How To Display Jewelry at Craft Fairs

Make a splash at artisan markets and bazaars with these tips.

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Joining craft fairs is a wonderful opportunity for jewelers to market and earn from their creations. Not only that, but these events provide creatives with means to connect with other creatives opening them up for potential collaborative works or networking with suppliers.

It makes sense then that jewelry entrepreneurs who want to join craft fairs must set their sights on standing out from the crowd. You can do that with an eye-catching jewelry display that buyers would flock to.

Follow the tips below to find success at a jewelry craft fair.

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Display your merchandise in sets

Once you’ve made the decision to join a craft fair, it helps to decide on your display concepts right away. First of all, pick and choose among your jewelry creations the ones you will be taking to the fair. To help narrow down your choices, try to find out if the fair has a theme that you need to follow. Once you’ve settled on your picks, choose among them the ones you will be designating as centerpieces. Choose the ones that you think would be the crowd-drawers or the ones the would attract the most attention from the buying public. From there, choose the items that complement your centerpiece then create your setups’ formation from there. To support your design, choose a jewelry display tool that comes in a set, like these six-piece display risers in burlap showcased here.

Incorporate props and decorations into your displays and booth

A welcoming booth is one that is tastefully decorated with the right props and furniture, but you need to make sure that yours is not overly cluttered but features decorations that make sense for your products and the fair’s theme. Want to be more strategic about your decorations? Use it as an opportunity for branding. Choose colors and elements that relate to your business’ brand identity. You’ll be setting yourself apart from the other booths if you do. 

This should extend to how your setups are arranged on the table. Understandably, you will only have limited space on your table for your props so choose carefully and look at how a prop may enhance your display concepts.

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Use devices that ensure easy browsing for buyers

Aside from keeping things neat and in order, jewelry display tools can help make it easy to pick and choose from your merchandise.

As long as you don’t overload these with jewelry, T-bar stands like this 4-tier jewelry display stand pictured above is an effective device for showing off jewelry pieces that hang such as bracelets and necklaces. It keeps them tangle-free, plus the height makes it easy for buyers to see the products without finding the need to crouch.

Meanwhile, earring display towers that rotate are great for viewing multiple pairs at a time. With 36 hooks in place, this tool is likewise a space-saving device for it can carry multiple pairs of earrings at a time.

Maximize the use of your retail space by using the walls

You can also utilize much of your allotted space by going beyond the tables for displaying your merchandise. Depending on the organizers, they may allow for the use of slatted walls for showcasing products. Simply hang these T-bars that hook onto slat walls to display your items.

Likewise, don’t forget to hang mirrors on the walls so that customers can try out your items and see if they look good on them or not.

Be mindful of proportions when matching jewelry to the display tools

This simply means you need to match your merchandise to your devices according to thickness. Thick jewelry items such as bangles and heavy chains should be hung on tools with thick bars and holders. You need to also make sure their base parts are strong enough to hold the jewelry pieces without toppling over. Likewise, delicate pieces can be displayed on devices with thinner material. Remember that it’s all about maintaining balance and a balanced showcase is more appealing to potential customers.

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Boxes with see-through tops are best for tiny jewelry pieces

While there’s a lot of benefits to joining craft fairs, they can be prone to thievery when it gets too crowded. Remember to keep a sharp eye on your products and to remind your staff to be especially mindful of people who visit your booth. You may also choose to showcase some of your smallest merchandise ー which are prone to swiping from those with grabby hands ー such as stud earrings and individual crystals by keeping them inside boxes like in this wooden display storage case with a tempered glass lid as shown above.


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