4 Retail Display Ideas to Best Showcase Jewelry

Create jewelry setups and concepts that attract the public’s eyes.

A pendant resting on a silver plate.

Selling jewelry is the business of selling beauty. From conception to creation up to the finished product, the creative process in making jewelry is wrapped around the idea of presenting something exquisite and precious. This extends to the selling part of the jewelry ─ beauty is still at the center if you want to make sure your merchandise appeals well to people. This means taking the time to present the jewelry in the best light possible with the use of the right jewelry display tools for showcasing. Not only that but choosing the right props, colors, and patterns matter too. Here are a few ideas we think you should try:

Pick your jewelry display tool’s material according to the jewelry to be displayed

When choosing which material to pick for your first jewelry display purchase, think about the jewelry item you plan to use it for. Delicate pieces are best suited to jewelry displays covered in fabric like those that come in velvet. For chunky jewelry types, they match up well with stands or platforms made of metal or wood. That’s because heavier jewelry can easily scratch or rip fabric-covered tools, so go with those made out of tougher material and built.

Go for colors that complement each other

Just like how we choose colors to match when dressing up ourselves, it’s important to mix shades that complement each other. Your goal when displaying jewelry is not just to make them look beautiful for buyers, but also to make them pop out.  

You can find out more about color theory and its application in design in this helpful article from Canva.

A pair of blue stud earrings resting on a light blue surface.

Think about how your jewelry display will look like with your store’s interiors

Take special notice of your existing furniture and walls when thinking about your jewelry display setups. You may be creating concepts that may inevitably clash with your store’s interiors, so observe your surroundings before making any decisions. Whatever jewelry display setup you choose to go with, they have to make sense for your store’s appearance.

Don’t forget to factor in how lighting affects your jewelry setups

Lighting can certainly make or break a jewelry’s appearance. Cool white lighting is best suited to use on silver jewelry as it can enhance its brilliance and shine. Meanwhile, to showcase gold pieces in the best light possible, go with warmer yellow tones as much as possible.


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