How To Boost Your Jewelry Shop’s Sales With Video Marketing

Tips on how you can leverage your online presence.

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The internet is a powerful platform when it comes to marketing, no question about it. In fact, for many, going online became their saving grace during the peak of the pandemic. As many brick-and-mortar shops closed down, social media became an ally to many new and old businesses. With various industries returning to normalcy, it doesn’t make sense to forget the huge impact marketing online left on commerce. In fact, it only shows that it should become part of every business’s marketing plans.

While we usually feature tips on how to shop or design jewelry display sets, this time we’ll be looking at another aspect of the jewelry business: online marketing and promotions, specifically video marketing.

Here are some ideas you can try out for your store:

Show a video of interesting things to be found at your store

For many retailers, their store’s aesthetics is a top priority. With apps such as Instagram, TikTok, and Pinterest relying on images, marketers have taken it upon themselves to produce as much audio-visual content to satisfy the public. This includes showcasing physical stores that pass the aesthetics of these apps. You can do the same for your business especially if it sports the right kind of vibes that the public loves. As such, potential customers don’t just get to admire good shop interiors online but they also make it a point to visit places that they deem cute and cool.

Start by showcasing an interesting nook at your store, then move on to your best jewelry display setups and decors.

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Post something about the creative process of your products

For home-based jewelers, one of the best video themes to showcase is showcasing the creative process that went into making your merchandise. People are naturally curious about how-to videos so this will certainly have a ready audience. This type of content also creates a sense of bond between you the maker and the buyers, leading to more support for your content posted and the actual products you are promoting.

Consider getting influencers to promote your brand

Depending on your budget, you can get influencers to talk about your products and brand on their respective social media channels. Choose one that embodies your brand’s image so that the campaign comes off as more authentic. For a more affordable option, anyone from your staff with great visuals and presentation skills can be your influencer.

Whoever you choose to serve as your brand’s ambassador make sure their content will reflect well on your brand so choose carefully. Content ideas to share may include talking about their favorite jewelry piece from your store, fashion styling advice, or “a day in the life/OOTD” posts that feature your products.

Take up trending topics

Can you somehow relate your products and business to a trending topic? You will be putting yourself out to more eyes when you do. Again choose wisely by reading through several posts first about the said topic to see if it is a good issue to ride on or not.

Have you thought of new ideas to put out for your video marketing plans? Once you have come up with a concrete plan, Nile Corp will just be here to supply you with the jewelry display devices and props you will be needing.


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