How to Pack Your Jewelry Products for Craft Shows

 Tips to keep them safe while in transit.

A girl packing up her stuff in bags and boxes.

One of the best ways to expand your jewelry business’s reach is by joining product conventions and craft fairs. In these events, you can find opportunities to meet up with not just new customers but also possible suppliers or partners that will help your store grow. It’s a must then that you keep your jewelry merchandise in tip-top shape so that they can be seen in their best state. We’ve shown you plenty of ways before on how you should use your jewelry display tools to help make sales for your store, now, here are some packing tips for you to remember for when you take your jewelry collection on the road.

Use inserts to prevent bracelets and necklaces from tangling

Inserts work best when placed in a shallow tray to secure your merchandise. An insert has different rows with elastic bands on each end. Make sure to assign only one piece of bracelet or necklace in each row. You do it by laying your jewelry piece flat against the surface and inserting them carefully inside the elastic bands which should help them stay in place.

Drawstring bags can serve multiple purposes

During transport, drawstring bags are a safe and expensive way to store jewelry items such as bangles, hoop earrings, and even individual stones. The same drawstring bags can then be used as shopping bags for when people buy from you.

A scene at a jewelry crafts fair featuring a both with jewelry display stands and dishes.

Hang your jewelry pieces securely on easels by tying them

While necklace display easels can hold in place your merchandise thanks to their side slots, they may not be enough during transport. To prevent your jewelry items from falling off you need to secure them to the board by using ribbons and ropes. You can wrap them around the easel and tying them up tightly so that the hanging items don’t fall.

Choose items with soft fabrics as a container

To avoid scratches and smudges, choose jewelry display holders that will protect your merchandise from these imperfections. While traveling, remember to store your merchandise in soft fabric-covered containers. They are mostly made out of silk or velvet which are much more forgivable to jewelry.

Ensure your bags have locks

To prevent theft, make sure you place your merchandise in a locked suitcase or bag. Traveling can be long and tiring but this is one step you shouldn’t forget. If you’re using a carrier such as a tackle box, remember to have them locked if it’s allowed.


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