Dressing Up Your Jewelry Store for the Winter Holidays

Retail display tips to make it merry and bright this season.

A girl glancing up a store's window display.

Many retailers would say that their favorite time of the year is Christmastime – no surprise there as it is the season of gift-giving. To celebrate the winter holidays and as a way to attract more people into your store, now’s the best time to dress up your jewelry display collections and storefronts with timely themes and decors.

A pair of Christmas-themed accessories.

Go with colors associated with the season.

Red, gold, and green would always be the staple colors of the season, but you can also go for a more winter look with blue, silver, and white. You can then choose to highlight from your collection those that feature these colors, like gemstone earrings and necklaces.

Work around a theme and stick to it.

You can interpret the holidays in a hundred ways. You may choose to go with a more traditional route or a more modern one. You can highlight the personalities associated with the season like Santa Claus, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, or Frosty the Snowman. You can keep things minimal for a more subdued look. The bottom line is you can do whatever design you want if you think it is appropriate, you just have to be consistent with it all throughout your store.

Stumped for ideas? Let this article from Conde Nast Traveler be your guide.

Don’t overlook the small things.

The littlest details can make or break your theme, so make sure everything is in sync. From the storefront to the walls, to the glass cases and display counters, nothing should be left out.

Some design ideas you can try:

  • Hang Christmas string lights around
  • Put up a Christmas tree surrounded by “gifts” (empty boxes covered in gift wrappers)
  • Christmas ornaments like balls or stockings can be added to display areas

You can even create a more festive atmosphere in your store by playing tunes fit for the holidays.

Be ready to DIY a few items.

Sometimes the decors sold at stores can’t match up to your vision, so you better be prepared to craft things on your own. Be ready for some woodworking, cutting, painting, and pasting to create the look you want. The hardware and art supply stores are excellent sources for the parts and materials you need to execute your design.


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