How To Boost Your Jewelry Shop’s Sales With Video Marketing

Tips on how you can leverage your online presence.

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The internet is a powerful platform when it comes to marketing, no question about it. In fact, for many, going online became their saving grace during the peak of the pandemic. As many brick-and-mortar shops closed down, social media became an ally to many new and old businesses. With various industries returning to normalcy, it doesn’t make sense to forget the huge impact marketing online left on commerce. In fact, it only shows that it should become part of every business’s marketing plans.

While we usually feature tips on how to shop or design jewelry display sets, this time we’ll be looking at another aspect of the jewelry business: online marketing and promotions, specifically video marketing.

Here are some ideas you can try out for your store:

Show a video of interesting things to be found at your store

For many retailers, their store’s aesthetics is a top priority. With apps such as Instagram, TikTok, and Pinterest relying on images, marketers have taken it upon themselves to produce as much audio-visual content to satisfy the public. This includes showcasing physical stores that pass the aesthetics of these apps. You can do the same for your business especially if it sports the right kind of vibes that the public loves. As such, potential customers don’t just get to admire good shop interiors online but they also make it a point to visit places that they deem cute and cool.

Start by showcasing an interesting nook at your store, then move on to your best jewelry display setups and decors.

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Post something about the creative process of your products

For home-based jewelers, one of the best video themes to showcase is showcasing the creative process that went into making your merchandise. People are naturally curious about how-to videos so this will certainly have a ready audience. This type of content also creates a sense of bond between you the maker and the buyers, leading to more support for your content posted and the actual products you are promoting.

Consider getting influencers to promote your brand

Depending on your budget, you can get influencers to talk about your products and brand on their respective social media channels. Choose one that embodies your brand’s image so that the campaign comes off as more authentic. For a more affordable option, anyone from your staff with great visuals and presentation skills can be your influencer.

Whoever you choose to serve as your brand’s ambassador make sure their content will reflect well on your brand so choose carefully. Content ideas to share may include talking about their favorite jewelry piece from your store, fashion styling advice, or “a day in the life/OOTD” posts that feature your products.

Take up trending topics

Can you somehow relate your products and business to a trending topic? You will be putting yourself out to more eyes when you do. Again choose wisely by reading through several posts first about the said topic to see if it is a good issue to ride on or not.

Have you thought of new ideas to put out for your video marketing plans? Once you have come up with a concrete plan, Nile Corp will just be here to supply you with the jewelry display devices and props you will be needing.

How To Set Up Your At-Home Jewelry Workshop

Tips to make sure your jewelry workshop actually works for you.

A jeweler's workspace.

Thinking of setting up an at-home jewelry-making workspace? Whether you’re doing this as a hobby or for profit, having an area dedicated to this craft will help boost your production and creativity. Because it takes concentration and planning, a quiet dedicated area is a must for both new and veteran jewelry makers alike. If you’re part of the first group then you’re in luck as this article will help you set up your creative space with the right tools and devices for making, storing, and displaying your creations.

We’ve talked about how to choose and set up a jewelry display for home and business plenty of times before. This time we are dedicating this article to the jewelry creatives who make the exquisite pieces that fill up personal collections and shops everywhere.

These are your jewelry workshop essentials:


In the beginning, you may start working at any available table at your home. However, once you start acquiring more finished products and tools, you will need a table at home that’s designated only for jewelry making. The good thing about workbenches is that they come with modified features that your regular old table doesn’t have. Workbenches will vary in design but they usually come with drawers, hooks to hang items from, and secret compartments that you can simply fold or roll away when not use. Some models can even be adjusted according to a user’s preferred height.


While some folks like working while standing, it’s better to get yourself a chair as some projects may take a while to finish. Find a chair that can be adjusted and has great support as you may find yourself sitting for hours. Thankfully, some workbenches are sold together with a seat or stool to match them. If it’s not available then an office chair with wheels and adjustable height will do.


Utilizing the space and your surroundings so that you can maximize them for your projects is wise. While workbenches come with compartments and drawers, as your production requirements grow, the space you might have been used to may not be enough. A wall makes for a great space to hang up some of your tools. Using a pegboard, your tools such as pliers, wire cutters, and the like can be hung up on the board and can be within your reach whenever you work.

A person putting up pictures on a white wall for their vision board.

Vision/Bulletin Board

You can have one or both or combine the two in one board together, just remember that each serves a different function.

A vision board is where you put your ideas for your projects. You may fill it up with photos or items that inspire your creative process. A bulletin board will help you keep track of your projects via scheduling, item listing, and other reminders you may want to put up there to keep your workflow smooth.

#HOM331 Wooden Desktop Drawers & Craft Supplies Storage Cabinet
#HOM331 Wooden Desktop Drawers & Craft Supplies Storage Cabinet*

Desktop Containers

As time goes on, surely your jewelry-making supplies and tools will surely increase and your existing storage may not be enough. Be ready when that happens by having these desktop storage containers. There are many types available from our shop. Depending on the size and shape of your tool, from the smallest beads to bigger hardware like steel cutters, we have the right-sized containers to fit your needs.

We are not just a supplier of top-quality jewelry display devices. Our business also offers jewelry-making supplies, as well as storage containers for jewelry and general home use. So why don’t you stop by our store, Nile Corp, to see our merchandise?

*Available on the Nile Corp website.

Our Best Picks for Necklace Combination Displays

It’s time to showcase your merchandise with these fresh finds.

Asian female wearing a blue dress and a variety of jewelry.

Combination displays are great to have around your shop or at home if you are a jewelry collector. They are called as such because they are designed to carry multiple types of jewelry at the same time. Unlike a regular necklace display device, for example, combination displays have room for more than just one kind of jewelry. This makes them great space savers, as well as creative platforms for when you are creating a jewelry display set.

We’ve listed down below a few of the combination displays you can find at our store. Simply click on their name to find out more information and to place an order.

#PB-0172P Plastic Figurine Necklace Display

#PB-0172P Plastic Figurine Necklace Display

This one is certainly a pretty unique piece of work. Unlike most figurine or bust-type necklace displays, this one actually comes with pierced ears. This feature gives it a chic and bold allure which makes it an interesting table topper or centerpiece in jewelry display setups. It’s best to go with a matching necklace and earrings jewelry set when using this particular type to showcase your jewelry merchandise and collection. We currently carry it in black and white.

#COP3678 Metal Jewelry Display Organizer Stand with Tray

#COP3678 Metal Jewelry Display Organizer Stand with Tray

Looking for a more dainty vibe to your jewelry display? This one fits the bill and more. You wouldn’t think such a pretty design could be functional but it manages to with its hooks that can be used to hang not just necklaces but also bracelets and anklets. Meanwhile, the green container on top is lined with velvet which will protect whatever you put in there from scratches.

#COP3693-1 Metal Jewelry Display Organizer Stand

#COP3693-1 Metal Jewelry Display Organizer Stand

Here’s another cute table-topper you should consider buying. Its bars and hooks can be used to showcase jewelry pieces that hang, namely necklaces, bracelets, and anklets. Its baby blue color makes it the perfect prop for jewelry display sets that are targeting a younger crowd.

#F9-17 Combination Necklace, Earring, and Ring Display Stand

#F9-17 Combination Necklace, Earring, and Ring Display Stand

Now let’s move on to a wooden combination display tool with a velvet covering. It may be a bit small but it can carry a necklace, earrings, and a ring at the same time. The allotted slots and flaps in the device were built to secure the jewelry pieces. Choose between this one that has a black velvet covering or another one that sports a white faux leather lining.

Our Best Picks for Necklace Combination Displays

#DP616-PK 3-Tier Acrylic Bracelet Necklace Bangle Jewelry Display Holder Stand

Can a jewelry display stand be considered pretty? This one certainly deserves to be called as such. With a design that’s undeniably feminine, this one combines the style of T-bar stands and finger-shaped ring holders, which means this one can accommodate bangles, bracelets, necklaces, anklets, and rings all at the same time. Remember though not to overload it with jewelry as you would still want to make sure your display is aesthetically pleasing to your customers.

5 Jewelry Organization Tips for the Home

This will help you find your accessories faster and keep them in the best shape possible.

A ring with green and clear gemstones inside an open ring box.

Collecting jewelry is one such hobby that requires a lot of care and protection from owners. Because they are precious items, they may need some special containers and jewelry display devices to keep them looking good for a long time. Don’t let your precious investments be ruined with scratches and tangles. Learn these jewelry organization techniques to make sure your collection remains beautiful for a long time.

1. Create a system for grouping your collection.

The easiest way to start on your jewelry organization project is to sort your jewelry pieces according to their types. This would make it easy for you to find pieces when you pick out the jewelry you will be wearing for the day. More importantly, this would make organizing your jewelry collection a lot manageable to deal with. That’s because there are specific jewelry display devices (e.g. necklace display stands, bracelet holders, etc.) that are made to function and only carry one particular type of jewelry.

After sorting your jewelry into different types, you may even create more groupings according to colors, sizes, finish, and many more. Just remember to choose a sorting system that will make sense to you.

2. Make a distinction between your “regular” and “special” jewelry.

Your everyday-wear jewelry may be designated as your regular jewelry while fine jewelry or those that hold a personal meaning to you (e.g. a family heirloom) will naturally fall under special jewelry. Making clear distinctions between these types will help you pick out which display or storage device to use. Those you use daily may be displayed on your desk or vanity area as table-toppers. Your special jewelry can then be contained in storage devices such as jewelry boxes or even a locked safe for extra protection.

#TY-8813-BK Jewelry storage organizer w/3 Trays
#TY-8813-BK Jewelry storage organizer w/3 Trays*

3. Use drawers for storage.

Drawers are perfect for those jewelry items you would like to keep within your reach but you also wouldn’t want to be too exposed. You can use an actual drawer and use a tray with separators to organize your jewelry collection and keep them in place. You can also use a jewelry storage organizer like the one displayed above and keep it within your sight atop shelves and tables in your bedroom.

#COP3672 Metal Wire Swirl Jewelry Display and Organizer

#COP3672 Metal Wire Swirl Jewelry Display and Organizer*

4. Let your bracelets and necklaces hang loose.

The best way to showcase bracelets and necklaces is to simply let them hang loosely from hooks. Avoid having them piled up on each other like a mountain as they could easily be tangled up with each other. Look for jewelry display devices with hooks and holes to hang your jewelry from.

Also, just in case you find yourself with necklaces and bracelets that are all knotted up together, you can use oil to loosen up the kinks of the chain.

5. Be careful not to damage the surfaces of your jewelry display tools.

Make sure the exterior and interior of your devices, specifically your storage boxes and containers are intact without any scratches. Not only will your setups continue to look clean and immaculate, but most storage organizers also feature cushioning in silk or velvet which helps prevent your jewelry and stones from getting damaged.

We’re more than just jewelry display tool sellers! Our shop also offers storage devices for you to keep your precious jewelry collection safe and secure. Visit Nile Corp to see our complete product line online.

*Available on the Nile Corp website.

Best Earring Display Tools for Chandelier Earrings

Such pretty jewelry should be displayed in a pretty way as well.

Beautiful girl wearing intricate makeup and jewelry.

Beautiful, can be bold or dainty but undeniably feminine, chandelier earrings are a favorite choice of those who want to have a little bit of flair when it comes to wearing their accessories. You better stock up on earring display tools to showcase them in the best ways possible. Here are a few ideas.

Simply click on the product names for more details and to place orders.

#WD3600-WH Natural Wood Rotating Jewelry Earring Storage Display

Rotating jewelry display stands would always be a great pick, whether for home or shop use, as they are built to make browsing easy. Each level contains spaces where you can hang chandelier earrings with or without the use of earring cards.

#WD2005-OK Wooden jewelry rack with 20 hooks

#WD2005-OK Wooden jewelry rack with 20 hooks

Here’s another great choice for those with big earring collections and shop owners. Featuring a sturdy frame and 20 hooks to hang your earrings from, this particular piece works great for chandelier earrings. Using earring cards, your chandelier earrings can be easily slipped on each hook for display. This also helps prevent pairs from intertwining together which can be damaging on accessories.

#PEW2316 Metal Wire Earring Display Rack

#PEW2316 Metal Wire Earring Display Rack

Think of this as like a mini clothes rack but made for your earrings. It’s a simple and cute device suited to showcase not just chandelier earrings but other dangling-type pieces such as drop earrings and those that come with fish hook backs as they can be easily hung on each rail. This particular item comes in two colors: antique silver and copper.

#PEW113 Metal Wire Earring and Necklace Display Stand

#PEW113 Metal Wire Earring and Necklace Display Stand

If you’re looking for a multipurpose jewelry display device then this item is for you. With this particular one, earrings can be displayed alongside necklaces and bracelets. This one can carry up to 32 pairs of earrings and 6 bracelets or necklaces. It comes in silver and makes for a great table topper as both a practical and decorative piece.

#ED-2402N-LE Medium Metal "T" Shape Earring Stand Burlap Linen

#ED-2402N-LE Medium Metal "T" Shape Earring Stand Burlap Linen

Lastly, if you want to display chandelier earrings in pairs, go with T-shape earring stands. These devices are made sturdy by their metal frame covered in soft fabric. It also has a weighted base to make it even more stable. This is best showcased inside glass display shelves and cases, as well as a part of a jewelry display set.

How To Ensure Repeat Sales for Your Jewelry Business

It’s the secret to success.

An intricate gold necklace laid out on display black marble.

The goal of every entrepreneur is to grow their business and for it to be stable for a long time. To achieve that, beyond producing great merchandise and services is to have a steady stream of customers on repeat. They are your old reliables and unlike new shoppers, you don’t have to spend much on advertising for them because their repeat visits are guaranteed to help you survive for the long haul.

How does one capture and retain customers? This article will show you how.

A+ customer service is key

Make it a point to treat your customers well at all times. In fact, don’t see or treat them as customers but as friendly neighbors when they step into your store. Warmly greet them, don’t hover but be on alert for their questions, and remember to always inject a bit of TLC in your interactions.

Likewise, being a good neighbor means maintaining your store’s upkeep. Make sure it is inviting with nice interiors and jewelry display setups in perfect conditions. It helps to have a periodic style upgrade so people see something new whenever they step inside your store.

Fine golden jewelry laid out for display on top of a black marble surface.

Always be ready to help shoppers

Dwelling more on this aspect of customer service, it’s important to show your customers your readiness and eagerness to entertain any of their questions. Always remember that jewelry purchases are not “everyday purchases” like food and other necessities. They are mostly done for special occasions so many folks who will come into your store might not know things about your merchandise. Be ready to extend to them a helping hand and be patient when entertaining their questions about the items in your store.

Remember to provide means to keep in touch as after-sales service

This includes having your staff hand out business cards during the purchase or including the same on the item’s packaging. Your business card should include important information such as numbers the customers can call or social media links if you have them. The card should also indicate your brick-and-mortar address and operational hours. Another way you can keep in touch with customers and have your shop be on top of mind is to include customers in an online newsletter where they can be regularly updated on new items coming in or promos you’re offering.

Give gifts during special occasions

This could be anything from discounts, gift cards from partner establishments, vouchers, or jewelry-related product giveaways such as polishers, jewelry display devices, or storage tools. Gifts may also come in the form of talks and workshops about jewelry making and styling ー just remember to think of things or experiences that you think will be enjoyed by jewelry lovers.

A strong brand message

Your persona or branding is what you hope your customers will remember about you. The right tone and messaging can do that as well as the consistency of its use. Make sure your entire store down to your packaging reflects your brand’s philosophy.

Establishing a successful jewelry business is not easy, but with the right partners, you can! Nile Corp is that partner who can help take your business to the top!

The Best Jewelry Display Tools for Summer ’21 Earrings Trends

Keep yourself updated with the latest in jewelry trends.

Brunette woman trying out earrings in front of a mirror.

Summer 2021 is here which means another fashion season to dive into and explore. Tastemakers who are in the know make the calls of which styles are in or out, and as a retailer it is a must you must be updated on these trends. This helps you choose which merchandise to source and sell for your shop.

Today, let’s look at summer trends for earrings. Will big and bold designs be popular or not? What looks should you start filling up your earring display devices? This article will tell you right now.

Blonde woman posing like a fashion model.

Big and bold designs are in

Watch out for chunky pieces to dominate this season. Hoops and chain-type designs are popular in all shapes, sizes, and forms. There’s something for everyone regardless of their preferences for jewelry types as bracelets, necklaces, and earrings alike will sport the same aesthetics this season.

When looking for a jewelry display tool for chunky pieces, look for one with a sturdy build, like the ones shown below. Rotating devices are great pieces so that shoppers won’t have a hard time viewing and making their selection. You can also use your bangle and bracelet holders for the larger pieces in your earrings collection.

#WD5600 Natural Wood Rotating Jewelry Earring/Accessory Storage Display
#WD5600 Natural Wood Rotating Jewelry Earring/Accessory Storage Display*

#JDW216 Deluxe Velvet T-Bar Display
#JDW216 Deluxe Velvet T-Bar Display*

Wearing just one earring

Nothing ever made sense in 2020, and that was perhaps the inspiration for this trend. Single earring-wearing models were seen out strutting their stuff at some of the world’s top designers’ shows, and why not? It certainly gives a new meaning to the word term “new normal.”

#214-8 Earring Display Stand
#214-8 Earring Display Stand*

Inspired by disco

...disco balls, to be specific. Big, spherical jewelry pieces are found on bangles, in necklaces as pendants, and even earrings. These dome-inspired designs are definitely statement makers and they deserve to be put in the spotlight when you’re trying to come up with jewelry display concepts for your store. They are best displayed in T-shaped earring stands.

#ED-2402N-N3 Medium Metal T-Shaped Earring Display Stand, Burlap Linen
#ED-2402N-N3 Medium Metal T-Shaped Earring Display Stand, Burlap Linen*

Man posing while wearing dangling earrings.

Gendered designs are out

It’s 2021 ー who says you should still stick to what’s considered normal and traditional? Last year we’ve seen the likes of the biggest male pop stars like BTS and Harry Styles sport earrings that are commonly seen as feminine styles. Likewise, high-fashion runways have seen its male models wearing pearls and dangling pieces as their accessories. Clearly, the trend is still hot this summer. Now we’re seeing a new trend in jewelry fashion where norms are being dismantled by these statement jewelry pieces.

#251-112 Metal Dancer Earring Display Stand
#251-112 Metal Dancer Earring Display Stand*

*Available on the Nile Corp website.

5 Marketing Techniques to Apply at Your Jewelry Store

Apply these strategies to boost your shop’s promotional efforts.

Close up of an intricate beaded dress.

It’s a great idea to try out new things that will only benefit your jewelry store. From exploring new designs and trends to overhauling your shop’s jewelry display setups, you have nothing to be fearful about trying novel ideas if you plan and strategize well in advance.

One of the best areas of running a jewelry business to explore new concepts is in marketing. Creativity is an essential part of this business aspect and so you can be free to try out and explore. Again, planning ahead of time and consulting with experts will help in preventing mishaps.

Here’s a list of activities you can try to help with your store’s marketing:

1. Perform search engine optimization (SEO) on your jewelry store’s website.

Whether you’re running a brick-and-mortar shop or a purely online business, it’s a must that your site is easily discovered by your customers. This means making sure your site is on the first page of search results. Various aspects are involved in making this goal a reality. From having a sound design that’s easy to navigate in, mobile-friendliness, updated and relevant content, and inbound social referrals, there are many areas to measure and fix (if needed) to optimize one’s site. Make sure you partner with reliable service providers to make sure you're getting top-notch SEO services.

2. Boost your in-store marketing efforts with a top-to-bottom review and refresh of your shop’s premises.

From having a constant supply of new inventory to showcasing them in gorgeous jewelry display concepts, your in-store marketing activities should be on their A-game.

It starts from having fresh merchandise to sell. To perfectly execute this one, you must always be on the lookout for suppliers and new jewelry trends. This will help beef up your retail showcase so that it always remains eye-catching to customers.

Check to see that your store interiors are always inviting. This doesn’t mean having them renovated each month, but a little tweak here and there every quarter could do wonders for your store. You have to make your furniture, jewelry holders and shelves are on tip-top at all times.

3. Prep your staff to be your business’ ambassadors.

It can be said that your front-facing staffers are your best marketing assets. They are the ones directly interacting with customers, serving as the “faces” for your brand, so make sure they are able to do their job. Think of them as your store’s ambassadors — aside from providing them with the right training and tools to perform their job well, make sure also that their needs as employees are being met.

Human resource experts agree that happy employees work better and deliver more, so make sure you are providing the means to satisfy your people. When your people are satisfied, customers, in turn, feel satisfied and this translates to more sales and continuous support for the store.

4. Use a mailing and SMS list to drive your promotions.

Don’t dismiss marketing lists just yet. In this time where people have already gotten used to shopping online for their essentials and basically any and all of their needs, email and SMS as marketing channels are still effective at delivering profits to your business. With the right words, campaign, and approach, you too can make conversions through email and SMS direct marketing. 

Upon approaching the counter for payment, you can have your customers sign for the mailing list. The next step is to designate a schedule for delivering your promos. A good rule of thumb is to start with 2-3 mails and messages, then adjust later as needed. Finally, craft the right look, template, and messaging for your communications. Make sure it is consistent and reflective of your brand’s image.

A person holding a box with a "Thank You" tag.

5. Always remember: branding is king.

It doesn’t matter if you are a small, home-based company just starting out: branding matters, especially for one that’s just starting to bloom. Establishing your identity is done with your branding efforts. From your name to the colors you choose and the packaging you wrap your merchandise in, make sure they reflect your identity. If you are a bigger business and have your own physical store, this should extend to the look of your store to the type of jewelry display tools you pick out to showcase your merchandise.

If you haven’t picked out your branding elements yet then get to it as soon as you can.

We want to make sure you’re doing what you can to grow your jewelry business, so we’re here to offer you only top-notch jewelry display and storage devices. Visit Nile Corp today!