Holiday Jewelry Store Display Ideas

Check out these few easy tips on how to prepare your jewelry shop for the coming Christmas season.

Exterior of a shop with Christmas decors

The shopping madness doesn't stop after Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Black Friday as we still have Christmas to prepare for, the last one of the year. As with the previous holidays, Christmas is also a busy time for jewelry shops. And one way to make sure that you have a steady flow of customers coming to your shop is to make it festive, warm, and welcoming.

If you've used up all your creativity these past holidays and all you can think of is put up generic Christmas decors, don't you worry. Today, we are sharing a few easy tips on how to prepare your jewelry shop for the coming holiday to help boost your sales.

Use jewelry displays in festive colors.

White Wooden Finger Ring Holder Stand Jewelry Displays from Nile Corp

Get rid of those dark-colored displays you used in the previous holidays and replace them with ones in Christmas colors -- red, green, gold, and white. A red jewelry display surely catches anyone's eye and matches most Christmas decors as well. If you want to go minimalist without losing that festive vibe, you can go with an all-white display. Finish off with simple glittery decorations like lit-up snowballs and fairy lights.

Showcase Christmas-inspired jewelry.

Smiling girl admiring snowflake jewelry inside a wooden jewelry box

It's time to take out your seasonal pieces! Showcase them with your festive jewelry displays, and it's also best that you place them by the window. Seasonal pieces can be tough to sell, especially once Christmas is over, so promote them as much as you can. One example is creating Christmas bundles to further pique the customers' interest.

Make your shop smell like Christmas.

Wooden essential oils diffuser with a pink light accent

Fill in your customers' senses with all the Christmas sensations. A surefire way to do this is to make your shop smell like Christmas. Get an essential oil diffuser and choose scents that remind you of the season. Go for peppermint, roast chestnuts, fresh pine, cinnamon, or chocolate. Tickling your customers' senses will definitely make them stay longer. Be careful not to overdo it, though, as a strong scent can give people headaches.

Tone down lighting.

Dimmed lighting inside a business establishment

Lighting is a crucial aspect of any jewelry display. However, having such a bright interior can do more harm than good. To achieve a festive feel, tone down the general lighting in your shop. Choose warmer colors, rather than the uber bright ones. As for your spotlights, they need to stay as bright. Otherwise, they won't be able to showcase your jewelry items effectively.

Play traditional Christmas music.

Stuffed bear playing the piano Christmas decor

Last but not least, play Christmas music that can make your customers feel all warm and fuzzy. Go with the traditional ones, as these songs can immediately make happy childhood memories come back and provoke warm emotions. Make sure not to turn the music up too high, though, as it can be pretty annoying or distracting for your customers.


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