Our Best Picks for Earring Displays

Time to treat yourself or a friend with these beauties.

A pair of yellow gemstone earrings shot flatlay-style on a tree stump.

Earrings are the kind of jewelry considered a staple in many people’s collections. Even those not-so-fond of wearing accessories would often be seen sporting a pair on their ears. It makes sense then for both SMEs and huge brands involved in jewelry retail to invest in earring display stands.

Here are some top picks that are sure to capture, not just those engaged in the jewelry industry but also jewelry lovers of all ages.

Simply click on the names if any of them catches your attention. Happy shopping!

#WD4020-OK Wood Rotating Jewelry Storage Earrings Display

#WD4020-OK Wood Rotating Jewelry Storage Earrings Display

Now, this is a solid pick for those looking for space-saving jewelry displays. This one has 42 hooks to hang your earring cards so you can imagine how many pairs it can carry all at once. This makes the tower the perfect choice for small spaces whether in a retail setting or at home.

Another thing that makes this a wise purchase? Its rotating base makes browsing a breeze. This means cutting preparation time in the morning when you’re dressing up for work or school. In retail settings, this means a better shopping experience for buyers.

#PEW1025 Metal Wire Earring Display Stand with Grape Vines Design

#PEW1025 Metal Wire Earring Display Stand with Grape Vines Design

Looking for a tabletop earring display stand that can also function as a decorative piece? This might be what you’re looking for. For those into nature-inspired designs and a flair for dramatic details, this metal display mimics the look of a crawling grapevine. You can truly use it solely for its aesthetic appeal, but why would you when it can carry a whopping 72 pairs of earrings all at the same time?

Our Best Picks for Earring Displays

#ED-2140N-N21 Gray Burlap Linen Earring & Pendant Display Stand

If you’re looking to fill your glass display shelves, then go for this type of earring display stand. It also makes for a great addition to a DIY display set. Simple but dependable, this one is made out of burlap, an organic fabric made from the jute plant.

#214-6 Earring and Pendant Display Stand

#214-6 Earring and Pendant Display Stand

Another variation of the previous stand is this one which can display up to three pairs of earrings instead of just one. It comes in black velvet and can also be used to showcase pendants. It is a versatile piece as it can be used as a tabletop stand or displayed inside glass shelves. Likewise, it can be used to create jewelry display sets.

#COP3682BK Metal Jewelry Display Jewelry Stand Hanger Organizer

#COP3682BK Metal Jewelry Display Jewelry Stand Hanger Organizer

Looking for a jewelry display that can carry more than just earrings? With hooks, a tray, and a mesh design, this metal organizer can be used for earrings, rings, bracelets, and necklaces alike. This particular item comes in black (as shown above) and white, and is one of those display stands that can also function as a tabletop decoration on its own.

#JWY6115 Acrylic Hanging Jewelry Storage Organizer

#JWY6115 Acrylic Hanging Jewelry Storage Organizer

Here’s another multi-functional jewelry organizer for those who prefer that type, but this time in acrylic. Perfect for home use, this one gives off a more modern appeal but still has feminine vibes that are sure to match most bedroom interiors. Beyond its aesthetics, this one is a pretty useful one as it can carry up to 96 pairs of earrings. It also features a T-bar and drawer which makes this suitable for bracelets, necklaces, and rings as well.

#251-111 Metal Dancer Earring Display Stand

#251-111 Metal Dancer Earring Display Stand

Now, this is a thing of beauty and it’s perfect for those looking for a sculpture-like earring display stand. While it may carry only up to two pairs of earrings, it makes up for it by being unique and eye-catching. Classy and simple, this one comes in black and silver.

6 Tips When Taking Your Jewelry Merchandise on the Road

Find out how you can safely travel and transport jewelry.

A person in black and yellow pulling his/her black and yellow luggage trolley.

Once your jewelry business has hit its stride, you will certainly find several opportunities where you may need to travel for your shop. Opportunities to network, sell and become part of exhibits are certainly plentiful if you know where to look. This means you need to know the right way to travel with jewelry when taking your products on the road.

Whether your trip is for business or pleasure, don’t pack your necklace display stands and earring racks just yet ー here are some ideas on how you can properly pack jewelry for your travels.

1. Use carrying cases that offer security when you’re on the go.

Traveling with jewelry often means traveling with different jewelry types all at the same time. As you are in the possession of valuable items, it’s important to have a carrier that has a locking system. A jewelry carrying case with a combination lock is great to bring around as it features not just a combination lock but also comes with straps and a slotted ring tray inside which keeps your products in place. Covered in velvet texture to prevent scratching, it also includes two separate pads (also made in velvet) which makes the entire case presentation-ready.

2. Insert holders are your best friend.

Another great piece to have around while traveling with jewelry is an insert holder. It is a tray-like display with compartments that keeps necklaces and bracelets in place. You can avoid tangling up your precious jewelry by sticking to one jewelry item per row.  It’s a great piece to have when you’re using a tackle box, for example, as a storage tray or carrier.

3. Household items can be used to fasten jewelry pieces in place.

There’s actually plenty of household items that can safely do the job when you’re looking for things that can secure your jewelry.

If you choose to bring a foldable necklace display easel, a few large rubber bands wrapped around can be an effective but affordable means to secure your creations.

Ever have those moments where you need to deal with cords and cables around the house? You must have used cable ties to keep things under control. The same ties can also be used to keep bracelets, bangles, and necklaces in place. For thinner, more delicate jewelry, tying ribbons can also do the job.

4. Drawstring bags can serve a double purpose.

Drawstring bags are the ones where you push and pull the attached string for opening and closing and it’ll be wise to invest in several of them for travel. While they can be used with jewelry pieces such as hoop earrings, gemstones, and crystals for safekeeping, they can also serve as giveaway bags for events.

A brunette woman holding up her necklace.

5. Keep your jewelry with you at all times.

If flying for any reason, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Never place your jewelry inside your checked luggage, even when you’re using a locked carrying case which we recommended earlier. For your peace of mind, always place your jewelry inside your carry-on luggage.

6. Stay on top of things by keeping an inventory.

Whether you’re bringing a small or huge jewelry collection, it’s best to record everything so you’ll know when something goes missing. This is all the more important if what you’re bringing is for sale, but it would also prove useful even if the jewelry you will bring is only meant to be exhibited. A simple spreadsheet will do, but you can also take snapshots of your collection for easy tracking and labeling.

How To Display Jewelry at Craft Fairs

Make a splash at artisan markets and bazaars with these tips.

A close-up of two pairs of hands while holding gold bangles.

Joining craft fairs is a wonderful opportunity for jewelers to market and earn from their creations. Not only that, but these events provide creatives with means to connect with other creatives opening them up for potential collaborative works or networking with suppliers.

It makes sense then that jewelry entrepreneurs who want to join craft fairs must set their sights on standing out from the crowd. You can do that with an eye-catching jewelry display that buyers would flock to.

Follow the tips below to find success at a jewelry craft fair.

#ST-3138N-LE Burlap Linen Risers Set, 6 pcs

Display your merchandise in sets

Once you’ve made the decision to join a craft fair, it helps to decide on your display concepts right away. First of all, pick and choose among your jewelry creations the ones you will be taking to the fair. To help narrow down your choices, try to find out if the fair has a theme that you need to follow. Once you’ve settled on your picks, choose among them the ones you will be designating as centerpieces. Choose the ones that you think would be the crowd-drawers or the ones the would attract the most attention from the buying public. From there, choose the items that complement your centerpiece then create your setups’ formation from there. To support your design, choose a jewelry display tool that comes in a set, like these six-piece display risers in burlap showcased here.

Incorporate props and decorations into your displays and booth

A welcoming booth is one that is tastefully decorated with the right props and furniture, but you need to make sure that yours is not overly cluttered but features decorations that make sense for your products and the fair’s theme. Want to be more strategic about your decorations? Use it as an opportunity for branding. Choose colors and elements that relate to your business’ brand identity. You’ll be setting yourself apart from the other booths if you do. 

This should extend to how your setups are arranged on the table. Understandably, you will only have limited space on your table for your props so choose carefully and look at how a prop may enhance your display concepts.

#WD2965OK Wooden 4-Tier Jewelry Display Stand

Use devices that ensure easy browsing for buyers

Aside from keeping things neat and in order, jewelry display tools can help make it easy to pick and choose from your merchandise.

As long as you don’t overload these with jewelry, T-bar stands like this 4-tier jewelry display stand pictured above is an effective device for showing off jewelry pieces that hang such as bracelets and necklaces. It keeps them tangle-free, plus the height makes it easy for buyers to see the products without finding the need to crouch.

Meanwhile, earring display towers that rotate are great for viewing multiple pairs at a time. With 36 hooks in place, this tool is likewise a space-saving device for it can carry multiple pairs of earrings at a time.

Maximize the use of your retail space by using the walls

You can also utilize much of your allotted space by going beyond the tables for displaying your merchandise. Depending on the organizers, they may allow for the use of slatted walls for showcasing products. Simply hang these T-bars that hook onto slat walls to display your items.

Likewise, don’t forget to hang mirrors on the walls so that customers can try out your items and see if they look good on them or not.

Be mindful of proportions when matching jewelry to the display tools

This simply means you need to match your merchandise to your devices according to thickness. Thick jewelry items such as bangles and heavy chains should be hung on tools with thick bars and holders. You need to also make sure their base parts are strong enough to hold the jewelry pieces without toppling over. Likewise, delicate pieces can be displayed on devices with thinner material. Remember that it’s all about maintaining balance and a balanced showcase is more appealing to potential customers.

#WD63OK Wooden Display Storage Case with Tempered Glass Lid for Jewelry and Beads with 18 Compartments Tray, Oak Color

Boxes with see-through tops are best for tiny jewelry pieces

While there’s a lot of benefits to joining craft fairs, they can be prone to thievery when it gets too crowded. Remember to keep a sharp eye on your products and to remind your staff to be especially mindful of people who visit your booth. You may also choose to showcase some of your smallest merchandise ー which are prone to swiping from those with grabby hands ー such as stud earrings and individual crystals by keeping them inside boxes like in this wooden display storage case with a tempered glass lid as shown above.

Necklace Display Stands That Evoke an Autumn Mood

Earthy, cozy, cool: It’s time to turn your jewelry shop into an autumn wonderland.

Hot chocolate drink on top of a blanket, shot flatlay-style.

Thinking of adding some (pumpkin) spice to your jewelry shop’s interiors? Look to the season of autumn as inspiration. With a palette that leans towards the rich, earthy colors of red, orange, brown, and yellow, your shop is bound to be a cozy haven for jewelry lovers.

A fresh new look to your brick-and-mortar business can certainly liven up the retail space and will certainly be a lot more inviting to the buying public, so why not give our necklace display ideas a try? We’ve combed through our collection to recommend the tools that best fit autumn’s aesthetic. If you’re looking for nature-inspired devices then you’ve come to the right place!

Want to know more about the products listed? Simply click on their names for additional information.

#218(LN) Undyed Color 100% Organic Hemp Linen Covered Double T-Bar Display

#218(LN) Undyed Color 100% Organic Hemp Linen Covered Double T-Bar Display

We begin with this T-bar display that features an organic material covering as its main feature. Hemp is a sturdy and reliable natural fabric that comes from the jute plant. It is commonly used for rice sacks as it is made out of strong material while being an affordable option for most farms to use.

The hemp fabric fulfills the natural elements that should be part of the autumnal aesthetic. The texture also adds an interesting element to any of your jewelry display setups.

Jewelry Display Tip #1: Autumn is the perfect time to highlight your gemstones that feature the season’s dominant colors. Your best bets are rubies, garnets, yellow sapphires, and carnelians for showcasing this October - November.

#WDJ5033WH 3Pcs Wooden Freestanding Necklace Easel Display Stand Holder with Multiple Size

#WDJ5033WH 3Pcs Wooden Freestanding Necklace Easel Display Stand Holder with Multiple Size

The autumn season is known for scenes of streets blanketed by falling leaves in bold colors such as fiery red and bright orange. It makes sense then to fill up your displays with the same shades. However, so that clashes between the props don’t occur, it’s much more aesthetically pleasing to use neutral-colored necklace display stands. This easel-type stand in a cream shade is a great example of a neutral-colored device.

Jewelry Display Tip #2: Set the mood right in your store by incorporating natural elements into your retail setups. Logs, pine cones, and leaves can make for great accents to autumn concepts, especially next to wooden props and furniture.

#COP3678 Metal Jewelry Display Organizer Stand with Tray

#COP3678 Metal Jewelry Display Organizer Stand with Tray

You don’t have to stick with wooden stands when picking jewelry display tools to use for your autumn-themed setups. This metal stand would also make for a nice addition to any concept as it features the colors green and yellow which are both colors of the season.

Elegant and versatile, this particular stand can be used not just for necklaces and bracelets but the green velvet tray on top can also be used to hold earrings and rings.

Jewelry Display Tip #3: Lighting matters when you’re trying to evoke a certain feeling. For a setup that aims to showcase an autumn mood, make sure to go with LED lights in warm white and yellow shades. Make sure the light hits the right angles on the products to ensure a flattering showcase.

#219-1AW Antique Colored Wooden T-Bar Display

#219-1AW Antique Colored Wooden T-Bar Display

Wooden necklace display stands with visible grains are also a great pick for autumn-themed retail setups. The effect gives the item a more natural and earthy appeal, which leads to a more authentic showcase. This particular product comes in three colors: brown, oak, and coffee so you have a choice over how dark and light you want to go with your stand.

Jewelry Display Tip #4: Check if your wooden tools need a bit of sprucing up. Before showcasing them in public, make sure they’re worthy of being displayed alongside your beautiful jewelry merchandise. Give them a little dusting and a little touch-up with a wood polish spray.

#WD1303-BR 3-Tiers Wooden Golden Aluminum Poles Jewelry Display Stand

#WD1303-BR 3-Tiers Wooden Golden Aluminum Poles Jewelry Display Stand

Golden yellow is another one of the season’s colors and we think the combination of brown and gold here makes it an excellent piece to incorporate in your autumn displays. Lovely to look at as a table-top device, it’s also a multifunctional stand as it can accommodate not just necklaces but also bracelets, bangles, and earrings. Both beautiful and practical at the same time, this is definitely a must-buy for every jewelry entrepreneur.

Jewelry Display Tip #5: Go with combinations of display tools in odd numbers as they are known to be much more appealing to the human eye.

5 Must Do’s for Selling Jewelry at a Garage Sale

Tips and tricks to help you sell your pre-loved jewelry pieces.

A woman writing "FOR SALE" on a mirror using a lipstick.

There are many benefits to the practice of decluttering. Not only does it free up an already crowded living space, but it also functions as a way for its practitioners to have a fresh clean slate. Its effects on physical and mental health are certainly worth mentioning. 

Having too many items in one’s living space means the accumulation of dust and possible infestation of pests which can lead to health issues such as allergies and asthma among others. You can avoid all that with decluttering! It also means having a more cozy, livable dwelling which is good for anyone’s psychological well-being.

If you reached this point that you feel the need to declutter your home, may we suggest selling some of your items at a garage sale? Might as well earn from decluttering, right? 

So we’ve put together this handy guide to help you sell your pre-loved jewelry items. Be ready with your jewelry display stands, folding tables, and lawn chairs ー today, you’ll learn how to run a successful garage sale.

A person (head out of frame) in the process of making a beaded necklace.

1. Make sure your jewelry pieces are free from dirt and scratches.

Presentation matters when selling jewelry, and yes, even when they are pre-loved ones. First of all, you owe it to your customers that the used goods you’re selling to them are still in tip-top condition. Likewise, It would certainly be easier to sell them if they are clean and shiny. If you’re at a loss on how to clean your jewelry, don’t worry as we’ve got you covered. We’ve tackled the topic several times before including this article on how you should care for your jewelry to keep you safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The same goes for the devices and stands you will be using to showcase your jewelry. You need to make sure they are clean and in good condition before showcasing them on the day of your sale. For reference, we’ve also previously put together an article on tips and tricks for cleaning various jewelry display tools that we think you should give a read-through.

2. Have a system for displaying your merchandise.

Make it an easy browsing experience for your customers by pairing up the pieces that go together. You can also group together your jewelry pieces according to color, type, and material. You can use jewelry display stands, dishes, and platforms for sorting and keeping things in order. You just have to make sure your system makes sense to you and your customers.

We guarantee that you will be able to sell your merchandise a lot quicker if you put care into their presentation.

3. Provide mirrors to help buyers choose the items they want.

While a garage sale is an informal way to sell items, customers would appreciate it if the usual retail devices present in stores are around to help them make the right choice. Jewelry display stands such as this rotating earring display rack would make browsing a breeze for eager customers who want to try out your earrings. Likewise, providing a mirror or two would be a thoughtful touch for everyone who wants to try out your merchandise.

4. Be ready with some interesting stories about your merchandise.

If this is your first time selling jewelry, it helps to approach the activity like how a professional jeweler would approach it, so showing a little bit of salesmanship couldn’t hurt.

Some folks who like shopping at garage sales are in it for the history of the items they find, so you need to also be prepared for those kinds of buyers who might stop by. If you have an anecdote that’s worth sharing on how you acquired the item or if it’s been part of a memorable event from the past then do share them with potential buyers. Of course, if there’s none to be told then you can just share how you used to wear them and the best fashion styles that go with them.

More importantly, pertinent details such as carat, material, even measurements are valuable insights to share when selling jewelry. Likewise, you need to inform the buyers if the jewelry pieces require any special care and maintenance. You can also drop some jewelry trivia if you know some as they can add to the selling points of the pieces on hand.

5. Choose the appropriate packaging for your items.

Does your merchandise still come with its original boxes and containers? Best to package your items along with them as it would make them more sellable and adds value to the items on sale. Likewise, take due care to invest in product packaging. Gift bags, pouches, clear zip bags, and boxes are just some of the many jewelry packaging options you can use. The good news? You can also use the same items for packaging your non-jewelry items.

How To Build Good Customer PR as an Online Jewelry Store

Growing a business means building great relationships.

A brunette lady working on her laptop. A rack of clothes stand behind her.

There’s plenty to be thankful for when online shops or e-commerce emerged as a viable source of goods for shoppers and as an income source for entrepreneurs. Starting from the dot com boom that began in the mid-’90s, we as consumers gained another platform to shop beyond going to physical stores or using a phone to order from TV infomercials. As years went by, technology fine-tuned the hows and whys of operating an online business but one thing’s for certain is that having good customer relations should always be given importance if one were to become an entrepreneur aiming for success.

We’ve previously talked about the steps on how to open an online jewelry business and now we’re moving on to the topic of how jewelry entrepreneurs should handle customer concerns and maintain good relations with shoppers.

Always keep in mind your website’s user experience

When running an online business, every effort must be made to ensure that a user (i.e. the person visiting and browsing a website) has an easy time finding and navigating his/her way around the site. Right from the get-go, upon hitting the homepage, the jump from one section to another should be seamless. This can be achieved by a layout that’s easy on the eyes with links that naturally flow from one to another.

At the browsing stage of the online shopping experience, care must be given to ensure product presentation should be aesthetically pleasing with the graphic and textual elements used matching well with the site’s overall aesthetics. In terms of product photography, items should be presented using great shots as well as the use of props and jewelry display tools that showcase the items on sale in a flattering light. Likewise, product categories should be properly labeled and sorted for easy discovery and navigation. 

At the point of purchase, customers should be presented with several payment options that are easy to fulfill and reliable. Upon confirmation of order and payment, shipping information should be provided to awaiting customers.

Provide 24/7 customer support through live chat

Customers are more likely to stay with a brand if they know they are being listened to and their issues are being resolved. This requires quick attention to queries that come in through the business’ channels. Fortunately, today’s digital landscape affords brands to have several means to respond to their customers. Aside from providing a direct chat feature on the company website to handle customer concerns, social media’s interactive nature allows for businesses and institutions to respond to user comments and complaints on their official pages. Even attaching a small info card with your contact details to every purchase helps people know that you can be counted on for assistance when asked.

Another perk to having an always-ready customer support system in place? Inquiries about products made through such channels have higher conversion rates.

Female vlogger posing in front of her cameraphone.

Create content that will benefit your customers

Providing help and guidance extends beyond the business’ customer support channels. This could also mean providing helpful resources in the form of articles, videos, and clips on your online jewelry shop’s website. These content types can be used to provide jewelry trivia, product guides where you highlight specific items in your collection, as well as after-sales service where you can provide advice on the proper care and storage of jewelry. Content could also come in the form of styling advice or tips on how to best wear jewelry for different occasions. Likewise, the same content can also be shared on the brand’s social media pages to expand its reach.

Such initiatives when done consistently and sincerely can be effective means of helping build good customer relations.

Hold contests or giveaways as a form of gratitude to customers

Gifts are a great way to promote goodwill towards customers, both old and new. For one, it’s a way to give thanks to long-time customers, at the same time it’s also a nice gesture to attract potential buyers to the shop. Simple contests can be conducted through the brand’s social media pages to encourage followers to join while opening opportunities to a wider audience to participate as well.

Discounts and giveaways are also effective for fostering good customer relations, because who will turn down gifts and reduced prices? Offerings such as discount codes and e-vouchers can be given out through the site, online newsletters, and social media. Your best bet is to give them away during shopping holidays (Black Friday, 11.11), your own shop’s anniversary celebrations, as well as special occasions.

Black gift box with a red bow, places next to red  discount and sale signages.

Incentivize brand loyalty with points they can exchange for perks and benefits

Another form of gift-giving is implementing a system of points earning where purchases earn the shoppers points which they can exchange for material rewards or experiences. This can be set up with an app or even a physical card that stores every point earned. The bigger the number of points, the bigger the reward. This can be accomplished through partnerships with other merchandisers or establishments that would serve as sponsors for the rewards.

These are just a few ideas to consider when implementing customer relation-building initiatives for your shop. Just remember to put yourself in the shoes of your customers and think of the ways you would want to be appreciated by a shop or brand you’ve been patronizing then start building ideas from there.

How To Start an Online Jewelry Business

It’s time to take your love of jewelry online and start earning from it.

A brunette girl working on her laptop.

Whether done as a side gig or as a full-fledged venture, an online jewelry business is a great source of income for anyone who has an affinity for jewelry. Perhaps the idea struck you while browsing through earring display aisles or while you’re putting on one of your precious jewels for a fun night out ー whichever way it started for you then, congratulations because you’re on the right page to begin your journey.

Let this article be your guide as you take the first steps into making your jewelry business dreams a reality.

Focus on a niche as a starting point for your venture

Choosing to zero in on a particular jewelry type is a great way to ease yourself into the online jewelry industry. Your choice of jewelry to sell can shape your entire mode of operations so having one niche to focus on can make things more manageable for a beginner.

Go with your favorite jewelry style or one where you already have some knowledge regarding its creation or sourcing. The type of supplies you will use for your operations such as your jewelry display tools and packaging will likewise be determined by your chosen niche. In terms of marketing, focusing on a niche means your efforts will go into promotions that target the audience that is interested in that type of jewelry.

Create a business plan

If deciding on your niche gets the ball rolling, then creating a business plan is a more in-depth, point-by-point document detailing all your plans, concepts, and expectations for your business. This will then serve as your guide as you build your business from the ground up. Your business plan should contain:

  • What you have to offer
  • Who are your target customers
  • How you plan to execute your idea (manufacturing, marketing, sales)
  • Your capital as well as projected expenses

Aside from serving as your guide, a strong business plan will help you secure investors that will support your online shop. It is important also to consider the business plan should be treated as a living document, open to revisions and expansions as the business grows.

Next up are some of the nitty-gritty parts of launching a business or the actual application of the points enumerated on the plan.

Decide on who will manufacture your products

Do you want to do them yourself or have somebody manufacture your merchandise for you? Again, this all goes back to your niche. What you’ve decided on the first step will be dictating how you proceed from hereon.

If you want to sell your own wares, you’re expected to have enough technical know-how to create the pieces on your own. You can enhance your skills by attending online and offline classes. The advantage of going DIY is that you will have complete control over the creation process. A disadvantage would be finding the time to create enough stocks once orders start coming in. Of course, you can always expand your business later on and hire jewelry makers to help with the manufacturing. 

Otherwise, you can always seek out outside support by finding a manufacturer who will make your products. Just make sure to find somebody that’s reliable by doing your research before making any commitments. 

Another option you can take is to become a third-party seller by buying already-made jewelry items wholesale and then selling them on your site. Essentially your role is that of a distributor of an existing brand/product line.

Lastly, you also need to look for suppliers who will provide you with the necessary tools to operate your shop efficiently such as jewelry displays to help with the showcase of your shop’s goods.

#BXY761 Two Toned Gift Tote Bags
#BXY761 Two Toned Gift Tote Bags*

Looking for a supplier for your jewelry packaging needs? These plain, two-toned gift tote bags can be easily customized with logos bearing your online jewelry shop’s branding.

Come up with a business name

Once you’ve settled on a niche and made a business plan, you can now proceed to name your business. Think of one that relates to your niche but it should also be a name that’s catchy and memorable to the public. If you’re having trouble thinking of a name, it may help to think of the image you would want the public to form about your business. Do you want an image that’s elegant and glamorous or one that’s more friendly and approachable? Are you trying to reach young or mature customers? These factors will help shape your jewelry business’ name.

Another important exercise you must do when naming your online shop is to check if it’s already been used by another shop before. To do this, try looking up your chosen name and see if it already exists on the internet. Once you’ve settled on a name, make sure to buy a domain for your business to secure your place online right away.

Choose a platform that will host your shop

You don’t have to build your website from scratch. Platforms such as Shopify provide hosting to online shops which include features that handle your storefront, product presentation, payments, and shipping. It comes with several monthly subscription offers that entrepreneurs can choose from to suit their needs. Other platforms such as Amazon and Etsy also have different features to offer their users; what is important is to choose one that’s right for you and your shop.

Decide on your shop’s marketing strategy

You will need to get the word out about your online jewelry shop, so this part of starting a business is very important. It’s important to note that your marketing strategy should reflect the image and branding you’ve chosen for your shop.

As an online-based business, it’s best to also turn to online tools for your marketing efforts. Going on social media is a great starting point to promote your business. You can go for organic posts or invest in paid ads to widen your reach. Just make sure your style and tone are consistent throughout as this will help you establish your identity and create a memorable impression on potential customers. Your best picks are image-heavy social media apps such as Instagram and Pinterest.

Good luck with your new and exciting venture!

*Available on the Nile Corp website.

4 Jewelry Business Survival Tips in the Time of COVID-19

Living in the new normal requires new strategies.

A retail store's "OPEN" sign on display by the shop's door.

First, the good news:

The market for jewelry remained robust even during the height of the pandemic lockdowns. In fact, several retailers have reported an uptick in the 30-40% range in the purchase of luxury products compared to the previous year.

Unfortunately, it’s been reported that the vaccine rollout in the country has slowed down. This means that while life has pretty much returned to normal for many, the fact remains that the virus is still very much present, and the presence of a more transmissible variant of the virus means the time’s not yet right to let our guards down.

And so, jewelry entrepreneurs need to think of new ways to handle their businesses while all of these are going on. 

While we’ve always talked about jewelry display solutions here in our blog, we’ve decided it’s time to talk about the takeaways jewelry businesses can learn from their pandemic experience. Given the current status of the industry and the society at large, what are the learnings or tips they can build themselves from and apply in the new normal?

1. Be flexible. Change is something that should be expected and embraced.

To say that all of us have to make huge adjustments in the early days of the pandemic would be an understatement. Almost overnight everyone had to pull back and basically change their everyday, normal habits to curb the virus’ spread. Outside of essential workers, everyone was made to stay at home for their health and safety. All of a sudden, businesses were shut down, work and schools had to be recalibrated for the home, and with it came new challenges that most are faced with for the first time.

Yet those challenging times brought forth innovative ideas. A lot of folks have turned their hobbies into money-making ventures ー jewelry making included. For those who already have existing jewelry businesses, many turned online so they can continue selling their merchandise at home. When setbacks happened, a lot of folks were quick to make adjustments to cope with the unpredictable nature of things. 

Recently, two social media marketplaces that serve as hosts to many jewelry entrepreneurs have all of a sudden shut down for hours. Last Monday, October 4, 2021, Instagram and Facebook (as well as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Oculus) ceased operations for more than six hours because of a server configuration issue according to Facebook. The effect was global and this urged many small business owners using the said platforms for selling to look for alternatives such as setting up their own websites.

Pandemic or no pandemic, many veteran entrepreneurs will tell you that this won’t certainly be the last roadblock on the path to owning a business. What matters is that you are capable of thinking ahead and knowing when to make adjustments to the challenges that you will be facing.

A masked up delivery person delivering a package to a home.

2. Be clear about the new policies your store is adopting.

Along with the increased reliance on online marketplaces, many stores have adopted new policies to ensure the continued smooth operations of their businesses. 

Online shopping means deliveries and the need to have a clear purchasing and shopping system in place. Having multiple payment options is the most ideal, most especially electronic payment options for their ease and to minimize contact with the courier. When it comes to shipping, it’s best to rely on courier companies that are reliable and have clear tracking systems in place for your customers’ peace of mind. Likewise, you need to also have enough packaging materials to accommodate your goods.

The same case should be applied to brick-and-mortar shops but it would require additional systems in place such as installing hygiene areas, barriers, and even regular disinfection and cleaning schedules to keep your premises safe for shoppers.

These policies need to be conveyed and explained clearly to shoppers as part of your store’s customer services.

3. Be creative with your marketing efforts and selling.

Standing out from the competition is always the goal of every entrepreneur, but times are harder and so you may need to do something extra to get the public’s attention. The good thing about having all this technology within reach is that you can explore different facets of the marketing game to boost sales for your shop.

Mere static ads just wouldn’t do these days especially online. From quick clips on TikTok and Instagram to long-form videos that you can use to create beefed-up content to promote your merchandise to the public, video is the way to go. Think of it as similar to TV infomercials but done online. 

But that’s not all you can do with the technology available. You can also highlight your products with lifestyle vlogs featuring influencers that can talk about your products. Providing educational content is always a good strategy to take as well. Many would love to know how to style themselves with accessories or are curious to know how to take care of and store their jewelry collection to make them last longer. From here you can talk about particular items from your merchandise that you would like to highlight or have some experts talk about jewelry care and jewelry display ideas that would be of interest to potential buyers. Some shops these days are also holding live selling on videos to boost their shop’s earnings. 

Simply put, there are plenty of ways to get creative and stand out, and it would be to your business’ advantage to take your shot with these opportunities.

Looking ahead…

4. Be one step ahead by studying your customers and the market.

Being proactive these days is crucial to a business’s survival. While the pandemic was an event that no one anticipated, the experiences of entrepreneurs during this period should serve as a reminder of the importance of having the foresight to be ready for the future.

Market research is key here. Data gathering and customer mapping may help predict future buyer behavior. Learn about their buying journey and see if you can spot issues to resolve. From here you can find out what could be possible pain points and make the best plans to resolve them.

Likewise, keeping abreast with industry trends helps you figure out what items could be hot commodities in the coming months. If you are an entrepreneur and also the creator, this can help you come up with styles to include for your future collections.

It’s safe to say that many of us went through the wringer in the past year and a half. Individuals and institutions alike faced challenges but the beauty of these tough times are the stories of resilience and redemption stories of those who were able to bounce back. With careful planning, a positive attitude, and the guts to push through the rough roads, life will go on and will continue to prosper. Hope this article gets you the motivation to continue on your road to success!