Finding Success in Running an Omnichannel Jewelry Shop

Take the challenges that a dual-platform store offers and come out stronger than ever before.

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The COVID-19 pandemic has forced entrepreneurs, both new and old alike, to take their businesses to different platforms. To accommodate consumers who are quarantining at home, many brick-and-mortar businesses started expanding their operations online. Jewelry shops are no different. The shift has seen some jewelers feeling a bit lost in the shuffle because now they are facing challenges they haven’t encountered before. 

If you are one of them then this article is for you. Let us show you the different ways for you to thrive in both arenas with a little business savvy.  

Make sure buyers can find you online

Just as you would use print and broadcast media to advertise your physical store’s promos and sales, selling online also requires some form of promotion to get your target audience’s attention. It may involve social media where you create content geared towards your target audience or you may tap the help of search marketing and optimization to make sure people find you online.

For brick-and-mortar businesses, their shop’s physical location and address establish their presence to buyers, but online, things are different. Your visibility is determined by your ranking in a search engine, so investing your time and resources in crafting a great digital strategy is a wise move.

Presentation (still) matters 

When running physical stores, it is important that the merchandise being showcased are shown in the best light possible. Design concepts that trigger notice and attraction in viewers can be achieved through careful planning and the correct use of jewelry display tools and implements. 

This doesn’t change when the selling is done online. Tasteful photographs that show off the beauty of your merchandise is the key to getting clicks. What’s also nice now is you can use videos to give shoppers a 360-degree viewing experience even when they are online.

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Find a way to integrate both online and in-store experiences together

As an omnichannel jewelry shop, your biggest goal is to have both channels exist cohesively together. It’s good to establish one’s name online, but jewelry still lends itself as an item that’s meant to be purchased in-store. Jewelry, after all,  is still a product that’s meant to be seen and touched. So why not find a way to combine each business platform? Make sure you’re doing these things to grow your business online and offline:

QR Codes 
QR codes placed strategically around your store can be used to show more info about jewelry items you want to highlight. This encourages people to use their smartphones while in-store and will help them to discover your online store.

Hashtags in your social media posts can be used to create buzz around your products, but you can also share your brand’s hashtags around the store. You may create a “social media hub” in-store to encourage people to take photos of themselves and share them using the hashtags.

Hold events online and offline
Promotional events such as workshops or meet-and-greets help foster a relationship between your shop and customers. You may, for example, invite crafters for an afternoon of necklace making or a session on the best way to set up jewelry displays at home. 

And while quarantine rules at the moment dictate that only a limited few can go out and shop, these events can simply be taken online. With today’s technology, it’s fairly easy to hold a workshop online. Once the coast is clear, there should be no problem resuming in-store events.

A "buy online and pick up in-store" scheme
As a high-value item, some customers would love to have the opportunity to see and pick up their purchases in-store. You can offer this option to your online store.

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