Jewelry Display Ideas for the Autumn Season

Match your displays to September’s cooler and cozy weather.

A pathway with trees on an autumn day.

It helps to always have a periodic revamping of your retail displays to coincide with the changing seasons. You would always want to surprise your patrons with new eye-catching collections and visuals, and with autumn just around the corner, your jewelry store is due for an overhaul.

Have a look at some of our picks and suggestions.

Take a cue from nature for inspiration

The autumn season is represented by red, orange, and brown leaves falling from trees so why not take this natural phenomenon as design inspirations? Take a look at our wooden displays such as these ring holders:

Wooden Finger Ring Holder Stand Jewelry Display for 4 Rings
Wooden Finger Ring Holder Stand Jewelry Display for 4 Rings*

Displayed here with some of our other ring holders, the Wooden Finger Ring Holder Stand Jewelry Display for 4 Rings (shown here in the foreground) makes for an interesting and sturdy tabletop stand. Marvel at the craftsmanship put into its perfectly-shaped cones and beveled base meant to hold your most precious ring merchandise.

Natural fabrics also give off the same vibes as wood, like this burlap combination display set. You can use this to dress up your storefront for a fall-inspired design. Don’t forget to add in props like plants, a backdrop, or furniture to complete the look.

Natural Wood Burlap Jewelry Display 23-Piece Set
Natural Wood Burlap Jewelry Display 23-Piece Set*

Add in found objects in nature as accents to your displays

Speaking of props, you can take it up another notch by adding in things you find in nature to your jewelry display setups. Objects such as acorns or nuts and even larger items like logs can be incorporated into your decorations. As Halloween approaches, you can also start incorporating pumpkins to your shop’s interiors.

Autumn and Halloween decorations on flatlay.

Pick tree-style displays

On the subject of nature-inspired decorations, tree-style type jewelry display figures are also good bets.

Metal Tree Shaped Earring Display Stand
Metal Tree Shaped Earring Display Stand*

This tree-style earring display stand is one such type of jewelry holder. A space-saving and economical option as it can hold up to 29 pairs of earrings all at the same time, this particular tool is a wise buy for any jewelry entrepreneur. It comes in neutral white and black which makes it easy to showcase in different display themes and setups.

Fortunately, you still have plenty of time to shop for your new autumn-themed display props. Come back to check out our blog to see more tips from us here at Nile Corp.

*Available on the Nile Corp website.

Tips for Traveling with Jewelry

Here’s how you can keep your precious jewelry collection safe while traveling.

While it may still take some time for the travel industry to return to normal, the truth is people are still moving somewhere during the pandemic. Though in a limited capacity, folks are finding ways to move back home or transferring somewhere where it’s safer and has better opportunities.

This article is for them and even if you’re reading this and you’re staying put where you are, you can still find some helpful advice here for when you travel with jewelry in the future. So don’t forget to bookmark this, ok?

These are the rules to remember when traveling with jewelry:

Create a list of your jewelry

Remember to record each and every jewelry item you will be bringing with you. This will help you keep track of your items so nothing goes missing. You can also take photographs of your jewelry pieces as it’s easy to forget a few pairs here and there.

Always pack your jewelry in your carry-on bag

If you’re traveling by air, never place your precious jewelry collection with your checked luggage. Remember to always keep it with you for safety reasons. If you’re driving to your destination, it’s better to also have them with you instead of leaving them at the mercy of others. For added protection, make sure to place them in storage organizers to avoid damage and scratches. Find the ones with tray compartments and those foldable ones which can carry several jewelry items at once.

You can also bring jewelry display devices with you, preferably those that have adjustable boards for easy transport.

Personal items on a flatlay angle including jeans, a pair of sneakers, camera, sunflowers, a gold watch and necklace, and sweatshirt.

Get insurance for your jewelry

It’s always wise to prepare for a rainy day. Likewise, you will never regret getting insurance for your jewelry especially if you will go on a long-haul trip. A lot can happen during your travels so make sure to get good insurance coverage for your jewelry. It will surely save you from worries if and when something goes wrong.

Don’t overdo the accessories while sightseeing

If you plan to go out for sightseeing, make sure to wear just a little bit from your collection and then leave the rest inside a locked safe. If you plan on doing action activities such as swimming or hiking, we don’t recommend wearing jewelry for safety reasons.

Jewelry Display Tools for Fans of Minimalism

Simple and elegant concepts to go for.

Gold jewelry resting on a wooden dish.
Photo by LUM3N on Unsplash

Going for subtle and understated looks for your jewelry merchandise? Sometimes simple jewelry display concepts say more than the big and elaborate ones. With a minimalist approach, specific jewelry pieces can take centerstage. Likewise, if your store’s interiors have the same simple aesthetics then this is the display mantra you should also go for.

Medium Metal T-Shaped Earring Display Stand, Burlap Linen

Medium Metal T-Shaped Earring Display Stand, Burlap Linen

“Minimalism” doesn’t mean boring. This earring display stand’s burlap fabric gives it a rustic and earthy appeal, adding a touch of character to its simple design. This makes it the perfect display companion in nature-inspired retail setups. Its sturdy metal frame and weighted base make it a reliable tabletop jewelry holder.

Buy it here

Metal Harp Shaped Jewelry Display Hanger Stand

Metal Harp Shaped Jewelry Display Hanger Stand

Pure and precious, this multi-jewelry display stand is perfect for those with a preference for feminine aesthetics. Available in antique silver and black, this one comes with detachable bars which makes it a great tool to bring at fairs and events. Just remember not to overload it with too many pieces to achieve the minimalist look you desire.

Buy it here

Metal Necklace Display Stand

Metal Necklace Display Stand

The black curves in this display stand give this minimalist tool a bit of flair. It is edgy yet simple, basic yet dramatic all at the same time. Its slim branches are best paired with dainty pieces, so remember to hang your chunky pieces elsewhere.

Buy it here

Acrylic T Bar Necklace and Bracelet Display

Acrylic T Bar Necklace and Bracelet Display

This one’s a more modern take on the minimalist display trend  its transparent built quite unlike most jewelry display holders  which feature colors and fabrics on the surface. It’s meant to be used as a holder for slat walls and also designed so that you can easily slide or drape it on the wall’s bars.

Buy it here

There are loads more where all these came from so visit Nile Corp today!

Home Projects for the Crafts Jeweler

Do things that add value to your hobby.

Colorful beaded jewelry on sale.
Photo by Robby McCullough on Unsplash

Great art doesn’t just come out of nowhere. If one wants to be good at what he/she does, every effort must be made to make sure their activities go into building the foundations of their chosen crafts. Like any other artform, jewelry making takes dedication and constant practice.

And while inspiration doesn’t always hit creators at all the right times, there are things artists can do to get ideas flowing.

We hope this article is one of those things that’ll bring a burst of inspiration into your work.

Sketch pattern ideas for your bead jewelry creations

Putting your thoughts to paper can help you conjure up different designs for your jewelry projects. Have a look at your collection and try to come up with patterns or shapes you can form with them, or you can visit our site to see the beads we have to offer and imagine all the design possibilities you can create from them. How they end up looking is all up to you, so don’t be scared to let your imagination run wild.

Pretty pieces of jewelry on flatlay.

Revisit old projects

Another trick you can do to get your creative juices flowing is by revisiting old or unfinished products. You can look at your successful old projects to find possible design ideas. This is also a good time to revisit projects you haven’t finished yet. Alternatively, you can start from scratch and improve upon those you’ve abandoned halfway.

Organize your jewelry-making supplies

In case inspiration doesn’t strike you right away, perhaps a little bit of sprucing up will do the trick. When you’re busy doing projects, you may not have a lot of time to go through your supplies and tools. Taking the time to sort through your things is best done while you’re on a crafting break.

We suggest arranging your supplies like beads according to color and size. This will help you easily locate them once you’re ready to create. You can also use jewelry display tools to organize and hang up your cords, bracelets, and other stringing materials.

Check to see if your jewelry making supplies need replenishing

After organizing your supplies, you may want to take an inventory of them to see if you’re missing anything or if they need replacements. It is important to have the right tools on-hand whenever you pursue a new jewelry project so make sure you have tools like pliers, pendants, crystals, and cutters.

If you find yourself missing something from your collection, don’t worry, Nile Corp has got you covered.

Top Picks for Earring Display Tools

You can’t go wrong with these choices.

A pair of dangling stone earrings.

We think it’s safe to say that earrings are staples of a great wardrobe and anyone with impeccable style. It makes sense then to make investments in the care and maintenance of these fashion essentials. This means that serious collectors should make it a point to use earring display and storage tools to keep their pieces in the best shape possible. But don’t you worry if this all new to you. This article will serve as a helpful introduction to the different earring display options available in the market today. New jewelers and shop owners, this one’s for you too.

Metal Wire Earring Display Rack
Metal Wire Earring Display Rack*

1. Earring Display Rack

Perfect for dangling and chandelier earrings, this is something that can be described as something similar to a mini clothes rack but for earrings. It is an excellent pick if you want a tool that can carry multiple earrings at a time. With its simple antique silver (also comes in copper) finish, it is a versatile tabletop jewelry display that can match any show or bedroom it is used.

Metal Tree Shaped Earring Display Stand
Metal Tree Shaped Earring Display Stand*

2. Tree-Style Display Stand

If simple is not your thing, try this one out for size. This makes for an interesting earring display stand that is sure to make it a conversation starter. On its own, it can be used as a piece of tabletop furniture. Do gives this one a try as an earring display stand, at the same time, admire it for its attention to detail.

Gray Burlap Linen Earring Display Tree
Gray Burlap Linen Earring Display Tree*

3. Display Tree (for one pair of earrings)

Unlike the previous two, this earring display is meant for one pair of earrings only. This is perfect when you want to highlight individual pairs in a set or combination display. Made in different colors, fabrics, and textures, you are sure to find the right look for your shop or home.

White Leatherette Earring Display Tray
White Leatherette Earring Display Tray*

4. Display Tray

Perfect for client presentations, trade shows, and craft fairs, this is a simple, no-fuss way to display jewelry merchandise. Made with wood and leatherette fabric, it can be used to display up to 12 earrings.

*Available on the Nile Corp website.

Why Rotating Jewelry Displays are a Good Buy

We promise they are worth your purchase.

Natural Wood Rotating Jewelry Earring/Accessory Storage Display, Oak
Natural Wood Rotating Jewelry Earring/Accessory Storage Display, Oak*

Attention home jewelers, jewelry shop owners, and collectors ー if you’re looking for a worthy addition to your jewelry display tools, you have got to give the rotating types a try. Looking at one you will definitely see why they will make for a good investment. Let us show you the ways:

1. It’s great for large collections

If you’re looking for a jewelry display tool that’s able to carry lots of pieces while occupying a small space, a rotating jewelry display set is your best bet. They’re designed to carry multiple pieces at a time, all while making it easy for an observer to browse for the pieces while they’re hanging. Shoppers can easily see the merchandise, while those at home will have an easier time deciding what to wear for the day with a rotating stand.

Acrylic Revolving Earring Display Rack
Acrylic Revolving Earring Display Rack*

2. They come in different styles, fit to match any interior design

You wouldn’t have to worry about them not fitting in with your shop or bedroom aesthetics. Some are made of wood which is perfect for tropical and earthy interiors, while for those with a preference for modern design, the acrylic and metal types will suit their styles.

3. They make for interesting set pieces

One way to attract customers is by making a retail display that’s interesting and eye-catching. This can be done with the right props, placement, lighting, and jewelry display tools. A rotating jewelry stand makes for a great addition to any retail setup for its versatile look and its ability to display a ton of items at the same time. Feel free to experiment with different designs to find the one that looks best for your store.

Acrylic Rotating Jewelry Stand Earring Holder Accessories Organizer
Acrylic Rotating Jewelry Stand Earring Holder Accessories Organizer*

4. It’s travel friendly

Now, this benefit is perfect for the traveling jeweler. For those who regularly join trade fairs and artisan markets, some types of rotating jewelry displays need to be assembled before use. This makes them easy to carry around and travel with if your business calls for it. No more worrying about carrying bulky racks with this one.

*Available on the Nile Corp website.

The Different Types of Necklace Displays

These are the jewelry display tools you need to know and have if you have a sizeable necklace collection.

A medium shot of a woman in a strapless white dress while wearing a intricately-detailed necklace.

Whether you are an avid collector or seller of jewelry, one way to make sure you are showcasing your necklaces in the best way possible is with the use of necklace display racks. These are jewelry display tools that are used to show multiple necklace pieces at once. They come in different forms and materials, and this article will show you the different types.

Metal Jewelry Stand Rack
Metal Jewelry Stand Rack*

1. Tree Displays

If you’re looking for something functional and also decorative, a tree display is your best bet. Made to look like miniature trees but without the leaves, these types of jewelry display lend an earthy, organic feel to any room or shop. Its “branches” are perfect for hanging necklaces and bracelets.

Think of this as your personal Christmas tree, but with jewelry as its trimmings and decors.

Wooden Jewelry Display Bust Easel 3 Necklaces - Brown
Wooden Jewelry Display Bust Easel 3 Necklaces - Brown*

2. Easel Displays

Another necklace display type that’s worth trying is an easel display. Similar to a painter’s easel, this one is designed to hold up necklaces in an upright angled position. Lightweight and sturdy, one easel can carry up to six necklaces. It also comes with adjustable height pegs at the back. This makes it an ideal tool to bring at trade shows and artisan markets. It is also a popular choice for a jewelry shop’s storefront display and an avid collector’s personal home use.

Wooden 4-Tier Jewelry Display Stand
Wooden 4-Tier Jewelry Display Stand*

3. T-Bar Displays

With posts that resemble the letter “T,” this particular necklace display gets its name for its appearance. It is a dependable rack meant to carry not just necklaces but also other jewelry items that hang like bangles and bracelets. Be careful though not to overload it too much to maintain your display’s neat appearance.

Wooden Plank Necklace Jewelry Display Stand for 8 Necklaces
Wooden Plank Necklace Jewelry Display Stand for 8 Necklaces*

4. Plank Displays

You’d be forgiven if ever you mistake this one for a bookstand. A variation of the easel display, this one showcases the necklaces in a horizontal line instead of vertically. This makes for an excellent tabletop display at your home or as a shop and trade show display device.

*Available on the Nile Corp website.

Things to Bring for Your First Jewelry Artisan Market

Make this one a great experience for you and your business.

A busy street market scene.

While a lot of artisan markets were shut down and festivals had to reschedule their events this year, it never hurts to be prepared ahead of time. Take this break as a chance to plan out your strategy and make yourself ready once the jewelry industry allows public events again.

For now, you may start building up on your jewelry portfolio and readying your jewelry display tools so you’ll have everything you need once operations resume. But before you do, here’s a list of what you need to prepare when joining jewelry artisan markets.

Before everything else

Depending on the theme or market, the event organizers may conduct a screening process to evaluate your products. You may also be interviewed about the creative process that went into your chosen merchandise. Other requirements may include business permits, business insurance, as well as your tax ID number. Again this will vary depending on the program and event’s location.

If you pass this stage you need to be ready with the following items:

A brunette woman browsing around a shopping bazaar.

Display essentials

*Tables and chairs are optional. Some organizers will provide them during the event, others won’t. Likewise, canopies may be provided depending on location or theme. It’s best to check first with organizers regarding these items.

Floor-length table cloth - This item serves two purposes for you: as a place to set your merchandise and as cover to hide any items you store under your table.

Signage - For branding and identification purposes, have marketing collaterals (which should include calling cards, brochures, and flyers) with you

Lights - While there will be for sure house lights provided especially if the event’s conducted indoors, you need to bring extra display lights so you can highlight your pieces. Don’t forget to bring extra bulbs and extension cords for emergencies.

Mirrors - These are useful things to have in your booth as buyers can check and try out your jewelry merchandise.

Booth props and backdrop - Make sure your store is pleasant to look at so that people will come to admire and buy your items. Don’t forget to bring in art materials such as scissors, tape, glue, markers, and paint to make your design vision for your booth possible.

Jewelry display tools (racks, risers, pads, dishes, etc.) - Besides your merchandise, these are the most important items to bring with you at an event like this. Using the appropriate display props will showcase your jewelry in the best way possible and make them attractive to potential buyers.

We have a ton of jewelry display and storage containers ready for you to explore on our site, so why don’t you give Nile Corp a visit today?

Financial essentials

Cash box/register - This will again depend on the organizers, so check first their provisions for each booth occupant.

Credit card processor/QR code scanner - Some people will definitely prefer to go cashless so have these tools with you, if possible.

Receipt books - Some people may prefer to have it done the old fashioned way. This also helps in keeping track of sold merchandise.

Inventory list - Helps you keep track of sales, merchandise, and props.

Health and hygiene items

Alcohol or hand sanitizers - Health is wealth, especially nowadays so have these items ready for your staff and customers.

Food - Again, this one’s availability will depend on the organizer but just to be safe, you can bring in snacks and drinks to keep you from getting hungry during the event. Be careful though that you don’t create a mess in your booth’s display.

Personal items such as tissue, medicine, etc. - Events such as this can last the whole day and you will need things that will bring you comfort and relief.

...and the most important items to bring

A pair if earrings and a pearl ring on a platter.

Your jewelry merchandise, of course. This is your chance to show off your craft to potential buyers so make sure you have enough to present. It helps to think of a cohesive theme ahead so that your display will make sense to the public. It’s best to plan out your display scheme for this event so you’d know on the day which one goes where. Before we forget, remember to bring in labels, tags, and signs to indicate your items’ prices.

Good luck!

A Guide to Engagement Rings and the Best Ring Boxes for Them

A helpful guide to make sure you’re doing the right thing.

Close up of a ring-wearing hand.

So you’ve finally decided to propose to the love of your life...are you fully prepared to face the next challenging step? We’re not talking about marriage because you need to buy an engagement ring first! As always, you can count on us here at Nile Corp to give you helpful advice on jewelry display techniques as well as jewelry shopping. We know that choosing an engagement ring can be pretty stressful so we put together this helpful guide to make the process a lot easier for you. We also believe that first impressions last and we want to make sure your proposal starts off on the right foot with our recommendations for ring boxes.

1. Decide on the shape and band beforehand

You can easily narrow down your selection when you have these two elements down pat. Try to find out the shape and band that your significant other may favor by observing the usual jewelry that he/she wears. You can also browse online and learn about the different diamond shapes (also called “cuts”) to see your options. Take note that diamonds are priced depending on their shape and carat so you need to take those into consideration too.

For the love of your life, our Flocked Velvet Dome Shaped Ring Box* in Red is simply the perfect choice. Set in the color of passion, this makes for an elegant and appropriate pick for this monumental event in your life as a couple.
Flocked Velvet Dome Shaped Ring Box in Red

2. Try to explore alternatives to diamond

You don’t have to necessarily follow the tradition of going with a diamond ring. Factors such as budgets and personal taste make other gemstones as possible alternatives to diamonds, so feel free to explore these options as well.

3. Make sure to get your partner’s ring measurements

While getting your partner’s measurements can be a bit tricky, it is definitely an essential part of the ring shopping process. With a bad fit, the ring is at risk of slipping off if it’s too loose or getting stuck around the finger. Remember that this is no other ordinary ring you are purchasing so make an effort to find the correct size.

Just as you should be clear with your partner’s measurements when shopping for rings, a Velvet Ring Box* is also a clear, no-fail option amongst ring boxes for its classic elegance. Fitted with white satin cushioning inside, this is a classy companion for any beautiful ring of your choice.
Velvet Ring Box

4. Think about how the ring will look when worn with the wedding band

Normally, the engagement ring will be topped by the wedding band so take the time to consider how they would like side by side each other. It makes sense to have the same type of wedding band so that the pair will complement each other.

5. It’s best to take your ring shopping offline

While the internet is a great starting point to browse possible styles, we recommend to take it offline during the actual selection and buying of the ring. Doing so will help you avoid fakes, plus having an actual jewelry consultant to help you make the purchase will make the process a lot easier.

Sturdy, practical, and dependable, wood can be a metaphor for the strength of a couple’s relationship. A Solid Wood Ring Box* is a wise pick for its high-quality craftsmanship. Topped with a rosewood finish and lined with leatherette, you simply can’t go wrong with this choice.
Solid Wood Ring Box

Choosing the right ring for a loved one can be a serious business, but so is choosing the right jewelry storage tool. Make sure you’re getting only the right display and storage compartments by visiting and exploring the Nile Corp website.

*Available on the Nile Corp website.