6 Engagement Ring Selling Techniques to Try

The essential advice that any jeweler must follow. 

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Is there something to the cold weather and snow that makes people want to get engaged? Perhaps winter's festive holidays have something to do with the popularity of proposals during the Christmas and Valentine’s Day holidays. With this in mind, jewelry shops should be prepared to accommodate all those coming to buy engagement rings from them this season.

We’d love to help out businesses make the best impression on their customers, so that’s why we’ve put together this article to help them deal with engagement ring shoppers.

Be ready to probe and ask questions about their preferences

As this is just no ordinary piece of jewelry, for sure engagement ring shoppers will have some interesting stories to tell about what they and their partner would like. Let them describe what they’re looking for so you can make accurate recommendations.

Extend a helping hand for those unsure of what to get

Not all shoppers will be the same so also be ready with those who have no idea what to look for. Help them find the right ring by showcasing different designs and cuts that you think they will like. Offer a wide range of designs with different price points (asking straight out about their budget should be avoided) so they’ll have plenty of choices to pick from.

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Make sure your merchandise is 100% ready for presentations

Selling jewelry, especially jewelry for special occasions such as engagement rings, will involve lots of inspections and close-up viewing. Therefore you may want to double-check your merchandise if they are in their best shape possible. Make sure there are no imprints anywhere and that they are sparkling as they should. You have to make sure also that their respective jewelry display tools and containers are in pristine condition.

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Treat your customers with TLC

Every customer is of course special but engagement ring shoppers may need some extra care and attention. You may want to designate a special area in your shop when they do their viewings. Pick somewhere a little secluded so they can be afforded some privacy. Offering added treats such as beverages and a couch to sit on would make for a nice touch to your store’s customer service.

Be convincing but not pushy

Shopping should be a pleasant experience for both seller and shopper, so remain courteous, attentive, and knowledgeable as they may surely pose several questions towards you. It would help for you to know what you’re selling from top to bottom so you can make the right recommendations.

Thank them for their patronage once you close the sale

You may offer to give them complimentary customer support as an after-service promo, or at least try to get their information if your store is offering a mailing list or a loyalty program.  


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