6 Tips When Taking Your Jewelry Merchandise on the Road

Find out how you can safely travel and transport jewelry.

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Once your jewelry business has hit its stride, you will certainly find several opportunities where you may need to travel for your shop. Opportunities to network, sell and become part of exhibits are certainly plentiful if you know where to look. This means you need to know the right way to travel with jewelry when taking your products on the road.

Whether your trip is for business or pleasure, don’t pack your necklace display stands and earring racks just yet ー here are some ideas on how you can properly pack jewelry for your travels.

1. Use carrying cases that offer security when you’re on the go.

Traveling with jewelry often means traveling with different jewelry types all at the same time. As you are in the possession of valuable items, it’s important to have a carrier that has a locking system. A jewelry carrying case with a combination lock is great to bring around as it features not just a combination lock but also comes with straps and a slotted ring tray inside which keeps your products in place. Covered in velvet texture to prevent scratching, it also includes two separate pads (also made in velvet) which makes the entire case presentation-ready.

2. Insert holders are your best friend.

Another great piece to have around while traveling with jewelry is an insert holder. It is a tray-like display with compartments that keeps necklaces and bracelets in place. You can avoid tangling up your precious jewelry by sticking to one jewelry item per row.  It’s a great piece to have when you’re using a tackle box, for example, as a storage tray or carrier.

3. Household items can be used to fasten jewelry pieces in place.

There’s actually plenty of household items that can safely do the job when you’re looking for things that can secure your jewelry.

If you choose to bring a foldable necklace display easel, a few large rubber bands wrapped around can be an effective but affordable means to secure your creations.

Ever have those moments where you need to deal with cords and cables around the house? You must have used cable ties to keep things under control. The same ties can also be used to keep bracelets, bangles, and necklaces in place. For thinner, more delicate jewelry, tying ribbons can also do the job.

4. Drawstring bags can serve a double purpose.

Drawstring bags are the ones where you push and pull the attached string for opening and closing and it’ll be wise to invest in several of them for travel. While they can be used with jewelry pieces such as hoop earrings, gemstones, and crystals for safekeeping, they can also serve as giveaway bags for events.

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5. Keep your jewelry with you at all times.

If flying for any reason, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Never place your jewelry inside your checked luggage, even when you’re using a locked carrying case which we recommended earlier. For your peace of mind, always place your jewelry inside your carry-on luggage.

6. Stay on top of things by keeping an inventory.

Whether you’re bringing a small or huge jewelry collection, it’s best to record everything so you’ll know when something goes missing. This is all the more important if what you’re bringing is for sale, but it would also prove useful even if the jewelry you will bring is only meant to be exhibited. A simple spreadsheet will do, but you can also take snapshots of your collection for easy tracking and labeling.


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