pieces? If one is not careful, tarnishing and blemishes may happen sooner than expected if the jewelry is not stored properly.

A lackluster piece on a jewelry display stand is not the sight anyone would like to see, so we’ve put together this article to help make sure your collection remains fine and spectacular for a long time.

Sort your jewelry pieces by metal type

Did you know that mixing the different metal types may lead to tarnishing? Now that you know, it’s time to sort your collection into the appropriate groups. Make sure to separate fine from costume jewelry, as well as the silver from the gold. Not only will this slow down tarnishing on your pieces, but it’s also a much more efficient way of organizing the jewelry you own. You’ll surely have no trouble finding particular items if you apply this technique.

We recommend jewelry trays with partitions, just like the one shown below, as suitable storage options to make this happen.

Acrylic Glass-Like Jewelry and Makeup Storage Box
Acrylic Glass-Like Jewelry and Makeup Storage Box*

Keep your valuables dry

Moisture can quickly degrade the luster of your jewelry pieces. In fact, any kind of liquid, such as lotions, creams, or even sweat can affect jewelry pieces appearance-wise. Better to be safe than sorry, so remember to wipe your jewelry with a soft cloth before returning them back to their compartments.

Don’t expose your collection to high heat and humidity

The room you choose to display or store in your jewelry matters. In humid climates, it’s best to keep your precious collection in a cool and dry area as humidity can speed up the tarnishing process. You can include silica packets in your jewelry collection’s respective containers as they can absorb moisture. You may also invest in a dehumidifier and/or air conditioner to keep temperature and moisture levels at an optimum state.

When in doubt, keep it airtight

Add another layer of protection to your jewelry pieces by storing them in airtight or Ziploc bags. Just as moisture affects your jewelry’s surface, the presence of air may also cause the metal to oxidize faster leading to tarnishing. 

Go for containers with lined felt

Not only do they give an elegant touch, but storage carriers with felt lining like the one below can be used to also absorb moisture. The soft fabric used for lining may also prevent scratching, thus protecting your collection from damage.

Luxury Leatherette Crocodile Pattern Jewelry Box with Lock
Luxury Leatherette Crocodile Pattern Jewelry Box with Lock*

Once you are ready to use your pieces for wearing or showcasing on your favorite jewelry display tools, you’ll be glad you followed these steps to give them the care and protection they deserve.

*Available on the Nile Corp website.

How to Organize Your Jewelry Crafting Space

Organizing your workspace is easy peasy.

Two girls  working and playing with beaded jewelry.

Have you been spending your lockdown days working on making jewelry? By now you might have already amassed a significant amount of supplies ー don’t you think it’s time to organize things and put some order into your supplies? This will certainly make things easier once you start on a new project.

From choosing the right jewelry display tool to learning storage techniques, this article can be your helpful little guide as you go through your jewelry-making journey.

Sort all your supplies into their respective containers

Because you’re working with small items, it makes sense to sort them and contain them into each of their respective storage devices. Jewelers like you deal with beads, chains, stones, and hooks for their work and they can be hard to spot because of their sizes. You can start by sorting them according to type then further sorting according to colors and their kind of metal. You can easily do this with the use of storage devices with compartments, such as the one below:

View Top Bead Storage and Display Tray

You’re better off with storage devices with clear tops (such as this one) so you can easily see where everything is at a glance.

For your other supplies such as wire cutters, you can simply have hooks installed by your work table so you can easily reach for them when needed. Likewise, having various jewelry display stands around your area to hold your finished and ongoing projects can help you, not just be in order, but also be inspired by your works.

Use containers proportionate to your supplies’ sizes

As you don’t want to spend a huge amount of time searching for stuff, it makes sense then to have storage tools to match the items they are holding. Don’t make it harder for you to locate items, so make sure your big items are in big containers while the small ones like beads are in their appropriately-sized containers.

Labels help a lot

Another way to make things easy for you to find is by labeling your supplies. Have it printed out clearly so you don’t spend a lot of time looking for things you need. Naturally, it makes sense then to make sure that everything is in the right place for this tip to work.

Invest in furniture with storage space

Tables with drawers below and on the side are excellent options so that everything you need will be within your reach. Most of those available in the market today are designed to be modular so you can make adjustments with the shelvings as you see fit. Walls offer another space for you to hang your items with the use of racks.

Keep it tidy

It won’t make sense to have all of these storage spaces if you don’t clean up after yourself after working. To avoid disarray and missing items, you need to return every item you used into their respective containers.