Jewelry Display Ideas Perfect for the Spring Season

Breathe new life into your displays.

A pair of hands reaching out to touch pink flowers.

The first spring day always brings in a new fresh feeling of renewal and rebirth. It’s the reason why many use the time to upgrade or overhaul their dwellings. It’s no different for entrepreneurs who take it as a signal to change things around their stores.

If you’re also bitten by the spring cleaning bug then you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ve come up with some jewelry display ideas for you to explore and try. Once you’ve made your choice, simply click on their names to place an order.

#WD3331-OK 3Pcs Set Wood Stackable Display Riser Stands

#WD3331-OK 3Pcs Set Wood Stackable Display Riser Stands

Display risers are a favorite amongst retailers as they are versatile tools that can be used for various merchandise. They come in different sizes so they’re not just perfect for jewelry shops but they can also be used to display cakes, plants, bags, shoes, and much more.

#WD3331-OK 3Pcs Set Wood Stackable Display Riser Stands

Aside from that, you will surely find yourself marveling at the care and craftsmanship put into its creation. Inspired by nature, these wooden pieces have floral engravings that are sure to charm anyone who sees them.

#SET101-N31 Burlap Linen Ring Display Set

#SET101-N31 Burlap Linen Ring Display Set

Another way you can showcase nature in your displays is by using devices that use organic material, like this ring display set covered in burlap. Burlap comes from the jute plant which is known for its tough fibers and is often used to create bags or sacks. It also makes for a nice material for jewelry display devices, giving them earthy and natural feels.

#WDJ5033WH 3Pcs Wooden Freestanding Necklace Easel Display Stand Holder with Multiple Size

#WDJ5033WH 3Pcs Wooden Freestanding Necklace Easel Display Stand Holder with Multiple Size

Props will also come in handy when dressing up your store for the spring season. You can use artificial flowers that you can get from craft stores or real flowers to accompany your retail display concepts. Just remember to replace the real flowers once they start to wither so you’ll always have a fresh showcase. 

The best types of tools to go with a floral theme are wooden displayers like these three as they can easily blend into the setup. Likewise, why not use this as a chance to showcase the latest spring jewelry trends?

#NDF8812 Pink Fabric Covered T-Bar Bracelet Display

#NDF8812 Pink Fabric Covered T-Bar Bracelet Display

Of course, jewelry display stands with floral and pastel prints are a no-fail choice when it comes to setting up spring-inspired retail displays. Made out of wood so you know it’s sturdy, this T-bar stand is a lovely way to display jewelry items like bracelets, bangles, hoop earrings, and anklets. We can see this being a popular pick for spring picnics or afternoon tea time-themed setups.

A Spotlight on Nature-Inspired Jewelry Display Devices

Create jewelry retail setups that bring to mind the beauty of Mother Nature.

A diamond ring perched on a plant.

When you’re trying to come up with concepts for your store’s jewelry display setups, why not turn to the world’s greatest source of beauty and wonder? Mother Nature has inspired lots of artists for many years so there’s no reason for you not to use her as your muse. Pardon our pun but doing so is just natural.

This is the reason why we’ve put together this helpful guide to give you a ton of ideas while you’re crafting a retail display that’s inspired by the environment. Here are a few jewelry display tools made out of natural materials like burlap, wood, and more.

Simply click on their names to purchase.

#ED-2402N-N3 Medium Metal T-Shaped Earring Display Stand, Burlap Linen

#ED-2402N-N3 Medium Metal T-Shaped Earring Display Stand, Burlap Linen

Burlap is a natural fiber that’s sturdy and an economical source of livelihood for many farmers as this particular material’s source (the jute plant) doesn’t require a lot of water or fertilizers to grow. It is normally used for items such as bags or pouches for its firm structure but they also make for nice coverings in jewelry stands such as in this earring display device.

#WD2965BR Wooden Brown 4-Tier T-bar Jewelry Display Stand

#WD2965BR Wooden Brown 4-Tier T-bar Jewelry Display Stand

Looking for a tool to display your bangles, necklaces, and bracelets? Why not give this dark beauty a try? Sturdy and reliable, this T-bar jewelry display stand does the job well. Whether used in-store or in conventions and trade shows, this wooden displayer will showcase your merchandise well. Crafted with care in mind, this stand is not just nice to look at but its rectangular base with its beveled edge design assures you of a stable platform.

#PJ6C Deluxe Burlap Ring and Pendant Box

#PJ6C Deluxe Burlap Ring and Pendant Box

We’ve also got nature-inspired storage devices, like this ring and pendant box that is made out of burlap. It’s such a unique-looking box that we think you should give it a shot. Perfect for jewelry sets or as a solo ring box, this is a different take on the usual velvet-lined ring boxes, so why not give this one a try?

#219-1AW Antique Colored Wooden T-Bar Display

#219-1AW Antique Colored Wooden T-Bar Display

Can the rustic aesthetic be elegant? It can be, as shown by this T-bar jewelry display stand. Meant to showcase jewelry pieces that “hang” (necklaces, hoops, bracelets), they are a great help in preventing tangles. This particular device comes in three variants (oak, brown, and coffee) so you’ll always have the perfect prop when you’re crafting your jewelry display concepts.

#NDF3280 Paper Twine-Wrapped Mannequin Display

#NDF3280 Paper Twine-Wrapped Mannequin Display

Now here’s a jewelry display tool that looks more like a sculpture than a displayer. This necklace display stand can make for a great conversation piece when used at home, as well as a reliable device when used in a commercial setting. We recommend pairing it up with ethnic jewelry pieces and those with large pendants for a stunning showcase.

Shopping Guide for Rotating Earring Display Stands

Make a wise choice today by going for a rotating earring rack.

#JWY6065 Acrylic Rotating Jewelry Stand Earring Holder Accessories Organizer

Looking for ways to best showcase your growing earring collection? Whether you are an entrepreneur or a personal collector, it’s always recommended to have a tool that will keep things organized. Now there are many jewelry display devices to choose from but for earrings, one of our favorites has to be the rotating earring display stand.

It’s a versatile piece that makes browsing easy peasy for jewelry owners and customers alike. That’s why we recommend the devices below for commercial and personal use. Simply click on their names to see more information and/or place an order.

#3101-1 Acrylic Revolving Earring Display Rack

#3101-1 Acrylic Revolving Earring Display Rack

Space-saving devices are a must-buy especially if you are a jewelry shop owner trying to make the best of available counter space. This one, in particular, can carry 32 standard-sized earring cards and is a great option for those with limited display areas. Made out of clear and black acrylic, the neutral colors also make this device a versatile component in retail display setups.

#WDJ5036 Natural Wood Rotating 36 Hooks Jewelry Tower

#WDJ5036 Natural Wood Rotating 36 Hooks Jewelry Tower

This beautifully-crafted wooden jewelry display stand is not just a piece of art but also a useful device for organizing your earrings and more. Thanks to its 36 hooks, you can easily hang earring cards as well as other items like hoop jewelry, scrunchies, and key chains from it without worrying about them falling off. Thanks to its sturdy base and frame, you wouldn’t have to worry about it toppling over your shelves and display areas.

#WD3600 Wooden Rotating Earring Display Rack

#WD3600 Wooden Rotating Earring Display Rack

Another wooden device that’s worth adding to your collection, this one has a natural wood finish that is sure to appeal to many folks. This one is especially recommended to those with a large collection as each of its four sides has 25 slots giving users a total of 100 spaces for dangling earrings. Simply hook them to each slot and you’re done. Alternatively, the stand can also be used with earrings cards if you want to use it to display stud earrings.

#JWY6065 Acrylic Rotating Jewelry Stand Earring Holder Accessories Organizer

#JWY6065 Acrylic Rotating Jewelry Stand Earring Holder Accessories Organizer 

Last but certainly not least is this modern-looking marvel. It is totally versatile thanks to its unique design which allows it to be used for different types of jewelry all at the same time. The holes are for the earrings, meanwhile, you can simply hang necklaces and bracelets from the slots located above. There’s also an area for holding rings which makes this stand a wise buy for collectors and jewelry shop owners alike.

Our Picks for the Best Jewelry Packaging Ideas

It’s important that your product packaging reflect a good image for your brand.

Girl wearing sunglasses and carrying several shopping bags.

Part of the jewelry business is to make sure you’re not just offering top-notch jewelry pieces but also providing these pieces with equally gorgeous packaging. It adds to the overall charm of the item, plus as treasured items how they are presented must be just as special.

Having attractive jewelry display setups is a must for every jewelry business's success, and so does having great packaging for the products, so here are a few of our ideas. 

See-through drawstring pouch with beads inside.

Drawstring Pouches

Individual stones and beads are tricky to pack. What you can do is use drawstring pouches or bags when packing to gather them all together. You can add in a piece of cloth or colored tissue paper for an added layer to the packaging. A bag is a good choice also for jewelry pieces like earrings or rings.

Blue jewelry gift box with a silver bracelet.

Gift Boxes

Boxes are a sure thing when thinking of jewelry packaging for your merchandise. This one in the photo is specifically made for bracelets but there are also boxes, in different sizes and colors, that are made especially for earrings, rings, and even combination sets that contain different kinds of jewelry. Make it extra special for special occasions by adding in ribbons, paper twine, cords, and other gift wrapping accessories.

Champagne-colored jewelry leatherette holder.

Leatherette Holders

For an extra elegant touch, necklace leatherette holders are your best picks. Its satin covering gives it a smooth and classy vibe, while its front snap closure firmly secures the holder so that nothing pops out.

Pink paper shopping bag.

Gift Tote Bags

Once you’ve picked the right jewelry packaging for a particular jewelry purchase, you can go with a gift bag to wrap everything up. Give it a personalized touch by showing your store’s name and logo on the bag.

Here at Nile Corp, we don’t only sell jewelry display devices but also these jewelry packaging materials to entrepreneurs, both big and small. Have a look and see what we have to offer when you visit our store today! 

5 Jewelry Making Tips for the Newbies

What you need to know when you want to get into this fun and profitable hobby.

Gold jewelry set displayed on a black surface.

Lots of folks took up new hobbies to pass the time while in quarantine, and why not when having something to keep us busy helps us stay relaxed amidst the global health crisis? If you haven’t started a new hobby yet, may we suggest jewelry making? 

Check out our tips below and discover the things you need to know before you embark on this creative journey.

1. Before anything else, pick out the type of jewelry you would want to work on first

There are many types of jewelry to choose from and picking one can be pretty overwhelming. However, focusing on just one type can help ease yourself into this pastime. You can start by choosing which particular type of jewelry you would like to work on and then pick out the material you would like to use for it (beads, crystals, chains, leather, etc.).

2. Look up references to start you on the journey

Thanks to today’s technology, knowledge is always within reach. You can look up tutorials online to start with the basics or do it old school by leafing through crafting magazines and books. Crucial skills like making wire loops can be learned through these materials.

Gold jewelry set displayed on a flat surface.

3. Have a look at your existing supplies then start building upon the missing ones

You don’t have to go out and buy stuff for your new hobby right away. Look through your toolbox and see if you have the essentials, namely wire cutters and pliers. You can always build upon your jewelry-making toolbox along the way. Next, once you’ve figured out what type of jewelry you plan on making that’s when you can shop for the parts. Depending on your choice of jewelry piece to work on, you can start buying findings and stringing materials. While you are at it, why not start buying display devices like earring display cards and jewelry stands for when you finish your work?

4. Create a designated workspace for jewelry making

The best workspaces are those with good lighting and have plenty of space for the actual task and the materials needed for a project. Your tools and jewelry parts should be within reach while you work so there should be allotted space for your containers and materials. Plus, don’t forget to have a comfy chair to keep body aches at bay while you work.

5. Let your imagination run wild

There are no limits as to what you can do with your crafting projects, but it’s best to sketch them on paper or on the computer first to help you with visualization. However, if you are stumped for ideas, magazines and social media apps like Pinterest and Instagram can serve as your inspiration.

Our Best Gift Ideas for Women's Month

Celebrate the women in your life with these fabulous jewelry display sets.

Pretty woman wearing a turban.

March is Women’s Month and it is the time of the year where we celebrate the immense contributions of women to history and society. Don’t you think it’s also the perfect time to celebrate and honor the women in your life? 

Have a look at the many ways you can show your appreciation to them in this jewelry display shopping guide we’ve put together for the occasion.

#WDJ5036 Natural Wood Rotating 36 Hooks Jewelry Tower

For the edgy woman that wears her multiple ear piercings with pride:

#WDJ5036 Natural Wood Rotating 36 Hooks Jewelry Tower

Having multiple ear piercings is a popular thing nowadays and what could be a better gift to those riding on the trend but this 36-hook rotating jewelry tower? Those with large collections will have no trouble locating pairs that cut their time for dressing up. Other items like bracelets may also be displayed in this sturdy and versatile jewelry display device.

#CD-6723Q Suede Necklace Easel Display

For the one who’s a fan of old school glam:

#CD-6723Q Suede Necklace Easel Display

Classic and undeniably elegant, this is for the woman inspired by vintage styles. Her idols are Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn, and her signature look is a stunning pearl necklace. This necklace easel display is a great match for her sophisticated style. In particular, this stand can carry up to three necklace pieces at a time.

#WD404-BR 4-tiered Design Step Shelf

For the earth mama and nature goddess:

#WD404-BR 4-tiered Design Step Shelf

She’s the first one amongst your friends to get you all to try out the new vegan restaurant in town. She’s sweet and gentle and is always ready to talk about the powers of crystals in healing. With four tiers that can serve as platforms for her growing crystal collection, this step shelf topper is the perfect gift for your mellow, new age friend.

#WD2965WH Wooden 4-Tier Jewelry Display Stand

For the true blue jewelry lover:

#WD2965WH Wooden 4-Tier Jewelry Display Stand

She’s the one with the huge jewelry collection, and when we say huge, we mean she becomes your go-to person when you need accessories to wear when you’re going out. Give her the gift that will keep her collection organized ー the Wooden 4-Tier Jewelry Display Stand. This versatile piece can hold bracelets, bangles, hoop earrings, necklaces, and anklets. Steady and well-crafted, this is surely a wise buy that you won’t regret.

#BD-2113N-N21 Gray Burlap Linen T-Bar

For the boss babe:

#BD-2113N-N21 Gray Burlap Linen T-Bar

The leader with a million things to take care of, the perfect gift for her is a no-frills jewelry display stand like this one. She’s always on the go so a table topper-type displayer should be your choice. Sturdy and strong like her, this is a must-buy and the best way to reward her for her hard work.

Happy shopping!

Best Necklace Display Stands for Minimalist Styles

Dainty jewelry pieces deserve pretty necklace display devices. 

Close up of a necklace while being worn.

There’s something about minimalist jewelry designs that’s certainly attractive and precious to look at. They’re good for everyday wear as well as special occasions so you bet a lot of us have a couple or a few in our possessions. In particular, necklaces are certain to be fashion staples in any stylista’s personal collection. 

If you’re also trying to grow yours, you might want to start shopping for new necklace display tools and we have a few items from our collection that you just might be interested in. Have a look at some of them below and don’t forget to click on their names if you want to know more and order.

#WD2627-CF Rotating Jewelry Organizer

#WD2627-CF Rotating Jewelry Organizer

With 28 hooks around the pole, this jewelry display stand is a versatile and dependable option for your necklaces. Meanwhile, its sunken compartment may be used to hold smaller items such as rings and earrings. Its wooden finish in coffee color gives it its earthy, natural look.

#WD1303-G 3-Tiers Wooden Silver Aluminum Poles Jewelry Display Stand

#WD1303-G 3-Tiers Wooden Silver Aluminum Poles Jewelry Display Stand

Chic and modern, this particular stand combines rustic wood and the cool appeal of aluminum all in one package. It’s another versatile pick from our store as the three poles can be adjusted according to your needs, making it an excellent pick not just for home collectors but also traveling jewelry sellers alike. Feel free to try it out with delicate necklaces, as well as rings, earrings, and bracelets.

#COP13579 Metal Wire Hook Display Stand

#COP13579 Metal Wire Hook Display Stand

Sometimes all it takes to do the job is a simple wire hook necklace stand. But this simple-looking device can be deceiving. From 16 inches, this can be stretched out up to 28 inches high. The adjustable stem makes it a perfect choice for stores that feature different-sized display shelves.

#COP3687BK Metal Owl Jewelry Display and Jewelry Stand Hanger Organizer

#COP3687BK Metal Owl Jewelry Display and Jewelry Stand Hanger Organizer

Are you looking for a jewelry display stand that can also double as a decorative piece? You’re looking at one right now. Perfect for small accessories, this one has seven hooks to hang your necklaces and bracelets from. The mesh part can also be used to hold earrings. Practical and pretty to look at, won’t you give a hoot to this owl piece and add it to your cart?

#COP3700 Gold Color T-bar Jewelry Stand Organizer

#COP3700 Gold Color T-bar Jewelry Stand Organizer

We sure are big fans of birds here at Nile Corp. This time, we placed a bird on top of a gold T-bar style jewelry stand. Elegant and undeniably feminine, this one is perfect as a bedroom or jewelry shop’s table-topper. Marvel at the intricate detail that spins and zig zags around the stand’s stem.

#COP3693-1 Metal Jewelry Display Organizer Stand

#COP3693-1 Metal Jewelry Display Organizer Stand 

This lovely baby blue jewelry display stand is an absolute charmer. It has 12 hooks to hang your necklaces from, and for support, it has a solid base tray and a two-layered T-bar as a frame.

Prevent your necklaces from tangling up by purchasing a necklace stand today!

How To Level Up Your Jewelry Business’ Website

Make sure you’re putting your best foot forward online.

Close up of a pair of hands browsing on a tablet.

With many potential customers choosing to remain at home in the past months, going online has become a wise business move during the pandemic. Retailers, both old and new, expanded their reach by setting virtual environments online where buyers can still purchase items. Jewelers are no different and we’ve seen it grow as we lay witness to the numerous jewelry product photos and jewelry display setups that pop up from our social media timelines.

If you’re one of the many folks who got into an online business, then you’ve come to the right place. We want to help grow your business even further so we’ve put together this handy little guide for every one of our readers who are navigating the ups and downs of running an online jewelry shop.

Capture your targets from the get-go with an enticing banner

The banner is found at the topmost part of a website’s body so naturally, it’s the first thing people see. Grab their attention right away with offers that are surely hard to turn down. For many online shoppers, those are free shipping and quick delivery. If you can’t promise both, why not create a promo where reaching a certain amount in purchase entitles them to one of these perks?

You can also capture attention the right way with the right visuals, so make sure you’re doing what you can to present your merchandise as well as their jewelry display devices in the right light.

Lastly, make sure to regularly update this part of your website. Doing so creates an impression that you always have fresh stocks, offers ー basically things your customers can all look forward to.

Use HD-quality product photos

Let’s go back to the part about photos. When operating an online business, make sure the images you are uploading are fit to be seen by the public. That means to leave off grainy shots and sloppy product displays. Make sure you’re only posting crisp images that sell. If you are using props or jewelry stands, you have to make sure they are in tip-top shape so you can create beautiful and well-composed setups.

Stick to words that sell

With the right words in your product description, you can be sure to convert mere browsers to buyers. Make sure it is descriptive of the item so the customers will know what to expect.  Add a touch of grace and wit to your words so you can be engaging as well as enticing to those that come across your copy. Most important of all, don’t forget the price and details about ordering.

Pretty girl browsing on her phone.

Make your images shareable

Don’t forget to add share buttons to your product photos as this would make your merchandise more discoverable online. A quick click on any of the buttons you embed will make your products get shared to a large audience in many of the most visited social media apps today.

Open yourself up to the public’s feedback

Provide a way for the public to inquire about your products or shipping and payment details through various means. Sharing links to your social media accounts is one thing, but you can also have space on your website where people can leave their comments and inquiries. If you have a hotline or contact numbers then you must include those too. The more ways you can show the public you are reachable, the better.

5 Jewelry Display Tips to Capture the Public

Dazzle buyers with these ideas.

Gold necklace shot flatlay-style on a pastel pink surface.

There’s no question about it ー jewelry are beautiful pieces of art. They add life and sparkle to any outfit and are considered treasured possessions by their owners. They are lovely on their own but you can elevate them even further with the right jewelry display setup. Master this skill and you’ll find yourself with a captive buying public, so let us teach you some cool tips and tricks in this article.

Choose colors that match

This seems like a no-brainer but some folks do have a habit of putting things together without looking at these details. For your jewelry merchandise to not just stand out but stand out beautifully, pick colors that will complement them. Neutral colors are safe bets as they are meant to be mixed and matched with various colors and patterns, but bold solid colors can work well. If you’re not sure which colors go well with each other then have a look at this article and use it as your guide.

Shine the spotlight on your merchandise the right way

Lighting up jewelry can further enhance their beauty but only if you are doing it correctly. You need to make sure the light that bounces off the jewelry’s surface is at the right temperature. White LED light in a cool tone is a safe bet for most jewelry finishes but most especially to those in silver as they can boost a jewelry piece’s shine. Warm yellow tones, meanwhile, are best suited for gold items.

Add height to your displays 

As a seller, you would want your merchandise to stand out and pop. Likewise, keeping them within buyers’ eyesight makes for a more enticing setup.  One of the best ways to do this is through the use of height. You can add height with the use of risers. Cone-type risers and platforms are great for rings, while necklace display tools in bust and easel forms are your best bets.

Match your jewelry merchandise according to the jewelry display device’s material

Just as there are different types of jewelry, there are also many types of jewelry display tools to choose from and each is designed to provide the right support to a particular type of jewelry piece. For example, cushioned and fabric-covered displayers are meant for delicate pieces as they can provide the right aesthetics as well as protection to this type. Chunkier pieces, on the other hand, match well with equally chunky displayers like the wooden T-bar and layered jewelry display stands.

Pearl jewelry shot against a pastel pink backdrop.

Remember to match your display setups to your store’s interiors

Everything in your store should match up and make sense when displayed altogether. You can’t go for a floral, girly motif when your jewelry store’s aesthetics are industrial minimalist. The effect becomes jarring and may look unappealing to buyers. Just as you would choose colors and materials that complement your jewelry merchandise, your overall retail display setups should likewise complement the whole feel and vibe of your shop.