Customer Service Tips for Jewelers This Holiday Season

Make this a jolly holiday for you and your customers.

A festive holiday scene at the mall.

With the clock winding down to Christmas, people will be out and about shopping for gifts for their loved ones. While not as busy as in previous years, the 2020 holiday shopping season is still an important part of the retail calendar. This is no time to slack off, and so we’ve put together this short piece on how you can best manage your jewelry store’s customer service relations this holiday season.

Be attentive but don’t hover

An alert store attendant is much more welcomed by shoppers than someone who seems to be in their own world. However, too much presence and hovering around shoppers can be a source of annoyance and you might lose customers in the process. Tell your staff to be ready to entertain questions from customers but to avoid following them around the store.

Close up of a jewelry-wearing pair of hands.

Make sure your jewelry displays are ready for showcase

Part of providing good customer service is by making sure your store is in the right condition. This means shelves are filled with items in their proper places and at the right levels for easy viewing. Another thing to consider is the proper use of jewelry display tools to showcase the merchandise in the best way possible. Make sure they are placed correctly on their respective stands with no items falling off or askew in their positions.

Always be ready with a smile

A clean and orderly selling space will certainly be inviting, but a pleasant disposition from jewelry store attendants has the power to create sales. Making the shopping experience a pleasant one for everybody helps a lot in making sure the customer is satisfied with the product as well as the store's customer service.

As the old saying goes, “You can attract more flies with honey,” so remember your manners whenever and wherever.

A couple wrapping Christmas presents.

Be ready with gift wrapping requests

A lot of folks will surely be shopping for their loved ones, so having a gift wrapping station will be of much help to customers. Take the load off their backs and give their purchases the utmost attention while they are being wrapped for easy gift giving.

Happy Holidays everyone!


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