Basic Store Security Tips and Precautions for Jewelers

Don’t let yourself and your wares become vulnerable to crime.

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Keeping the store and merchandise safe from theft should be every jeweler’s concern. While it is true that one can’t always prevent crime, there are plenty of safety measures that jewelry business owners and their staff can apply to keep themselves and their products safe.

Here are some helpful, practical tips that every jeweler must remember:

Always be on alert.

Staying alert at all times – from store opening to closing – should help you spot or be aware of everything that’s going on around you.

Upon arrival at the store, observe your surroundings and see if there are suspicious people or vehicles nearby. Do watch out also for broken windows or locks that might have been tampered the night before. It’s best to do this with one or two people so that you can all look for each other.

During store hours, greet your customers and look them in the eyes. Not only is this a good way of engaging customers, but potential robbers will know you’re keeping a close eye on them, which can serve as a deterrent.

At closing, remember to turn on your security alarms. Again, never let just one person lock up the premises.

Show your merchandise one at a time.

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While some customers may want to compare two or three pieces of jewelry, for your safety it’s best to show them one at a time. It is fairly easy for thieves to simply grab and go when presented with multiple items. Again, stay focused and give your full attention to one customer at a time.

Make sure you also have all your tools prepared when presenting jewelry to your customers.

Use reinforced glass for your display cases and windows.

It’s not uncommon to hear of jewelry robberies that involve the use of violence. Burglars, for example, may try to smash their way to get inside and steal your merchandise. To protect your store from such incidents, why not use reinforced glass for your display cases and windows? For the truly high-value items in your store, you may stash them away in a vault, or keep them in a secluded area for presentation and viewing.

Your jewelry display showcase deserves the best care, and these measures add another layer of protection and give you peace of mind.

Keep track of delivery people that come in and out of your store.

Aside from customers and employees, other people will come in and out of your store during business hours. These may be delivery people, repairmen, and the like. Make sure to double-check their identity whenever they visit your store. Always have staff on hand to supervise their movement and take note of any suspicious behavior.

Keep close contact with local law enforcement.

IIt pays to be proactive, so do not wait until you’ve been the victim of a crime before reaching out to the local law enforcement in your area. Inform them of any concerns you may have regarding security. They may be able to help you in checking whether your security system in place is right or needs to be beefed up.


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