Your Shopping Guide for Necklace Easel Displays

Before buying one for your shop, have a look at this article first.

Pretty brunette girl posing and having a far away look.

A sturdy and dependable staple of jewelry shops, necklace easel displays are a must-buy for small and large jewelry businesses alike. Even those engaged in e-commerce would also need a few when selling their merchandise online. This particular necklace display tool is popular for a reason, and if you’re in the market for one, we have a few options for you. You can orderly directly by clicking on the product name.

#JDW601 Deluxe Velvet Necklace Display Easel

#JDW601 Deluxe Velvet Necklace Display Easel

While easel-type necklace display stands are indeed popular sights at jewelry stops, a baby blue-colored one may still be a unique find. Made out of velvet giving it a luxurious feel, its color balances things out by giving it a youthful vibe. This is perfect for jewelry businesses that cater to younger buyers or as a gift for young ladies who are starting to build their jewelry collections.

#CD-6708Q-BE Suede Necklace Easel Display

#CD-6708Q-BE Suede Necklace Easel Display

For a more understated but still stylish look, this necklace stand covered in suede is a good pick. Its neutral color makes it a versatile choice for both casual and elegant retail display setups. Necklaces with big and colorful pendants would look great on its blank canvass. Make sure to keep it clean though so it retains its pristine look.

#CD-6710N-N21 Necklace Easel Display, Gray Burlap Linen

#CD-6710N-N21 Necklace Easel Display, Gray Burlap Linen

If you’re going for a more masculine direction for your display’s concept, then this is the right road to take. Gray is an undeniably cool color and it’s definitely the perfect shade for a subdued setup that appeals to male eyes. Its unique look is all thanks to burlap, a natural fabric known for its durability and sustainability. FYI, burlap farming is relatively cheaper and consumes less water than other plant sources for fabrics.

#67-4 (LN) Undyed Color 100% Organic Hemp Linen Covered Necklace Display with Easel

#67-4 (LN) Undyed Color 100% Organic Hemp Linen Covered Necklace Display with Easel

If you liked the burlap-covered necklace easel display, then you would also like this one covered in 100% organic hemp. We can totally picture this as part of a tropical retail setup or used to display ethnic-style jewelry. Best for necklaces up to 16 inches long.

#WDN66CF Necklace Easel Display Stand Necklace Holder Jewelry Display Necklace Bust Organizer Jewelry Display Stand for Necklaces

#WDN66CF Necklace Easel Display Stand Necklace Holder Jewelry Display Necklace Bust Organizer Jewelry Display Stand for Necklaces

You’d be forgiven if you mistake this jewelry display device for a book stand. Lightweight yet durable, this can hold up to three necklaces, one for each panel on display. The base holds the panels upright and keeps them at a slight angle, making them perfect for viewing. When not in use, the panels can simply be removed making them the perfect display tools to bring around for transit and for showcasing in traveling conventions.

*Available on the Nile Corp website.

What To Do With Your Excess Jewelry Inventory

Be a smarter jewelry entrepreneur.

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Ever found yourself with excess jewelry merchandise and having no idea what to do with them? Lean months are to be expected in retail so shop owners must always be ready when they happen. Don’t let it reach the point when you would have to overload your jewelry display setups with your unsold items.

Fear not because we have the tips that will help you solve this particular business dilemma.

Put the spotlight on your slow-moving items

If you’re having trouble selling a few items at your store, relocating them may be the answer. Put them in the spotlight by placing them front and center in your store. You may even showcase a few of them by your store’s window display. You may revisit some of our past articles for jewelry display ideas if you’re stumped on concepts.

Another technique to consider is to look for your best-selling items and combine your slow-moving products in their displays.

Delicate gold chain necklaces on a T-bar jewelry display stand.

Make improvements to their designs

This step is especially perfect for DIYers and home-based jewelry shops. 

Have a look at your jewelry items that are not selling as much as you’d like. Perhaps they can be fashioned into entirely different new designs so they can be promoted anew and (hopefully) be finally sold.

Bundle them with other items

You may also give them away or offer them at a lowered price together with other items from your inventory. This is perfect for your merchandise from past seasons that you may be having trouble selling. Look through your inventory and see which items you can pair off as a combo offer.

You can go about this by combining items that complement each other or matching your slow-moving items with your best sellers.

Offer them as gifts for loyalty/reward programs

We’ve previously talked about elevating your buyers’ retail experience where one of our tips was about providing your valued customers with extra-special services. We’ve mentioned having a loyalty program where frequent buyers of your store can avail themselves of freebies or special rates for your items. You can use this opportunity to give away your extra stocks as gifts to these customers.

Hold special discount days

Highlight those tough-to-sell items with a day or two dedicated to them. By announcing a targeted flash sale you’re able to instill a sense of urgency among buyers and generate buzz. Run a campaign for it weeks or days before the event by tapping various digital and offline channels. Make sure though to keep a fun and confident tone with your promos, and not “we’re desperate to get rid of these items, take them off our hands please!”

Lean months will come and go, so you better be prepared. By knowing these tips and tricks you will be ready to navigate these kinds of retail challenges.

How To Level Up Jewelry Customers’ Retail Experience

Here’s how you can make shopping a lot more fun for your buyers.

Beautiful chic woman riding the escalator at a mall.

Today’s retail experience has certainly undergone massive changes in the past few years. It’s become more than just an act of browsing, buying, and moving on. With the help of social media, shopping has become an immersive experience for all. In the case of jewelry retailers, they now want their customers to go beyond going through one jewelry display after another. Avid jewelry fans can now enjoy the following additional jewelry store attractions which many shops across the nation feature as a way to sell their products and promote the brand.

Polaroid photos hung up on a wall.

Selfie stations

Here’s a jewelry store gimmick that can also serve as an effective marketing strategy: having your customers take photos at a selfie station. It’s a spot where buyers can take photos of themselves for the purpose of sharing them online. Many jewelry stores have already started offering this treat with many using decorated walls as a backdrop for the shots. You can encourage your shoppers to use a particular hashtag or tag you with your social media handles when they upload their pictures online.


Avid jewelry collectors and newbies alike can benefit much from workshops that your store can offer. Think of topics that may be of interest to them and develop content from there. It can be anything from styling tips, jewelry care, even ways they can showcase and protect their collections at home with jewelry display and storage devices. You can then offer these sessions onsite or online.

Personalized services

Make your customers feel special by providing customization services to them. For high-value shoppers, you can offer private shopping where you designate a room where they can browse to their heart’s content away from others. You may also reward your loyal buyers with perks such as special discounts or after-care services.

Community outreach

Performing meaningful deeds are a great way to promote your brand. In this scenario, you are not just elevating your customers’ retail experience but also your community’s well-being.

There are many ways to go about this. You can promote “Shop for a Good Cause” events where you donate a certain portion of your earnings. A timely charity effort would be to offer special discounts or gifts for those who get the COVID-19 vaccine to encourage vaccinations in your community.

Giving good customer service goes beyond providing top-quality products and a helpful hand during the shopping process. Buyers are now looking for more than the usual things, and these are just some of the many jewelry store experiences you can try out at your shop. Let us know how we can help fulfill your vision by visiting our store today.

5 Necklace Display Themes for the Summer

Scorching hot sales are on the horizon.

Pretty girl playing in the shallow waters at the beach.

It always pays to have a fresh stock of merchandise every season. It’s the way fashion and style cycles go; what’s popular at this time may not be so trendy the next, hence the need to always refresh. This also calls for new jewelry displays and setups to match your fresh jewelry stocks.

This article looks at some great necklace display ideas that you can try out that best go with the summer season.

Woman walking on the beach with her back turned to the camera.


Beach themes are of course the most popular retail display concepts during the summer, and why not when it’s the perfect time to go visit one? 

To use this as a display theme for your shop’s merchandise, first think of the things you will find on a beach: sand, the ocean, lawn chairs, colorful beach towels, and inflatable toys. You can then recreate a typical beach scene when you use some of these items as props for your setups. Whether you’re creating a large or small display, you can further improve your concept by adding elements from nature like pebbles, shells, and sand as props. As for your choice of necklace display stand for this particular theme, the #JDW216 Deluxe Velvet T-Bar Display in blue calls to mind the crystal clear blue waters of the ocean making it the perfect companion display stand to your setup.

Different fruits shot flat lay style.


Be inspired by the fruits in season and you are sure to come up with a display that’s colorful and, dare we say, visually juicy. Because you will surely be using bright colors such as orange, yellow, and red, for this concept, your setup is bound to pop.

Wooden jewelry displays are perfect for this setup as they would surely blend well with the nature-inspired display. “Fresh” would certainly be an understatement for this type of showcase.

Music festival crowd with three revelers in black tops and jeans in the foreground.

Music Festival

Though it would certainly still take a while for live music to return to its pre-pandemic conditions, it won’t hurt to bring back the feeling of music festivals to your jewelry shop. The props you can use here are tie-dyes, beads, floral accessories, and glow sticks. For your bead needs, you may visit our store’s beads section to see what we have to offer. Complete the look of your setup with fake grass which you can use on the ground or as a backdrop.

Empty highway in the desert.

Road Trip

While road trips may have taken a backseat through most of the pandemic, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t use it as a theme for your summer-inspired retail setup. A favorite activity for many folks, it would certainly bring back fond memories to your shoppers. To execute this theme think of the things one often sees during a road trip: street signs, quirky Americana attractions, etc. We think the #WDN6371CF Freestanding Necklace Easel Display Stand would make for a great jewelry display piece as its rugged look certainly brings to mind the feel of the Old West and the great outdoors.

Carnival ride with passengers on a sunny day.

Carnival/Country Fair

Another much-missed American custom, many towns hold carnivals and fairs during the summer season. There’s plenty to do in these places like go on amusement park rides, play games, binge on fun festival food, or participate in the stage shows, which means you have plenty of ideas you can apply for your display. As for our recommended jewelry display devices for this theme, we think the #WDN66CF Necklace Easel Display Stand, as well as the #WD5062OK Wooden Rotating Two-Sided Jewelry Display Stand 32 Hooks would do just fine.

Summer’s definitely here and these concepts would certainly be the perfect showcases to inspire buyers to explore what your store has to offer. We hope we’re able to help you come up with ideas, and please look forward to more tips and advice from us here at Nile Corp.

Metal vs Wood: Your Best Options for Earring Displays

Are you on Team Metal or Wood?

Pretty lady wearing a red dress and large dangling earrings.

There are many ways to showcase the earrings you sell at your store. As you can see from our shop’s earring display collection, there really is a style that will fit any business’s aesthetic and vibe. Two of the most popular are those made in metal and wood. We will be highlighting the two types in this article.

Want to order or find out more about each item? Simply click on their titles and it would take you to our official store.

Metal Earring Displays

Metal jewelry displays are perfect for those trying to achieve a more modern approach to their retail setups. Depending on the color, metal devices can give off masculine and feminine vibes, as you can see from the examples below:

#COP9092-WH Metal Wire Display (6 Hooks Top, 6 Hooks Under)

#COP9092-WH Metal Wire Display (6 Hooks Top, 6 Hooks Under)

We’re starting things off with something ultra-feminine. This metal piece is fashioned in the form of a mannequin, perfect for girly jewelry setups. This also makes for a great gift for jewelry collectors looking for nice table-toppers to display their pieces. It is also a versatile piece as it can also hold other jewelry types such as bracelets, bangles, and necklaces.

#PEW1025 Metal Wire Earring Display Stand with Grape Vines Design

#PEW1025 Metal Wire Earring Display Stand with Grape Vines Design

Thinking of putting up a retail display that calls to mind nature and the great outdoors, but at the same time would love to try out something other than wood? This device would make for a lovely prop for that. The beauty of metal derives from its malleability, that’s why you would see a lot of these tools with this material formed with intricate designs and in this instance, this particular device was made to look like a climbing vine. The exposed roots even add to the drama, making this an interesting table-topper that is sure to capture the public’s eye.

#PEW2316 Metal Wire Earring Display Rack

#PEW2316 Metal Wire Earring Display Rack

Here’s something you probably have never seen before: an earring display rack that looks like a clothesline. This quirky accessory can certainly attract the attention of the buying public for its unique style. Perfect for dangling earrings, this item comes in antique silver and copper shades. Get both or more so you can create multiple setups with them all at the same time.

#251-250 Metal Earring Display Stand

#251-250 Metal Earring Display Stand

But if it’s a basic metal stand you’re after, then this should work. This no-frills rack can carry up to 50 pairs of earrings, plus its black color makes it a neutral addition to most display concepts ー a wise buy for any jewelry entrepreneur shopping for stands.

Wooden Earring Displays

Wooden stands are likewise popular choices as jewelry display stands. It’s a no-fail choice for its versatility, reliability, and appearance. Like with metal devices, it can certainly fit in with most retail setups, but they are definitely best for nature-themed concepts. These are just some of your options from Nile Corp:

#WD417-BR Two-Sided Panel Jewelry Display Stand for displaying Earring Card

#WD417-BR Two-Sided Panel Jewelry Display Stand for displaying Earring Card

One of our newest offerings from the store, this particular jewelry display stand is a classic piece that’s bound to fit any shop or home. This wooden device definitely exudes a classic, romantic look reminiscent of antique picture frames, so if you’re looking for one with an old-school charm then this is it. What’s more, it can also carry not just earrings but also necklaces and bracelets. Best of all, it is versatile as you can use it as a table-topper or hang it on a wall.

#DE-413W Wooden Rose Shaped Earring Display Stand Set

#DE-413W Wooden Rose Shaped Earring Display Stand Set

Looking for earring display stands to make your planned concepts into reality? This one comes in a set and they are great as part of a complete jewelry display. Perfect for drop and dangling earrings, each piece can carry five pairs of earrings at a time. They may also be used to display earrings inside glass display cabinets.

#WD3600-OK Wooden Rotating Earring Display Rack, Oak

#WD3600-OK Wooden Rotating Earring Display Rack, Oak

Rustic and earthy, this rotating earring display rack is a great addition to any shop or collector’s home. Browsing is a breeze, thanks to its base. This can be used with earring cards for stud-type and huggie earrings, while the dangling ones can be displayed as-is. Lastly, this can carry up to 25 pairs of earrings.

#F35-22 (RW) White Leatherette Earring Display Stand with Rosewood Color Trim

#F35-22 (RW) White Leatherette Earring Display Stand with Rosewood Color Trim

Finally, this earring display stand is a worthy addition to any jewelry store’s or collector’s display tools. It has a rosewood base and white leatherette covering which certainly gives it a chic vibe. It may be used as part of a larger set with different types of jewelry pieces or as part of an all-earrings display.

The Different Types of Earrings and Earring Backs

...and the best earring display tools for them.

Curly haired brunette woman wearing hoop earrings.

Earrings are such great pieces of jewelry to own. The diversity of choices one can select from makes them such versatile components of a great outfit. Depending on the look and type, earrings are great for both day and night time, and for different occasions whether formal and casual. 

That’s why if you are in the business of selling jewelry, you must definitely stock up on earrings as they are hot commodities. Once you’ve had your supply of earrings to sell, the next step to take then is to purchase earring display devices to showcase your new merchandise in the best ways possible.

Here are the different types of earrings and earring backs and discover the best jewelry display tools to use for them.

Earring types and their backs which lock them in place come in different forms and designs:

Stud-type earrings with blue gemstones in front of a light blue background.

Stud Types

These are the most common types and are often the first design worn by young, first-time wearers. That’s because they are small, often featuring a gemstone fitting snugly on the ear. Stud types pair up with post backs which are tiny locks that you push or screw into place to secure the earring piece.

#238-1 Curved Earring Display Stand
#238-1 Curved Earring Display Stand*

Woman wearing large hoop earrings posing among plants..

Hoop Earrings

Another popular design with jewelry lovers, hoop earrings loop from the front to the back of the ear. It comes in different sizes and even shapes. Aside from the round ones, hoop earrings can also be in other shapes like squares, ovals, and triangles. They are locked into place by saddleback-type earring backs which are earring backs that have some sort of clip or hinge that folds and which snaps into place locking the jewelry piece to the ear. Because they come in different sizes, various jewelry stands can be used to showcase. For the especially large ones, T-bar-style jewelry displays may be used like the one below.

#NDF572 Paper Twine Wrapped Double T-Bar Bracelet Display
#NDF572 Paper Twine Wrapped Double T-Bar Bracelet Display*

A pair of gold dangling earrings with gemstone pieces.

Dangling Earrings

As the name implies, dangling earrings are the ones that dangle from your ears. They hang below the earlobe and will easily sway along with the wearer’s movements. They are further categorized into two other types: drop earrings and chandelier earrings. Drop earrings are a lot like stud earrings as they also feature a single centerpiece or stone but the difference is they hang down the wearer’s earlobes while being supported by a wire. Another kind is the chandelier earring which is a dangling earring that is more elaborately designed than drop earrings. Both use the shepherd hook-style backs which don’t come without any locking device as they can simply hang loosely from your ears once inserted.

#JWY609-3PK Clear Acrylic Display with Rose Gold Mirrored Storage Base
#JWY609-3PK Clear Acrylic Display with Rose Gold Mirrored Storage Base*

Blonde girl wearing make up and pink flower petals on her face.

Huggie Earrings

The simpler, less-dramatic version of hoop earrings, they are smaller and hang much closer to the earlobes. They are also a safer option as the larger hoop ones may get snagged on objects. 

#240-2 Medium Metal T-Shaped Earring Display Stand
#240-2 Medium Metal T-Shaped Earring Display Stand*

Pink-haired girl wearing ear climbers-style earrings.

Ear Climbers

A trendy, modern look amongst earring designs, this one unlike dangling-types are earrings that move towards the upward direction instead of down. They are certainly unique in appearance and are perfect accessories for equally dramatic ensembles. When displaying them on an earring rack, use an earring card so they can be hung on the bars.

*Available on the Nile Corp website.

How To Establish Your Jewelry Shop’s Online Presence

It’s never too late to make your business known digitally.

Pretty brunette girl using her smartphone.

Whether you’re a long-time entrepreneur of a brick-and-mortar jewelry shop or a home jeweler about to dive into e-commerce for the first time, having an online presence is one of the most important aspects of running a business these days.  Simply everyone is online and you will be missing out on potential customers if you don’t pursue this venture. Just as having great merchandise, top-notch services, and compelling jewelry display setups can make you stand out, there are ways to go about if you want to make sure you get in the digital spotlight.

Start a website

There are various ways by which you can establish your online presence. One is to build a website if you haven’t yet. Just like the building of a physical store, the website is your real estate online. You can first try out free website builders like Wix then later build on the platform with additional features and content for a fee. These sites have helpful and easy-to-use templates for you to use but it won’t hurt to seek out the professional eye of a website designer. 

Next, pick a domain name that will serve as your address online. It’s best to go with your business name but do check first as it may have been claimed. 

Lastly, your website’s design must be easy for visitors to navigate around. Make sure there is a clear path when going around the website with links that are properly interconnected.

Spread word about your business on social media

The next thing you should do after starting a website is to promote it on social media. Think of social media networks as one-stop shops for marketing initiatives online. There are lots you can do to promote your business: post product photos, announce events, share tips, build a relationship with the public, etc. 

Different platforms feature different ways to showcase your content, but your best bets are those that highlight visual content such as Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, and TikTok. Take also into consideration the demographics of users who use each site to see which aligns the most to your target customers. Once you’ve figured things out, it’s important to have consistency when it comes to posting content to establish not just your identity but also your reliability as a source of information to your followers.

A pair of gold drop earrings with a purple gemstone as centerpiece.

Use visuals that impress

As a jewelry brand, it’s important that your brand projects beauty, style, and elegance. This can be achieved by publishing visuals (photos and video) that are sure to grab the attention of internet users. Whether it is used to sell products or used to establish a community with your buyers, this type of content can surely create when done the right way.

You can start with a concept and then use the same as your guide as you curate your social networking sites’ content. 

The best photos have a way of attracting users so make sure you’re only publishing rave-worthy images to your timeline. From product photos perched on jewelry display stands to infographics that share trivia about jewelry, you can find there’s a wealth of content types to explore and share.

Provide information that’s useful to your audience

Another way to attract your target audience’s attention online is by providing relevant knowledge that can help them in their lives. For this to work, think of issues that may be of concern to your followers/customers. Next, create various content around your customers’ needs in formats such as blog posts and the aforementioned visual materials like photos and videos. Examples could be listicles on jewelry trivia or how-to styling tips in the form of videos.

This approach achieves two things: (1) it helps establish you as a reliable source of information and (2) helps strengthen your brand’s online presence.

We hope we were able to impart with you information that will help you build your jewelry shop’s presence online. We want to help you out even more, so why not stop over our site to see the jewelry display devices and jewelry-making supplies that will help you grow your business even more? Help us help you by visiting Nile Corp today!

How To Stand Out in Outdoor Jewelry Fairs

We may be saying “hello!” again to festivals and fairs soon.

An elderly couple browsing jewelry at an outdoor fair.

With more loosened-up health protocols, we may be getting back the daily life we once had before the pandemic hit. For jewelry entrepreneurs, this means joining events like outdoor jewelry fairs yet again.

Before you start bringing out your jewelry display devices for showcasing once more, it won’t hurt to read our article as a “refresher course” on the matter.

Avoid clutter as much as possible

While the urge to jam your table with every piece of your merchandise is present, doing so would only lead to clutter and just turn off potential customers. Always remember that you don’t have to bring in every item from your store. Before the event, decide which items you will be bringing so you’ll have a clear direction on your retail design. Going by a theme (eg. floral, feminine) can save you from thinking up concepts and props for your table. Just make sure it aligns with the event’s own theme so check first with the organizers.

Stick to your company’s branding (if you already have one)

Branding efforts are activities done for the purpose of publicizing a brand name or image. This may include producing advertisements, as well as offline and online promotions as these efforts are seen as effective at making a particular brand become more memorable to the public. In the case of outdoor fairs, you can do this by injecting every publicity material you have with your company’s branding. From your banners to the shopping bags you use to wrap your products in, make sure it carries your brand’s identity, specifically your name and the standard colors and images you use for branding. And if you haven’t settled on your company’s branding and identity yet, then now’s the perfect time to do so.

Ethnic accessories on display at an outdoors jewelry fair.

Make sure your jewelry display devices are in their best shape

Who would want to buy from a stall with shoddy devices and props that are falling apart? If you’re not taking care of your selling and merchandising tools then you may be turning off potential customers. Take a look at your jewelry stands and holders and see if anything requires repair and replacement. 

The way you present your goods can be considered a branding activity too so every care and consideration should be made to make sure you’re putting a great face forward for your shop with your choice of jewelry display devices.

Charm and knowledge go a long way

Having a personable character will definitely win you points with the public. Always remember that a ready, sincere smile will be appreciated more by customers than if you were surly. Beyond having the grace to deal with customers, make sure also that whoever faces customers has enough knowledge to answer questions from the public. They must be ready to answer specific and technical questions about the jewelry items you sell. Take the time to coach your staff when it comes to customer relations so that each day of operations runs as smoothly as possible.

Be ready to have publicity materials on display and for handouts

In connection with the second piece of advice, make sure your booth has banners and other signages to get people’s attention. Again, it should contain your branding elements for memorability. Publicity materials also include business cards to help your customers and for you to gain repeat shoppers outside of the event. Another way to promote your booth and call the attention of the public is by handing out flyers. Make sure to designate one or two of your staff members to go around and hand out flyers about your booth.

The “new normal” is finally here. We, Nile Corp, will remain your able and willing partner as you face a new chapter in your jewelry business.