How To Promote Your Jewelry Store Without Spending a Fortune

Effective promotional tips at little to zero costs for your jewelry business.

Girls shopping at a boutique.

Looking for ways to promote your business that won’t leave a hole in your pocket? With rising production and transportation costs, businesses all over are looking for ways to cut down on expenses to keep their finances healthy. Boosting your marketing efforts will certainly help your jewelry store earn more, and thankfully there are ways where you can promote your shop without spending a lot for them.

Beyond investing in promotional campaigns and coming up with new and inventive means to design your jewelry display showcases, these are the marketing tricks of the trade that won’t ramp up your store’s expenses.

Create a customer registry

This is one way to keep in touch with former customers in an effort to get them to give your jewelry shop return visits. With a customer registry on hand, you can send alerts for promotions, new products, as well as special events your business might have.

To create a customer registry, you can start by having them leave their calling cards at your shop’s point of sale. You can also gather customer information by handing them a sign-up form (could be electronically done, could be in paper form) and telling them of the perks they can enjoy if they join the registry. If you have social media pages then you can also send a call out to your loyal followers to join your registry/mailing list if they want to stay on top of your store’s promotions.

Start a blog

This is another low-cost marketing project your jewelry shop can indulge itself in. Because content is king and what you put out there can effectively help you gather an online audience, a blog provides you a great start at building your online presence.

This is good news for new jewelry entrepreneurs as starting a blog is easy and is absolutely free. Start by thinking of topics that are relevant to your products, as well as those that are useful to your target market. The next thing to do is to promote it via social media to help its spread. Additionally, your articles could also be sent out to those folks in your customer registry.

In the future, you may avail the services of a professional digital marketing agency to do all your online marketing activities for you. However, if you’re a solo home-based jewelry proprietor or have a limited budget for a full-scale project, starting your shop’s marketing blog this way is a good start to getting your name out in the online space.

Join a jewelry trade group

Who would understand your needs more than fellow jewelry entrepreneurs? If you’re on the look out for more than just exposure, joining a jewelry trade group will help you connect to potential partners, clients, as well as experts in the field. 

There are plenty of jewelry associations to choose from and while many of them will require fees for membership, the perks you will gain (trainings, promotions, resources) will prove to be invaluable as your business grows.

A work desk with a laptop showing pictures on the screen.

Engage with your followers on social media

It goes without saying that having a business page on social media is a must for any jewelry shop these days—what you do with those accounts though is what would determine if you’re making the best use of these free sources for your business.

Social media such as Facebook and Twitter thrives on making connections, so make good use of those platforms to reach your audience. You can start by sharing posts that would be of interest to them: product photos and information, sale announcements, jewelry trivia, or perhaps style tips that they can apply in their everyday lives. Once you’ve found your social media sweet spot (people engage with your posts and share them with their connections), it’s important you respond back with engagement from your end as well. This goes beyond promotions as the public also takes the time to share online their experiences, both good and bad, about the products they consume. As a brand that operates on social media, this is also an opportunity for the business to provide customer service by responding to comments, questions, and complaints received on your account.

In the case of more visual social media platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, and Pinterest, engagement means creating content that the said apps support, such as video clips on TikTok, pictures on Pinterest, and both clips and pictures on Instagram. The relevant content topics may range from jewelry display ideas for the home on Pinterest or OTD clips on IG and TikTok.

Provide excellent customer service at all times

Always remember that your employees are your most important brand ambassadors. As such, it is the duty of the company’s leadership team to impart the importance of this role to the staff. It starts with empowerment—letting them know their value to the business and helping them understand their part in contributing to its growth is a powerful motivator. This will then reflect in their job performances. 

This is especially crucial for your front-facing staff members as they get to interact with the public the most. When service is delivered with care and a smile, customers are more likely to keep on returning to a place of business.

Marketing projects need not be expensive for them to be effective. Resourcefulness and imagination can go a long way, and when you are fully committed to them, you would absolutely see the rewards of your efforts in no time.

4 Creative Ways to Display Jewelry for Spring 2022

Let your jewelry displays bloom like the flowers of the season.

A pair of silver weddings rings surround by flowers and a purple crystal.

The changing of the seasons is always a great time to update your jewelry store’s display showcase. It’s the signal of new beginnings so it follows that you should present something fresh and inviting to your customers as well. Thankfully, the season’s elements and themes (flowers, nature, rebirth) are especially inspiring for dressing up retail spaces. 

In this article, we look at our favorite jewelry display ideas for the spring season that we think you should explore—applicable for brick-and-mortar jewelry business owners, as well as those running shops online (because having standout jewelry showcases matter online too).

1. Apply natural elements to your displays as much as possible.

Springtime means seeing flowers bloom and Mother Nature showing off her beauty the best way she can. If you want to bring in the same vibes to your store then decorating your jewelry display setups with as many natural elements as much as possible is the way to go.

Think florals, wooden furniture, and natural fabrics as accents for your displays. For your floral accents, you can go for real ones, fake ones, or choose to go with floral patterns on linen or wallpapers.

#WD5600 Natural Wood Rotating Jewelry Earring/Accessory Storage Display
#WD5600 Natural Wood Rotating Jewelry Earring/Accessory Storage Display*

If you choose to highlight wood with your setup, you’ll have plenty of options as wooden jewelry display stands are a popular pick for retailers. This rotating earring display stand pictured here, in particular, is a wise buy for anyone in the jewelry business as this can hold up to 192 pairs of earrings. It is also perched on a rotating base which makes it perfect for browsing. 

Give your showcase a nice finishing touch with wooden furniture and decorations to complete the look.

A tea party scene where iced tea is being poured in a glass.

2. Recreate a tea party scene at your store.

Spring means warmer weather and that means more opportunities to stay outside and have fun. One of the best ways to celebrate the season is with an afternoon tea party. To recreate it in your store, try to incorporate actual items that one will find on such an occasion. Look for teacups and saucers, plus table napkins and placemats in bright, happy colors. You can also add flowers to your showcase. 

Stackable wooden riser stands would look at home in such a setup. To complete the display, your best move would be to highlight jewelry pieces that come in equally bright, happy colors. If you have Swarovski crystals or colorful beaded pieces then they would be perfect as the centerpieces for the whole concept.

3. Go back in time with a vintage-themed jewelry display.

While the season of spring is all about new beginnings, don’t you feel that it also echoes the old times when life was a lot simpler? It definitely calls to mind days spent in the great outdoors and soaking in the wonders of nature. It’s living life gadget-less and without zero connections online—just pure communion with the earth below and the sky above.

That’s why we thought a vintage-themed jewelry display setup would also make for a great spring season showcase, specifically the aesthetics of the 1950s. Back then, it was all about pastel shades, fabrics with flowers, and patterns such as checkered prints, as well as stars, stripes, and polka dots.

#ZZ-219PKLN Pink Linen Wood Jewelry Bracelet Display Holder
#ZZ-219PKLN Pink Linen Wood Jewelry Bracelet Display Holder*

You can start by using a combination of two to four of these style elements in your showcase, then add a few simple decorations or even furniture into the equation, and soon you’ll have a ‘50s throwback jewelry display setup at your store. (Check out this article to get more insights into this particular interior design style).

4. Celebrate Easter with a showcase inspired by the holiday.

Holidays are also a great source of inspiration when you’re designing for your store’s jewelry displays. 

One of the most well-known celebrations during spring is Easter Sunday, and just like the season, it’s a holiday that celebrates rebirth and renewal. As such, it also incorporates a lot of the same elements such as pastel shades, greenery, and nature. Its defining elements though are Easter eggs and the Easter bunny. 

Needless to say, the aesthetics lean towards a younger audience so you may want to showcase jewelry items from your inventory that were designed for children and teens. 

#JDW893-BL Medium Bust Necklace Display
#JDW893-BL Medium Bust Necklace Display*

You can then showcase your chosen products on jewelry display tools that come in colors associated with the holiday, such as this baby blue-colored necklace display bust.

We hope we were able to impart to you some useful and creative ways to display your jewelry store’s merchandise this spring season. But we’ve just scratched the surface here; don’t be afraid to let your imagination run wild with great ideas for your jewelry displays.

*Available on the Nile Corp website. Accessories not included.

Our Picks for the Best Multipurpose Organizers for the Home

Keep things in order at home with these must-buys from our store.

#WD63OK Wooden Display Storage Case with Tempered Glass Lid for Jewelry and Beads with 18 Compartments Tray, Oak Color
#WD63OK Wooden Display Storage Case with Tempered Glass Lid for Jewelry and Beads with 18 Compartments Tray, Oak Color*

Looking for more storage solutions for your home? Here’s part two of our series on multipurpose storage tools that you could use for your jewelry and beyond. 

There’s still time to do some spring cleaning and organizing so we thought it might be a good idea to showcase some of the containers we have from our store. What we’re most excited about these products is that they do more than function as jewelry holders and compartments. A lot of these items can be used in the kitchen, bathroom, workshop, and study area, so have a look and see what your home needs to keep it organized.

As always, simply click on their names to know more about each product.

*Accessories are not included and are used for illustrative purposes only.

#HOW2304WH Wooden Silverware Holder Flatware Utensil Caddy with Handles

#HOW2304WH Wooden Silverware Holder Flatware Utensil Caddy with Handles

There’s a reason why wood is always a popular pick for home furnishings. With its chameleon-like ability to fit any concept or aesthetic style, wood is a top choice for many designers and their clients alike. 

Looking to make additions to your shabby chic apartment or Scandinavian-themed home? You will find that a lot of furniture that falls under this style aesthetic is made out of wood. Even our own shop has seen the vast potential of wooden jewelry display and storage tools as both a practical and attractive home furnishing choice.

So now we’re starting our shopping guide with a wooden silverware holder. It comes with four compartments (three in the front, one in the back) and is perfect for holding silverware while the back portion can be used for paper towels or condiment packets. Outside of the dining room, the caddy can be used to hold anything from art supplies, makeup brushes, knitting equipment, and many more.

#WD110 Glass Top Wooden Craft Supply Organizer Jewelry Display Case

#WD110 Glass Top Wooden Craft Supply Organizer Jewelry Display Case

We’ve previously talked about how jewelry making is a fun and relaxing hobby that folks of all ages should take up, but before you do, you better be equipped with the right tools to keep yourself organized as you start a new pastime. This glass-top jewelry display case would be handy to have around, especially if you will be working with things like beads and crystals.

Thanks to its clear cover, you can easily scan and see the materials you will need for a jewelry project in a flash. If you are more of a jewelry collector instead of a creator, this one also works as a container for your earring collection. With its 12 compartments, you’ll have plenty of space to sort your items to make it even easier for you to locate them when needed.

#COM118 Acrylic Makeup Organizer with 8 Compartments

#COM118 Acrylic Makeup Organizer with 8 Compartments

For many fashionistas, accessories and makeup go hand-in-hand. Having an organized jewelry display and storage is a must for these folks, and likewise, their makeup also deserves to have dependable organizers for their storage.

This acrylic makeup organizer is divided into eight compartments, with each space dedicated to a different makeup tool. This speeds up your preparation time as you can easily see where everything is located in one glance.

#SAT2180 Faux Leather Home and Office Desk Organizer

#SAT2180 Faux Leather Home and Office Desk Organizer

Are you one of the many workers working from home at the moment? One way to stay on top of tasks is to have an organizer by your workstation where you store all your job essentials.

A cluttered workspace won’t be as conducive as a neat and orderly one. The sight can even trigger stress and anxiety for some, thereafter affecting their focus and mental faculties. For your spring cleaning project, why not create an inventory of your office supplies and see the things you really need and the ones you can discard? Once you’ve decided on the things you will be keeping, you can put some of them in this desk organizer.

#COM1013 Acrylic Makeup Brush Organizer

#COM1013 Acrylic Makeup Brush Organizer 

If you are:

  1. A cat lover;
  2. A makeup fan;
  3. An artist or a writer;

Then you must get your hands on this brush organizer.

Despite its name, this brush organizer is not limited to makeup brush use. Painters can use this to hold their paintbrushes. Likewise, writers and students can also use the same item as a pen holder. With 18 holes in various sizes and compartments, this can be used to hold various items of different heights and sizes as well, making this a wise investment for all types of users.

Having a living space where everything is neat and in the right place can do wonders for one’s well-being. Clutter can easily be a downer, so use this time to get rid of mess and disorganization at your home. It starts with ditching the things you no longer need and keeping only those that matter. You can then use these organizers and the others on our catalog to contain the items you decide to keep, and eventually restore order in your home.

*Available on the Nile Corp website.

5 Ways Jewelry Making Benefits Your Health and Well-Being

Find joy in creating beautiful pieces of jewelry. 

Close up of a jeweler's hands while working on a piece of jewelry.

Looking for a new outlet to keep yourself calm and centered? Picking up a stress-free hobby that you can do during your days off can help you recharge after a week of hard work. If you are inclined to the arts or perhaps have an affinity for creating things using your hands, why not give jewelry making a try?

The best thing about picking up a new pastime is that you are in control of your pace or of how much time you devote to it, without the pressure of a deadline or a boss hovering over you. So think of this article as your introduction to the art of jewelry making and the benefits you can receive from practicing the hobby.

1. Boosts happiness

Finding yourself immersed in doing creative works—whether it’s a painting, a song, or a piece of jewelry—apparently affects your brain process in several ways. For one, it gives you a sense of peace and calm. Artists and creators will tell you it hits them once they’re “in the zone” or that state where they are truly engaged in their discipline. At this point, they truly become one with their works. 

Now imagine what jewelers feel upon finishing a project; that moment when they see their precious creation showcased on a jewelry display platform for everyone to see and admire. The act of finishing a creative project likewise triggers good feelings, such as the feeling of accomplishment. When done as a habit, it inevitably becomes a motivating factor for the creator to create more and to learn more about the craft because of the good feeling it induces.

What began as a simple creative outlet then becomes a cycle of nothing but positive feelings and emotions. At a time when a lot of things are still uncertain and anxieties about the future abound, jewelry making (or any other creative endeavor) can be a healthy diversion that can bring comfort into our lives.

A pair of hands holding a crystal on top a table full of beads and crystals.

2. Encourages mindfulness

Let’s go back to that part about being “in the zone.”

The jewelry-making process involves a lot of painstaking concentrated work: beading, threading, molding, cutting wires, shaping, etc. It requires the maker to focus on following a procedure while tinkering with tiny objects (crystals, stones, beads) that are easy to miss if the creator has a wandering mind. The demands of the discipline require patience and razor-sharp focus to create a finished product that is worthy of being admired on any easel or stand. That sense of mindfulness—where one is fully engaged and aware of what needs to be done—can be applied outside of the craft and is seen as a useful trait to deal with life’s challenges. 

We face numerous hurdles every day and it can often feel like there’s no end to the trials that come. When this happens we inevitably feel burdened, overwhelmed, and wondering about which task to tackle first.  But when we stop and breathe to take each challenge one at a time, devoting our focus on that one problem, we will be able to come up with better solutions and we inevitably lighten our burden much easier with each small effort.

3. Helps improve mental faculties

Numerous studies have shown the effects of creative endeavors on the human mind. As mentioned in the article’s first point, artistic pursuits—of which jewelry making is part—trigger so-called “happy hormones.” These hormones called dopamine and serotonin are activated by doing pleasurable things, such as experiencing and creating art. Having enough of these chemicals in the brain can help manage depression, and anxiety, as well as reduce feelings of isolation.

Likewise, doing art engages the mind and stimulates creativity, and as a result, delays dementia and other memory disorders.

4. Improves one’s physical health

For its calming effect on its practitioners, jewelry making helps prevent stress-induced disorders such as having high blood pressure levels and heart problems. Additionally, thanks to the previously mentioned “happy hormones,” having increased energy levels also becomes an aftereffect of taking on jewelry making as a hobby.

Because it involves the use of the hands, the practice helps strengthen hand muscles and improve one’s hand-eye coordination.

5. Builds self-esteem

There’s a lot of joy and fulfillment to be found in finishing a creative project. It happens whether one is a filmmaker during the moment when their work ends with the warm applause of a receptive audience, or a writer types the last period on a novel they’ve slaved over for months or years. It’s a sense of accomplishment that finally something you’ve worked hard at is finally done.

In the case of jewelers, whether it’s their very first finished product or their thousandth, seeing their precious creation come to life can be an exciting and ultimately self-esteem-building experience.

For its numerous benefits, the art of jewelry making is something we will never tire of promoting. Whether you’re young or old, it’s definitely a fun and relaxing hobby that’s worth exploring.

6 Storage Ideas for a Mess-Free Jewelry Collection

Tips on how you can keep your accessories neat and orderly.

A brunette lady holding up a necklace.

While we normally talk about jewelry display techniques for business use in this blog, today’s focus is on jewelry storage solutions for the home.

Once you have accumulated a large collection of jewelry, the time will come when you will need to have a system in place before things go awry. Doing so will help you keep track and find things easily, which means fewer headaches in the morning when you’re dressing up to go out of your home.  An organized jewelry collection also means they will remain tangle-free and protected for a long time.

Even if you are still in the beginning stages of building your jewelry collection, the tips here are still useful and will set you up to become a responsible owner.

1. Take a quick inventory of your jewelry collection.

It is important to review the jewelry pieces you have so you can sort those you consider for everyday use and those you would only use on rare, special occasions. Your everyday pieces are those you can keep on display on your shelves or vanity area. You can also store some of them inside drawers if you don’t like them completely exposed. Whichever manner you choose, doing it this way means they’d always be within your reach when you’re dressing up to go off somewhere. 

For your display options, it’s best to go with earring display racks, plus necklace and bracelet stands with stable frames so they don’t easily topple over. Everything else must be stored away under lock and key for their safety.

#97-05 Flocked Plastic Tray Insert
#97-05 Flocked Plastic Tray Insert*

2. Keep things in order inside drawers by using trays with compartments.

Speaking of storing jewelry pieces inside a drawer, the addition of jewelry trays will certainly be helpful to keep things mess-free inside. For one, the compartments help you sort your jewelry so that each has its respective area. This also ensures that they don’t get tangled up or bump into each other which occurs when the drawer is repeatedly opened and closed.

If you require more than one tray, best to choose trays all in the same color as it’s more visually pleasing that way.

#JB3097 Textured Black Leatherette Jewelry Box
#JB3097 Textured Black Leatherette Jewelry Box*

3. Invest in a sturdy and lockable jewelry box.

Now for those jewelry items you picked for safekeeping, it’s best to store them away using a container with a lock and key. Pay close attention to how the insides are set up and make sure it has different compartments and tiers for all types of jewelry in your collection. Check to see that the lining is made up of soft material, such as velvet (as shown in this photo), which is the way to go to prevent scratches on your jewelry’s surface. Other features such as elastics and pockets for added security and storage space are also good to have as well.

It’s best to have several of these lockable boxes if you have a large jewelry collection and have it stored away inside your closets. For your most precious pieces such as heirloom jewelry, a locked safe would be the better storage place for extra protection.

#BXT357 Two Parrots Trinket Jewelry Box
#BXT357 Two Parrots Trinket Jewelry Box*

4. Look for trinket boxes if you want decorative containers.

Trinket boxes are recommended for those looking for containers with an aesthetic appeal. On their own, they can be decorative tabletop pieces for your bedroom, but they also serve a practical purpose as a storage container. While there’s very little space inside, they make up for it through their looks and intricate designs which makes them interesting figurines to have around.

5. Take advantage of your room’s walls for additional display space.

For those living in tiny spaces, don’t forget that your room’s walls can also be used to showcase your jewelry collection.

Whether you choose to go with a floating wall-mountable shelf or a wall hanger-type jewelry display with hooks, this one is a clever way to display your jewelry without taking up much space.

#JWD1103 3 Tiers Acrylic Display Risers for Makeup
#JWD1103 3 Tiers Acrylic Display Risers for Makeup*

6. Don’t limit yourself to jewelry containers.

While there are plenty of jewelry storage containers available in the market, you don’t have to limit yourself to them when looking for storage solutions for your jewelry. Go beyond these and seek out shelves and holders meant for other items, such as makeup organizers and kitchen jars. This makes shopping for your jewelry needs much easier as you are not limited in your selection.

Part of ensuring your jewelry collection lasts a long time involves employing the right storage techniques so they are safe and free from damage and entanglements. In fact, you can never be too careful with your precious jewelry collection so make sure the right safeguards are in place.

*Available on the Nile Corp website. Accessories not included.

Visual Merchandising Tips for a Standout Jewelry Window Display

How to create a dazzling window display for your jewelry shop.

A lady on the street stopping by to check out a shop's window display.

Before there were electronic media, billboards, and print publications, the storefront has served as one of the primary means for merchants to advertise their products and services. From small stalls that sold items by the roadside, eventually, businesses moved indoors and began using their window displays to inform passersby of what they can expect inside. This, together with their storefront signages, served as the face of establishments to their customers. 

As years went by and technological advancements allowed for various means of advertising to proliferate, still, the window display lived on and remained in use to this day. In fact, dressing up a window display falls under visual merchandising which is the practice of presenting products in a way that makes them look more attractive to potential customers.

The whole process becomes even more significant for jewelry retail shops. For offering such highly visual products, these establishments’ window displays are the perfect platforms to execute beautiful concepts. Combining jewelry display setups with carefully selected visual elements to create showcases that attract passersby is a process that every jewelry business needs to master.

In our commitment to providing you with not just the best jewelry display tools but also strategies to win your store’s target market, we’ve put together this guide to help you create impeccable jewelry window displays.

Tell a story

Great stories capture an audience. With strong imagery and the crafty way the words were weaved, stories are indeed powerful at getting people to stop and continue the rest of the tale.

The same strategy works in a visual medium, which is what a window display is. Having a story or theme as a guide will help you create a more impactful and cohesive product showcase. For it to be compelling, choose a story that will resonate with your market. Think of imagery or scenes that they will appreciate and admire, and then portray it via your products, their jewelry display stands, and your chosen props.

A daytime scene at a city's center.

Let your window display reflect its community

Another way for your storefront to capture the attention of potential customers is to let it reflect themes that are relevant to the community. Neighborhoods all over have distinct characteristics that could be used as inspiration for dressing up the storefronts of businesses in the area. In particular, local celebrations and customs that are unique to the place can be adapted into a jewelry store’s window display. National holidays, as well as seasons, can also be a great source of jewelry display ideas.

Such an effort can provide a great creative challenge for the brand, as well as a nice way to give honor to the community it belongs.

Use color to create a cohesive showcase

The smart use of color can deliver great gains to the business as a whole. It starts with the selection of colors that reflect the brand and what it stands for. Once you found the right shades to represent the business, why not expand its use to your store’s window display?

Using a palette with up to four matching or complementary colors is the most ideal. But more than finding colors that look good together, they should reflect your brand and sales objectives. Once this is executed properly, your jewelry window display will not only serve as an advertisement for your merchandise, it could also stand to help with your establishment’s brand identification and recall.

A close up shot of a necklace's amber pendant.

Create harmony by using one product as your jewelry display’s focal point

Overloading your jewelry window display is never a good idea. As much as you want to showcase all your favorite items from your product line, your display would be more attractive by carefully choosing just a few items to display for the passersby to see.

To create a sense of organization, choose one jewelry piece to serve as a focal point for your store's window display. Next, arrange relevant jewelry merchandise and decorations that will complement the centerpiece. Make sure they are positioned in a way that will support the overall design but also put the focus on the jewelry display’s focal point.

Make lighting further enhance your showcase

Having a well-designed jewelry window display is the goal of every jeweler. But things don’t have to end right then and there—take things up a notch by making the right lighting choices.

Placing accent lighting at the right angle can further enhance a product’s beauty by highlighting certain parts. Likewise, this type of lighting helps draw the eyes to the jewelry merchandise you want your setup to focus on.

Meanwhile, decorative lighting basically it’s just that: lighting whose main purpose is to provide beauty and enhance the ambiance of a display.

You can use one or both to create a dramatic effect for your showcase.

A woman smiling while she's looking at a store's window display.

Keep things fresh by regularly updating your jewelry window display

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to the right frequency to replace your jewelry window displays. It’s up to you to decide when you update your showcase but replacing it after a month or two is a good call. That way, the public always sees something new while giving you ample time to plan a new design and source for materials.

Having exquisite in-store jewelry displays is crucial in order to stay ahead of the competition, but first, you need to get people inside your store to get them to appreciate your merchandise. One way to do this is to have a standout jewelry window display that attracts the people outside your store to come in. 

We hope you find these tips helpful in any way in shaping your business’ visual merchandising campaigns.

Spring 2022 Earring Trends & the Best Earring Displays for Them

Stay on trend with this accessories style guide.

A female model posing with her eyes closed.

This season’s jewelry looks are all about making big, bold statements. Say goodbye to dainty styles; Spring 2022 is all about being loud and proud and expressing it with your choice of jewelry.

The past year was all about taking on a comfy, subdued style. Now, the new season is all about celebrations and feeling joyful, and with that comes colors, drama, and big statement pieces. You can all see modern takes on vintage fashion trends this season, which is always exciting to see on fashion runways and on the streets.

For now let’s look at the biggest trends for earrings this spring, plus check our recommended earring display stands for them.

A female model wearing chunky earrings and a zebra print-outfit.

Chunky pairs and big hoops

Huge earrings are definitely big and popular these days, pun intended. They’re perfect if you want to add some oomph to your outfits, guaranteeing that all eyes will turn in your direction when you do. 

One of the season’s choice looks for earrings is an update to the gold hoops of the ‘70s so it’s a good time to make them a staple of both your daytime and nighttime ensembles.

The same earrings look especially good on wooden T-bar-style jewelry display stands alongside bangles and bracelets.

Vintage-inspired aesthetics

We’ve already talked about how the current season’s style is inspired by ‘70s trends, and it’s reflected prominently on plenty of high-fashion runways, as designers look to the past for inspiration for their works. 

If thrift stores and vintage shops are your go-to haunts for jewelry then you’re in luck. Pay close attention to those that have the look of heirloom pieces, as well as timeless pairs such as earrings that feature pearls. While the trend exudes a vibe that might appeal to more mature jewelry lovers, younger folks may adapt the vintage style to their own through enamel dangling earrings.

#WD2005-WH Wooden jewelry rack with 20 hooks
#WD2005-WH Wooden jewelry rack with 20 hooks*

Whichever style you prefer, your earrings will surely look at home in a jewelry display rack when they’re not in use. Sturdy and dependable, they’re a must-buy for jewelry lovers with an enviable earrings collection.

Golden chain links

While this may be another throwback to a past trend, specifically the fashion of late ‘90s - early 2000s hip hop (back then they called it “bling”), 2022’s take on chain links is a lot more elegant. Instead of silver, today’s trend is all about gold, and as per the season’s other trending looks, the chunkier the better. In fact, runway shows upped the glam factor by having the models wear necklaces, bracelets, and earrings with gold chain links studded with diamonds.

A pair of beach-inspired earrings with yellow tassels surrounded by shells.

Candy colors 

Reminiscent of the childhood jewelry you used to exchange with your friends in summer camp, this trend is another example of the fun-natured mood that pervades today’s fashion. You can be as subtle as you want with this trend by pairing your earrings with a neutral wardrobe palette and making it a focal point of your outfit. Alternatively, you can go wild with this style by applying the color blocking technique to your fashion ensembles.

For your choice of jewelry display tool, you can either go for an earring display that’s covered by neutral-colored natural linen or one that comes in black velvet for the colors to truly pop.

Rave, Y2K-inspired fashion

Similar in looks to the previous trend, this one incorporates elements such as butterflies, flowers, smiley faces, and letter beads. The key to wearing these looks is to have fun and not take yourself too seriously.

A female model wearing a pink suit while standing in front of a pink backdrop.

Oversized gems

Oversized gems were seen all over the runways and they all came in various shapes and sizes. For a more personal take on the trend, why not go for earrings that feature your birthstone?

#JWY6065 Acrylic Rotating Jewelry Stand Earring Holder Accessories Organizer

#JWY6065 Acrylic Rotating Jewelry Stand Earring Holder Accessories Organizer*

For our earring display recommendation, we think acrylic-type stands would make for a perfect match for these big bold stone earrings. The clear material would provide a nice contrast to the colors making them stand out even more.

Spring 2022’s trends all have something in common and that thing that unifies all these looks is their boldness. Once again, dressing up is fun and is something to be celebrated, so go out there and enjoy these great works.

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Jewelry Retail Display Secrets That Encourage Impulse Buys

Learning the tricks to encourage unplanned purchases would mean gains for your jewelry business.

A posh blonde woman looking up while carrying shopping bags.

Ever found yourself strolling out of a store with more purchased items than you initially intended? 

You promised yourself you’ll stick to your grocery list, but out of the corner of your eye you spotted your favorite snack and you just couldn’t resist taking a few bags of it with you. Or perhaps you found yourself waiting in a long line to get to the counter but a few products caught your eye before it’s your turn and so you now have additional items in your cart to pay for.

Those scenarios are exactly what defines an impulse buy. They are spontaneous purchases because they just happened right then and there even if the shopper didn’t mean to. A lot of it has something to do with fulfilling an emotional need or giving into instant gratification.

In the case of jewelry shops, triggering impulse buys may be tricky,  most especially for truly high-end shops. But if you’re market is on the lower end of the spectrum then these techniques are entirely doable.

Follow these jewelry display and retail showcase tips and apply them as you see fit for your business.

Increase visibility for your target products

Oftentimes all it takes is a clear sign to tell your customers of your promos that will encourage them to engage in impulse buying. You can implement this by using sale signs and positioning them where your target products are located. To further drive the point, choose red for your sign’s colors with white for the text as this color combination, in particular, is a crowd drawer and unmissable.

Gold necklaces hanging from a T-bar style necklace display stand.

Place your priority items in high traffic areas

When you want to boost sales for a particular product, your best tactic is to place it where people are more likely to congregate in your store. In the case of jewelry, you can create a whole jewelry display set up of merchandise you want to highlight in a prominent part of your shop’s retail space. 

You can also display promo products side-by-side bestsellers or the latest trendy items that your store is offering. Of course, it’s important to practice good judgment when combining products as they still need to make sense when displayed together.

Lastly, the areas near cash registers are also prime spots for products you want to promote for impulse buying. As people wait for their turn on the counter, it’s very likely they will be enticed to add another item or two from the products on display nearby. Often, these are affordable items that people won’t think twice about buying. For a jewelry shop, this could be costume jewelry earrings or rings—basically, affordable small pieces that don’t need a lot of space for displaying.

Keep promo items within eye level of customers

Another way to increase visibility for your promo items is to keep them within the eye level of your average customers, so make sure you have shelves where you can place your necklace display tools and the like for easy viewing for your customers.

The reason for this is to make the products easy to find, without requiring your customers to stand on their toes or to crouch down just to see and examine your products.

Use language to create a sense of urgency in your customers

Aside from choosing the right colors for the signages, the right text helps a lot in convincing potential buyers to go ahead and purchase something from your jewelry shop. Using words like “BUY NOW” or “TODAY ONLY!” creates a sense of urgency in your customers.  When placed in the right location and applied with the right colors, this calls-to-action can be very persuasive in getting the public to buy your goods.

Apply cross-merchandising techniques to encourage impulse buying

Cross-merchandising involves displaying different but relevant items together. This is common in seasonal displays, such as a summer-themed one where you might see a retail setup where a swimsuit acts as a focal point and side items may include shades or sunblock. It is a good technique that encourages people to add more items to their shopping list.

You can do the same for your jewelry shop, especially if you also sell other accessories such as hats, scarves, and glasses in your store. You can create a whole retail setup focused on a particular theme or aesthetics and combine different products that fit your chosen vibe.

Use social proof to your advantage

Social proof is one technique you can try to boost specific products in your store’s collection. Basically, this marketing strategy has to do with leveraging the hype surrounding a certain product. This hype could be gathered from the media, both traditional and social. This is especially effective when done online but it could also be applied in brick-and-mortars through posters and signages around the store that publicize the popularity of a certain product.

With these techniques in mind, feel free to try them out and explore what works best for your jewelry business.