Jewelry Display Tips and Tricks to Increase Sales

Nifty retail display advice that every jeweler must follow.

A row of beaded necklace displays.

What’s the secret to driving sales for your jewelry store? Aside from having great products to sell and excellent salesmanship, the key to a successful retail business is to have displays that attract customers. A well-planned out display brings out the beauty of your merchandise, which entices more people to make purchases.

This is a crucial step for every growing business, so take these tips to heart.

Treat your merchandise like the fine works of art that they are

Our first tip is to imagine your store as a museum. Normally you would find similar items would be grouped together, while a few would be separated to be designated as highlights of the museum’s collection. It helps to think of your store in the same way: you can set some key pieces of jewelry as your store’s highlights, while others would each have their own groupings around the store.

Create interest by playing around with balance

Now grouping similar items may sound boring but not when you experiment with the product placement. Displaying your merchandise on varying levels creates drama and contrast, which is much more pleasing to the eyes. It’s also a way to create centerpieces for particular items you want to push and highlight. You can easily achieve this with our wide selection of jewelry display sets, like our multiple T-bars and combination display sets.

Close-up view of a hair jewelry piece.

Avoid clutter

Grouping similar items work when you take into account the spaces in between each merchandise. Try not to put too many things together, or else it would look cluttered. Always maintain negative space in between items.

Again, balance matters. You can combine different sizes as long as it is balanced. As for placement, create a natural flow for the eyes to follow (left to right).

Make sure everything is neat and in place

Do you have enough light to illuminate your merchandise? Make sure the light bounces off right and shows your products’ sparkle. Are your cases, glass, and jewelry displays free of dust and scratches? You can easily turn off a buyer for these lapses, so make sure everything is spic and span, and working as it should.


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