How to Detangle Necklaces

Protect your precious collection with these tips.

A woman wearing a black dress and necklace looking out her window.

Fashionistas know how crucial necklaces are to their style profile. Whether it’s a single piece or a bunch of necklaces layered on top of one another, they certainly add punch to any outfit they are paired with. No wonder they are prized possessions found in many stylish folks’ collections. Having the right necklace display and storage tools will certainly keep your pieces in pristine condition but they can easily get tangled up during use or if they’re not properly hung up.

If this is an issue for you then follow our tips below:

Provide lubrication

Necklaces can easily get knotted up without us noticing. Instead of tugging and pulling on them, what you need is a lubricant. You can use baby oil or massage oil for this, but those found in the kitchen work well too. Simply use a cotton bud soaked in oil to apply lubrication to your necklace to loosen them up. For knots that are hard to untangle, simply rub them with your fingers while applying more oil. Once you have accomplished your task, rinse off the oil residue with water and mild soap, then simply pat dry your necklace with a soft cloth.

Apply baby powder

Another beauty staple that can loosen up tangles is baby powder. Like oil, the powder can also loosen up knots and tangles by making them slippery. Simply sprinkle enough baby powder on your necklace's knots to let them loose. Again, remember to rinse your jewelry piece with water and mild soap then dry it with a soft cloth or paper towel.

Use a pin or needle to pick apart knots

Depending on how thick the chain or beads are in the necklace, you can also use simple household tools to resolve your problem. You can use something like pins or needles on delicate pieces, while for bigger-sized necklaces like bib types or beads, you can use a pen or screwdriver. Be careful not to put too much pressure while picking apart the knots as you wouldn’t want to accidentally destroy your necklace.

Freestanding Necklace Easel Display Stand Holder

Choose the right jewelry display tool for your necklaces

Let’s go back to the first part of this article which talks about the importance of having the right display and storage tools on hand.

Sometimes we forget to take care of our necklaces when we carelessly toss them aside after use. If you’re using any other container or stand that’s not meant to hold necklaces then you will certainly see them getting tangled up with one another. The right necklace display stand, like this Freestanding Necklace Easel Display Stand Holder has tiered diagonal side slots which avoids the problem of having necklaces get on top of one another. Its angled plank also resolves that issue in a snap, so forget about using containers that do nothing for your precious collection and go with these types of stands instead.



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