Holiday Jewelry Store Display Ideas

Check out these few easy tips on how to prepare your jewelry shop for the coming Christmas season.

Exterior of a shop with Christmas decors

The shopping madness doesn't stop after Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Black Friday as we still have Christmas to prepare for, the last one of the year. As with the previous holidays, Christmas is also a busy time for jewelry shops. And one way to make sure that you have a steady flow of customers coming to your shop is to make it festive, warm, and welcoming.

If you've used up all your creativity these past holidays and all you can think of is put up generic Christmas decors, don't you worry. Today, we are sharing a few easy tips on how to prepare your jewelry shop for the coming holiday to help boost your sales.

Use jewelry displays in festive colors.

White Wooden Finger Ring Holder Stand Jewelry Displays from Nile Corp

Get rid of those dark-colored displays you used in the previous holidays and replace them with ones in Christmas colors -- red, green, gold, and white. A red jewelry display surely catches anyone's eye and matches most Christmas decors as well. If you want to go minimalist without losing that festive vibe, you can go with an all-white display. Finish off with simple glittery decorations like lit-up snowballs and fairy lights.

Showcase Christmas-inspired jewelry.

Smiling girl admiring snowflake jewelry inside a wooden jewelry box

It's time to take out your seasonal pieces! Showcase them with your festive jewelry displays, and it's also best that you place them by the window. Seasonal pieces can be tough to sell, especially once Christmas is over, so promote them as much as you can. One example is creating Christmas bundles to further pique the customers' interest.

Make your shop smell like Christmas.

Wooden essential oils diffuser with a pink light accent

Fill in your customers' senses with all the Christmas sensations. A surefire way to do this is to make your shop smell like Christmas. Get an essential oil diffuser and choose scents that remind you of the season. Go for peppermint, roast chestnuts, fresh pine, cinnamon, or chocolate. Tickling your customers' senses will definitely make them stay longer. Be careful not to overdo it, though, as a strong scent can give people headaches.

Tone down lighting.

Dimmed lighting inside a business establishment

Lighting is a crucial aspect of any jewelry display. However, having such a bright interior can do more harm than good. To achieve a festive feel, tone down the general lighting in your shop. Choose warmer colors, rather than the uber bright ones. As for your spotlights, they need to stay as bright. Otherwise, they won't be able to showcase your jewelry items effectively.

Play traditional Christmas music.

Stuffed bear playing the piano Christmas decor

Last but not least, play Christmas music that can make your customers feel all warm and fuzzy. Go with the traditional ones, as these songs can immediately make happy childhood memories come back and provoke warm emotions. Make sure not to turn the music up too high, though, as it can be pretty annoying or distracting for your customers.

Benefits of Using Mannequin Jewelry Displays

Do not be turned off by their traditional vibe. Learn why these displays are worth showcasing your jewelry.

Paper Twine Wrapped Mannequin Displays from Nile Corp

One of the best types of the necklace display is the mannequin. Mannequin busts help customers visualize how a piece of certain jewelry would look on them or on an actual person. And that is why many local jewelry shops still use them. However, some may consider them as traditional and are worried that they won't match their modern shop displays. We beg to differ. These jewelry displays actually come in different designs, colors, materials, and styles. Give them a chance; here are the benefits of mannequin jewelry displays for your shop.

No clutter

Nile Corp Wholesale Fabric Covered Doll Jewelry Display

The main benefit of mannequin necklace busts is that they prevent clutter in your shop, especially in your window display. You can showcase necklaces separately without having to worry about tangled ornaments. Some styles come with hooks, and these allow you to separate pieces without them getting all messed-up.

Gives life to the piece

Nile Corp Wholesale Fabric Covered Mini Bust Necklace Display

As mentioned earlier, mannequin jewelry displays help people visualize how a jewelry piece looks like on an actual person. They bring the illusion of life, provoking something in them -- the desire to touch and wear the jewelry. Somehow, mannequin displays allow people to connect with the item they are checking out. These displays help customers understand what piece would look good on them or not, therefore influencing their purchase behavior and buying decision.

Sets shop's atmosphere and tone

Nile Corp Wholesale Fabric Covered Mini Mannequin Display

Mannequin jewelry holders can set the tone of your entire shop. Unlike jewelry items displayed in boxes or trays, pieces showcased in mannequin busts seem more approachable and friendly. This gives an intriguing vibe, encouraging passers-by to check out your store. So the more unique the design of the mannequin, the more it will catch the customer's interest. These displays also help boost sales because of their strong, imposing appeal, as well as providing customers a better all-around shopping experience.

Ease of getting and returning the piece

Nile Corp Wholesale Printed Paper Covered Mannequin

Those with multiple hooks allow you and your customers the ease of getting a particular item from the display, as well as the ease of returning it. With necklaces in a box or tray, you'd still have the trouble of removing clips that secure them in it. Mannequin necklace displays, on the other hand, do not need these clips, making it more convenient for customers to try on the necklace they want.


Nile Corp Wholesale Necklace Mannequin Lace Display Stand

Mannequin necklace displays are actually quite affordable. Some can even hold multiple pieces at once, so there is no need to shell out cash for a lot of jewelry displays. They also save space, are practical, come in many designs, and can match any type of necklace or bracelet for smaller ones, for that matter.

Jewelry Display No-Nos

Here are things to avoid in your jewelry shop display.

Woman checking out a jewelry window display

Jewelry displays are the first thing your customers see when they pass by your store or once they enter your establishment. That is why you should make sure that they look as presentable as possible. However, some jewelry shop owners still make mistakes and are actually not aware of them. Don't be one of them, here's a list of some of the jewelry display no-nos to avoid.

Close up shot of silver jewelry on display

1. Making the window display look cluttered

No one wants an eyesore of a window display! Not only is it painful to look at, but customers will also lose interest in checking your items out further. By cluttered, we mean displaying too many pieces in one jewelry holder. For example, if you want to showcase a new necklace design, place it solo in one necklace display. You can add one or two more of a different color but never put more than three. Remember that you want to make passers-by curious enough to make them go inside your shop. So limit the pieces that you display by the window.

2. Not enough space

Space is definitely a significant factor in displays. Even out the items evenly; otherwise, customers will have a tough time checking out each piece. This would be quite inconvenient for customers, especially if there are other people interested in the same item. Some solutions for this is to use rotating displays or place the display table in the middle area, not against a wall.

3. Using too many colors

Your displays should look consistent; if you are opting for a minimalist style, go for monochrome displays. On the other hand, if you want a colorful display, pick a particular palette with just two to three colors to avoid going overboard. You should avoid the clash of colors because your display can become an eyesore. The same goes for the jewelry items you are planning to showcase. If a particular piece has multiple colors, it's best to use a jewelry stand with just one color.

4. Insufficient lighting

Light is one of the most important factors in displays. Without proper lighting, potential customers won't be able to see all the details of the jewelry pieces. That said, you would need enough spotlights to light up your items for sale. Make sure that it is also installed in a way in which it does not cast any shadows.

5. Excessive lighting

If some displays have insufficient lighting, some can go quite overboard. Too much light can also ruin a beautiful display. Your goal is to perfectly showcase your jewelry and impress customers, not give them a headache with really bright lights. Some people cannot stand such lighting, specifically those with eye problems or migraines. One solution for this is to use different temperature ranges or colors of light bulbs instead of just bulbs from one bright temperature range.


Have you made the same mistakes with your display? Share your stories in the comments below and feel free to give suggestions!

Best Ways to Use a 4-Tier Jewelry Display

Here are some tips for using your wooden tiered display.

Wooden 4-Tier Jewelry Display Stand in a coffee wooden color from

One of the most space-saving types of jewelry display available in the market today is one that has many tiers. This is because it can be a necklace display and a bracelet holder in one and can hold multiple pieces without looking too cluttered. Today, we will be highlighting one of our new arrivals -- the Wooden 4-Tier Jewelry Display.

Wooden 4-Tier Jewelry Display Stand in an oak color from

Here are the best uses for a four-tier jewelry stand:

1. Display bracelets of alternating colors.

To make your display even more eye-catching, try showcasing bracelets or bangles of the same color on one-tier, then another color on the next. Creating patterns of designs is another option, especially if you are going to display entirely different styles.

2. Place necklaces on the top tiers and bangles at the bottom.

If you have necklace-and-bangle sets, you can use this four-tier display to showcase them without looking messy. Make sure that you place them in the right order of color or design, so customers can easily tell which pieces are the right match.

3. Use it at home.

Jewelry displays can be used at home too! So if you have a vast personal collection of necklaces and bracelets, the tiered display is your best bet to make your dresser look clutter-free. You can organize multiple pieces in this stand without having to worry about them getting all entangled as well.

4. Use it at craft or trade shows.

Because this jewelry display is made of wood, it has rustic qualities that make it perfect to use in trade shows. It is effortlessly eye-catching and complements basically any type of bracelet or bangle. And because show booths are not that spacious, you can largely benefit from the space-saving quality of this display.

5. Use it to display other accessories.

If you also sell (or own) other accessories like watches, scrunchies, and hair bands, you can also use this 4-tier jewelry stand for these items. You can keep your accessory display looking organized without having to worry about them getting entangled with other pieces.

How to Boost Jewelry Sales on Black Friday

Increase your sales further with a few marketing tricks this holiday season.

Scrabble tiles on a black surface spelling "BLACK FRIDAY"

It's that time of year again when stores start to become super busy! After Thanksgiving is the Americans' favorite shopping day, Black Friday, and this marks the start of the festive holiday season.

Your jewelry sales surely will increase, but did you know that you can boost them further with some marketing tips? Today, we prepared a list of these tips that you can try for your jewelry business.

Five people carrying shopping bags

1. Showcase your items in new jewelry displays.

Go for brightly colored ones to achieve a festive feel. You can highlight a new necklace with a white necklace display or an acrylic ring holder for your rings. It would be a bit too early for Christmas accents, so go for the generic festive ones like golden and silver bows, drapery, or tablecloths. Having this uplifting and welcoming festive theme in your shop will definitely arouse the interest of your passers-by!

2. Build anticipation with in-store promos.

Get a spike in sales by urgency and scarcity. How? All you have to do is create in-store exclusive flash sales. Offer a limited number of jewelry pieces at low prices for a limited time only. Make sure to put up posters of these promotions on your window display weeks before, as well as announce them in all your social media accounts.

3. Offer Black Friday jewelry bundles.

You can encourage people to buy more jewelry by offering a bundle of pieces. You can even include a slow-moving item in the set to make sure they finally get sold. Don't forget to put a tag of how much they are going to save if they purchase the bundle, versus how much they'll spend if they are to buy the pieces individually.

4. Give exclusive rewards to loyal customers.

If you are giving out a point rewards card, you can give double points to purchases done on Black Friday. For example, if a customer gets one point for every 10 dollars spent, they will get two points for every 10 dollars on Black Friday purchases. Another option is to give exclusive freebies to loyal customers when they spend a particular amount.

5. Send out an email campaign.

Email marketing is an effective strategy to promote your products. In fact, according to DMA Insights, 99% of consumers check their email every day. So take advantage of this, and inform your customers of your Black Friday specials by sending them informative emails. You can also promote your deals and discounts via emails too. So don't forget to add a call-to-action to make sure they check out your website and physical store.

How to Do Local SEO for Jewelry Shops

Make your target local customers find you in the local search results and generate leads with this guide.

Exterior of jewelry shops

Local SEO or local search engine optimization is an effective way to market your local jewelry business online. It focuses on emphasizing the optimization efforts of physical stores or brick and mortar shops.

Since we are talking about brick and mortar jewelry shops, local search includes terms like:
  • jewelry shops near me
  • Jewelry shops in Los Angeles
  • jewelry display store near me
  • jewelry display store in Los Angeles

Local SEO is important for physical stores because according to Google, 50% of users who did a local search on their phones went to the physical shop within a day. Also, 60% of American adults conduct searches for local product and service information on their mobile devices.

Jewelry shops at Athens, Greece

So how do you do local SEO for your jewelry shop? Here's a guide that can help you:

Optimize your Google My Business Listing

GMB is essential for local SEO. Create a listing and enter your exact business name. Here's what you should do to optimize your listings.
  • If your jewelry shop has multiple locations, make sure that they each have their own listings.
  • Enter your complete physical address.
  • Enter your local phone number.
  • Enter your website's URL. For multiple locations, link each of the GMB pages to the location's page.
  • Don't hold back on adding photos, as users would be looking for real and unique ones. Take images of both the interior and exterior of your shop.
  • Enter other additional information like your shop's business hours.

Embed Google Maps

To make it easier for target customers to find you, embed your shop's Google Map on your website, specifically on the Contact page. In the case of multiple locations, embed a Google map of each location on the right proper landing page.

Make sure that your website is mobile-friendly.

Since Google prioritizes mobile-friendly websites, make sure that your jewelry site is mobile-friendly. You can check Google's mobile-friendly test to verify this. You can also update your site with a mobile--responsive theme.

Optimize your content for local SEO.

Make sure that the content of each page is unique, informative, and readable. All topics should be related to jewelry and fashion. Do include related keywords whenever possible, but don't overdo it. Lastly, you can add local customer reviews as well.

Manage your reviews.

Many studies have found that a lot of consumers read local reviews and trust them as much as they trust recommendations from family friends. With that said, you should make sure that your business is listed on major review sites like Google My Business, Yelp, and even on Facebook. And as mentioned earlier, you can put these reviews on your website to further raise the interest of people.

Do not forget to respond to all reviews. Thank those who gave positive ones, and apologize to those with negative reviews. You can also make it up to them by trying to resolve the issue.

How to Display Jewelry on Halloween

Here are a few display tricks to spook up your jewelry shop this Halloween.

Three women wearing Mardi-gras masks at a party

It's finally October! And in just a few weeks, store displays will be filled with spooky decorations like skulls, cobwebs, and brooms. This is pretty easy to do with a clothing shop or a bookstore, but how about a jewelry shop?

Today, we will be sharing some tips on how you can spook up your jewelry store display this Halloween season, aside from the usual spooky decorations.

Silver pentagram pendant

Use only black jewelry displays.

Go dark as much as possible! Remove your pink or floral displays for the meantime, and replace them with purely black ones. A black velvet jewelry display is one good example, as well as a leatherette-covered one. Black metal jewelry holders are great choices too.

Showcase Halloween-inspired items.

Dedicate your window display only for jewelry pieces that have Halloween-inspired designs. Showcase skull rings, bat pendant necklaces, spiky leather cuffs, and other jewelry perfect for accessorizing costumes. Doing so will arouse the interests of passers-by, increasing the chances of them dropping by your shop.

Turn down your lighting.

Jewelry shops naturally have bright lighting to showcase the beauty of the items for sale. However, in the spirit of Hallow's Eve, try turning down your lights to give your shop a spooky feel. Do note though that spotlights are exempted from this because jewelry on display needs to be lit up.

Play some spooky music.

Up your Halloween spirit by playing spooky music! You can find playlists of scary background music on Spotify or on YouTube. Playing the original soundtracks of horror movies or series is another option. Just don't keep it too loud because you might scare potential customers away!

Get a smoke machine.

And to top off your shop's overall Halloween feel, turn on a smoke machine. You can either rent one or buy one, depending on how you want to invest in your Halloween decorations. And if you're the only store in the area with this special effect, you will definitely be giving customers a very memorable store experience.

As an added tip, you can take photos of your Halloween-ready jewelry shop and upload them on your social media accounts. Create a unique hashtag for your posts as well. Then, invite people to come over to take photos and encourage them to use the hashtag.

How Content Marketing Benefits Jewelry Businesses

Learn how great content can boost your jewelry business.

Content Marketing

Content marketing involves the creation of content on your e-commerce site or blog site with the primary goal of attracting customers. And we are not just talking about articles or blog posts; content marketing includes visual content like infographics and videos.

This marketing strategy is one of the most effective for businesses, as there is no need to invest much. Also, it allows your jewelry brand to connect with your customers on a more personal level. Still skeptical? Here are ways how content marketing helps boosts sales:

Wordpress sidebar showing the Dashboard

1. High-quality content with the right keywords has a ranking advantage.

Incorporating useful keywords in your article or video title gives you stronger visibility in searches. That said if you write substantial, informative, and in-depth content, the chances of you showing up on the first page of Google or Bing search results increase.

So how can you write informative content? Think about what the usual questions your target customers may ask. For example, they could be asking what the best necklace display is for statement necklaces or how to clean a velvet jewelry display.

2. Great, high-quality content establishes you as an authority in the industry.

You can position yourself as an authority in the jewelry industry by sharing helpful articles, infographics, and videos. Why? Consumers are sick of hard-selling content, and they are most likely thankful for substantial, informative ones. That said, their appreciation for your content can ultimately lead to sales.

Being an authority in the industry also can drive more people to your e-commerce site or your physical store. This is because they find you trustworthy, compared to other jewelry businesses who do not give them the same informative content.

3. Good content can give you more exposure.

If you regularly share high-quality content on your e-commerce website or blog site, your visitors will most likely be happy ones. This is because they were not being sold to. Instead, they learned something new or have become inspired to do something. This then increases the chances of them sharing your content on their social media accounts.

Providing your website visitors a positive experience will undoubtedly give a positive outcome. So make sure to keep your content as good as possible, and share as many jewelry tips and tutorials as you can.