Jewelry Display Tips and Tricks for Online Shops

Transform clicks to earnings with jewelry showcases that make the online crowd go “wow!”

A  laptop, a "Black Friday Sale" sign, cash, and mini shopping cart shot flatlay-style against a peach surface.

Whether you’re a newbie or already have a few years of online jewelry selling, your mind must probably be in constant work mode, trying to come up with ways to keep people’s interest. This is a good headspace to be in, especially now that more entrepreneurs started bringing their shops online. Jewelry display photos needed to be leveled up to keep the public’s attention much longer to earn sales, and now this article will show you tips that you can apply to your own store.

Look for inspiration online and offline

Ever noticed how fashion magazines do product layouts? Don’t be afraid to look for ideas when you’re trying to come up with photo concepts for your products. You may browse through world-renowned fashion magazines like Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar for ideas. If you’re sticking to online, these magazines also have digital versions that you can look up or you may visit Instagram and Pinterest for inspiration. 

You don’t have to necessarily completely copy their setups, but you can look at patterns and colors and choose the ones that make sense for your brand.

A pair of gold earrings on a black backdrop.

Explore video to give customers 36-degree views of your products

There are advantages to static photos, but they can’t entirely show the beauty of your products. Give your online shoppers the same experience as an in-store viewing with 360-degree views. Whether you choose to go with a model or a jewelry platform for presentation, 360-degree videos can showcase the complete details of your precious merchandise. 

Invest in good camera equipment

Photo clarity is of the utmost importance when it comes to photographing jewelry for display online. You need to be able to capture even the tiniest details when shooting jewelry pieces while they are perched on your chosen jewelry mannequin or stand. Having the right camera in the right settings, along with the right equipment (tripod, camera remote, lights, box) can make this possible. 

Extend your products reach to social media

Take advantage of the many opportunities that today’s digital landscape gives its users. Social media channels such as Instagram, for example, provide plenty of chances for you to showcase your products outside of your store. Aside from static photos, you can create videos using the Stories feature, as well as tap influencers to promote your product on their pages. Setting up an Instagram Business account also lets you use the feature called Instagram Shopping. This allows business owners the ability to tag specific items in their product photos which indicates their prices, as well as direct links to their respective product pages in your online store.

Success online depends on hard work, creativity, and excellent customer service. Plus, having the right supplier-partner doesn’t hurt either! With Nile Corp by your side, you can be assured of only the right jewelry display tools and supplies that will help you reach the top.


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