How to Display Minimalist Jewelry

Learn how to make these delicate pieces stand out more with some display tips.

How to Display Minimalist Jewelry |

Minimalist jewelry is one of the trending styles in the jewelry industry today. However, unlike statement pieces, these delicate ones don’t tend to get noticed much, as they are much smaller and thinner. That said, displaying minimalist jewelry may come off as a challenge to some. No need to worry though, as today, we are sharing tips on how to make these pieces look more appealing and eye-catching.

Use solid-colored jewelry displays.

The Metal Arrow and T-Bar Jewelry Display Organizer Stand is ideal for displaying minimalist necklaces |

Minimalist pieces are usually thin, so if you use a display with bold designs, they will melt into the pattern. Thin necklaces will stand out in a solid-colored necklace display, while minimalist rings look pretty eye-catching in black ring finger displays. Metal displays also tend to make these pieces stand out.

Display the smallest ones in a group.

The Metal Jewelry Organizer Stand with Mirror is perfect for display minimalist hook earrings |

As for minimalist earrings, they are best displayed as a group. Use solid-colored earring stands or one big stand that can hold multiple pairs. Another benefit of showcasing them in a group is that it lessens the chance of them getting lost, damaged, or stolen.

Display them separately with the statement pieces.

Display minimalist jewelry separately from statement jewelry |

Avoid placing your minimalist pieces with your statement items if you want them to stand out. Otherwise, the former will get overpowered by the latter. In the same way, do not use the same kind of displays for the two different types of jewelry. Go with the patterned displays for your boldly-designed jewelry, while go with the solid-colored ones for minimalist items.

Use proper lighting.

To make minimalist jewelry stand out use proper lighting |

Lastly, proper lighting is the key to highlighting these delicate pieces. You may use the right kind of jewelry display, but if they are not properly lit up, they still won’t get noticed by your customers, let alone, passers-by. Designate a spotlight for these pieces and make sure they are angled correctly. Use supplemental lighting if needed.

Floral-Inspired Jewelry Displays for Spring

Get ready for spring with these floral displays. 

Floral-Inspired Jewelry Displays for Spring |

Spring is here! What better way to celebrate this season of blooms in your jewelry shop by using floral display? Not only do they complement your spring-inspired items, but they also pique the interest of people with their eye-catching and unique designs. So today, we picked out five lovely jewelry displays that are worth using this season.

Metal Wire Heart Earring Display Stand with Floral Design

Use the Metal Wire Earring Display Stand with Floral Design this Spring |
Display those beautiful pairs of earrings using this metal earring stand. It features 70 holes for 35 pairs, rose and leaf designs around the heart-shaped outline, and an antique silver finish exuding an old world charm. It has a sturdy base, so you don’t have to worry about it tipping over. This metal display has a size dimension of 13"W x 4 3/4"D x 13"H.

Fabric Covered Bracelet T-Bar Display

Showcase bracelets using the Fabric Covered Bracelet T-Bar Display |
Showcase your bracelets in this vintage-inspired floral t-bar. It comes with a pink ribbon for that feminine flair and stripes and polka dot designs for a retro vibe. It can hold multiple bracelets at either side and won't tip over because of its sturdy wooden base. This wooden display has a size dimension of 9"W x 5 3/4"H.

Metal Wire Earring Display Stand with Floral Design

This Spring, showcase earrings using the Metal Wire Earring Display Stand with Floral Design |
Here’s another metal earring display perfect for the season. Instead of having a heart outline, this one has a square one, and the floral designs are right on top. It can hold up to 55 pairs of earrings, so this one is perfect if you have a lot more pairs to offer. It also has that lovely vintage vibe because of its copper finish. This earring stand has a size dimension of 11 3/4"W x 17"H.

Fabric Covered Wooden Bracelet T-Bar Display

Showcase bracelets this Spring using the Fabric Covered Wooden Bracelet T-Bar Display |
Next up is this elegant looking t-bar display. It features a golden rose pattern on both sides of the bar which matches the textured base tray that has a floral design. This wooden display is carefully covered with white linen to match the golden accents. It can hold multiple bracelets or even necklaces at either side. This t-bar display has a size dimension of 9"W x 5 1/4"D x 8"H.

Fabric Covered Shoe Shaped Ring Display with Tassel

The Fabric Covered Shoe Shaped Ring Display with Tassel is perfect for Spring |
Last, but not least, is this lovely ring display that has a vintage glamour. It features a unique shoe-shaped design with a brown ribbon and tassel. This display is made of resin and covered with elegant floral fabric that matches the ribbon and tassel. This display can hold up to eight rings and has a size dimension of 2''W x 6"D x 4 3/4''H.


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Craft Show Display Tips

Learn how to stand out in craft and trade shows with these jewelry display tips.

Craft Show Display Tips |

Have you been recently invited to a craft or trade show? If this is your first time, then you might be figuring out how to stand out among other sellers who are probably offering the same type of jewelry. With a few display tips, you can catch the attention of every passer-by. This week, we will discuss a few useful tips on how to stand out among other jewelry sellers in a craft or trade show.

Use eye-catching displays

Pique the interest of passers-by with eye-catching jewelry displays by

Go for the nontraditional ones. Hang necklaces on a metal necklace display stand with an old world charm and bracelets on a lovely mini doll display. You can also go DIY with the other pieces; you can showcase rings in a bowl of rice or small crystals or place them on an old open book if you want to achieve a vintage flair. Don’t forget to add some decors to complement your jewelry displays as well.

Wear your items for sale

Wear your jewelry pieces for sale |

Wearing a piece or two of the jewelry you are selling will allow your customers to see how it looks when actually worn. Model your own items and let your staff do the same, especially your best-selling items. If passers-by see how it looks good on you, they will immediately think that it will look good on them as well.

Provide mirrors

Allow customers to see how the jewelry looks on them with mirrors |

You should also not forget to bring mirrors to the show so customers will get to see how the pieces look good on them. It’s almost impossible for people to buy your products if they do not see how it looks on them. There is no need to get a big, expensive one, even the small hand-held mirrors will do.

Create special jewelry sets for a discounted price

Give discounts when they buy three or more pieces |

Selling sets at a discounted price will most likely affect the customers’ buying decision, even if it's just a small discount. Offering a lower cost when they buy three pieces or more also has the same effect. Customers will more likely purchase multiple items because of this, as they will be saving a lot more if they buy more.


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How to Store Jewelry for Travel

Here are the dos and don’ts of traveling with jewelry.

How to Store Jewelry for Travel |

Are you a fashionista and an avid traveler? If yes, you have probably done a lot of ways to store your fashion jewelry pieces without damaging them. However, are you sure that you are packing them correctly? This week, we will be discussing a few dos and don’ts of storing jewelry when traveling.

Let’s start off with the dos:

Do store them in a jewelry organizer.

The Burlap Linen Metal Clip Jewelry Display Case with Glass Top Lid is perfect for traveling with jewelry |

One effective way to make sure your jewelry pieces won’t be damaged is to store them in a jewelry organizer. Many jewelry displays double as travel organizers as well, such as those with glass top lids. These jewelry cases usually come with dividers so you won’t have to worry about the pieces getting all tangled inside.

Do go DIY if you are only bringing a few pieces.

Drinking straws can organize your necklaces or bracelets when traveling |

If you are just going to bring a few pieces, you can resort to DIY organizers. For necklaces and bracelets, you can use drinking straws to keep them from getting tangled. All you have to do is strand the chain through the straw and attach at the other end. Safety pins are perfect for rings, while buttons or wine corks are perfect for earrings.

Do keep a list of the pieces you are bringing.

List down all the jewelry pieces you are bringing |

And to make sure nothing gets lost, create a list of all the pieces you are bringing with you. So when you are packing, you can check if you’ve put all the pieces in your bag. Keep two copies of the list, one with you and one at home. Do keep the copy separately from your jewelry; keep it in your purse or wallet.

As for the don’ts:

Don’t bring your most expensive pieces.

Avoid bringing along pricey jewelry when traveling |

When traveling, it’s always best to bring fashion jewelry instead of pricey ones. Even if you think you are careful with your things, bringing them is highly inadvisable. It is better to be safe than devastated when you lose them. This is also the case with pieces that have really high sentimental value like heirlooms or other accessories like watches. Better just keep them safe at home.

Don’t put different types of jewelry in one storage.

The Wooden Jewelry Organizer Box can keep your jewelry scratch-free |

To prevent the pieces from getting scratches, make sure to separate and not put them all in one storage. As mentioned above, you can go with cases or organizers that have dividers. You can also use toilet paper to wrap each piece individually or use small plastic zip bags.

Don’t put your jewelry in your check-in luggage.

Place your jewelry in carry-on bags and not in check-in luggage |

It’s always best to just keep your jewelry in your carry-on bags instead of packing them with your check-in luggage. There is a risk of losing them if you do the latter, especially if you are to go to a foreign country. The rule is always to keep your jewelry as close to you as possible.


Which of these dos or don’ts have you done? We’d love to hear from you! Share your stories in the comments below.

Why You Need Mannequin Jewelry Displays

Learn the reasons why these lovely displays are a must-have in any jewelry shop.

Why You Need Mannequin Jewelry Displays |

Mannequin jewelry displays offer a fresh break from the traditional necklace busts and ring holders. And if you are a jewelry store that exclusively offers pieces for women, this type of display is an absolute must-have. They are feminine, fun, and aesthetically pleasing. Want to learn more about these beautiful jewelry holders? Read on.

Has an old world charm

The Linen Fabric Covered Mini Doll Jewelry Display has a lovely old world charm |
A mannequin or doll display exudes old world charm that will remind you of romantic dates, teenage diaries, and pocketbooks. They are perfect for your hopeless romantic customers and those who are into arts and crafts vintage stuff. They will love the display, and of course, the pieces showcased on them as well.

Come in many designs and colors

The Fabric Covered Mini Mannequin Display is in a lovely pastel green shade |
Unlike the traditional ones, mannequin jewelry displays come in various styles and colors. You can get one in a neutral color or one in a feminine shade and design. You can also match the color of your jewelry pieces with the color of the display. Mannequin displays are definitely eye-catching as well.

Perfect for highlighting a particular piece

The Fabric Covered Mini Bust Necklace Display is perfect for highlighting a piece |
And because this type can hold only a few pieces at a time, it is perfect for highlighting a certain piece or set. Most of these displays can hold just six necklaces or bracelets, but there are some that can hold just one. To effectively highlight your chosen jewelry, place the mannequin atop a pedestal and designate its own spotlight.

Ideal for vintage-inspired jewelry

The Fabric Covered Doll Jewelry Display is perfect for vintage jewelry |
Because they have the old world charm, they are great for vintage-inspired jewelry. Both of their designs perfectly complement each other. Handcrafted artisan jewelry, especially ones that are not made of any metal, also looks gorgeous on these doll displays.

Makes it easy for customers to try the pieces on

The Fabric Covered Mini Mannequin Display is ideal for craft shows |

Lastly, the mannequin display’s design makes it easier for customers to try your items for sale. It will also be more convenient for you, as you simply just need to hang a necklace, bracelet, or ring on the hook. This is especially the case if you are a craft or trade show regular.

Benefits of Using Brightly-colored Jewelry Displays

These non-traditional displays do more than just showcase your products.

Benefits of Using Brightly-colored Jewelry Displays |

Your store’s display is very important, especially in a jewelry shop. It's the first thing people see and plays a big factor in your customers’ buying decision. So it is wise to invest in it, specifically on the jewelry displays that you will use.

One way to do this is to use eye-catching, brightly-colored ones. More so if they are not the traditional kind. That is why for this week, we will discuss the three benefits of using this kind of displays.

Fun displays will help your brand get a good first impression

This Combination Jewelry Display Set in green sure is eye-catching |
Showcasing your items in eye-catching non-traditional displays will allow you to make an excellent first impression to first-time customers. Unlike the typical formal ones, brightly-colored displays sort of like give off a more welcoming vibe.

These displays will set a happy mood

This pretty Pink Fabric Covered T-Bar Bracelet Display can make anyone smile |
Because they are in bright colors, they help set a happy mood in your store. Especially if you use ones in pink, orange, or yellow. They break the ice for every customer who is too embarrassed to ask your staff about your items. Shoppers will definitely feel more comfortable and will have an unforgettable pleasant shopping experience.

They will make jewelry stand out even more.

The Pink Zebra Print Large Necklace Display Bust is truly eye-catching |

Jewelry pieces, specifically in silver tone, tend to stand out more in jewelry displays in bright colors. As with the photo above, the silver necklace looks even more prominent against a hot pink necklace display bust. Pieces studded with multi-color crystals, as well as colorful handmade jewelry complement fun-colored displays as well.

Customers will remember you for it

The Turquoise Leatherette Jewelry Display 12 Piece Set is perfect for spring and summer |
And because you made a good impression, customers will remember you for having such a fun and welcoming display. This will give you quite an edge over other jewelry shops. Even if you are selling similar products with other jewelry shops, there is a big chance that people will prefer shopping in your store because you present your items in a unique and fun way.


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