Jewelry Display Techniques that Make the Sale

Here’s how you can make sure you are attracting customers with your displays.

Diamond bracelet displayed on a baby blue background.

A key skill that every jeweler must master is retail design. As shoppers can be fickle, surviving the business means capturing their taste and attention. That can be done by selling jewelry with excellent craftsmanship and design but that’s not all that’s needed to survive the industry. Having great products to sell is good but knowing how to display them in the right way can make them more appealing to potential buyers.

Follow our jewelry display tips for retail shops here if you want to help grow your business even more.

Placement is key

It always helps to place yourself in your customer’s shoes when you’re deciding where to place your jewelry merchandise. Shopping should be a relaxing experience so make sure your display concepts are easy for your customers to see.

The trick here is to place your display tools within the level of where they will be used by the wearer. In the case of necklaces, they are best observed from neck or chest levels so you may want to place your necklace display stands at that height. This same rule applies when displaying earrings as potential buyers can easily hold their picks near their ears to see how they look.

A group of people comparing their manicured hands.

Meanwhile, bracelets and rings may be placed at waist level as shoppers naturally place their hands low while they try them out.

You can achieve this by having shelves installed around your store and placed at different levels.

A clothing store's dressed up mannequin display.

Create combinations of different merchandise

Some stores have a mixed concept where they sell jewelry alongside clothes and other items. If this is your store, you can combine different products into combination displays around your shop. Using a mannequin, you may start by having a set concept to build your design from. Next, combine items that fit your chosen concept. You can pile on more types of the merchandise (e.g. multiple necklaces by doing layering) you’re keen on highlighting. Do this successfully and you might just entice a shopper to buy the whole entire set for themselves.

Group similar items

You may choose to group your products sorted into their respective colors, types, and functions. Not only will it be more appealing visually, but this also makes it easy for shoppers to easily locate the items they’ve been looking for.

Make contrast work for you

If you have items you want to highlight, choose stark backgrounds that let them take the center stage. Let your jewelry items sparkle and shine against monotone backgrounds and jewelry display tools in solid, dark colors. To make this work, avoid prints as they may overshadow the item being showcased.


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