How To Ensure Repeat Sales for Your Jewelry Business

It’s the secret to success.

An intricate gold necklace laid out on display black marble.

The goal of every entrepreneur is to grow their business and for it to be stable for a long time. To achieve that, beyond producing great merchandise and services is to have a steady stream of customers on repeat. They are your old reliables and unlike new shoppers, you don’t have to spend much on advertising for them because their repeat visits are guaranteed to help you survive for the long haul.

How does one capture and retain customers? This article will show you how.

A+ customer service is key

Make it a point to treat your customers well at all times. In fact, don’t see or treat them as customers but as friendly neighbors when they step into your store. Warmly greet them, don’t hover but be on alert for their questions, and remember to always inject a bit of TLC in your interactions.

Likewise, being a good neighbor means maintaining your store’s upkeep. Make sure it is inviting with nice interiors and jewelry display setups in perfect conditions. It helps to have a periodic style upgrade so people see something new whenever they step inside your store.

Fine golden jewelry laid out for display on top of a black marble surface.

Always be ready to help shoppers

Dwelling more on this aspect of customer service, it’s important to show your customers your readiness and eagerness to entertain any of their questions. Always remember that jewelry purchases are not “everyday purchases” like food and other necessities. They are mostly done for special occasions so many folks who will come into your store might not know things about your merchandise. Be ready to extend to them a helping hand and be patient when entertaining their questions about the items in your store.

Remember to provide means to keep in touch as after-sales service

This includes having your staff hand out business cards during the purchase or including the same on the item’s packaging. Your business card should include important information such as numbers the customers can call or social media links if you have them. The card should also indicate your brick-and-mortar address and operational hours. Another way you can keep in touch with customers and have your shop be on top of mind is to include customers in an online newsletter where they can be regularly updated on new items coming in or promos you’re offering.

Give gifts during special occasions

This could be anything from discounts, gift cards from partner establishments, vouchers, or jewelry-related product giveaways such as polishers, jewelry display devices, or storage tools. Gifts may also come in the form of talks and workshops about jewelry making and styling ー just remember to think of things or experiences that you think will be enjoyed by jewelry lovers.

A strong brand message

Your persona or branding is what you hope your customers will remember about you. The right tone and messaging can do that as well as the consistency of its use. Make sure your entire store down to your packaging reflects your brand’s philosophy.

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