Retail Display Tips to Make Your Jewelry Stocks Stand Out

Simple strategies to make your merchandise pop.

Women's accessories (pearls, gold rings) and perfume on flatlay display.

As a jeweler, one of your biggest challenges in operating a business is to make sure your merchandise always look fresh in the eyes of your customers. Changing trends and holidays will dictate how often you will have to revamp your jewelry display setups. Naturally, these happen several times in a year so you are expected to flex your creativity muscles often. Don’t worry, we have a few ideas in this article that you can follow.

The right props can help a lot

It all starts with having a concept to work around in so you’ll know which props or accents to include in your jewelry display setup.

Let’s take Mother’s Day as an example. You can incorporate elements such as hearts and flowers into your showcase. From your store’s merchandise, pick the items that appeal most to moms or women of a certain age group, and work your display around it. 

Grouping similar items create harmony and balance

You wouldn’t want your displays to look cluttered, so make sure the items you put together make sense. You can do combination displays wherein different types of jewelry are displayed all in one set, but to make it cohesive make sure you combine jewelry items of the same material. Can you imagine mixing costume beaded jewelry to your store’s finest diamond pieces? Your aim is to create displays that are pleasing to potential buyers’ eyes so make sure to pair up items that go together.

Textures add drama 

Rich textures provide a nice contrast to the smooth and polished surfaces of jewelry which makes them pop. You can see this technique applied in this Two-Sided Jewelry Display Stand, now available from our website. The wooden surface provides a nice backdrop for the jewelry items hanging from its hooks. 

Two-Sided Jewelry Display Stand

Other textures that can work well with jewelry include leather and suede.

Lighting creates focal points in your displays

Draw in people to certain items in your display sets with the use of lights and bulbs. Go with light sources that give off a cooler, whiter color temperature so it can show off the beauty and radiance of your items. Avoid warm, yellow tones as it can blur details which you wouldn’t want to happen when selling jewelry.

Tell a story

Let’s go back to creating concepts when setting up a display. It helps to think of a theme or narrative that you want to tell as a basis for your showcase. This will help you in picking up the right props, colors, lighting, and jewelry display tools to form a cohesive set. From there you can figure which pieces to include and how you will display them as part of the group. Again, you can look at holidays and celebrations for inspiration. Likewise, movies or any piece of work derived from pop culture can be a great source of themes and ideas for your display.


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