A Newbie’s Guide to Selling Jewelry at Craft Shows and Bazaars

Follow our tips to stand out from the crowd.

A lady shopping for jewelry at a bazaar.

The holidays are a great time to explore opportunities to earn extra cash, and what’s better than joining flea markets and bazaars to show off and sell your crafts? People would be doing their Christmas shopping in the weeks leading up to this cherished holiday so you’ll have plenty of potential customers. Learn the best techniques so you can maximize your profit and exposure.

Do your research before joining.

Before anything else, do your research before joining a market or show. Not all craft bazaars operate the same way, so make sure you scout your picks first online or in person. Social media is a great place to look for prospects, but your local newspaper is a good source as well. You may ask for recommendations from people you know that have experience joining these markets.

Take note of the rules and guidelines before joining.

In some locations, you will be asked to provide everything like your own table, chairs, canopy, etc. Inquire ahead of time how the selling would be connected, so there are no surprises on the first day. Still, we would advise you to…

A pair of hands inspecting a bunch of tassels and necklaces at a bazaar.

Be ready for anything.

You’ll never know what’s going to happen so you might as well be prepared, so be ready with the essentials:

  • Extra merchandise (better to have overstocks than to run out of items to sell)
  • A variety of jewelry display racks and boards
  • Cash box with plenty of change
  • Pens, markers
  • Record book
  • Price tags
  • Extension cords
  • Safety pins
  • Paper bags for customers
  • Trash bags
  • Your phone
  • Calculator
  • Business cards
  • Food and water (have something you can nibble on, just in case the food trucks have long lines)
  • Personal items (sunscreen, bug spray, tissues, wet wipes, medicine)
  • A friend or two to help you set up, sell, and watch

A smile goes a long way.

A friendly seller would definitely attract more customers than a sour one, so wear a smile and wear it proud. Have just the right amount of salesmanship, but no so much that you end up turning off potential customers. Be alert and be ready to answer questions. Share tips on how they can wear your merchandise, or if you created them, you talk about the creation process. An even better idea? You can entice more people to your booth by conducting a demonstration.

Record everything.

This will help you keep track of your inventory, belongings, and earnings. Remember also to keep track of customer and supplier contacts for your future endeavors.

Good luck!


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