How To Set Up Your At-Home Jewelry Workshop

Tips to make sure your jewelry workshop actually works for you.

A jeweler's workspace.

Thinking of setting up an at-home jewelry-making workspace? Whether you’re doing this as a hobby or for profit, having an area dedicated to this craft will help boost your production and creativity. Because it takes concentration and planning, a quiet dedicated area is a must for both new and veteran jewelry makers alike. If you’re part of the first group then you’re in luck as this article will help you set up your creative space with the right tools and devices for making, storing, and displaying your creations.

We’ve talked about how to choose and set up a jewelry display for home and business plenty of times before. This time we are dedicating this article to the jewelry creatives who make the exquisite pieces that fill up personal collections and shops everywhere.

These are your jewelry workshop essentials:


In the beginning, you may start working at any available table at your home. However, once you start acquiring more finished products and tools, you will need a table at home that’s designated only for jewelry making. The good thing about workbenches is that they come with modified features that your regular old table doesn’t have. Workbenches will vary in design but they usually come with drawers, hooks to hang items from, and secret compartments that you can simply fold or roll away when not use. Some models can even be adjusted according to a user’s preferred height.


While some folks like working while standing, it’s better to get yourself a chair as some projects may take a while to finish. Find a chair that can be adjusted and has great support as you may find yourself sitting for hours. Thankfully, some workbenches are sold together with a seat or stool to match them. If it’s not available then an office chair with wheels and adjustable height will do.


Utilizing the space and your surroundings so that you can maximize them for your projects is wise. While workbenches come with compartments and drawers, as your production requirements grow, the space you might have been used to may not be enough. A wall makes for a great space to hang up some of your tools. Using a pegboard, your tools such as pliers, wire cutters, and the like can be hung up on the board and can be within your reach whenever you work.

A person putting up pictures on a white wall for their vision board.

Vision/Bulletin Board

You can have one or both or combine the two in one board together, just remember that each serves a different function.

A vision board is where you put your ideas for your projects. You may fill it up with photos or items that inspire your creative process. A bulletin board will help you keep track of your projects via scheduling, item listing, and other reminders you may want to put up there to keep your workflow smooth.

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Desktop Containers

As time goes on, surely your jewelry-making supplies and tools will surely increase and your existing storage may not be enough. Be ready when that happens by having these desktop storage containers. There are many types available from our shop. Depending on the size and shape of your tool, from the smallest beads to bigger hardware like steel cutters, we have the right-sized containers to fit your needs.

We are not just a supplier of top-quality jewelry display devices. Our business also offers jewelry-making supplies, as well as storage containers for jewelry and general home use. So why don’t you stop by our store, Nile Corp, to see our merchandise?

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