How to Organize Your Jewelry Crafting Space

Organizing your workspace is easy peasy.

Two girls  working and playing with beaded jewelry.

Have you been spending your lockdown days working on making jewelry? By now you might have already amassed a significant amount of supplies ー don’t you think it’s time to organize things and put some order into your supplies? This will certainly make things easier once you start on a new project.

From choosing the right jewelry display tool to learning storage techniques, this article can be your helpful little guide as you go through your jewelry-making journey.

Sort all your supplies into their respective containers

Because you’re working with small items, it makes sense to sort them and contain them into each of their respective storage devices. Jewelers like you deal with beads, chains, stones, and hooks for their work and they can be hard to spot because of their sizes. You can start by sorting them according to type then further sorting according to colors and their kind of metal. You can easily do this with the use of storage devices with compartments, such as the one below:

View Top Bead Storage and Display Tray

You’re better off with storage devices with clear tops (such as this one) so you can easily see where everything is at a glance.

For your other supplies such as wire cutters, you can simply have hooks installed by your work table so you can easily reach for them when needed. Likewise, having various jewelry display stands around your area to hold your finished and ongoing projects can help you, not just be in order, but also be inspired by your works.

Use containers proportionate to your supplies’ sizes

As you don’t want to spend a huge amount of time searching for stuff, it makes sense then to have storage tools to match the items they are holding. Don’t make it harder for you to locate items, so make sure your big items are in big containers while the small ones like beads are in their appropriately-sized containers.

Labels help a lot

Another way to make things easy for you to find is by labeling your supplies. Have it printed out clearly so you don’t spend a lot of time looking for things you need. Naturally, it makes sense then to make sure that everything is in the right place for this tip to work.

Invest in furniture with storage space

Tables with drawers below and on the side are excellent options so that everything you need will be within your reach. Most of those available in the market today are designed to be modular so you can make adjustments with the shelvings as you see fit. Walls offer another space for you to hang your items with the use of racks.

Keep it tidy

It won’t make sense to have all of these storage spaces if you don’t clean up after yourself after working. To avoid disarray and missing items, you need to return every item you used into their respective containers. 


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