5 Jewelry Selling Tips to Boost Sales

Helpful advice for today’s jewelers.

Two pairs of hands inspecting jewelry.

What does it take to find success in the jewelry industry these days? 2020 has proven to be challenging for many business owners but not all things were quite grim. For those that remained afloat or even thrived, they applied techniques that you will soon learn for yourself in this article. 

Have periodic workshops and re-training sessions

It pays to always have a store crew that’s always updated on the latest trends in jewelry as well as best practices in selling. Since having great customer service is key to having a steady stream of buyers, make sure you are keeping your staff sharp through re-education programs where they can enhance their skills in selling and mastering the merchandise. 

Another key skill that a jewelry store crew must always possess is the art of jewelry display. Knowing how to showcase jewelry in the best way possible to attract customers can mean increased sales for the establishment.

Pink card reader and a credit card.

Offer various options for purchasing merchandise

While vaccinations for the coronavirus have already begun, the public is still encouraged to socially distance. With this in mind, retail stores are encouraged to allow for cashless as well as no-contact payments. Adopting no-contact payment options at your store will help lessen the chances of touching surfaces that may not be disinfected. Options may include tap-to-pay readers using a mobile phone or credit card, online vouchers, apps, or e-cards. 

Conduct clearance sales to refresh your merchandise

It’s always a welcome sight to have new products around the store for both the seller and customer. You can always come up with new jewelry merchandise to sell, but what happens now to the old stocks left unsold? Holding a clearance sale where you give huge discounts to older stocks would be a good idea. 

Give your displays a fresh life with new jewelry display tools

Another way you can attract buyers is to make sure your retail display game is on point. You can look for references online like Pinterest or Instagram for display ideas. Once you’ve picked out a design, your next step is to update your jewelry display tools and by adding a few props or furniture pieces here and there. That way, your new items can look fresh and attractive in their respective display setups.

A creative workspace with the laptop turned on.

Tap the internet for marketing

Help spread the word about your promos and the latest items in your collection by promoting them online. People are online 24/7 which gives you a huge advantage when you want to cast a wide net for your advertising efforts. We recommend platforms that are reliant on images so that you can showcase your products the right way.

The Best Display Tools for Spring 2021’s Jewelry Trends

Update your jewelry collection with new styles and the best jewelry display devices.

Fashion shoot with a focus on the feet and skirt of the model.

How’s the weather where you are right now? If you ask us, we can no longer wait for spring. Warmer days, bright skies, and flowers blooming everywhere ー what’s not to like? Other things we can all look forward to in the new season are the new trends in fashion and accessories. Whether you are a collector or a seller of jewelry, it’s a must to know what would be in style for the coming months, and with the arrival of new jewelry styles, you may need to replenish your supply of jewelry display devices.

Check out our recommendations for necklace display stands, earring holders, and other jewelry displayers for the spring season’s hottest jewelry trends.

Mismatched earrings

Seen on high-fashion runways, mismatched earrings make a bold statement about fashion conventions. They are especially striking for chandelier-type earrings and for this type of earrings, we recommend this Gray Burlap Linen Earring/Pendant Display Stand.

Gray Burlap Linen Earring/Pendant Display Stand

It features 12 slots that hold in your earrings in place. With its horizontal orientation, you can easily scan and compare the earrings on display. Try lining up your chandelier earrings side-by-side then combining mismatched individual pieces to see what would look good together. Sounds like an oxymoron? Perhaps, but don’t knock this trend till you have tried it!

Colorful beads

Think of them as the grown-up versions of your childhood craft projects from summer camp. This big and bold style will make you feel like you’re on vacation all summer long. Colorful beads would especially look good in an earth-toned stand like this Undyed Color 100% Organic Hemp Linen Covered Necklace Display with Easel.

Undyed Color 100% Organic Hemp Linen Covered Necklace Display with Easel

This necklace display stand is made out of padded wood and hemp which is a type of natural fabric. Your beads will definitely pop out in this simple but gorgeous stunner of a jewelry display.

Charms and trinkets

Here’s another throwback to a jewelry style we all loved growing up. Charmed bracelets are often worn for spiritual reasons or for style, either kind will suit this 2-Tier Wooden T-Bar Jewelry and Watch Display.

2-Tier Wooden T-Bar Jewelry and Watch Display

Lightweight but sturdy thanks to its weighted base, this T-bar display stand comes in three colors: coffee, brown, and oak. Marvel at its excellent craftsmanship when you use it as a tabletop displayer at your home or store.


Whether as a necklace or a pair of earrings, orbs are fashion must-haves this spring. They are simple but can pack a serious style punch, and we think that makes this Wooden T-bar Jewelry Display Stand with Compartments their perfect match.

Wooden T-bar Jewelry Display Stand with Compartments

With compartments for rings and earrings at the base and a wooden T-bar for bangles and necklaces, this can be your shop or home’s all-in-one solution for your jewelry display needs.

We have plenty more in our collection so do check them out by stopping by our online shop today!

What Makes Jewelry Making a Great Hobby

Here’s another pastime to try while we’re all keeping safe at home.

Close up of two interlocking their pinkies while wearing friendship bracelets.

Once you’ve tried out all the food crazes in the kitchen during this lockdown, what else is there to do? Why not give jewelry making a try? It’s a great hobby any time of the year but more so now that we’re cooped up indoors because of the cold weather.

Your jewelry display devices may have seen better days so why not replenish them with newly-made accessories? Here are the reasons why you should start jewelry making as a hobby.

You can save cash when you make your own accessories

Everyone loves a good bargain and you can definitely save a lot once you start making your own jewelry. Oftentimes accessories get marked up due to branding and other business expenses on the part of the seller. Once you eliminate all of that and you go straight to jewelry-making suppliers for your parts like crystals and strings then you’ll be saving cash than when you buy jewelry from a store.

Beaded necklaces hung for display at a bazaar.

You can earn cash by making accessories

Another perk to taking up jewelry making as a hobby? Not only do you get to save money, but you can also actually earn from your outputs. It’s always a good idea to discover a new stream of income so if you are up to it, why not turn your pastime into a money-making venture? How big or small you want to make it is up to you, but a good start would be selling online. Once you’ve hit your stride you can grow your business with more designs, partnerships, and promotional activities.

It lets you explore your creativity

People have different ways of exploring their art. Some people sing, write, bake ー making jewelry can be that outlet for you. It’s a unique way of exploring your talents and creativity and we think you should really give it a try.

It lets you slow down and relax

Creating jewelry requires focus and dedication. It involves you sitting down and concentrating on tiny objects to create a design to your liking. The effort requires little physical strain but it’ll definitely bolster your mind’s imagination when coming up with designs.  If you need a pastime you can do indoors alone or with your family then this is the way to go.

It gives you a great sense of accomplishment

Whether you’re doing your very first or one thousandth-piece, the feeling of pride and accomplishment never wavers. Big or small, doing a project and seeing it to completion will always feel great, and we all need something to celebrate these days even the little wins.

Let us help you start your jewelry-making journey! Visit our page and discover your jewelry display and storage options in our online store.

A Spotlight on Necklace Easel Display Tools

Here are your options if this particular necklace display type has captured your attention.

A jewelry store's storefront.

Are you in the market for easel-type necklace display stands? Their elegant simplicity is what makes them popular picks for jewelry shops all over. Not only that, but they’re also best at presenting necklaces in all their glory. If you’re looking for something stylish, sturdy, and reliable then you have come to the right source.

Take a dive into some of our picks from our collection; just hover over each item’s name and click to find out more info about them.

Happy browsing!

#60-2 Necklace Display with Easel

#60-2 Necklace Display with Easel

Want to make sure your necklace piece pops out? Choose jewelry display tools in neutral monochrome colors like this stand. It comes in black velvet and leatherette, as well as white leatherette, making it a perfect canvass for dainty pieces and big, bold necklaces alike. These colors also make them versatile props to have around for the many retail display themes you can come up with.

#CD-6703Q Suede Necklace Easel Display

#CD-6703Q Suede Necklace Easel Display

Want something that looks and feels luxurious? Go for this easel display stand in suede. If you’re going for a glam aesthetic then this should be your pick. It’s simple without any frills so it will let any item displayed on its surface have the spotlight.

#WDN6371CF Freestanding Necklace Easel Display Stand Holder Multiple Necklace Bust, Adjustable Slope Jewelry Showcase Stand

#WDN6371CF Freestanding Necklace Easel Display Stand Holder Multiple Necklace Bust, Adjustable Slope Jewelry Showcase Stand

Now this one’s in a different league than the previous two choices. For a darker, more masculine aesthetic, this wooden necklace stand is a perfect choice. Not only that but with its multiple slots it can carry more than one necklace at a time. It also has adjustable platform support at the back so you can find the right angle to display your merchandise. 

#WDN60-1WH Wooden Jewelry Display Bust Easel 3 Necklaces - White

#WDN60-1WH Wooden Jewelry Display Bust Easel 3 Necklaces - White

Clean with a fresh, youthful appeal, this display stand is perfect for marketing towards a young buying audience. Lightweight and sturdy, it can hold up to six necklaces at a time, making it a wise and economical choice for both business owners and jewelry collectors. It also has multiple pegs at the back which is used for adjusting the stand’s wooden supporter. This means you can display your merchandise from different angles.

#WDN68-OK Wooden Freestanding Necklace Display Stand

#WDN68-OK Wooden Freestanding Necklace Display Stand

Traveling jewelry salespeople need devices that are collapsible to make them easy to transport. One such type of device is this necklace display stand. The actual frame is removable from its base making it the perfect device to take for travel.  It is also sturdy and dependable as it also features multiple pegs at the back which holds the necklaces (up to eight pieces, to be precise) in place

Trust Nile Corp to give you only the very best jewelry display devices for your business and personal needs.

How To Take Care of Your Engagement Ring

...or your promise or wedding ring.

A couple kissing with the woman showing of the ring on her hand.

Nothing compares to the feeling of receiving jewelry from a loved one, but amongst the different kinds of jewelry, rings hold a special place in romance. Traditionally, rings have come to symbolize infinite love and so it has become a practice to give a romantic partner a ring during relationship milestones. From wedding proposals to anniversaries, rings take centerstage which makes them a popular purchase in jewelry stores. They’re often prominently displayed in jewelry display stands in brick and mortar and online jewelry shops alike.

While we often discuss retail display techniques here, we’re shedding light this time on the proper care meant for rings. Here are tips you must follow to keep your precious ring beautiful for a long time.

Make sure to keep it clean and scratch-free

It’s natural that you would want to wear your rings the whole time. Unfortunately, that makes it prone to gathering imperfections stemming from constant use. It may accidentally get rubbed on surfaces or have it lose its shimmer from constant exposure to elements or even your very own skin’s oil. The good news is you only need to make it a habit to clean your rings. All it takes is a bowl of (mild) soapy water and a toothbrush. Simply soak your ring in soapy water then gently brush it to remove stubborn dirt. Do this to your ring and to the rest of your commonly-used jewelry items once a week to keep them all in pristine shape.

Avail of the services of a professional cleaner

You may also choose to have your ring be cleaned by a professional. This is especially helpful if your efforts for cleaning failed to remove scratches and spots. You can take it back to where the ring was purchased as it may come with a warranty or after-service assistance free of charge.

Keep your hands off your ring

It’s normal to admire your ring especially if it’s new. It’s also quite normal to show off your ring to friends. However, you may want to keep your hands to yourselves and avoid touching the ring especially the centerpiece to prevent it from getting dirty. Dirt and body oil can easily get transferred through touch, so it’s best to control your and your friends’ urge to touch it. 

Close up of a bride's hand with her wedding ring and bouquet in focus.

Don’t wear them all the time

There are certain activities where you will be better off not wearing your ring. Doing sports or household chores make it so easy for you to absentmindedly ignore if the ring has already slipped your fingers. Likewise, you are also exposing your ring to elements when you wear them out often. In such instances, it’s best to leave your ring at home in its proper storage or jewelry display container. 

If you’re looking for a good storage device for your ring and for your jewelry collection as a whole, have a look at these storage options from our store.

Best Jewelry Display Tools for Young Women

Pretty and girly picks for jewelry collectors in their teens.

Dresser table toppers and motivational framed artworks.

Many jewelry lovers start building their collections at a young age. After all, the teenage years are often the period in a person’s life when they begin to develop a personal style. Along with this comes experimentation, and yes, the purchasing and trying out of different accessories. This makes jewelry display and storage devices perfect gifts for young people who are starting to develop their fashion sense, and in this article, we’ll be sharing some of our personal recommendations. Simply click on the product titles to read more info about each item shown here and for purchasing.

#COP3686 Round Metal Jewelry Organizer Display Stand

#COP3686 Round Metal Jewelry Organizer Display Stand

For the young collector with a taste for ultra-romantic vibes, this multi-earring display stand is the perfect choice to contain their growing collection. This stand’s sturdy base and frame feature 48 holes, 19 hooks, and 2 bars which mean it has plenty of room not just for earrings, but also bracelets and necklaces.

#COP3691 Metal Rotatable Necklace Tree Stand Jewelry Storage Store Display for Necklace, Bracelet, Earrings, Ring

#COP3691 Metal Rotatable Necklace Tree Stand Jewelry Storage Store Display for Necklace, Bracelet, Earrings, Ring

Another great multi-jewelry jewelry stand pick from our collection is this charmer in baby blue. What makes it a wise buy is that not only does it rotate, making browsing easy; its design also makes it a nice bedroom table topper.

#ZZ-219PKLN Pink Linen Wood Jewelry Bracelet Display Holder

#ZZ-219PKLN Pink Linen Wood Jewelry Bracelet Display Holder

It’s important to teach young jewelry collectors the responsibility that comes with owning jewelry ー that they’re not only accessories to be worn but also investments that need to be cared for and preserved. This means choosing jewelry display tools with protective features, such as this bracelet holder in pink linen. The pink linen prevents scratches on the jewelry’s surface, while its wooden and PVC frame is sturdy enough to prevent it from tipping over. 

#NDF9723 Mini Doll Jewelry Display

#NDF9723 Mini Doll Jewelry Display

For a jewelry holder that can double as a decorative piece in the bedroom, go for this mini doll jewelry display. It has six hooks and is perfect for jewelry pieces that hang such as necklaces, bracelets, and dangling earrings. 

#NDS8991 Sequin Covered Shoe Shaped Ring Display

#NDS8991 Sequin Covered Shoe Shaped Ring Display

Another decorative piece that we think is worth a try is this sequin-covered ring display that’s shaped like a shoe. This is a glam choice, perfect for those interested in the old school romantic charms of fairy tales or perhaps to big fans of Netflix’s Bridgerton (doesn’t it just remind you of the fashion from the show?).

#JWY609-3PK Clear Acrylic Display with Rose Gold Mirrored Storage Base

#JWY609-3PK Clear Acrylic Display with Rose Gold Mirrored Storage Base

Now this one’s for the teen who is less into frills but more about functionality. The acrylic material is stylish enough without going overboard and the pink base gives it a youthful vibe in a simple way. It also allows for multi-jewelry use and is perfect to hold necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and bangles.

6 Photography Tips That Every Jeweler Must Know

Earn more for your jewelry business through your photographs.

A photography studio featuring a peach backdrop.

Whether you’re running a brick and mortar jewelry shop or operating it online, the value of a good product photo is tremendous. While having a beautiful jewelry display setup can influence buyers’ decisions, a perfectly captured photograph of jewelry does the same thing too, and here are a few techniques you can apply to achieve that.

The tripod is your best friend

Say no to blurry photos! You would want to capture your jewelry pieces in all their glory and you simply cannot do that with blurry photos. Having a tripod easily solves that issue as it is a useful tool to secure your camera.

The lightbox is your other best friend

Having full control of your surroundings lets you capture photographs according to your taste. That’s where a lightbox will come in handy. A lightbox is a box that has a white background and translucent white side panels. It is great for product photography because it generates a steady source of light for your chosen subject. With the right positioning and the right jewelry display tool (choose one that won’t take attention away from your product), coupled with a steady camera on a tripod, and you can take professional-quality jewelry product photos in no time. Just remember to take lots of photos so you can experiment and have plenty to choose from.

Brunette girl with a nose piercing holding up a camera.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with props and locations

Alternatively, you may be keen on doing away with lightboxes and that is perfectly fine. Photography as a creative endeavor means you’re free to do what you want as long as it matches up to your visions.

Feel free to experiment with textures such as silk-covered stands or wooden easel-type jewelry display tools as platforms to hold your merchandise. For light settings, you can try shooting outside as natural lighting also creates great photos when applied properly.

...But don’t overwhelm your sets with too many props

The right props can make or break your shoot. Keep the focus solely on your jewelry merchandise by keeping props at a minimum. 

To keep cohesion between the product and its surroundings, it’s best to come up with a theme first and have all your displays and setups be based on that theme. This eliminates the possibility of throwing on props and backdrops without rhyme or direction.

Set your camera to macro

Want to capture the fine details of your fine jewelry? Putting your camera in macro setting lets you do that. This is especially helpful for products with intricate features that you would like to highlight in your photography. This can be done with DSLR cameras but some smartphones will also have the same feature as well.

Shoot your product from all angles

Another way to showcase your products’ details is by shooting them from all angles. Flat lays can easily become boring when done too much so why not use jewelry tools such as risers or platforms so you can shoot your piece from different angles? What’s good about this technique is that you can easily turn it into a video shoot which adds another layer of dimension to your product presentation.