How to Pack Your Jewelry Products for Craft Shows

 Tips to keep them safe while in transit.

A girl packing up her stuff in bags and boxes.

One of the best ways to expand your jewelry business’s reach is by joining product conventions and craft fairs. In these events, you can find opportunities to meet up with not just new customers but also possible suppliers or partners that will help your store grow. It’s a must then that you keep your jewelry merchandise in tip-top shape so that they can be seen in their best state. We’ve shown you plenty of ways before on how you should use your jewelry display tools to help make sales for your store, now, here are some packing tips for you to remember for when you take your jewelry collection on the road.

Use inserts to prevent bracelets and necklaces from tangling

Inserts work best when placed in a shallow tray to secure your merchandise. An insert has different rows with elastic bands on each end. Make sure to assign only one piece of bracelet or necklace in each row. You do it by laying your jewelry piece flat against the surface and inserting them carefully inside the elastic bands which should help them stay in place.

Drawstring bags can serve multiple purposes

During transport, drawstring bags are a safe and expensive way to store jewelry items such as bangles, hoop earrings, and even individual stones. The same drawstring bags can then be used as shopping bags for when people buy from you.

A scene at a jewelry crafts fair featuring a both with jewelry display stands and dishes.

Hang your jewelry pieces securely on easels by tying them

While necklace display easels can hold in place your merchandise thanks to their side slots, they may not be enough during transport. To prevent your jewelry items from falling off you need to secure them to the board by using ribbons and ropes. You can wrap them around the easel and tying them up tightly so that the hanging items don’t fall.

Choose items with soft fabrics as a container

To avoid scratches and smudges, choose jewelry display holders that will protect your merchandise from these imperfections. While traveling, remember to store your merchandise in soft fabric-covered containers. They are mostly made out of silk or velvet which are much more forgivable to jewelry.

Ensure your bags have locks

To prevent theft, make sure you place your merchandise in a locked suitcase or bag. Traveling can be long and tiring but this is one step you shouldn’t forget. If you’re using a carrier such as a tackle box, remember to have them locked if it’s allowed.

The Best Halloween Displays to Show Off Your Jewelry Collection

Make it a spooktacular Halloween season.

Halloween decorations

Once the weather becomes cooler and the leaves begin to fall, you’d know fall is just around the corner. If you’ve been itching to bring out your sweaters and boots then now’s the time to do so.

There’s another thing to look forward to though and that is Halloween. A holiday that celebrates all-things spooky, it’s a time-tested and honored celebration that many families look forward to celebrating. For retailers, it’s another excuse to dress up their stores and give their shoppers a (trick or) treat.

If you’re still stumped for theme ideas that will best showcase your jewelry merchandise, then have a look at our suggestions below:


Hollywood is all about glitz and glamor and your merchandise would fit right in a Tinseltown-themed jewelry display. You can choose to focus on Hollywood’s glamour girls like Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe by displaying pearls and diamonds in their honor. You can also choose to highlight classic Hollywood movies like “Cleopatra” and “Titanic” (remember Rose’s ‘heart of the ocean’ necklace?).

Diamond tiara and a pair of pearl earrings.

The British Royal Family

Let’s take things up a notch, shall we? If you’re looking for a truly glamorous inspiration then there’s no one better than the British Royal Family. Take this chance to highlight your store’s tiaras and precious stones collection. Add in accents like Union Jack Flags, tea sets, and corgi decorations (the Queen simply loves those dogs) to tie the whole look together.


The best way to show off your store’s stocks is by displaying them as part of a pirate’s loot. You can bring out your gold items and precious stone collections and have them displayed alongside treasure chests and decoy shipwrecks. Use your wooden stands and jewelry holders to match the scene.

“Tiger King”

Oh, yes we’re including the hit Netflix documentary about tiger enthusiast Joe Exotic. The series was on everyone’s top of mind during the first few weeks of the lockdown, so we’re pretty sure many folks will show up as him and his cast of eccentrics. There’s no reason why your store shouldn’t get in the trend so better bring out your gold chains and silver hoop earrings which were prominently worn by the cast members on the series. Don't forget to incorporate tiger stripes into your setup.

Fortune Teller

Beads, beads, and more beads. Think of those carnival fortune-tellers with their huge stacks of bracelets, necklaces, and hoop earrings so you can get an idea of what jewelry pieces to display. Don’t forget to complete your look with tarot cards and a magic ball.

We hope we were able to give you a few good ideas for your store’s Halloween jewelry display this year. Feel free to come up with more of your own, and so that you won’t forget any of these concepts, try out our Rotating Wooden Two-Sided Display Stand with Clips to put together snapshots of ideas while you’re brainstorming with your staff.

Best Practices for Photographing Earrings for Ecommerce

Make sure you’re showcasing your merchandise in the best light possible.

A person holding his camera.

Just as you would give all your best in presenting your jewelry merchandise in person, selling jewelry online requires that you do all you can to show your items in their full glory. If you want the public to take notice of your store, then it’s important that you take the time to create beautiful images that can attract shoppers all over.

For this article, we will be focusing on earrings and how you can best showcase them online.

Make sure you have the necessary equipment

First and foremost, you don’t need to have a high-end camera to do your shoot. With the top-notch quality photos produced by smartphones these days, they are actually enough but feel free to bring in additional cameras if you have them. Next, have a ready light source which can be achieved naturally or using studio lights. You may also need reflectors and diffusers to control your photos’ lighting levels. Having a backdrop also helps, as well as equipment that will help keep things stable like a table for the merchandise and props, and a tripod for the camera.

A curly-haired girl wearing big hoop earrings.

Be clear about your purpose for doing the shoot

Shooting for social media is definitely different from shooting for ecommerce. Photography for online shops is meant to sell the product, so a basic, plain background is much more preferred. Shooting for social media, meanwhile, is used for marketing and virality so you can be much more creative when shooting for the platform.

Use the appropriate earring display tool

Aside from what’s mentioned, having the right jewelry display tools are an essential part of the process. Earring display stands are your best options for showcasing your merchandise. You may choose from the “T” or “L” -shape (named for resembling the shape of these letters) stands as they are meant to showcase one pair at a time. This lets you highlight specific pairs when presenting online.

You can also use display boards or trays to showcase your merchandise. Depending on the look you are going for, you can choose those made of wood, leather, velvet, or silk.

Keep things simple

Items that distract are best left off the frame as they can only cause confusion in viewers. These include teacups which we normally see being used to hang dangling earrings from in many online jewelry photographs. The thing is, it merely takes attention away from the earrings which are the ones being sold.

Adjust lighting when needed

Harsh lighting can dull your photos and cause a glare which minimizes the beauty of your merchandise. Take a few shots to test out your lighting conditions and make the necessary adjustments as you see fit. This can be done with full control in a studio. When shooting outdoors make sure to choose the most flattering light sources by choosing the right time and place to shoot.

4 of the Best Uses for Mannequin Jewelry Displays

 Add a little flair to your store’s jewelry merchandise.

Fabric Covered Mini Mannequin Display

Looking for a new way of showcasing your necklaces and bracelets? Give your shoppers a feast for the eyes with these mini mannequin display stands!

It always helps to have a unique take when displaying your merchandise and these ones let you do just that. If you haven’t tried out this particular kind of necklace display tool, then let this article tell you why.

They make for awesome table-toppers

The goal of retail display is to capture the eyes of shoppers and you can do that with these unique stands when you use them as jewelry holders. They bring to mind regular-sized clothes mannequins but these miniature ones come in interesting fabrics which makes them better in our opinion. 

Whether you’re going for a vintage look or a simple, girly one you will surely find a mannequin jewelry display that fits your concept.

Pretty Asian girl wearing a traditional bib-type beaded necklace.

They mimic the look of our neck and chest area which makes them the right props for showcasing necklaces

In this day and age, it always helps to exercise caution when trying out items in public. To help ease the worries of shoppers who are wary of touching merchandise because of concerns for the coronavirus, the next best thing to have are mannequin displays. Bust-type mannequins in particular are a lot similar to our neck and chest area which makes them the best holders for necklaces.

They are perfect as space-saving devices

Looking for a jewelry display tool that leaves a huge impact while taking up just a little bit of space in your shop? Look no further as mannequin jewelry displays are the right device for that. 

It’s important to maximize the space allotted for a selling area and this is the same whether it’s for a brick and mortar jewelry shop or a traveling crafts table. Mannequin stands don’t require a lot of space but their eye-catching details and multiple functionalities (can be used for necklaces, bracelets, and bib-type jewelry) make them worth a try.

They are great accents for set displays

When you’re in the mood to showcase a full jewelry collection, your best move is to build a combination jewelry display for your merchandise. This happens when different types of display tools are combined to create one cohesive unit. Often, jewelers base their designs on concepts such as holidays or a particular aesthetic.

Jewelry Display Set Collection

There are many ways by which jewelers use combination displays as a showcase not just for their merchandise but also for their creative ideas. Bust-type mannequins, in particular, are often used as the centerpiece for these setups (as shown in this photo).

Jewelry Display Techniques that Make the Sale

Here’s how you can make sure you are attracting customers with your displays.

Diamond bracelet displayed on a baby blue background.

A key skill that every jeweler must master is retail design. As shoppers can be fickle, surviving the business means capturing their taste and attention. That can be done by selling jewelry with excellent craftsmanship and design but that’s not all that’s needed to survive the industry. Having great products to sell is good but knowing how to display them in the right way can make them more appealing to potential buyers.

Follow our jewelry display tips for retail shops here if you want to help grow your business even more.

Placement is key

It always helps to place yourself in your customer’s shoes when you’re deciding where to place your jewelry merchandise. Shopping should be a relaxing experience so make sure your display concepts are easy for your customers to see.

The trick here is to place your display tools within the level of where they will be used by the wearer. In the case of necklaces, they are best observed from neck or chest levels so you may want to place your necklace display stands at that height. This same rule applies when displaying earrings as potential buyers can easily hold their picks near their ears to see how they look.

A group of people comparing their manicured hands.

Meanwhile, bracelets and rings may be placed at waist level as shoppers naturally place their hands low while they try them out.

You can achieve this by having shelves installed around your store and placed at different levels.

A clothing store's dressed up mannequin display.

Create combinations of different merchandise

Some stores have a mixed concept where they sell jewelry alongside clothes and other items. If this is your store, you can combine different products into combination displays around your shop. Using a mannequin, you may start by having a set concept to build your design from. Next, combine items that fit your chosen concept. You can pile on more types of the merchandise (e.g. multiple necklaces by doing layering) you’re keen on highlighting. Do this successfully and you might just entice a shopper to buy the whole entire set for themselves.

Group similar items

You may choose to group your products sorted into their respective colors, types, and functions. Not only will it be more appealing visually, but this also makes it easy for shoppers to easily locate the items they’ve been looking for.

Make contrast work for you

If you have items you want to highlight, choose stark backgrounds that let them take the center stage. Let your jewelry items sparkle and shine against monotone backgrounds and jewelry display tools in solid, dark colors. To make this work, avoid prints as they may overshadow the item being showcased.

Finding Success in Running an Omnichannel Jewelry Shop

Take the challenges that a dual-platform store offers and come out stronger than ever before.

Three girls in tan jackets, laughing, and walking while carrying shopping bags.

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced entrepreneurs, both new and old alike, to take their businesses to different platforms. To accommodate consumers who are quarantining at home, many brick-and-mortar businesses started expanding their operations online. Jewelry shops are no different. The shift has seen some jewelers feeling a bit lost in the shuffle because now they are facing challenges they haven’t encountered before. 

If you are one of them then this article is for you. Let us show you the different ways for you to thrive in both arenas with a little business savvy.  

Make sure buyers can find you online

Just as you would use print and broadcast media to advertise your physical store’s promos and sales, selling online also requires some form of promotion to get your target audience’s attention. It may involve social media where you create content geared towards your target audience or you may tap the help of search marketing and optimization to make sure people find you online.

For brick-and-mortar businesses, their shop’s physical location and address establish their presence to buyers, but online, things are different. Your visibility is determined by your ranking in a search engine, so investing your time and resources in crafting a great digital strategy is a wise move.

Presentation (still) matters 

When running physical stores, it is important that the merchandise being showcased are shown in the best light possible. Design concepts that trigger notice and attraction in viewers can be achieved through careful planning and the correct use of jewelry display tools and implements. 

This doesn’t change when the selling is done online. Tasteful photographs that show off the beauty of your merchandise is the key to getting clicks. What’s also nice now is you can use videos to give shoppers a 360-degree viewing experience even when they are online.

A brunette girl using her smartphone.

Find a way to integrate both online and in-store experiences together

As an omnichannel jewelry shop, your biggest goal is to have both channels exist cohesively together. It’s good to establish one’s name online, but jewelry still lends itself as an item that’s meant to be purchased in-store. Jewelry, after all,  is still a product that’s meant to be seen and touched. So why not find a way to combine each business platform? Make sure you’re doing these things to grow your business online and offline:

QR Codes 
QR codes placed strategically around your store can be used to show more info about jewelry items you want to highlight. This encourages people to use their smartphones while in-store and will help them to discover your online store.

Hashtags in your social media posts can be used to create buzz around your products, but you can also share your brand’s hashtags around the store. You may create a “social media hub” in-store to encourage people to take photos of themselves and share them using the hashtags.

Hold events online and offline
Promotional events such as workshops or meet-and-greets help foster a relationship between your shop and customers. You may, for example, invite crafters for an afternoon of necklace making or a session on the best way to set up jewelry displays at home. 

And while quarantine rules at the moment dictate that only a limited few can go out and shop, these events can simply be taken online. With today’s technology, it’s fairly easy to hold a workshop online. Once the coast is clear, there should be no problem resuming in-store events.

A "buy online and pick up in-store" scheme
As a high-value item, some customers would love to have the opportunity to see and pick up their purchases in-store. You can offer this option to your online store.

Growing your business with Nile Corp easy, just free to explore our merchandise to see top-notch quality jewelry display and storage tools in the market today.

Retail Display Tips to Make Your Jewelry Stocks Stand Out

Simple strategies to make your merchandise pop.

Women's accessories (pearls, gold rings) and perfume on flatlay display.

As a jeweler, one of your biggest challenges in operating a business is to make sure your merchandise always look fresh in the eyes of your customers. Changing trends and holidays will dictate how often you will have to revamp your jewelry display setups. Naturally, these happen several times in a year so you are expected to flex your creativity muscles often. Don’t worry, we have a few ideas in this article that you can follow.

The right props can help a lot

It all starts with having a concept to work around in so you’ll know which props or accents to include in your jewelry display setup.

Let’s take Mother’s Day as an example. You can incorporate elements such as hearts and flowers into your showcase. From your store’s merchandise, pick the items that appeal most to moms or women of a certain age group, and work your display around it. 

Grouping similar items create harmony and balance

You wouldn’t want your displays to look cluttered, so make sure the items you put together make sense. You can do combination displays wherein different types of jewelry are displayed all in one set, but to make it cohesive make sure you combine jewelry items of the same material. Can you imagine mixing costume beaded jewelry to your store’s finest diamond pieces? Your aim is to create displays that are pleasing to potential buyers’ eyes so make sure to pair up items that go together.

Textures add drama 

Rich textures provide a nice contrast to the smooth and polished surfaces of jewelry which makes them pop. You can see this technique applied in this Two-Sided Jewelry Display Stand, now available from our website. The wooden surface provides a nice backdrop for the jewelry items hanging from its hooks. 

Two-Sided Jewelry Display Stand

Other textures that can work well with jewelry include leather and suede.

Lighting creates focal points in your displays

Draw in people to certain items in your display sets with the use of lights and bulbs. Go with light sources that give off a cooler, whiter color temperature so it can show off the beauty and radiance of your items. Avoid warm, yellow tones as it can blur details which you wouldn’t want to happen when selling jewelry.

Tell a story

Let’s go back to creating concepts when setting up a display. It helps to think of a theme or narrative that you want to tell as a basis for your showcase. This will help you in picking up the right props, colors, lighting, and jewelry display tools to form a cohesive set. From there you can figure which pieces to include and how you will display them as part of the group. Again, you can look at holidays and celebrations for inspiration. Likewise, movies or any piece of work derived from pop culture can be a great source of themes and ideas for your display.