4 of the Best Uses for Mannequin Jewelry Displays

 Add a little flair to your store’s jewelry merchandise.

Fabric Covered Mini Mannequin Display

Looking for a new way of showcasing your necklaces and bracelets? Give your shoppers a feast for the eyes with these mini mannequin display stands!

It always helps to have a unique take when displaying your merchandise and these ones let you do just that. If you haven’t tried out this particular kind of necklace display tool, then let this article tell you why.

They make for awesome table-toppers

The goal of retail display is to capture the eyes of shoppers and you can do that with these unique stands when you use them as jewelry holders. They bring to mind regular-sized clothes mannequins but these miniature ones come in interesting fabrics which makes them better in our opinion. 

Whether you’re going for a vintage look or a simple, girly one you will surely find a mannequin jewelry display that fits your concept.

Pretty Asian girl wearing a traditional bib-type beaded necklace.

They mimic the look of our neck and chest area which makes them the right props for showcasing necklaces

In this day and age, it always helps to exercise caution when trying out items in public. To help ease the worries of shoppers who are wary of touching merchandise because of concerns for the coronavirus, the next best thing to have are mannequin displays. Bust-type mannequins in particular are a lot similar to our neck and chest area which makes them the best holders for necklaces.

They are perfect as space-saving devices

Looking for a jewelry display tool that leaves a huge impact while taking up just a little bit of space in your shop? Look no further as mannequin jewelry displays are the right device for that. 

It’s important to maximize the space allotted for a selling area and this is the same whether it’s for a brick and mortar jewelry shop or a traveling crafts table. Mannequin stands don’t require a lot of space but their eye-catching details and multiple functionalities (can be used for necklaces, bracelets, and bib-type jewelry) make them worth a try.

They are great accents for set displays

When you’re in the mood to showcase a full jewelry collection, your best move is to build a combination jewelry display for your merchandise. This happens when different types of display tools are combined to create one cohesive unit. Often, jewelers base their designs on concepts such as holidays or a particular aesthetic.

Jewelry Display Set Collection

There are many ways by which jewelers use combination displays as a showcase not just for their merchandise but also for their creative ideas. Bust-type mannequins, in particular, are often used as the centerpiece for these setups (as shown in this photo).


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