5 Must Do’s for Selling Jewelry at a Garage Sale

Tips and tricks to help you sell your pre-loved jewelry pieces.

A woman writing "FOR SALE" on a mirror using a lipstick.

There are many benefits to the practice of decluttering. Not only does it free up an already crowded living space, but it also functions as a way for its practitioners to have a fresh clean slate. Its effects on physical and mental health are certainly worth mentioning. 

Having too many items in one’s living space means the accumulation of dust and possible infestation of pests which can lead to health issues such as allergies and asthma among others. You can avoid all that with decluttering! It also means having a more cozy, livable dwelling which is good for anyone’s psychological well-being.

If you reached this point that you feel the need to declutter your home, may we suggest selling some of your items at a garage sale? Might as well earn from decluttering, right? 

So we’ve put together this handy guide to help you sell your pre-loved jewelry items. Be ready with your jewelry display stands, folding tables, and lawn chairs ー today, you’ll learn how to run a successful garage sale.

A person (head out of frame) in the process of making a beaded necklace.

1. Make sure your jewelry pieces are free from dirt and scratches.

Presentation matters when selling jewelry, and yes, even when they are pre-loved ones. First of all, you owe it to your customers that the used goods you’re selling to them are still in tip-top condition. Likewise, It would certainly be easier to sell them if they are clean and shiny. If you’re at a loss on how to clean your jewelry, don’t worry as we’ve got you covered. We’ve tackled the topic several times before including this article on how you should care for your jewelry to keep you safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The same goes for the devices and stands you will be using to showcase your jewelry. You need to make sure they are clean and in good condition before showcasing them on the day of your sale. For reference, we’ve also previously put together an article on tips and tricks for cleaning various jewelry display tools that we think you should give a read-through.

2. Have a system for displaying your merchandise.

Make it an easy browsing experience for your customers by pairing up the pieces that go together. You can also group together your jewelry pieces according to color, type, and material. You can use jewelry display stands, dishes, and platforms for sorting and keeping things in order. You just have to make sure your system makes sense to you and your customers.

We guarantee that you will be able to sell your merchandise a lot quicker if you put care into their presentation.

3. Provide mirrors to help buyers choose the items they want.

While a garage sale is an informal way to sell items, customers would appreciate it if the usual retail devices present in stores are around to help them make the right choice. Jewelry display stands such as this rotating earring display rack would make browsing a breeze for eager customers who want to try out your earrings. Likewise, providing a mirror or two would be a thoughtful touch for everyone who wants to try out your merchandise.

4. Be ready with some interesting stories about your merchandise.

If this is your first time selling jewelry, it helps to approach the activity like how a professional jeweler would approach it, so showing a little bit of salesmanship couldn’t hurt.

Some folks who like shopping at garage sales are in it for the history of the items they find, so you need to also be prepared for those kinds of buyers who might stop by. If you have an anecdote that’s worth sharing on how you acquired the item or if it’s been part of a memorable event from the past then do share them with potential buyers. Of course, if there’s none to be told then you can just share how you used to wear them and the best fashion styles that go with them.

More importantly, pertinent details such as carat, material, even measurements are valuable insights to share when selling jewelry. Likewise, you need to inform the buyers if the jewelry pieces require any special care and maintenance. You can also drop some jewelry trivia if you know some as they can add to the selling points of the pieces on hand.

5. Choose the appropriate packaging for your items.

Does your merchandise still come with its original boxes and containers? Best to package your items along with them as it would make them more sellable and adds value to the items on sale. Likewise, take due care to invest in product packaging. Gift bags, pouches, clear zip bags, and boxes are just some of the many jewelry packaging options you can use. The good news? You can also use the same items for packaging your non-jewelry items.


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