5 Jewelry Organization Tips for the Home

This will help you find your accessories faster and keep them in the best shape possible.

A ring with green and clear gemstones inside an open ring box.

Collecting jewelry is one such hobby that requires a lot of care and protection from owners. Because they are precious items, they may need some special containers and jewelry display devices to keep them looking good for a long time. Don’t let your precious investments be ruined with scratches and tangles. Learn these jewelry organization techniques to make sure your collection remains beautiful for a long time.

1. Create a system for grouping your collection.

The easiest way to start on your jewelry organization project is to sort your jewelry pieces according to their types. This would make it easy for you to find pieces when you pick out the jewelry you will be wearing for the day. More importantly, this would make organizing your jewelry collection a lot manageable to deal with. That’s because there are specific jewelry display devices (e.g. necklace display stands, bracelet holders, etc.) that are made to function and only carry one particular type of jewelry.

After sorting your jewelry into different types, you may even create more groupings according to colors, sizes, finish, and many more. Just remember to choose a sorting system that will make sense to you.

2. Make a distinction between your “regular” and “special” jewelry.

Your everyday-wear jewelry may be designated as your regular jewelry while fine jewelry or those that hold a personal meaning to you (e.g. a family heirloom) will naturally fall under special jewelry. Making clear distinctions between these types will help you pick out which display or storage device to use. Those you use daily may be displayed on your desk or vanity area as table-toppers. Your special jewelry can then be contained in storage devices such as jewelry boxes or even a locked safe for extra protection.

#TY-8813-BK Jewelry storage organizer w/3 Trays
#TY-8813-BK Jewelry storage organizer w/3 Trays*

3. Use drawers for storage.

Drawers are perfect for those jewelry items you would like to keep within your reach but you also wouldn’t want to be too exposed. You can use an actual drawer and use a tray with separators to organize your jewelry collection and keep them in place. You can also use a jewelry storage organizer like the one displayed above and keep it within your sight atop shelves and tables in your bedroom.

#COP3672 Metal Wire Swirl Jewelry Display and Organizer

#COP3672 Metal Wire Swirl Jewelry Display and Organizer*

4. Let your bracelets and necklaces hang loose.

The best way to showcase bracelets and necklaces is to simply let them hang loosely from hooks. Avoid having them piled up on each other like a mountain as they could easily be tangled up with each other. Look for jewelry display devices with hooks and holes to hang your jewelry from.

Also, just in case you find yourself with necklaces and bracelets that are all knotted up together, you can use oil to loosen up the kinks of the chain.

5. Be careful not to damage the surfaces of your jewelry display tools.

Make sure the exterior and interior of your devices, specifically your storage boxes and containers are intact without any scratches. Not only will your setups continue to look clean and immaculate, but most storage organizers also feature cushioning in silk or velvet which helps prevent your jewelry and stones from getting damaged.

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