How to Clean Earrings

Tips to maintain the beauty of your precious earrings.

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Fans of earrings know the power they hold when it comes to making a style statement. From the large ones to dainty pieces, they are fashion staples that command attention. They are an essential part of everyday wear which means they get a lot of use. This means it’s very easy for them to accumulate dirt and smudges in the long run.

You deserve to have your precious earrings collection in the best shape so we’ve put together this helpful guide for you. Follow these steps so that you can proudly show them off while you are out and about, or for when you keep them in your earring display platforms at home.

Use a microfiber cloth for quick clean-ups

Found small smudges or fingerprints on your earrings? Sometimes all it takes are a few quick swipes of microfiber cloth to your precious earrings. This is similar to those used for cleaning eyeglasses. We recommend this type of cloth as it won’t leave a scratch or loose fiber to your jewelry’s surface.

Disinfect with hydrogen peroxide

Dirt can easily accumulate in the nooks and crannies of earrings when left for some time. For a deeper clean, it’s time to bring out hydrogen peroxide and a few cotton pads for disinfection. If you’re targeting a specific spot, simply soak your pad with hydrogen peroxide and give your pieces a few dabs and rubs to remove stubborn gunk. For an all-over cleaning process, you can soak your earrings in a small cup filled with hydrogen peroxide for a few minutes then transfer them to a new cup with hot water for rinsing.

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Keep things simple with mild dish soap and water

For earrings with gemstones, it’s best to keep things simple and straightforward. The process depends on the type of gemstone being cleaned. For example, you can’s soak turquoise in soapy water as turquoise absorbs water which can soften it over time. Instead, what you can do is to use a microfiber cloth moistened with soapy water and use it to clean your turquoise pieces. The same procedure applies to pearls, but amethyst can be soaked in soapy water.

Have a look at this article to see more tips on cleaning precious stones and minerals.

Use household items for simple cleaning jobs

For quick touch-ups, use a clean toothbrush to remove dirt from your earrings. You can also use cotton buds and toothpicks which can get into hard-to-reach areas.

Ultrawave Jewelry Cleaner Machine
Ultrawave Jewelry Cleaner Machine*

Invest in a jewelry cleaner machine

But if you want a no-mess way to clean your earring collection, give yourself the gift of a jewelry cleaner machine today. In fact, you can use this for the rest of your jewelry pieces so you’ll be saving yourself the extra work needed to clean and disinfect them. We believe this is a must-buy for every jewelry lover.

Now that you’ve gotten your earrings all spic and span, we bet you’re proud to show them on display at home. And for that, we have these lovely multiple earring display tools ready for you to explore. Happy shopping!

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