The Best Jewelry Display Tools for Summer ’21 Earrings Trends

Keep yourself updated with the latest in jewelry trends.

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Summer 2021 is here which means another fashion season to dive into and explore. Tastemakers who are in the know make the calls of which styles are in or out, and as a retailer it is a must you must be updated on these trends. This helps you choose which merchandise to source and sell for your shop.

Today, let’s look at summer trends for earrings. Will big and bold designs be popular or not? What looks should you start filling up your earring display devices? This article will tell you right now.

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Big and bold designs are in

Watch out for chunky pieces to dominate this season. Hoops and chain-type designs are popular in all shapes, sizes, and forms. There’s something for everyone regardless of their preferences for jewelry types as bracelets, necklaces, and earrings alike will sport the same aesthetics this season.

When looking for a jewelry display tool for chunky pieces, look for one with a sturdy build, like the ones shown below. Rotating devices are great pieces so that shoppers won’t have a hard time viewing and making their selection. You can also use your bangle and bracelet holders for the larger pieces in your earrings collection.

#WD5600 Natural Wood Rotating Jewelry Earring/Accessory Storage Display
#WD5600 Natural Wood Rotating Jewelry Earring/Accessory Storage Display*

#JDW216 Deluxe Velvet T-Bar Display
#JDW216 Deluxe Velvet T-Bar Display*

Wearing just one earring

Nothing ever made sense in 2020, and that was perhaps the inspiration for this trend. Single earring-wearing models were seen out strutting their stuff at some of the world’s top designers’ shows, and why not? It certainly gives a new meaning to the word term “new normal.”

#214-8 Earring Display Stand
#214-8 Earring Display Stand*

Inspired by disco

...disco balls, to be specific. Big, spherical jewelry pieces are found on bangles, in necklaces as pendants, and even earrings. These dome-inspired designs are definitely statement makers and they deserve to be put in the spotlight when you’re trying to come up with jewelry display concepts for your store. They are best displayed in T-shaped earring stands.

#ED-2402N-N3 Medium Metal T-Shaped Earring Display Stand, Burlap Linen
#ED-2402N-N3 Medium Metal T-Shaped Earring Display Stand, Burlap Linen*

Man posing while wearing dangling earrings.

Gendered designs are out

It’s 2021 ー who says you should still stick to what’s considered normal and traditional? Last year we’ve seen the likes of the biggest male pop stars like BTS and Harry Styles sport earrings that are commonly seen as feminine styles. Likewise, high-fashion runways have seen its male models wearing pearls and dangling pieces as their accessories. Clearly, the trend is still hot this summer. Now we’re seeing a new trend in jewelry fashion where norms are being dismantled by these statement jewelry pieces.

#251-112 Metal Dancer Earring Display Stand
#251-112 Metal Dancer Earring Display Stand*

*Available on the Nile Corp website.


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