Jewelry Display Ideas for the Holiday Season

Learn how you can make your merchandise stand out and glisten like the twinkling lights of Christmas.

Christmas decorations and a cup of coffee over a wooden table.

With the bright twinkling lights of Christmas decorations, December becomes that time of the year where everything is bright and merry anywhere you look.  It makes perfect sense then to level up your jewelry display strategy during this festive month to match the surroundings. With a display upgrade, your sparkling jewelry sets and stocks will certainly fit in with the theme of the holiday season.

Not only that but because people are shopping for gifts for their loved ones, you need to find ways to get them to come to your store to buy gifts. Attractive displays will certainly bring in fine folks to your shop, so here are a few ideas you can try.

Whip out a Winter Wonderland-inspired display

Bring in the winter feels even if you’re celebrating the holidays somewhere where it doesn’t snow with displays that highlight your silver, white gold, and diamond pieces. You can also incorporate crystals into your setup as they resemble ice. Remember to add in decorative snow and snowflakes to set the perfect winter season. Go with cool tones such as blues if you’re going to incorporate colors to your display and you’ll be good to go.

Go for the season’s traditional colors of green, red, and gold

These colors are easy picks when it comes to holiday decorating. Bring in wreaths and gift boxes wrapped in the said shades to go with your gold and jewelry pieces with ruby and emerald as centerpieces. Pair them up with a bracelet or necklace display decked out in velvet to give your showcase a classic and elegant vibe.

Velvet Necklace Display Stand
Velvet Necklace Display Stand*

Turn your store into Santa Claus’ workshop 

Now, this would require a complete revamp of your store, but since it’s Christmas we can make time for merriment and celebrations, right? You can transform your store into something cozy like Santa Claus’ workshop. Throw on some Christmas decorations to bring in a homey feel to your store.

To incorporate your jewelry merchandise, you can add in Christmas-themed jewelry trinket holders as table-toppers to the scene.

A girl with Christmas light bundled up in her palm.

Set the right atmosphere by playing Christmas tunes all day long

While this has nothing to do with retail display, the right tunes can greatly influence the mood of everyone in your store. Start playing Christmas carols, old and new, to further enhance your store’s ambiance. Keep the volume low but still audible so you don’t distract your patrons from their browsing.

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