How To Earn Well at Craft Fairs With Your Jewelry Display

Win big with your jewelry showcase at fairs and bazaars.

An open-air market.

Looking forward to the day when we can again go out and enjoy the outdoors without worry? We feel the same way. The energy at arts and crafts fairs truly can’t be beaten and is something many creatives sorely missed in these past few months. While we may have to wait for a while for things to go back to normal, we thought it’s a great idea to share some of our tips to finding success at craft fairs with your jewelry display, and we hope this article will help you to be ready when the time comes.

Branding will help you stand out

Even before you set up your table and booth, it’s important to have this part of marketing your merchandise down pat. Starting from your name to your booth’s identifying colors, maintaining a consistent theme throughout will help you become a lot more memorable to your customers. Think of the vibe you would want your buyers to take away when they come to visit your booth and use that as a guide when crafting your brand. Once you’ve decided on one, use that consistently in the way you design your marketing collaterals (banner, flyers, calling cards, packaging) and the way you present your merchandise.

Keep it simple

You wouldn’t want to put too much on your table as it could make things look cluttered. Just highlight a few pieces from your merchandise using various jewelry display devices. Let’s say you want to focus on necklaces, what you can do is to use necklace display busts of varying heights to create interesting setups. 

Going back to our previous advice, your choice of displayers can be used for branding as well. Stands and platforms made out of wood and natural fabric are appropriate if you picked “eco-friendly” as your brand’s identifier. If your branding is “glam” go with metal and velvet-covered jewelry devices. 

As long as you have a theme in mind and you don’t overdo your table’s showcase then you’re good to go.

Replenish stocks throughout the day

We always advise our readers to bring enough merchandise to keep up with the demand. Likewise, this will come in handy once people start buying from you and there are empty spots left on the table. Remember though not to fill up the table too much to keep things neat and nice to look at. 

A happy female flower shop attendant.

Be personable

A good presentation doesn’t end with how you display your jewelry merchandise. It also extends to the way you present yourself to the public. You’re more likely to be visited by potential customers if you have a ready and sincere smile on your face. Charm always works so even if you feel tired, try your best not to show it or have someone take over the client-facing role while you recharge. Right from the beginning when a potential customer approaches your booth up to the last part where you hand them their purchase, never forget your manners and be ready to entertain questions they may have.

Good luck!

Our Jewelry Display Picks for Nature-Inspired Setups

Bring the great outdoors into your store with these ideas.

Pretty brunette girl posing in front of trees.

The great thing about retail display concepts is that you can turn them into whatever you fancy. As long as it is executed well and fits in with your store’s branding, there’s no reason why it won’t succeed. Be that as it may, nature-inspired setups remain a popular theme amongst retailers. As more people are now leaning towards living more environmentally-conscious lifestyles, more retailers are catching on to the trend by incorporating green concepts into their marketing efforts and jewelry entrepreneurs are no different.

In this article, let us show you some nature-inspired jewelry display ideas that you can try out.

Bring in found objects in nature as part of your display

Leaves and flowers can be used as props for your retail display concepts, but so are items like stones, shells (here’s a guide you can follow for ethical shell collecting), and the like. Previously, we’ve shared similar advice for dressing up your store for Halloween, but there’s no reason for you not to try out the same technique since upcoming holidays such as Valentine’s Day, Earth Day, and the summer season are also good times to incorporate nature into your displays.

#67-3 (LN) Undyed Color 100% Organic Hemp Linen Covered Necklace Display with Easel

Choose jewelry display tools that use natural fabric

If you’re going for a nature-inspired display, why not go for jewelry display devices that incorporate natural fabrics into their built like this hemp-covered necklace display stand shown here? Hemp is known as one of the most sustainable fabrics for its resistance to pests (farmers don’t have to spend a lot on chemical pesticides) and it even grows with very little water. As a fabric, it is also known for its toughness and longevity. Other options you can choose are jewelry display tools covered in burlap fiber and paper twine.

Go for stands and platforms made out of wood

Wood is a no-fail choice if you’re on a quest to create an eco-inspired display. Bring the forest vibes into your store by using not just wooden devices of all shapes and sizes, but also by incorporating greenery into your setups. Other than including found objects in nature in your displays, props like actual potted plants may also be added to complete the look.

Vintage bike and luggage left outside a store.

Repurposing old items as props

You can’t talk about being a nature lover without talking about living a sustainable lifestyle, so let’s talk about sustainable design ideas. If you have a few old items that can still be used then why not make them a part of your setups? Old appliances like turntables or furniture can be used for vintage setups. Not only will this lessen the amount of trash you will be producing, but it will also save you money, and give your creative juices a workout by pushing you to come up with innovative ideas. 

Best Storage Solutions for Your Personal Jewelry Collection

Here are the things you need for storing your precious jewels.

A girl wearing jewelry and playing with flowers.

Once you have amassed a substantial amount of jewelry in your collection you need to create a system for their easy location and storage. Luckily, you have come to the right place. 

Here at Nile Corp, we’re not just all about jewelry display devices. We also have a fine selection of jewelry storage tools in our store. Come and explore to find the right storage solution for you by simply clicking on the product names to get more info and order.

#83-R Wooden Deluxe Ring Storage Case

#83-R Wooden Deluxe Ring Storage Case

An impressive ring collection deserves an equally impressive ring storage case. This one has enough space for up to 72 rings. Each ring slot is covered in soft black velvet and topped with padded nylon, so you can be sure your precious rings are protected with cushioning. The case is made out of wood and comes with a metal latch closure. 


Shop for #83-R Wooden Deluxe Ring Storage Jewelry Display Case

#CBW223-RW Rosewood Watch Case with Lock

Yes, we also have something for those who collect watches. This elegant wooden watch case comes in a rosewood finish. Inside, the case is lined in beige leatherette and can hold up to 10 watches all properly cushioned by leatherette pillows. It also includes a pouch that serves to give additional storage space inside the box. For added security, the box comes with a lock and key.

#WD-B30S Wooden Charms and Beads Display Rack

#WD-B30S Wooden Charms and Beads Display Rack

This one’s for the crafters and home jewelers. Wouldn’t jewelry making be so much easier if everything’s in the right place? Not only will this display rack help you locate your supplies much easier, plus it also makes for a good looking display piece on your work station. Just remember to keep it within your reach while you are working for a smooth-sailing crafting session. #1806 Acrylic Gemstone Box

#1806 Acrylic Gemstone Box

Another storage device that’s handy to have around while crafting is this gemstone box. To keep your stones looking beautiful and without scratches, we recommend separating them so they don’t rub up on each other, and this is one such type of storage tool that’s right for that role. Don’t worry if you need to store plenty of stones as we sell this in a set of 100 containers.

#JB3641 Luxury Leatherette Crocodile Pattern Jewelry Box with Lock

JB3641 Luxury Leatherette Crocodile Pattern Jewelry Box with Lock

Looking for a jewelry carrier when traveling? This could be the one you are looking for. This jewelry box comes in two colors: grape purple and espresso brown. It contains multiple compartments, designed to separate different jewelry types while providing ample cushioning and security. Made in leatherette with velvet lining which is soft enough to prevent scratching, it also comes with a lock for safety making this piece a worthy investment for serious jewelry collectors who travel.

5 Necklace Display Types To Try Out and Explore

Showcase your store’s necklace merchandise in the best way possible.

Beautiful South Asian woman wearing jewelry and sari.

 Necklaces are prime jewelry pieces in every fashionista’s collection. Its diverse looks ─ from simple girly chainlink types to bold ones with large stones ─ make it a popular choice for jewelry shoppers. Therefore, it’s a must for jewelers to have them in their collection. It’s important that they are displayed in a way that shows their best features, and so having the right necklace display tools is crucial. Don’t worry if this is all new to you because in the article we’ll show you your options from our store.

#93 Necklace Display Pad with Snaps
#93 Necklace Display Pad with Snaps*

Chain Pads

If you’re looking for a lightweight jewelry display device that will keep your merchandise secure, then this is the right one for you. It’s perfect for brick and mortar jewelry businesses, as well as pop-ups and online shops as its neutral color matches any type of jewelry and will look good in-person and on social media. With the added feature of snaps, you’ll be sure that your merchandise won’t be falling off while they are on display.

#NDF8806 Fabric-Covered Doll Jewelry Display
#NDF8806 Fabric-Covered Doll Jewelry Display*

Doll/Mannequin Display

Now, this particular necklace display type exudes an ultra-feminine vibe that would fit in stores catering to a younger market. Made to look like a mini version of clothing store mannequins, this is a perfect platform for dainty necklace pieces. It’s a quirky choice as a display device that is guaranteed to get people’s attention.

#BU315 Gray Burlap Linen Necklace Display Bust
#BU315 Gray Burlap Linen Necklace Display Bust*

Display Bust

If you’re looking for something sturdy and practical, then this is the necklace display type you are looking for. Made out of wood, cardboard, and linen, display busts mimic the look of a human’s neck area making it a great platform for necklaces. Buyers can easily see how the jewelry piece will settle on them without ever touching the product. No need to worry about it toppling over as it is supported by a weighted base.

#219-1CW Antique-Colored Wooden T-Bar Display

T-Bar Display

T-bar display stands come in various sizes and their sizes have a lot to do with the type of jewelry they are meant to hold. The shorter ones are meant for bracelets, now the taller types like the one showcased here are made to hold necklaces. This is one of the most common jewelry display tools around as they are versatile and dependable. It comes in many forms: wood, metal, acrylic, and fabric-covered, so you’d definitely have a wide selection when picking for your retail display concepts.

#SD-6710 Slatwall Necklace Pad Display, 4 1/4"W x 8 7/8"H
#SD-6710 Slatwall Necklace Pad Display, 4 1/4"W x 8 7/8"H*

Slatwall Pad

This is the right choice for those looking for a space-saving device. Instead of serving as a table topper, slatwall-type jewelry displays are hung up by easily sliding them in a slatwall. Go for this pick if you’re looking to clear your jewelry store’s counter space.

Earring Display Shopping Guide, According to Material

These are your choices for showcasing your jewelry shop's earrings.

Jewelry items in opened gift boxes.

Putting together a retail display set for jewelry is not just the act of putting things together and calling it a day. There must be an intention and a sense of finesse to what you are doing ー you are selling luxury, after all. A lot of it has something to do with combining styles, textures, patterns, and colors that make sense. When combined together, it must form a cohesive theme so they can be pleasing to the eyes of buyers. 

Before you go and put together a fine jewelry display set, have a look at these earring display tools, listed according to the material to see your options from us here at Nile Corp.

#251-112 Metal Dancer Earring Display Stand
#251-112 Metal Dancer Earring Display Stand*


Metal earring displays are the perfect picks for those looking for a modern look to their jewelry setups. It is also a versatile material as it can easily take on both masculine and feminine aesthetics, depending on its form and design. What’s undeniable though is that no matter what your style preference, metal will surely give your retail display setup an edge.

#JWY6010 Acrylic Eiffel Tower 44 Pairs Earring Display
#JWY6010 Acrylic Eiffel Tower 44 Pairs Earring Display*


Acrylic is another jewelry display material that has a modern vibe. However, unlike metal types, this one has a more relaxed and casual appeal. Its see-through surface makes it a neutral platform to showcase earrings of all shapes and sizes.

#240-1 Large Metal T-Shaped Earring Display Stand
#240-1 Large Metal T-Shaped Earring Display Stand*


Now unlike the previous types, this one is definitely meant for a sophisticated setup. These luxurious fabrics are in a class of their own. Elegant and classic, earring displays that come in this material are best suited for fine jewelry and stones.

#ED-2140N-LE Burlap Linen Earring Display Stand
#ED-2140N-LE Burlap Linen Earring Display Stand*

Natural Linen

This is the right choice for those looking to set up an earthy, nature-inspired display. Made from weaved organic linen such as burlap and hemp, this will suit any type of earrings but those with beadwork and tribal designs would look the best in them.

#ED-2225Q Beige Suede Earring Display Stand
#ED-2225Q Beige Suede Earring Display Stand*


Simple yet undeniably elegant, suede is the perfect pick for those looking to incorporate understated luxury into their retail display concepts. The fabric’s soft feel provides a safe backdrop to even the most sensitive types of stones and metal, preventing them from tarnishing and other accidents.

#WD3600-OK Wooden Rotating Earring Display Rack,Oak
#WD3600-OK Wooden Rotating Earring Display Rack, Oak*


With wooden earring display tools at the helm, those looking for fine craftsmanship should not look anywhere else. They are ever-reliable at doing their jobs and are perfect to carry fine and costume jewelry alike. They are a popular choice for many buyers so you better get hold of them as soon as possible.

*Available on the Nile Corp website.

Our Top Picks for Multiple Earring Display Stands

We’ve put together this shopping guide to help you make the best choices.

Smiling girl with multiple earrings in her right ear.

Part of becoming a responsible jewelry owner is having the right tools to showcase your collection. We’re sure you’d want your precious jewelry pieces to last for a very long time so it is a must to use only the appropriate display and storage devices.

In this article, we’ll look at earring display tools, specifically earring display tools that are able to carry multiple pairs of earrings. If you have a ton of earrings in your collection then you’ve surely come to the right place.

Once you’ve found something you like, simply click on the links to purchase them from our site. Happy shopping!

#252-3 Three Bar Earring Display Stand

#252-3 Three Bar Earring Display Stand

If you prefer a basic, no-frills type of stand, then this is the jewelry display stand that’s made for you. It comes in white leatherette and black velvet which are solid, monochrome colors that can be easily matched to any type of earrings ー from the simple studded ones to the most intricate large ones. It has a sturdy weighted base which prevents the device from toppling over even if it’s carrying its maximum capacity of 12 pairs of earrings. 

 #1406PK Rose Gold Acrylic Magnet Earring Display Holder Stand

#1406PK Rose Gold Acrylic Magnet Earring Display Holder Stand

With its sturdy mirrored stand in the shade of blush, this device is perfect for those with a flair for the feminine and romantic. It’s not all about aesthetics though as it is also a reliable tool for carrying your earrings. The secret lies in the magnets that hold the tower in place. You’ll be able to sleep soundly at night knowing your earrings’ holder is set firmly in place. This is also a great option for traveling jewelers as this can be easily assembled and disassembled as the tower can be detached from the base. 

 #PEW080B Metal Wire Earring Display Stand with Floral Design

#PEW080B Metal Wire Earring Display Stand with Floral Design

This metal wire earring display stand easily exudes a versatile look. While its metal finish exudes a tough and industrial vibe, the heart-shaped frame and flower accents give it a sweet touch. Decorative as well as functional, it can easily carry up to 35 pairs of earrings, preferably the dangling type. Why not include this as part of a Valentine’s Day setup at home or at a store?

 #COP3686 Round Metal Jewelry Organizer Display Stand

 #COP3686 Round Metal Jewelry Organizer Display Stand

Here’s another one of our favorite metal stands from our collection. Beyond carrying earrings, this particular piece can also be used to display necklaces. Made out of metal that’s painted in off-white and decorated with gold accents, this is an excellent choice for those that prefer pure and simple designs for their display stands.

#COP3732 Metal Tree Shaped Earring Display Stand

#COP3732 Metal Tree Shaped Earring Display Stand

Imagine a jewelry display stand that can also be a great conversation starter. For something quirky to display on your shelves or tabletops, give this earring stand a chance. Your best picks for this are hoop and chandelier earrings which can be displayed in up to 10 pairs all at the same time.

#JWY6025 Acrylic Rotating 216 Pairs Earring Jewelry Display

#JWY6025 Acrylic Rotating 216 Pairs Earring Jewelry Display

For store use or for especially large jewelry collections at home, this is the perfect piece to purchase as this rotating earring stand can hold up to 216 pairs at the same time. It comes in four acrylic pieces that need to be assembled to build the tower. 

How To Deal With Leftover Christmas Inventory

Deal with the holidays’ excess by following our tips.

A clothing and jewelry shop's storefront.
So you’ve found yourself with some overstock jewelry items from the holiday season? Wondering what to do with them? Don’t yank them off their jewelry display stands just yet as we have a few good ideas for you to try out in this article. The new year represents new opportunities, right? So take our advice to heart and give your merchandise a new life. 

Give them out as gifts

As a way to thank your loyal customers or those that make big money purchases, why not reward them with jewelry freebies? Think of those items with a universal appeal like stud earrings or pearl items. You can announce the promo online, like in your social media feeds or newsletter, as well as in-store to drum up interest for your promo.
Red Chinese paper lanterns


Repurpose them for the upcoming holidays

The merrymaking still hasn’t ended even when December has passed as there are still celebrations to look forward to like Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day. This is especially perfect for your jewelry items that come in red as the same holidays have that as a dominant color in their celebrations. You can also add in other new jewelry items to come up with displays to match the festivities. You can use necklace and earring display tools in silk that evoke a romantic feel or use wooden planks and stands and incorporate them in a Chinese-inspired display. Remember to add in props and matching lighting to complete your setups. 

Reconstruct them into new pieces

For the jewelry creators/entrepreneurs out there, this is an excellent way to earn and flex your skills at the same time. Have a look at your existing overstocks and see what you can refashion into something else. A little bit of melting and shaping can totally transform gold pieces into completely different pieces. Bits and parts of existing pieces like gemstone bracelets can be repurposed into necklaces, brooches, and other jewelry styles that are equally as beautiful.

Sell them at a lower price

People love a good bargain so you can be sure that you can attract folks who are in the mood for jewelry shopping. Again, promotions are crucial here to attract an audience so make sure you are tapping your marketing assets to advertising your event.