Jewelry Display Ideas to Make Your Merchandise Pop

Learn how to create merchandising displays that will capture your target customers.

A vintage signage for a jewelry antique store.

Knowing the different techniques in retail display is important for jewelry entrepreneurs to learn. It can mean the difference between catching a shoppers’ attention and translating it to a sale or having your merchandise passed up.

Take this time to learn a few tricks of the trade in retail jewelry display and see your business prosper.

Two girls shopping at a jewelry store.

Use props that will catch your intended shopper’s eye

It helps to put yourself in your target customers’ shoes. In doing so, you’ll find out what kind of styles and aesthetics appeal to them. Because taste changes over time and across genders you must learn how to adapt your display techniques depending on the viewer.

A regal and elegant display may very well capture an older, more sophisticated buyer. On the other hand, if you’re advertising for someone young, why not go for bold colors or something that’s inspired by today’s youth culture?

Evoke romance using florals

Jewelry would always be a favorite gift between couples, and so, why not use displays that highlight that aspect of your merchandise? Flowers, aside from representing nature and freshness, also work well as props for couples jewelry. Think of the colors that will go best with your jewelry display to create beautiful setups.

Think of your jewelry display’s material when matching them with your merchandise

Different fabrics and textures give off different vibes so choose one that goes well with your chosen motif. Wooden and burlap jewelry displays give off earthy feels which work well when used with nature-inspired displays and jewelry items. Velvet and silk fabrics, meanwhile, are more suited for your more high-end pieces so choose carefully when matching your tools to your merchandise.

Colors speak volumes for your collection, so make sure to choose well

We associate meanings and moods to certain colors so it’s natural that your choice of hue can affect how a shopper views your display. Want something cool and calm? Go for a blue-themed set. Or perhaps you prefer bright colors? Red and gold props and jewelry stones are your best bet. Think of what you want your target shopper to take away from your collection and make your display revolve around that concept. Just remember that if you choose to go with this route try to limit your colors up to three only and make sure they complement each other.

Be mindful of sizes and proportions

It’s natural for large items to attract our attention first when looking at a group of items, so if you want to shine the spotlight on a particular item, it’s best to place them front and center or display them with tools and props that will make them bigger and more noticeable.

A jewelry display using with a mannequin and picture frame as holders.

In this example, the large size of the picture frame highlights the beaded necklaces and makes them stand out from amongst the other displayed items in this collection.

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