Essential Advice for Selling Jewelry on Instagram

How to find success on the popular app.

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Out of all the social media apps available these days, Instagram may be the one app that lends itself best to selling jewelry online. It is a visually-oriented space where users can share their photos and videos alike. It’s been the preferred platform for artists, travelers, and influencers for years now, so why shouldn’t you join in on the fun?

Follow our tips below and learn how you can leverage Instagram to grow your jewelry business.

Make sure you sign up for the business account.

Instagram is a fun and useful tool by itself, but if you want to harness it in growing your business, you better choose the right set up for your account. Unlike a regular personal account, an Instagram Business Account lets you tag items on your post that links directly to your online store. It also allows you to add essential information about your physical store (if you have one) like operation hours, location, and contact details.

Reach out and make connections.

Start building your follower count by reaching out to similar accounts. This could be other jewelry stores, fashion and lifestyle influencers, craft artists, etc. You can start by seeking them out and leaving a thoughtful comment or two on their posts.

Another way to make yourself discoverable is by using hashtags. These are clickable links that are centered around a theme and are an excellent means for people to discover your content. Relevant hashtags you could use are --- #jewellerydesign #jewellerylover #jewelleryoftheday #handmadewithlove #gemstones. Of course, you can also come up with some of your own, but make sure they are always relevant to your posts.

Keep your content fresh and updated.

Make sure you’re always on your followers’ timeline by having regular content. You’re not just limited to posting your merchandise. Keeping things varied and interesting will make you stand out and attractive to potential customers. One day you might post about your latest jewelry display sets, the next day you may post about a store promo, you can even run contests – you just have to make sure the look, colors, and language between each post is seamless and consistent.

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Experiment with the app’s multimedia tools.

Over the years, the app has grown from just a photo uploading site to a fully-functional multimedia platform, so why not take advantage of Instagram’s many features? Stories let you capture and upload short clips or a live feed. It’s a great way, for example, to showcase your followers around your store or take them along with you at events.

Create beautiful images.

The app is still first and foremost made for sharing images, so you better make sure your photographs showcase the glitz and beauty of your merchandise. You don’t need to have expensive gadgets to photograph jewelry – all it takes is to have the right vision, people, and setups to create Instagram-worthy images.


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