Basic Tips for Photographing Jewelry

Simple tips and tricks to make your merchandise look even more beautiful online.

Photo of an amethyst ring against a white backdrop.

Once you have established your business’ presence online, the next logical step would be to fill it with images that showcase the beauty and elegance of your jewelry merchandise. Remember that marketing yourself online is not just about getting the word out on your brand, but ultimately to generate profit, so creating images that sell is essential.

Thankfully, producing gorgeous product photos won’t cost you an arm and a leg. Lots of small business owners are able to do just that with smartphones and not a whole lot more. Meanwhile, some choose to work with young creatives (photographers, stylists, models) who are new to the business but are equally just as talented as the established ones.

Whether you plan to DIY everything or get a small but talented team to work on your product photography, it pays to know the basics of this essential business move.

Top view shot of a pair of hands holding a camera.

Choosing the right equipment.

As mentioned earlier, you don’t need to spring for a new camera to do product photography. Starting a new jewelry business comes with a lot of expenses, and if buying a camera is out of your budget at the moment, your smartphone can be a worthy substitute. Smartphone cameras that have high megapixel numbers would, of course, produce better photos. If you insist on taking pictures of your merchandise with a camera, though, even entry-level DSLR models will do. Just make sure you get one with controllable aperture and shutter speed settings so you can make adjustments to the lighting.

Additionally, these accessories would make your photographs look even better.

  • Tripod: Avoid blurry photos and keep everything steady with a tripod.
  • Backdrop: Opt for a plain white background so that your subject would pop out. You can easily DIY this with stuff you have around your shop, or you can purchase a white poster board at a nearby art supplies store.
  • Table: You will need a sturdy one to hold your product and props.

Finding your lighting source.

Light can make or break your photos, so choose wisely. Go easy on using flash to illuminate your subjects as it would create harsh shadows and glare. Instead, choose soft lighting as it is more forgiving and would showcase the beauty, shine, and details of your jewelry. Using natural light is also a good option as it can retain the color of your subject, unlike artificial light sources. For a more consistent look, you can invest in a lightbox, or you can make one yourself.

Presentation matters.

Your jewelry should be the main attraction of the photo, so it’s best to keep things simple. A plain white background would make your subject pop while using the right jewelry display piece will highlight and enhance the beauty of your merchandise.

Whether you’re taking photos of rings, necklaces, or bracelets, we have plenty of options for you to choose from. Made from different materials, fabrics, and in various colors and shades, our wide selection of jewelry display sets will surely capture the right mood and feel you’re trying to achieve with your photos.


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